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My boarding is located in jharkhand (20 km away from capital city and Dhoni's city Ranchi) its located on the highway in between forest and small farm. Name of my boarding was Siddhartha Public SchoolThis is experience of year 1998-1999 when i was in standard 8th,we were 40 students and that was our group from standard 2 we were living together in this boarding school. It was located in between forest we have heard many small big ghost story from childhood we used to fear being alone and darkness as every child do but if you ask any one of us Do you believe in ghost?? we will reply you "NO" Do you know why because we have never seen it or felt it. But today i am 25 and if you ask me the same question i will say "YES GHOST EXIST AND I HAVE SEEN THEM AND FELT THERE PRESENCE"
In our group there was a boy his name was Amit.. He never used to fear dark or being alone because according to him there are on Ghost. He was very daring and unique person as he used to win many dare by sleeping alone on the branches of mango tree in the dark night.. By spending night alone at some famous location of our boarding were people fear to go during night.He has proved many of them that there are nothing called GHOST even i used to trust his belive but that night....
Ok before i say about that night let me tell you that when we went to standard 8th we were moved to a new constructed dormetry (long hall type bed room with beds on both the side and a common path in between those row of beds) we used to have double daker beds and there was only one door at the one end of the center path of the dorm.Ok lets boot.But that night at about 1am i got up of my bed as i wanted to go for toilet but when i was crossing the bed of sekher something has made my heart beat stop a fear ran down my body i have seen.,
i have seen than sekhar's mosquito net was being lifted automatically by some invisible person yes there was on one but it was appearing that some one is lifting his net to enter his hand inside the bed..God help.. No now i was not having courage to go to the toilet i came back runing to my bed pulled my bed sheet over my head took name of god and slept within on time..But in the morning that noise made me up... Boys were shouting and laughing on someone.. But why??I got up and and started sharing my night experience with my bed neighbour and friend Raju.. He intrusted me in between and told do you know why all the boys were shouting and laughing just now and after listening to him i was sure GHOST EXIST.He told that just before sometime Sekhar was saying them that last night while he was sleeping at around 1.30am he felt that someone is trying to make him up by touching his body and when he turned the other side to see who is there he has seen that there was on one but his mosquito net was lifted up and down automatically and he was still feeling the touch of that someone invisible.Yes after listening to this story of sekhar every one was making fun of him but when they have heard my experience they realised that ghost exist and they used to fear going to the dorm during day because two boys who are not great friends can not see the same dream or cannot say same lie together. Every one believed us except one Amit (hope u remember him)But how long a person can run away from truth if there was ghost even he has to encounter it one day.One day even Amit fainted after his real encounter with the ghost in the same dorm.. It was raining outside that night and we were in our self study period. At around 7.30pm Amit decided to go to dorm for writing love letter , he decide to go to dorm because he was aware that any teacher can come to classroom anytime and may catch him writing love letter and he was also aware that feeling called love can best be expressed when there is on one around [\)].
He went to the dorm with one of our friend pankaj so that he can give him some love tips (u know love guru . They selected to choose on the last bed of the dorm facing the back wall and amit has started writing letter there on a table and pankaj has started sleeping on the same bed. After some time amit heard a voice TAK..TAK..,TAK..TAK the sound was like someone was walking with a iron soul shoe (we call it boot)Amit thought that some teacher has come searching him so he pushed the table towards the wall and went down behind the bed to hide himself. That sound came till his bed and then again started going towards the door now He got a chance to see who was he with the boots as he was moving towards the door now so he can see him from back side but there was noone he could see WTF there was on one but still that voice of sound TAK...TAK..TAK..TAK moving towards the door before the brave amit can think something other then ghost his eyes went to the floor and first time from his mouth pankaj got chance to listen "pankaj bhoot, please get up bhoot"He has seen forming foot steps of a invisible person and those foot steps was now forming to wards the door.Pankaj and amit both were dieing out of fear. And then the uniq again started coming towards them both of them have hold each others hand and decide to run out of dorm.. Unfortunately door was in the same direction from were those invisible steps was coming....but still they ran out of dorm after runing for small distance amit fainted...
