Saturday, August 22, 2015

Ghost in a Technology Park in Chennai (Part 1)

I saw this IT park in June 4th 2007.That da only i came to join in my company.My employer is occupied in8th floor of North block. So when i enetered the building and office i felt so much proud. Now am a part of one of the biggest corporate in this world.So my training started from 6th June onwards and my timing was regular like 9am-6pm.So with in one month my training got finished and got into a project As am a frsher in that project i didnt felt that much pressure.Slowly chennai friends.week end hangouts, new friends ,colleages changed my old mood..slowly i started to forget about my past and got relaxed and entered into a cyber highway.

so i got onboarded into a new project in november In that project i got a good friend.His name is vishnu(For better under standing i can call him as Aham Brahmasmi.I think u all got it).So am into development side and vishnu is with Bussiness and testing side As we both were from same state and there was no more keralites in our roject we both became more close.

Fist u must know about Vishnu.A very crazy gay about cars,bikes,mobiles and black magic.He is having so much guts and always he will hink and imagine about alife after death and about spirits and all In the other part he will tell about the latest version cars and about mobiles.

So in december 2007 our projects first phase became almost over..So after putting the build we developers will leave and testing team will test on evening time. SO majority of the days vishnu will stay in office upto 11 or 12..after first session of testing they found some deviation in bussiness rules so they made the deveoplment team to sit with them for data clarification.So the things started to change from there In that team all are married and family people except me and vishnu..So they will tell us any way you are bachelors u peole are leaving alte means no we will test and fix and after that u people can do..Any way its ok for us and they are correct we both dont have any other urgent things even though if we go early..So we will start our modukle to test after 9.30 or ten wil sit upto 12. Like tghis one day me vishu and 2 more guys and our PM were working.So we thought to take a break.So we all came to food court which is at ground floor.While ordering food one of our colleage forgot his purse in desk.So he went to office back to take that..After 15 min he came .and he was swaeting .We wondered in dec night that too inside Ac he is sweating.We asked what happened.He told my purse was not there.I checked all places It was shocking for us..Because only we 5 were there and he was sure he kept the purse in the desk only.Sow e told him we can go and search..Then he told one more thing..He felt some one is tehre in the office or some one was following isside the office and so he came back hurrily. We started to tease him for that.Ya in thsi big IT park ghost is there.and you are mad and all.But some thing striked me and i felt uncomfortable.But i didnt showed that

so afetr taking our food we went to office back and on the way to we were teasing him..Ghost came and put its access to enter our office..MAy be ghost will be coding for you and all. So we came to office and started to search is wallet but we didnt got..That time our PM told a shockingincident ie before 4 years another company only occupied this floor and one girl from North India jumped from 8th floor to ground floor and died.Because of some love failure.After that so many people experinced the presence of that girl in this office.5-6 her friends resigned with 1 month and her boy friend too worked in taht office only..With in 4 months he died in a bike accident and all. And he told when i came here and in early stages i will work upto 2,00 that time i too felt so many unnatural and unbelivable things in this office.So need t otease him more.
SAfetr that chat we went to our work and when we were about tol eave the office me and vishnu went to PM and asked is that story true..Did u ever felt so he sipl smiled and went.So i got littlebit affraid.Jsut now only i recovered from a big proble Is some thing waiting for me here???

so me and vishnu started to home on his bike.So in the bike too the topic was about that incident and ghost.Already it was late so i told vishnu to stay in my flats.So he agreed and we went tomy flat.Afetr going to bed too i dint got sleep so i went to balcony and i saw vishu siiting there and smoking. So he offered me too one. and i lighted that.i asked why u too not getting sleep.He told no thng i am thinking about the ghost in our office.Taht time i told him the incident happened in my life.But i ont know whether he belived or not.I thought now he will believ instaed of that he told me come we an go to office now and stay there for today night.I asked him r u mad No need of that.Then he told up to now i didnt saw any ghost.This too a north indian ghost.Dont u know North indain girls are so much beautifull and good looking..So this ghost too will be so much beautifull. I scolded him and told him to go to sleep.And he told ok tomorw am going to stay in office.If u want u can slso come other wise i will ggggo alone..I dont know that the silence of that night was the sign of a huge storm...

