Friday, May 28, 2010

Call of the spirit

I don't know how many of you have heard about this spirit, this is mostly common in Bengal especially in the rural areas. The name of the spirit is 'Nishi' or 'the night' ! When someone dies by committing suicide he/she turns to a Nishi. The way this spirit behaves is quite creepy.Usually in villages (in old times) huts were made up of clay with open grill-less windows. At night when people were in deep sleep this spirit used to walk up to these huts and called out the name of one of the sleeping person in a voice known to him. For example the spirit might call out his name in his mother's, father's son's or even a closed friend's voice. The person would reply unknowingly in his sleep, he might reply as, 'Yes' or 'Hmmmm..'The moment he replied like this the spirit got full control of him. Nishi would make him walk in his sleep and then take him to a far away field or marsh and make that person commit suicide either by drowning or by hanging himself.The only way to avoid the call of this spirit is, when it calls out your name you should be aware enough to reply as 'Who is this' or 'What is it'....if you can do so it will walk away from your house !!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

wen i tried to call spirits

I was in class was april. our class room was on the top flr of d school building..after the lunch break,we 4 frends decided to do 4pm wen the classes got over,we guys stayed bck in the class..we took out a big sheet of paper,wrote A to Z & 0 to 9..put a coin in the centre.we didn hv candles but we were least bothered bout tht as it was nothing but our idea of hving some fun..we strted mumbling any holy spirit moving around,plz come to the coin..for next 10 to 15 min, nothing happened..then all of a sudden,there was a bang…wind strtd blowing as if it was a storm.the doors strtd banging on the walls. We were scared to death & to add more spices, wen we looked out of the windows, we saw the big banyan tree(it was in our school campus & was sd to be more thn 100 yrs old)was bent to almost 75%...we just threw the paper n the coin,took our bags ran out…we stopped only aftr reaching our homes…later tht day,wde decided not to talk bout it ever again….& yes,the wind was totally unexpected in tht season & by the time we lft school tht day, wind was back to normal….

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ghost Experience in Khandala

My friend has a bungalow in Old Khandala where we go often to spend the weekend. This happened about 5 years ago in the month of August.

A group of us friends had gone to Khandala and were sitting in the garden in the late evening having drinks and snacks as we have always done on our many visits before. Around 9 - .9.30 pm we decided to go inside and watch some TV, and left everything as is . We shut the doors of the house to prevent the mosquitoes from entering. Around 11.00 pm ,we decided to get the chairs, table and the food and booze bottles inside and opened our door. One of the boys in our group opened the door and called out "look at the swing" and we all went to see. We were surprised to see the huge swing in the garden( its a heavy 4 seater wrought iron swing with mattress seats ) swinging with great speed (like people were sitting and kicking with their legs).The swing of course was EMPTY!!

There was no wind as none of the leaves were stirring , nor were there any dogs/cats or animals around and no animal could have moved the swing that high or fast.. Whilst we were looking at the swing , it continued to swing at that speed for almost a minute but gradually slowed down and stopped completely...all nine of us who saw this were stunned, and dont know what to make of this.. we just stood and stared and when it stopped we just went out together, quickly collected all the foodstuff and furniture , went inside and locked up the house. We all shared one room in the three bedroom house that night as we were kinda scared to separate out and sleep.

That night we all heard some funny tapping noises (best described as a man walking with a stick, like a night watchman(there is no watchman here ) and when we looked from the windows there was no one)...we of course did not go out to investigate!! The next morning we checked with the neighbours but no one had heard the tapping sounds .
One of my friends stated that by leaving the remnants of our party ( chairs. tables,snacks booze in glasses and cold d drinks around ) we had extended an invitation to spirits to enjoy, which is what they were doing when we opened the door.

We were there for 2 more nights and have gone to this bungalow many many times after that but have never heard those tapping noises or seen the swing move that way again.I was quite scared that night , but on the wholeIi do not feel anything negative or evil about the bungalow and infact have had very pleasant times there and still go there. I have been going here atleast 5-6 times a year since 1992, but have never before or since experienced anything like this . We have moved around and sat in the garden all night as well without any fear

Now I don’t really believe in ghosts much and I don’t claim to have seen or experienced one. This is the spookiest experience I have ever had and I don’t know how to scientifically explain it away…esp considering the fact that all 9 people present there saw , heard and experienced the same phenomenon. Is this something like mass hallucination or was it actually some kinda haunting? This is an absolutely honest account of what happened and would love yr comments re the same.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

SOFA- Ghost Experience

Its the experience which stole my sleep for nights...