pankaj reported this to the dorm warden and they both admited him in boarding hospital.We have heard this from pankaj only while we went for dinner at 9pm he told us that we dont have to spread this news as warden has told.. As if people will come to know about it they will refuse to sleep in that dorm.Pankaj described those footsteps to us that it was of same shape but various size it appeared that the ghost keep changeing his size.. Few of us planed to go to the dorm without taking dinner to they those step but when we went there we have seen most of the steps were erased by the warden and randheer(driver) and the work was in progress and they were doing this because they dont want any student to see them or know about this even i have erased to haunted steps and i will like to describe them to you.It is very easy for me to explain you the shape of there steps.,
am explaining you the share of the steps because whenever any ghost event took place similar step were reported. I think now that all the ghost make similar mark on floor or ground.Have you walked on the floor after returning from rain have you seen those foot steps that are formed on the floor in same way ghost steps were also formed but the shape was unique it was like letter "U" and reverse letter "V" on top of it and the size were different big and small.that day even amit realised that ghost exist and we all realised that our dorm was haunted but that was not the end of the haunted nights it was just the start.Till today i can not forget that night when i have witness that sound of shoe. It was around 2am in the night...
That night a annoying sound has broken my sleep i wanted to know that what has made me up and i was able to listen TAK..TAK..TAK..TAK someone was walking with his shoe. Within no time i was able to know what was it, that story told by pankaj was re winding in my head adding to my fear.In the dark night those sound appeared to be so loud and was so killing. When that sound used to come close to me it appeared i will die and when it used to go far i used to think how i will cross the night. I was able to listen to the sound of my heart i still remember that how i was hidegog myself inside that bed sheet, i was using to close each and every corner. I was cursing myself that why i am up to witness this event. I was asking god to give back my sleep which was replaced by fear. I have decide i will not discuss this with anyone as they will never trust me and will run away from boarding tomorrow.After sometime the sound stoped coming but that fear did not escape as now i was feeling he is more near to me and a noise DHUM As if someone jumped made it stop for a moment but then i gained my life back when i realised that he was my friend rohit. Thank god hope god has heard my prayers now when i found that i am not alone i moved out of my bed and stoped rohit...
i asked him did he also listen to that sound.. He said "NO" As i started saying him the story we heard another voice.. Someone asking me "nishant, you were also not sleeping?? You have also listen to that voice??" he was my another friend ritesh. I replied yes and we together moved ahead with our experience but suddenly the lights turned on. Trust me at that point of time even that light turning up on has made our heart beat stop. My another friend anshu came runing from the other end of dorm saying "such me hhoot tha yaar!!". It was a surprise for all of us that very soon more then 12 boys joined us who were us after listening to that noise of shoe but all of them were hiding themself inside there bed sheet thinking that only he is up to witness this.That night we did not sleep.. Infact sleep was on where in our eyes . And we decide to move out of our dorm.WHY?? WHAT WE DID THAT NIGHT??
than night sleep was not there in any one eyes but there were lot of questions and there was on one to answer them. Excitement.. Will to know more.. And confusion has over come fear. None of us wanted to escape we wented to know more about this truth called ghost and after all now we were not alone what to remember last time there were foot marks on the floor it was because last time it was raining outside but today there were on footmasks. At night we arranged a torch from one of the guard and moved out of dorm to search foot mark on the soil outside the gate. This time we did not get any evidence left. One of my friend avinash loved to read detective novels of sharlocholms (spelling may be incorrect) he was finding not that is there some one who is trying to scare us by some method. He has bang all the sides of dorm wall from outside to check that if we bang from outside similar sound effect is generated or not. But no he was wrong it was ghost, next morning during physical training (PT) few of our friends did not turn up and they were sleeping in dorm. I thought they have not come because they may be sleeping as they did not sleep last night.We used to run 2 rounds of the track that used to cross from the boundry of my boarding. It also used to cross from the back side of my dorm.While runing when i was crossing the back side of dorm i have seen few of my friends diverting the children from the track and asking them to follow a different path. They were trying to boundsy sometimi on ground by bricks so that no one should step them.What was it??
when i went there i have also seen those small and huge steps of similar share on the soil of the track there steps were the same that we have seen inside dorm when the first event took place. Only difference was that in the open space the ghost has taken some huge shape. Many of them were damaged by the students as they were runing on the same track. But the few which were left was enough to make us believe on the existance of that strange power that fear factor ghost.How can i forget that so many of my friends have left for there home and many have started making excuse and sleeping in dorm of juniors located in main building.Those steps were moving towards the khandar.. What is this khandar?? (want to know this i will post soon)
those steps was moving towards the khandar (khandar is basically a construction where humans dont live and it looks very ugly and haunted) that khandar was a half constructed unit of our boarding which included a toilet a kitchen and a dorm. The walls were not cemented the red colour brick has turned green and black due to growth of algie in rain. There was no roof on the top and 100 type of insects and spider have made there house there. There was on roof on the top. Friends in simple words it was best place to shoot any RVG haunted movie. The construction was left pending from 3 years as that land was controversial and management was not allowed to finish further construction on that site.. Lets move back to the real story..