From here onwards interesting and horrible things started

As usual me and vishnu started to office by 8.30 and next days hot topic in your team was his missing wallet.So many comments came like may be his missed it som where,may be somebody stole that..But my mind was again struk on the girl who died.So itried to collect some details from my colleages who worked on that time in the building or some body heard about un natural things happened in the building.Some body accepeted that they experineced.I mean they didnt saw any ghost but felt some thing wrong.Some body laughed.Afetr taht we continued on our routine work.So after office hours we3-4 guys stayed to finish the testing so that we can confirm thats its error free code..Nearly 10.00 2 guys too left the office and only me and vishnu was there..My heart start to beat fastly.I can hear my heart beat.I told vishnu to finish it fast so that we can leave.But that guy dragged and made the process so slowly.He told what is the need of hurry.Any way we 2 r here no ghost will come and all.But then too idont know y am feeling uneasy or uncomfortable.I cant leave that guy alone but i want to go.Nearly 11. i told him we can leave and we can come tomorw morning and we can finish.But he didnt agreed that.He told today if am getting chance means i want tosee a north indian ghost.My mind was in confusing stage.Whether to leave or to stay.Already suffered a lot.Finally i decided to stay with him.Why mind allowed is its a big building having security cameras and so i got a liile bit strength.So i went to caffeteria to take a coffee and relax there.Cafeteria was nearly opposite and far from our cube.So i took my cup and walked towards break out area...!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I went to caffeteria for a coffee.. When i went to the machine and pressed for coffee and i waited for that.But for my surprise coffee didnt came..i pressed again but nothing is pressed tea..But no use..i checked whether milk and coffee powder is there..All things are there but its not working..i cursed themachine and went back to our cube..There vishnu is there and i called him..suddely he jurked like and looked bhack..he was so much affraid and so much swaeting and shivering on his sound and face..I got surprised..I asked him waht happened..he told while he was working he felt some one was standing behind him..he thought it was me and with out turning back he is talking..But when he saw the reflection thru glass it was a shapless body and like some thing like smoke..First i thought to laugh because i know his character..he wont get affraid for this..more over he is so much eager to see the north indain ghost..But to my surprise he started to tell me we can leave now and work tomorw morning..So we locked our sustems and started to walk towards the exit door..There one more surprise was waiting for us

we both were walking towards the exit..I noticed he acting or he really not that much we reached the exit and tried to put our access to go out..But both of us access card is not working..and door is not opening..We both flashed the card so many times but no use..Our access is getting denied..then i found these incidents are not  Coincidences as our Pm told something is wrong here.So i took my mobile to call our Admin to tell the issue but to my surprise no network was there.I checked vishnus mobile he too dont ahve any network...I started to get fear and to be frank my friend we got got scared on that moment..we went back to our desk to call him from our land line but dial tone is not there..we cant go to other desk to make a call outside(As you know the outgoing ouside the building will be locked by a passcode).So we both felt a trap there..I prayed to all the GOD and said please dont test me again like this..We tried to talk but nothing was there.Then i told vishnu what ever happens here no need to get worry the whole wil lknow how if some thing is happenng to us.So i told vishnu taht we can open our laptop and we can browse or we can check some good videos in youtube..SO finally we opened the lap top but wi fi is not working. Finally we decided to open the fire exit and go out..Fire exit is near to teh south block and all the lights were off there..that portion is completely dark and we were in a half minded state to go through that way...

finally vishnu told any way the time is 2.00..with in 4-5 hours attenders or sweeper will come.Up to that we can work and we take a day off later..But i was not ready to listen that.I told him we can go through fire exit.Finally with the light from mobile we went to the fire exit door and we tried to unlock it..It got open and we went to the down staris.That only we came to know my laptop i forgot to take from my desl.I cant leave it in office.So we came out and went into the building through entrance and we entered 8th floor. We went to put access to enter the office to our surprise it got open and we went inside.But except our cube light all were off.But we were damn sure that we didnt offed our North side lights..We gained some mental strength and went to our cube..Then i took my laptop and went to exit.that time we both were talking loudly as frnz u can imagine how.Again we reached the exit but exit access is not working for our cards..SO again we went to fire exit but that time fire exit too locked and we cant able to open that door too..