It happened when we shifted to our new home.We bought a sofa from a man who was moving out of the city at very cheap price.We also have a cute dog as everyone loves pets.Here goes the experience which scared me to death..

My parents were away. visiting distant relatives.I was alone at home enjoying freedom.I slept early night but woke up at 1 am in night as my dog was barking too much..He was in hall .. i gave something to eat to him and put him in another room..After some time he stopped barking.. and may be slept..Next night same happaned ..he was barking and not at all listening to meagain i took him to my room and slept.. but he was standing at door and looking at hall for whole night..I count understand his strange behavior.Next night i was watching movie on tv and suddenly at 1 in nightmy dog started barking loudly as if he was scared to deathhe was barking at sofa ..not at the sofa.. He was barking as if someone unknown person sitting on the sofa.none was there .still he was barking at someonei looked carefully looked like somone was sitting there on the SOFAa cold wave shivered me..someone was there .. sitting next to me on sofa and my dog was barking to death..somehow i managed to get out of the shockand ran away to my room..after some time the dog stopped barking ..I count sleep ..Next day my parents came.They didn't believe it .. somehow i forced them to sell the sofa before sunset.after that night my dog never barked in night.the person who bought the sofa sold it within 7 days.GOD knows where is the sofa now..

Monday, May 24, 2010

Shortest ghost story

A gentleman was going to his place by train. He was a businessman, and after a long time was returning to home. The train was near about 5 hours late. It was a Saturday night. The clock said it was exactly 12 pm.The train stopped in a junction. Another gentleman arrived there with a suitcase, and took place in the birth before the first gentleman. He was a well-mannered person with soft-speaking style. Both of them are started to talk with each other.

Second gentleman asked the previous one—‘do you believe in ghosts?’
--‘No’ first gentleman answered proudly –‘ I don’t believe in that gibberish. Ghosts are nothing but some hallucinations. It just a bogus imagination of idle brain’.
--‘ fine’. Second gentleman smiled calmly—‘ I am searching for such a bravely human being, would you please hold my thing for some time? Mujhe thodi bathroom jana hain’--‘sure , why not’.
--‘please, take it’With a shy smile He put off his….whattttt!!!!!It was his ….. Head!!!!!! Looks like it was a separate part from his body
-----‘please take care of it sir – bahut kimti cheez hain. Salon pehle train robbery mein body se alag ho gaya tha. Thori der ke liye sambhaliye…’He just threw it upon the first gentleman’s lap. And slowly went to the bathroom.The first gentleman fainted down there…..!!!!!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Ghost Experience in Hyderabad

I stay in hyd..more precisely in begumpet..ovr thr thrs an area called shyam lal..diamond apts.. here in ths apts 1 flat is very much diff frm th others.. n dat ws th one in whch we shifted.. it ws diff as it ws the biggest f all n made very differently... it ws the only flat whch ws havin private garden.. a big greenery buh only 4 us..n talkin abt the interior it ws mind blowin..n th house ws huge...damn huge.. evry thng ws normal n v were very v gt such a good flat fr cheap rate...aftr a month my dad, my mum, n 3 sis all bcam ill... dunno sis developed a tumour inside her stomatch a very small 1.N my sister used 2 spot a man in our private lawn.. a tall man in th nite sme whr arnd 11:00 p.m ... in white pathani suit...n well built.. accordin 2 her he usd 2 roam here n thr in th lawn n sit in the swing fr few mins... n wen my sis saw him..he strtd starin at her...n his eyes were deep red n seemd 2 b really angry.Initially my sis thought tht it ws nuttin jus a fear inside her tht came out ths way... thn wen she usd 2 see it regularly..she said ma mum n i over heard it ... frm tht day instead f sleepin in room i usd 2 sit in the hall so tht evn i can see him...Tht nite my sis gt up in the nite...n ws really scared n sid me she sw th man goin in the kitchen... i rushed 2 th kitchen...thought tht it might b a theif bt found nuttin der...i spoke 2 her few mins..cracked few joks n made her feel easy n finally she slept(she ws ma elder sis..m th youngest 1 in am family)..wen i came frm her room 2 hall i foung th fan ws muvin in anti clock wise dir. i cudnt make it out hw ... i swithd off th fan n strt it again n it ws muvin normally... i thought it might bcuz f wind tht made it muV tht way.. then the next nite again my sis gt up n she said my mum tht she saw th same man in our lawn.