There was one more reason why we used to call it khandar was this that we have heard many haunted story about that construction now i am only able to recall one event which we have ignored earlier when we heard it as it was narrated by a student of std 4. I will like to share that with you..In evening during sports period few juniors were playing hide and seek and that boy (i dont remember his name now so i will call him chotu) along with his friend decided to hide in the khandar. His friend went to hide in the dorm side and chotu selected to hide on the back side of khandar. On the back side there was a small forest kind place in between the toilet and the boundary wall of our boarding. It was a plantation of teak wood tree and as it was a old plantation so many bushes have also grown there (best place to hide) Suddenly chotu heard some sound in bushes he thought may be dog or snake so he decided to jump inside the toilet from the large size window that was towards the forest. He climbed it and jumped on the floor of the toilet dhub (sound created when you jump on the floor) he was just moving towards the gate and within just few seconds another sound from the back dhubWhat was it?? This time who jumped?? Keep reading.
he jumped with a sound "dhub" and as he moved ahead again a similar sound came "dhub" as if someone else jumped after him. He thought must be his friend has followed him he was angry as he has asked him to hide in different place.. He turned back to scold him..God a cold fear has run all over his body when he found no one there but 2 foot marks similar to that as was made by him in the soil when he jumped.. He shouted name of his friend and started runing outside that toilet.. But as he crossed the toilet his movement was freezed.. He was not able to run and he continued to shout his friends name with a prefix "bachao"
his friend was hiding in that half constructed dorm.. He thought must be a dog that is making chotu shout his name for help.. He went to that place with a stick.. The stick has fallen down from his hand after he has seen that view.. His friend was trying to escape with tears in his eyes and fear on his face but one of his hand was backside and it was appearing someone invisible is holding his hand.. Just imagine that posture when someone is holding your hand and you are trying to pull away from him.. Your body will be half hanging.. Similar was his posture that time.His friend was haunted by fear and he has run away from there and went to call the sports teacher..When Ranjeet sir came along with that kid they saw.
when both of them reached there they found that he was fallen on the ground and he was fainted. They took him to the boarding hospital. This story has spread like a fire and during that time we called it a fake tale as even ranjeet sir refused to accept. Hope he wanted this to look like a rumor so that people dont fear to live in boarding campus.. But now we were sure that those stories were true and we planed to visit that khandar one eve..
why we planed to visit that khandar??One night when we were sleeping we heard sound of bell.. Like bunch of small bells tied in neck of animal cow.. Buffellow.. To locate there location.. And sound of breaking branches was also heard.. From that khandar.. Everyone was sleeping that time but few of us were awake.. Those sounds also appeared to be haunting during those days when so many haunted event was taking place.. And we were also wandering how animals can enter inside our boarding campus.. As the border is fenced.. Three of us moved out of dorm and searched for the guard as we cannot dare to go to the khandar during night.. Guard was sleeping somewhere and he refused to go with us nor he has given us torch so that we can inspect.. He scolded us and told that no animal except dog can come in our campus.. When we came back that sound stoped coming with little fear and few plans we slept.
we went to that place next morning to find some clue that how the khandar is related to this series of ghosty event that were taking place.We went to the toilet first and there we first tried to find those foot marks that we used to find in dorm everytime.. But did not find any. Then we tried to find animal foot mark or dung in the bushes or you can call the small jungle behind the khandar.. But sad there was no such thing but yes we found a path in between that forest.. If people follow the same route daily a path kind is formed hope you understand.. There was a similar path in between those bushes but on one can walk in that a person can craul and walk in there.. We failed to guess how they may be created or who is using that path daily.. All our guess floped as children dont go there to play nor we can expect that thieves visit our campus daily.. Its true few things are supernatural and we dont have answer to them..For long no haunted event took place and slowly people were trying to forget the past but that night...
That night at 2.30 am a loud cry made we all awake.. We switched on the light.. And we found that Gaurav was sweating and it was so cold outside his body was shivering out of fear.. After looking at his condition we took no time in understanding that this is the next haunted chapter of the same book.We wanted gaurav to speak but he was not in that state.. He only said a word "Bhoot.." and finished but to say the truth he told everything.. Deepak said "yes.. Hope Gaurav is also talking about the same thing.. Just now some one was playing with a hanger runing it on the bed piller and making strange voice.." while deepak was narrating his story there was a knock on the door.. "THAK.. THAK" when you are listening about ghost.. A sudden knock can rob your heart away.. Now who was at the door???