Sow e decided to stay in the office itself upto we sat on our cube and started to work.Nearly 2.45 we both went to caffeteria to take water but to my surprise i saw throug coffee machine coffee is coming but noboby is there and no glass there.So we both got scared and ran back to our seats.But that time only i thought b4 1 hour i tried to take coffee make be machine problem now its working fine or its coming late.So i told to vishnu and we took our cup and went there..And we pressed coffee and waited but nothing same.We tried again and again but nothing came.Me and vishnu ran back and took our laptop and tried to call security people through exit alaram.With in 2-3 min 5-6 security came and they opened and asked what happened..They saw we both were sweating and shivering..They asked us what happened is the AC is not working why u r sweating and all.We told nothing AC is not working it seems and our access card too,SO the security guys tried with our access cards and it was working fine..They questioned us and for some time and they left..we went to Upper Basement parking to take our bike.We came out and there was a old man who sells cigerrate on late night inadjacent of our building.So we w net there and ordered to tea and two cigerrate.And took coffe and lighted our cigarrate and relaxed our self.After paying money we took the bike..On the way vishnu made a sudden brake and bike got almost slipped And i scoulded him what u were doing.Because i know vishnu is a racer.Even though in his car or bike he wont make a mistake..Hetold me one thing which made affraid like any thing..Still i remeber his eyes on that time how it looked

He told he saw some girl tried to cross the road suddenly tahts y i applied disc break.I looked in both sides and around us ..its completely i told him u were thinking about that incident ie y u felt like that.BUt he is not ready to accept and he put swore that he same some girl tried to cross the road.i told him first we can go home then we can rtalk..So he started the bike and we were on the way..Suddenly from where i dont know one black gdog started to barka nd started to chase us.its almost came near to my legs.I tld him to go fastly and he gave enough accelartaion..But then too that dog is coming behind us.I saw the spped.the meter almost touched 120.The bike was viberating like any thing..we can see the dog still behind us..Some how we managed and reached home and we went to bed..But both of us didnt got sleep..Just we were lying tahts all.nextday nearly10.30 we started to office in car.I told him now onwards no need to take bike we can go by car.So we started and reached near to the office and we parked the car near to that cigerrate shop.we bought cigerrate and vishnu told he will be back in 2 i was enjoying a smoke and thinking about our work.Suddenly vishnu called me .Its not calling he is shouting and wavering his hands and calling me.So i Put my cigerrate and ran to him.He pointed his finger to something.I got shocked and cant able to believe with my eyes.

what we saw there is the dog which chased us is dead there.we cant able to digest that fact.How it happened is it an accident or any ghost activity.not sure..By thinking this we went to office..We checked our access card in entry ya its working..we went to caffeteria machine is working and so many ppl were issues..we went back to seat and checked with our admin why our card didnt worked last night..he checked in the server and told your crad was not flashed yesterday..We got surprished and we told we flashed so many times but access got denied and we called the building security they only opened the door.He checked and confirmed again taht our card was not flashed..

THat was in dec last. and we got 7 days vaccation fro dec 27th to jan 3rd.So alraedy our module came to shape and end. so me and vishnu decided to take 15 days vaccation and go to kerala.But that day evening vishnu gave me shock

Vishnu resigned the job..he gave his resignation letter..i got shocked i asked why u did like this..he told for this vaccation am going to dubai and after that am going to preapre for higher studies.Actually i was shocked and i dont know why he took a decsion..that too in a couple of minutes..So on 26th evening flight we came to kerala And 29th he left to dubai tahts the last day i met him..