I rushed 2my sis to knw wats happenin..n she said me she sw it again..i went out side 2 houz in the lawn..thinkin tht it mite b a thief... bt dint see ny felt somethng bside me....n he ws holdin me..ny how i tried 2 get f it n tuk a stick in ma hand.. thn i dunno who bt sme 1 whispered in my ears in hyderabadi hindi...2 leave th place as itz his.. n until i leave it v'll b facin prob...It left me chill... i came in n askd did ny one hear ny thn n thy said no... thy askd me y did i pik th stick i said i thought thre must b a thief so fr tht reason n my mum came out n sat in th swing fr 10 mins bt she dint feel any mum knew tht theer ws something stange n ws really daring ... bt she dint find ny thng...n wne i came 2 sleep again i saw my bed turned...n ws lk a mess... i dnt knw how did it same thng happened 2 me fr past few days...THn i dunno hw ths plan came into my mind it ws....i said my mum tht m going fr a birthday party n will b cumin at 11..n my frnd will drop me..she agreed 2 it..i ws in 10th clas...i dint go ny whr w instead hidind outside my buildin.. n sharp at 11 i came inside my lawn n ws hidin in my lawn sme whr in th corner.. evn i saw a tall man in pathani kurta..i tried 2 jump towards it bt i dunno whr th heck it go...i ws standin thr chilled..n cudnt figure out wat i saw..n th next moment i saw him in my hall near my bed... i dint have tht much guts 2 go thr...i came frm th front door.. n my mum opened she ws lik she dint see ny thng in the hall... i came n sat on bean bag.. thn went 2 "puja ghar" tuk lord shiv photo n kept it in ma pocket n slept ... th nxt day i gt up every thng ws normal... n wen r servant came 2 clean our houz...she liftd ma bed n saw black ash der...i dunno frm whr did it come... i ws really scared... tht nite i kept lord shiva photo again in my pocket n wen 2 sleepbt evn tht day ws th same nuttin new...i saw th man b4 i could go out..he disappeared.....i dunno hw...

we came 2 knw tht the house ws haunted n th ppl who were livin b4 us ws a small family lady his hubby n 1 daughter.. n they were damn rich... n their daugter usd 2 see th same thng...n 1 day suddenly she becam paralysed...(she ws a popular model f south india n also a side actress).. they lost all their money in few months n finally they left the house..n who usd 2 stay b4 thm ... evn thy saw th same thng n ... thn smething worst happened 2 them... like a mem f thir family bcam mentally challenged... he ws a scholar..n ws a scientist... ws evn honoured fr usa... dunno wat happend 2 him... ALL the mem f my house excludin me ws nt feelin welll... thy faced sme prob or the other physically n very instantly...thn 1 day we all were discussin bout it... bt dint come 2 any conclusion...nxt day i played planchit n called th man who ws hauntin us.. He ws actually the onwer f th houz.. n who gave it 2 us ws thier spouse...he wntd tht his house shudnt go in other hands n shud b usd by their family so he dint allow ny 1 to live happily...he evn said me tht who ever came 2 ths house.. includin th person who gt paralysed n who ws mentally chalanged aftr they left the house thy all bcame normall...n suggested me 2 do th same thng...I said all thz 2 my mum n she tuk quick decision n v left tht house nxt month...i knw itz nt scary wat i said bt wat i wud 2 see ws really ws really scary we used 2 see tht man daily..our cupboard usd 2 bcum mess every day...v usd 2 see chivken n egg in our bathroom whr as v were veg..dunno frm whr it came.. more ovr... our 2 tv gt bursted by it self our ac used 2 shw temp. 65 deg whr as it cant go to tht level..n many many more...