We wondered that at that time of the night who was there on the door??We went to the window next to the door and looked outside.. Randheer bhaiya (the car driver, who has removed mark from the floor when first time it appeared.. Hope you remember him) was standing.. WTF !! We never wanted him to know this stuff.. We dont want the school authority to know about there events.. As we were sure if they come to know about this they will break our class into pieces and shift to diff dorm and thus we will loose all our friends.. And also because we were intelligent people "Bhoot ki jasoosi kerne me mazza aa raha tha" Actually he heard the cry of Ritesh from the road and he has come to enquire that whats wrong there..
First we made lot of excuse so that he can go away but then we soon realised he is on the same boat and there is on harm discussing the story with him.. (i will let you know you all that why i am saying we were on the same boat)Gaurav was still sweating and all of us surrounded him so that he can continue to narrate his experience that made him shout..Gaurav told us the entire story and it was being varified by deepak at intervals.. He told us that he was sleeping deep but a strange noise has broken his sleep.. It appeared that someone who is having hanger (on which we hang cloth, a iron wired body with two arms) in his hand is walking from this corner to other corner and he was hiting the hanger on the rods of those double floor beds.. The sound was like tak tak..tak tak.....tak with his half sleeping mind he though that may be that its morning now and someone is walking from one corner to other as he is finding something.. But finally he decided to get up and scold him as now that noise was robbing his sleep.. When he opened his eyes to his surprise it was still dark.. It was not morning.. And that sound was coming near his bed.. When that sound hit his bed he turned towards the person with full confidence that someone is there.. And he was also very angry but... ... But no one was there. A current of fear has run all over his body.. He took no time in understanding that this is the same ghost.. Which has proved his presence to us earlier also.. He pulled his bed sheet till the top and tried to hide his body inside that.. He has closed all the gaps between the bed and bed sheet.. So that nothing can connect him from outside.. (this is what everyone of us do to escape fear.. Hope you agree with me.. How stupid we are.. That ghost who can enter inside a closed room of cement and concreat walls what is that thin bed sheet for him)
Everyone was sleeping there was pin drop silence and that tak..tak voice which was very prominent was haunting Gaurav.He wanted that to end. . When that voice used to go away from him he used to gain some of his life and then when again it used to come close to him.. It appared that now he will soon die.. Have you all ever tried a ride on giant wheel (bijli jhula)? ? If yes then then hope you know how it feel inside when you come down from top on that wheel and how it feels when it moves us.. Yes exactly in the same was Gaurav's heart was on a haunted ride. He was trying to gain his sleep back and taking name of all the god he know so that any one of them can save him from this fear.. But all his wishes went unanswered.. Than sound come close to him again and he realised that his heart was beating so fast that it will fall out of his mouth if he open his mouth.. As the sound went away from him he tried to gain all his strength and life that was left inside him and shouted loud.. Which has made all of us up and thus that sound also ended..This time there was no foot step, no hanger and no other clue that can prove his presence after he left.. That night we told the entire story to Randheer And he was sorry for us.. And he finished saying "Hope my wife said truth!!" and we realised that another true haunted experience was going to come us..We all were prepared to listen to it.. Are you all ready??
When Randhir told us that he never trusted his wife and her stories.. We were surprised that Randhir is married he appeared so young, he lost his freedom at a very early age yes one of our friend has passed similar comment "Bhaiya aap ko dekh ker to nahi lagta ki aap biwi ke gulam ho? Lagta hi nahi hai ki aap apne biwi ke saath rehte ho !! Kya kaha tha usne aap ko??" 24 hours any time you can find him at any corner of the campus.. Just imagine that day also it was 3 at night and he was with us.. And he clame to be married.. it was such a haunted situation.. Before an hour 2 of our friends have experienced ghost but this discussion was making us laugh.. But suddenly our laughter stoped when Randheer said that my wife is no more..