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Real Ghost Experience

here is story which i heard from my college frend kashi.....i was in junior college when i met kashinath(we all called him kashi).he stayed nearby to my house which i never knewed coz kashi use to stay in chawl near to my house and it was assumed to be bad place coz of the people stayin day in d evening i planned to go @ kashi's place to spend some time.when i went 2 his chawl there were many houses .it was very crowded as if the houses may fall on each other and there was very little space between two houses sided by flowing was really a bad to live in such was 6:30pm in d evening and it was almost gettin dark so i thought of reachin his home as early as was hard to find his home coz many houses were was complete mess of stuffed houses.later i came in front of a small house which seemed to be pretty f***d up and d windows were broken ,as i peeped inside nothin seemd to be visible as it was dark but it was sure dat no one stayed there.later i came across a boy and i asked him where does kashi stays he brought me till kashi's house.finally i heaved a sigh of relief as i thought i would had go back lonely without finding kashi's house.i met kashi and stayed @ his place for 10-15 minutes .later i started feelin uncomfortable and asked kashi whether we can go for an walk in ajmera(our locality which has a long straight lane and is nice to roam in d evening)he agreed and we started off.i told him how i got confused with so much houses .he smiled sayin nothing.later we came near to that house which i had seen earlier.making it look like a joke i sed "tumchya chawlit kiti ghar ahet aani kiti mansey ahet mag eethe hya gharat kuni rahat kaa naahi?"it means "there are so many houses in ur chawl and why this house seems to be empty y dont anybody stay here?".kashi didnt utter a word he just kept walk

as we touched d main road still kashi didnt say any word??i again repeated the question as i was curious about it.i knew kashi heard wat i was sayin but y didnt he replied dat was d question going on my i insited him to tell.after sometime he said theres a ghost in that place.i giggled listening that.i sed "ithe mansanna jaaga nahi mag bhut kuthe rahanar?"it means theres no place for humans and where will ghosts stay?..he said there was a family in that house.there is a corporation tap besides dat house and water comes early in the morning for hour and d first person in the line can mek sure he gets more water so the lady stayin in that house use to get up early to fetch water.later she died and her remaining family shifted sumwhere else.the house was empty and after few weeks a new family came there to stay.there was a lady in that family who wasnt aware of the death of the earlier everyday even she got up early to fetch she opened the door she found just one woman bent down and was filling water in the lady was lookin at her the other lady looked back at her smiled and vanished in a second.the lady collapsed down with that shock of seeing that scene.later as people started coming to fetch water they saw her fallen down.they immediately took her inside the house and sprinkled water on her she got up and told woman in the crowd asked to describe the woman she saw.she couldnt say it perfectly but it was enough for them to know that it was the ghost of the lady who died in that house.later after few days that family left that house and since no one stays there.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Ghost Experience in Kerala

This is 1 hell of a experience vich my father had vit d unknown father is a chartered accountant... soo he usually goes 4 audits & stuffs....this happened 2 him 2 yrs bak vile he was on his way 4 auditin in guruvayoor templ(its a lord krishna temple in kerala)since his work dat day was quite hectic, he left frm home at around 630 in d evenin.. its a one and haf hr ride frm my home....he usually stays in d temple guest house bt unfortunately 4 him he couldnt gt a room since all rooms wer completely occupied...soo he went in search 4 a good lodge 2 stay in & finally found 1.... VENKATESHWARA lodge... jst 3 km frm d temple....luckily there was only 1 room vacant in dat lodge & he was lucky enuf 2 gt dat.....sooo... aftr settlin down & havin his dinner, he went 2 sleep as he was quite tired aftr his busy day....d time was around mid nite... nearly 1:30....he suddenly woke up vit a start... he could'nt breathe..... it was as if som 1 was stranglin him.... he tried 2 let go off dat sensation bt he jst could'nt gt d grip out of his neck.... he strtd rollin over & fell off from d bed.... suddenly he saw a shadow hover past him & a nasty smell(a smell of a decomposed body) spread around d room...he got up in a flash, threw d door open & ran 2 d was then dat he herd frm d receptionist dat a lady once committed suicide by hangin herself in dat room......he was in shock & in pain since he's been havin back problems 4 d past 17 yrs... actually a ruptured was wit dis back pain dat he fell frm d bed..... & vit d help of d receptionist & a worker he packed up his bag & they helped him 2 d car.....this was 1 experience vich greatly changd my views bout d unknown.....

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Haunted Road in Jodhpur, Rajasthan

Its said that the street is cursed. there is a lot of paranormal activity on that street. accidents and deaths have lost its toll here. people who don have a choice but to paas thru that road have to b very careful. jus b quite and keep faith in the lord whilst going that way. any act of smartness and u may have to pay.i know this coz my relative live in jodhpur. my cousin, when was 15 yrs old, was walkin that way, alone, did not know much was in own joyful mood. suddenly a car came hit him and went. he fractured both his legs and had a few other injuries. people driving from that road have spotted some ghostly figures at night.they say that road has a very unpleasant feeling, it has a different smell arond, negative energy is felt.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Haunted BM Guest House in Melbourne, Australia

I moved to Melb with mu husband and daughter (4 years) old , 3 years back and as we didnt know anyone we booked our accomadation at B.M. Guest house , Macleod, Melbourne. If you are aware of Melbourne , this is a big joint for Asians as its near La Trobe Uni and GSM.. Well we were the only "family" guys there.. other than students. So we were quiet popular as I have a kid who mixes with all and I used to cook great meals etc.. well we had this experience not once , not twice but at least 7-8 times. After spending a month at the place , one of the morning a students came to me and asked what happened to my daughter. I was like "what !!.. nothing , she's fine" .. and he was like ..oh ok.. but I could see that strange expression on his face.. same question asked by another student and I asked him what happened.. y r u guys behaving like this.. It came out that at 4 am that morning they heard a kid crying..other than my daughter there was no kid at this palce.. I was like oh someone must be watching a movie ..must be that , dont worry...

next week , the same thing happened again.. by now I was very sure of where my daughter goes and didnt send her anywhere alone with any student .. but this time mu husband and I heard it !!.. well I am the one who believe in Ghosts but have no wish to see them !!.. anyway muy husband chekced outside our room to see .. nothing.. just darkness.. no breeze no movement at all..after a few days a friend of mine came to visit us.. we were standing outside the hostel and I had my back towards the entrance.. she was opposite me .. we were generally chattinga dn she just said "Pooja please leave from this place soon ".. I was shocked .. and asked her why she sdaid so.. She is a religious person believe in Christ and goes to church regularly and

After a few weeks the same thing happened.. we could hear walking foot steps in the night ..not late night but as early as 9 pm-10pm.. well we moved from that place after a month .. but came to know a few things about that place.. This place was a mental asylum after the World War I.. and they had nurses over there.. These nurses asnd patients too were not treated well due to scarcity of medicines and doctors unavailability and according to some people they still haunt the place. Other than my incident , I have heard of similar stories of noises from the common toilets, passages and of course the back yard..

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ghost Experience Taj Mahal

frends this incidence i have heard from my dad recently.few female relatives of dadda's boss had planned a trip to visit delhi-agra and surrounding place.i have no idea about them like when they started off from ratlam.but they went to see taj mahal on kojagiri pornima.i dont know wat u call that in hindi?and its an marathi term and dis day cums sumwhere b4 or after karva they went to see it in d evening .there was tremendous crowd and it was hard for them to walk.there was a couple nearby standing who were interested in gettin their photo snapped by d photographers who roam around with their polorado cameras giving photos the photographer asked them for a pose and clicked d camera there were standing around but when the photo was ready they went somewhere.that was no surprise until....

the photographer found they werent visible in the photo !it was really shocking for the ladies standing there...but it was no surprise for the photographer as he sed it happens often on that day around taj mahaal.i surely cannot assure the truth in this incident coz there might be unnoticed things as say maybe the camera lens took time to shut n open n by d time dis couple has got up.or maybe the couple may have come there after those ladies have left the place..there are many chances of this fact being fake .but still if its true i wonder is it really shockin???

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Haunted Cafeteria

When we were in 6th grade, we had a big and roomy cafeteria at school. We thought it was cool. What we didn't know was that it was haunted. Well, we didn't actually see anything, but let me explain.One day in December, we were ordering some food from the lunch ladies when suddenly something crashed to the floor behind us. We turned around and there was glass everywhere. We asked the lunch ladies to clean up the mess, but they replied, "what mess?" We pointed at the glass and asked, "don't you see the glass?""Stop fooling around and tell me what you want!" shouted the lunch lady. We started to get freaked-out. We didn't order anything and left the lunch line. Everyone was walking right past the glass. We kept asking them if they saw the mess, but all they said was, "what are you talking about?" and "what mess?"We started to remember every scary story we read and began to think that something strange was happening. We thought that the spirits were trying to warn us about something.We were standing underneath a glass light bulb when suddenly, one of us felt a raspy breathing across their neck. She screamed and ran to the other side of the room, dragging the other one with her. When we got there, the light bulb fell, right where we were standing just moments ago. The bulb shattered into pieces and the lunch ladies looked at the mess. Guess what? She blamed us! We couldn't believe it but from that they on, we never forgot the THING that saved our skins! Who do you think had to clean up the mess?