one of us said "no more??" he said "yes, no more in this boarding campus" he also informed us that his wife has told him a experience that has made her run away from the boarding campus.. Before i start saying you his wife's story let me tell you that Randheer's room was next to that khandar area on the other side.. It was a 2 floor house.. Upper floor was for the director uncle he used to come on 4 sunday of the month.. And the ground floor belonged to him.. There was a well at the back side.. Which was used by his wife to wash cloths and take bath.. One day she asked RanDheer to purchase new utensils for cooking as few of the old utensil has fallen in the well in the noon when she was washing it.. And she said than someone has willingly thrown them inside as she has kept them properly in utensil bucket.. She said something strange is going on.. There was some fear inside her and she also requested him to conduct a puja. Randheer ignored her but he never thought that things will become worst.. That day when his wife was taking bath on the well...
that day when his wife was taking bath at the well she realised that her dress was not there on the wires and while she was trying to find them.. Her eyes went up on the tree to her surprise all her cloths was up on that tree this has happened in just 5 minutes.. Trust me friends from std 1 i live there and there is no monkey in our area.. So even she never expected that a monkey will take her cloths up on that tree.. Earlier also she has faced few unnatural things and this has made her sure that there is something called ghost in this world which is at back of her.. With fear she tried to run back to her room but then her motion seazed someone was holding her neck tight.. She tried to move out of the catch.. But on one was there and she fainted.. When randheer came back home she narrated this story to him and also told him that after some time when she got back her sence she found that her body is covered with that sharee and other cloths was still on the tree.. His wife also told him that she no longer want to live in the boarding campus as she doubt that a female ghost is after her who is in love with her husband and so she is trying to kill her.. Earlier Randheer was trying to trust on her story but when she him that what she has concluded at the end after facing going through all there haunted experience he started laughing on his wife.. But to his surprise.. His wife started crying.. (friends tear roll down our eyes when someone whom we think will understand our pain.. Just dont trust us and laugh on our pain.)Randheer was confused that night and very upset for his wife as her tears has proved him that there was some truth.. But he then concluded that as she is alone at that place everyday so such bad thoughts come to her mind and she believe them to be a experience.. But then he was again confused how those cloth went up on the tree as still few of them was up there.. Next day.. He has made her wife go back to his home in Ranchi.
When randheer narrated this story to us we were so confused.. There were so many questions that was in our mind.. But about one thing we were sure that now even Randheer has realised that his wife was true and ghost exist.. That night ended, gaurav changed his dorm his haunted experience of night has also made few others to escape from that dorm.. After all who will like to experience ghost.. Its not easy to to handle that fear.. Its said that everything happens for good.. That night we were so upset to find randheer on the door but then he turned into friend and joined us in finding the secret about this ghost who visit our dorm at regular interval.. How stupid and childish it sounds when i will say.. after that haunted night Randheer used to come to our dorm.. With tourch, camera and walkman so that we can see, take picture and record sound of ghost.. Every night we used to hide ourself inside our bedsheet with all lights off and all prepared with different gadgets.. We used to wait for the ghost to come.. But till one week nothing happened and we lost our sleep with on benefit.. Really sad but yes still we were happy as Randheer and we became good friends.. We really used to have fun during those days.. Yes we failed to capture ghost picture in that camera but we have surely captured few great memories and fake ghost..Fake Ghost whats this??Yes we used to colour our self with chocolate cream.. Paste, cream, body lotion, gel cream and used to make ghosty faces and used to picture ourself. Days have really become fun after Randheer turned into friend.. We have got the habit of not sleeping in night but there used to be no work as even ghost has stoped visiting us.. So Randheer has brought his TV to our dorm. And everyday he used to bring porn pictures for us to watch.. There were so many things we learned at early age after watching those pictures (Such things are very common in boys boarding school so just chill and keep reading my experience.. It was important to say this secret here in this forum so i have told it but please no personal comments)One night when we were all busy watching a picture anugrah has seen a Image on the window behind him and he shouted loud with fear..We all turned towards him and he was still in his worst state as if death has touched him.. And he was still looking towards something on the window.. Before we ask him the reason for his fear there was hard knock on the door.. A very hard knock.. Randheer switched off television and asked us all not to fear.. Everything was so haunted.. Randheer shouted "who is on the door??" and a reply came "open the door and you will come to know.. " this was the voice Captain sir our principal. Yes this time it was not ghost.. And we were knowing what next.. We all were caught watching porn movie.
Our sports teacher Ranjeet sir was on the window from last 15 minutes to assure what is going on inside.. In other words he was also enjoying the movie from the window seat It was not so funny captain sir made the full class run 6 rounds of the huge track early morning and that was our punishment.. Captain sir has planed to terminate Randheer from job next morning and has blamed him for everything he blamed that many good students are moving to different dorm for sleeping as we watch porn during night.. He also said that many have quit the school last month hope due to the same reason.. Randheer told him that he has started bringing those movie from last few days and he is guilty for that but everything is going wrong because the dorm is haunted.. The dorm is haunted so students are moving to diff dorm and many have quit the college.. Captain sir was just annoyed after listening to this and he called we all to ask more questions.. About everything..