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Amityville Haunting

Though the Amityville house is most famously linked to the Ronald DeFeao killings in November of 1974, it was originally used to house Native Americans that were insane, sick or withering. Those Indians were buried on the property, obviously from less than peaceful circumstances. Did these Indians, buried on unconsecrated ground, lend to the later strange tragedy that would make this house so famous?Ịn the early morning hours of November 13, 1974, Ronald DeFeao fatally shot his father, two brothers and his sister. All were found in their beds, face down, and despite the neighbors’ houses being close together, no one heard screams or noises. Mr. DeFeao claimed that ghosts were present during the events and had goaded him into eliminating his siblings though his original intent was just to executing his father. The home at 112 Ocean Avenue eventually went up for sale and was later purchased by George and Kathy Lutz for $80,000. Though they were told by the realtor about the tragedy, the Lutz's were so enamored with the home, pool, garage and 4,000 square feet of waterfront that they immediately made an offer. The next 28 days are the events that led to the book and movie, Amityville Horror.

Moving day should have been a clue when the leashed family dog tried to flee the property, jumped the fence and hung himself. Though the dog survived the ordeal, this was an ominous sign of things to come. What followed could not have been fluffed up any more by Hollywood itself. The Lutz's claimed that keyholes oozed goo, the toilet water turned black, and nasty smells started to permeate the house. Septic problems? George started to get sick and lose weight but if it was a general septic or well problem, the whole family would have been affected, especially the children.Later on noises entered the house. The front door slammed on its own and footsteps pattered about the house. George also stated that 'static' noises could be heard. When he investigated the downstairs area where they thought the source was, he found the furniture moved and the carpets rolled back.At the suggestion of friends who said they too had experienced ghostly experiences, the Lord's Prayer was recited room to room. That's when the noise went from static to full blown words including one screamed phrase, "'Will You Please Stop!" As if that wasn't enough to motivate this family to leave the home immediately, entities gathered strength and started making themselves physically present. Kathy claimed that she felt a presence embracing her from behind. The family claimed they could see eyes peering at them through the windows at night. When they would investigate all they would find were hoof tracks accompanied by the odd squeal. Other sightings included a little boy on the second story landing and a dark cloaked figure. Their daughter Missy then developed a ghostly friendship with someone by the name of Jodie. Missy claimed that Jodie was an angel and could change shapes. Ominously, she said that Jodie had told her, "You'll live here forever."

The departure from the home is a bit ambiguous but the way George tells it, the house almost felt like it was coming alive with flexing walls and groans. They decided to make a very quick departure to Kathy's mother’s house during a very stormy night. After the Lutz's fled, they requested paranormal investigators, Ed and Lorraine Warren, to visit the home. The Warren’s went to the house along with a Duke University professor and the president of the American Society for Psychic Research. Their reports included strong clairvisual and clairaudial messages from the ghosts dwelling in the home, air that seemed to "solidify" and Ed claimed that he saw, "shadows along with thousands of pinpoints of light" which was down in the cellar and those shadows tried to push him about, scaring him out of his mind. There was not a person at the investigation that didn't declare the place felt of utter terror. Lorraine declared that the strong-hold from the ghosts would be too severe to ever dislodge. So wretched was the feeling that the Duke Professor rumored to have passed out from fear.Whether or not facts of this case were stretched or a complete hoax all together, it still remains one of the most frightening and sensationalized ghost stories of our time.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Ghost Experience NIFT Navi Mumbai