Captain Sir along with few more teachers and staff came to the dorm for meeting and Randheer was also there.. It was a kind of meeting that was conducted and we though that purpose of this meeting is to decide the punishment for us and Randheer for watching porn movie inside dorm.. But to our surprise the school management wanted to discuss the haunted stuff with us.. They wanted to know our experience and then give us some gyan (knowledge) that ghost dont exist... lolCaptain sir said that he has come to know from Randheer that from last few months student are experiencing ghost in the dorm.. And after saying this he started laughing.. None of us joined him but yes few other staff found it funny and started laughing along with him.. We were so angry from them.. This is why we never wanted to discuss our fear with anyone as people dont trust and just laugh.. Captain sir told that he is very upset from us as due to all this stupid talk students from our dorm have left the college and many are sleeping with other students in different dorm.. Captain sir told that ghost in nothing but a excuse for us to enjoy porn movie during night.. And fear other students with stupid trick.. He requested us to stop playing fool..But then Director sir came forward and has confess something that has made us know the real secret behind everything.. A fear a thrill ran all over our body.. He said..
Director sir joined the meeting late and he was not aware what was going on and unknowingly he has told us a hidden secret which may be the main reason behind this haunted events that was going on. He started saying "i know you must have heard rumors and there ghost stories from the workers and guard and now you fear living here because of those rumors which are there in your mind " after listening to him we were confused "what rumors?? " we wanted to tell him that we are not talking about any rumor we are speaking about our own experience but before we can speak out something he continued speaking and his words have moved ground from our leg..
He cont.. To speak "There workers and guard are old in this region and and they know the truth about the land on which we have started our new construction.. They must have also told this to you that the construction has stoped as the land is under controvercy and we are fighting a court case with the villagers to prove to ownership of that land" we were prepared to listen to that secret that sir was going to tell us next.. He also said "The land under controvercy where the incomplete construction is located was used by the villagers in the past to bury dead body of there relative after there death.. That land was located next to there fields and it was the place which they consider to be there own.. But there is nothing wrong with this place as you all have heard in rumors.. Dont you student see even i have constructed my room next to this land.. Just forget those story and for peace of your mind a Puja will also be conducted here.." thus the long lecture came to end and we have discovered the fact about the Haunted Dorm.. They went away and asked Randheer not to speak with any of us and if caught speaking or making us watch porn again he will be kicked from job.. Fear did not end and there were still many things to happen.. Keep reading..
What director uncle thought to be the rumors were the experience which we have lived in that haunted dorm. We were happy that now everyone is aware about our problem and if something happen in future they will listen to us.What if Randheer was not supposed to meet us.. Our friendship continued and he used to bring for us everything that we wanted but we can not find inside the boarding campus.. Like trump cards, ciggrate for people who used to smoke, and many other fancy products.. Life has become fun and those days were the best days of my boarding school.. But suddenly everything came to end, Randheer stoped coming to our dorm nor he was seen any where in the campus.. We were so surprised what happene to him where he is?? few of us decided to visit randheer's room and we were surprised to find that his room was sealed, all the door and the windows were locked and a white cloth was wrapped over the lock so that no one can open those lock.. We wanted to know the truth behind this.. As we were sure something worst has happened.. And our guess was true it was varified by one of the guard.. A guard told us a haunted story of Randheer's Room that has made him to escape the campus and uncle to seal his room from outside.. Few days back when Randheer was sleeping in his room and his sleep was broken in middle of the night.. I felt that his wife's hand is on his chest and her legs are over him in other words he felt as if his wife is holding him and sleeping.. In his half sense he asked his wife to increase the speed of the fan and requested her not to hold him as he was feeling not comfortable in that closed room.. (There was fan in his room which was moving slow and Randheer ko garmi lag rahi the)But suddenly he thought "Who is holding me??" (if you all recall the story you will know his wife has left him long back) his lost all his sleep.. His eyes was wide open and still he was able to feel that touch.. He tried to move but he failed and then suddenly he saw that the speed of the fan started to increase as he wanted it to. Randheer was left with no other option he started reading Gayatri mantra (as that was the only mantra he knew) , his breath has increased he was sweating due to fear.. But the worst was still to happen..
There were two beds joined together infact you can call it Chouki in hindi. And thus it has become double bed for him and his wife.. He was able to listen to a sound that is created when you pull a bed on the floor.. He continued to read mantra and has open his eyes slowly and he saw that his wife bed was away from his bed and it was up in the air.. His heart was on longer in his control it was beating very fast he was able to jump out from his bed, he has open the door and ran out of the room and then he heard a DHADAM sound and it appeared that someone has thrown the bed on the ground. After half an hour he came back to his room with Anup sir, Ranjeet sir and Captain sir to see what has happened..
when Anup sir tried to push the door to open it.. It appeared someone is pushing the door from inside.. (i think this was scientific as when you try to open the door of a room where all the window and ventilator are closed you will have to apply more force.. This happene to me when i tried to open the door of my bathroom when ventilator was closed) but then something that happened next has no explanation.. A flash of air moved out of the room and Anup sir has fallen on the ground.. Ranjeet sir rushed to pick him up they kicked the door and entered inside the room.. Oh my god!! Everything inside the room was thrown here and there as if someone very strong has picked up and thrown huge and heavy stuff also. That guard informed us at same time the room was shealed.. It was locked and all the locks was covered with cloth so that no one enter inside.. He also informed after this Randheer was not in good state of mind and and he has decided to escape the boarding campus..
After few days Randheer also visited the boarding campus and narrated the same story to us.. He also warned us that its not safe to live there.. He suggested us that not to consider this to be fun any more and request for a diff dorm.. It was the time when i told my parents that i dont want to live in a boarding school and want to study in my city.. I did not tell them about there haunted story as i was aware that they will not trust me (As many of you also must not be trusting me) .Its hard to get admission in standard 10 so my parents asked me to wait for one more year.. I have cried for my life.. Yes friends i was not in condition to live this haunted life any more.. Fear used to haunt me 24/7 my life has become miserable.. There were still things to happen to know more keep reading.. And i will keep posting..
For long time there was no haunted event that took place in our dorm but that fear used to ride our mind everytime.. Trust me friends when you have experienced haunted event at a place at that place you will always feel the presence of that unseen, even when you know he is not around you.. One day i received a letter from my parents with a good news that i can get admission in one of the school in my city and they were going to come to take me away from that haunted boarding campus for ever.. (There was few other reason also i wanted to quit boarding which is not mentioned here in this forum) But is this was the end of this series of haunted experience.. ?? ...and the answer is "No"One of my friend and dorm mate DEEPAK came runing to us and said "friend director sir was correct i have seen a grave in that area where the unconstructed building is located.. " We all were shocked and in a group of 7 moved there to see the grave..( Infact it was the time to revenge ghost.. You will just love to know what happene next..)
We went to Khandar in a group of few.. I was also in that group and Deepak has pointed towards to that grave.. It was located at the back side of the half constructed toilet and the boundery of our boarding campus.. Everyone of you must have seen a grave.. Its a bulge like part on the ground, it is either cemented or just of soil.. Similar formation on the land was there and after watching few more things we concluded that it must be a grave.. One of my friend that we must dig the grave to find the truth.. Yes friends you will be surprised to know within no time we arranged different equipments to dig the grave..
I still remember that Deepak has quit and suggested us not to dig the grave.. He said that the dead soul will become angry and he will revenge.. He reminded us of the famous saying.. "Gadde murde nahi ukhadtee" I dont remember who has given a reply to him but yes i remember he said.. That nothing worst can happen then what was going on in our life during that time he also added that now it was our turn to disturb the dead during his sleep as he has disturbed us always.. Hope we have planed to revenge ghost.. We started to dig the grave.. It was really a tough task for we kids to perform.. (Till today when i see any kid working for food i feel the pain that he takes daily.. At young age even small work is not good for body.. Lets not encourage child labour around us.. Yes i know this thought has nothing to do with the experience.. Just wanted to share so i posted )So the ghost has made we kids to do that hard work.. Even a smilk movement in the bushes used to scare us.. And on one has dare to go here and there while doing that work.. It was not easy to handle that fear after all we were playing with the dead soul..
After 3 to 4 hours of hard work when we did not find bone or any other remain of human.. We were supposed to end our task with some conclusion.. So finally we concluded that it was not a grave but it was formed because the soil has been thrown while construction of the the new building and thus land has taken form of a grave.. That was just a conclusion that we took to end our task as we did not god any result but till today i am not very sure weather it was a grave or a artificial land formation but yes no doubt this was one of the crazyest thing i have ever done in my life.. And that fear that i was feeling while performing that task cannot be expressed in words..
A week after that "diging of graveyard" experience.. I have Quit the boarding as my parents have found a school for me in my home town.. I cannot forget that day of my life.. I was so sad that that i am going to go away from those friends with whom i spent fun days and haunted nights.. But i was not having any guilt for making this decision as i was knowing that i have saved my life and that strange fear can no longer haunt me... When i went back home, i have discussed all there experience with my brother he enjoyed listening to it as you people are enjoying now and also used to tell me the stories he has heard from his other friends.. Is this the end of the haunted story.. Is this the end of the experience i have related to my boarding life??No, friends.. I have left the boarding but still my friend Niranjan Agarwal was there in that campus.. And now i will let you know 2 major things that happened after i left the boarding..
Niranjan informed me that after i left the boarding school.. Fear again mounted the head of students there and it was because of a strange event that used to take place in the dorm.. Forgot to tell you all that After Diging that so called grave there was some fear inside us that what if it was the real grave as director sir has told us earlier that the place was graveyard in the part.. We did not wanted to take any chance so we have made a small temple inside our dorm.. And this small temple was located at one end of dorm and at the center a Ganpati Idol was kept in a metalic colour frame with a glass wall there was a chamber inside where the idol was placed..
It was noticed by one of our friend that the Ganpati statue has fallen one day.. And it reall hard to make it stand as for that they had to open that chamber and make the idol stand and it required necessary tool.. Well they arranged tool opened the chamber and made the idol stand.. But that did not resolve the problem.. It continued.. Our dorm used to remain lock the entire day and when students used to return back in evening they used to find that the idol was fallen.. Even i have seen that chamber air can not make it fall.. Nor any person used to visit the dorm alone in absence of anyone.. As dorm used to be locked.. Nothing more haunted was going on in the dorm but this event of falling idol has given birth to fear inside everyone.. Now it was hard for them to trust on god also as the god idol was also not able to help himself.. Students said the management clearly that they are not able to concentrate and they want a different dorm.
Our batch was the first batch of our boarding school and school management was upset as the attrition rate has increased many students have left the boarding.. management may not trust on our haunted stories but they have understood that we students feel that there is something unnatural which is making us to quit.. Management decided to give our batch a new dorm as they never wanted us to give them any excuse for performing bad in board exam as being the first batch our result was of great importance.. Our haunted dorm was converted into a dump room where all the broken beds, chair and other stuff was dumped..
Nisanjan told me that no haunted event took place after the dorm was changed other then that.. Which one??Once there was a rumor in our boarding which was approved to be true afterwards.. Let me narrate what happene.. Hope you remember Randheer's room was shealed after that experience.. Yes it was sunday morning Director sir was returning from somewhere and he heard sounds coming from inside the Randheer's room which was shealed.. He was shocked and called few staffs and asked to break the lock as the key was with Ranjeet sir and he was away for work.. Lock was being broken and the sound continued to come..
When those staff have broken the lock and has open the room they were shocked to see that the TV plug was connected to the socket and TV was switched on and the TV serial that was going on was "Chandrakanta" on DD-1 (Friends do you know after this event my friends used to make fun of ghost saying that ghost has learned few haunted tricks from this serial.. If you recall this serial then you will recollect that in this serial also invisible person used to walk on the ground and only footsteps were formed. And ghost has also done the same in our dorm) so every one was confused that how the TV has been switched on as main plug was switched off and there was no current supply in the room.. And also TV was unpluged before sealing the room.. Something was seriously fishy.. So finally everything was moved out of the room and that room was declared haunted.. And it was no longer used by anyone..
So this was the last event that i have heard from Niranjan and then nothing went wrong.. So finally our dorm was converted into the store room and Randheer's room was declared haunted.. The khandar was still a khandar till year 1998 and construction did not complete.. What next??I was not in touch with my friends.. But yes the ghost did not haunt my friends after dorm was changed but in future someone must have become the victim of ghost.. But my experience ends here.. I can not forget that poem which i have sent to my friends after i left i left that boarding.. The two lines of that poem was.. "those ghosty nights i was able to pass, But crossing days without you friends has become hard"Really a person can live in worst situation if he has good friends.. And its impossible to live in best situation if friends are not there.. And this is the secret and answer to the question that how i was able to live in that haunted boarding for so long.. I miss my friends and those haunted nights..
¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤ THE END ¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