This is a true story which i heard from my sister studying in NIFT... It was the end of another semister. Tired from the assignments and their hectic schedules four guys Ravi, Jayesh, Ankit and Peter decided to hang out that night in the campus after dark. They students aren't allowed to go out after 9 so they decided to sneak out after having dinner at the mess.It was a perfect night for a sneak out. It was extremely dark even at 9. There was a heavy cloud cover and the fact that NIFT is in a valley helped get it darker faster. The sky looked red with the clouds and gentle wind caused the trees to hush every now and then.They guys managed to slip out of the mess with relative ease like they were destined to go outside for a wild night. They walked slowly to the campus enjoying the coolness of the environment. As the approached the campus they felt the temperature falling as it usually did in the lush green campus. But this time they had an unusual feeling about all this.Ankit suggested to sit under the huge neem tree where they usually sat when in college at day. But Jayesh straight away turned it down with the fearof snakes. We can easily spot snakes in Navi mumbai. Just then Peter had an idea that no one could resist. They decided to go to the huge water tank that was just behind their class room. They had always fantasized climbing up the water tank while in class. They headed for the water tank in excitement as the quickened their steps. they could hear the dead leaves cramping under their legs and making a great deal of sound in the otherwise extermely quite environment. After reaching their destination the guys sat on the circular steps of the tank. Everyone wanted to go one top but no one strangely insisted to go first. Was it the calmness in the environment or the utter extreme silence. What ever it was they were all creeped out. Ankit suddenly got very anxious and asked everyone to leave. But they had not come here so far away just to leave!

Peter with a spark of courage in him decided to go up. He slowly climbed up and it was not long before he got up there. He soon shouted and called all of them up. He said it wasn't a sight to miss. The other three reluctantly but slowly started climbing he stairs. Mid way they heard another shout. This time it was different!! In a very distressed voice Peter shouted. " Run Away!! Bhago. Dont wait for me!! Run Run." A nervous chill ran through the spines of all the three guys as they looked at each others's pale faces in the darkness. They did not know what to do. Their feet stuck at their places knowing not what to do. Suddenly they heard a huge cry and a rumbling sound as if someone was coming down the iron stairs very quickly. Soon they realized that the sound was not of a single pair of legs. There were more than one!! They frantically started running down the stairs shacking it vigorously. They got down and headed straight for the gates. Ankit while running dared to look behind and saw nothing. Not even Peter. The rest of the two kept running without bothering to look behind. They reached the gate panting and tired from their run. They could still hear Peter's voice- Run in their heads. The next day they were back to their routine life. No one ever asked Peter what happened and Peter never said anything. They did not discuss this with each other.They just described it as a forgetful get away!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Mukesh Mills- A Film Location or House of Ghost

Mukesh Mills: All you people must have had a look at this shooting location in many films, commercials etc, but the people who work there are really having horrifying experience when the director says that the next shot for the project will be at Mukesh Mills. FYI, Mukesh Mills was established in 1975 as Mukesh Textile Mills and is located at Colaba Mumbai and is a dead end with the Arabian Sea next to it. After some years into business the mill had to be shut down due to a major fire in the mill. Even the workers had been on a long strike. In late 80s and early 90s, there were some areas in Mumbai which was not supposed to be a common mans visit place. These places were dead ends with water surrounding areas like Mukesh Mills in Colaba, Lokhandwala, Powai and Malad. During those days there were lots of gangwars and crime ratio was at its peak in Mumbai wherein gold smuggling was main activity which was carried out through water ways. So these places were a kind of hideouts for all Bhais of those time. It is even said that many people were murdered and thrown into the waters. So this was a brief description of Mumbai and Mukesh Mills.

It is said that if a person dies in a deep sorrow his soul happens to visit the place where he died and does not rest in peace. And that is why i think there were many such ghostly activities heard about in that place. My mother is a well known model coordinator in mumbai and in one of the shoots i had accompanied my mom to mukesh mills with some kids. The call time for us was 9 AM and we packed up at around 6PM. I am actually never fond of shoots, that is why i was roaming around in the mills and was just having some chat with some of the people who work there. I started my conversation with a sweeper by asking him a match stick for a smoke and then i just asked him is there ghosts in this area, coz i had heard a lot about it. He said that i have been working here since 2 years but have never seen a ghost. But there are many such activities which happen that makes you feel the presence of a ghost. For instance i once had to sweep the mill area and just as i finished cleaning everything and called for the production team, i saw that all the food wastes and water bottles had been thrown in that area, whereas just 5 minutes back i had cleant that part. He also told me that the management of Mukesh Mills does not allow people to be there after 9PM but on special permission people shoot on their own risk. Once the watchman had closed the gates of the mill and was just going out when he heard some music from inside and that day there was no shoot in the premises. He even saw somebody smoking inside, but he was scared to approach and didnt go there. Next morning when he went to check out there was no one there. So these were some of the happenings told to me by the sweeper.

I thanked him for the matchbox and went and stood besides some drivers who were near the car park. They were pointing to my car and were saying that who has parked his car there coz that area was particularly forbidden and no one goes there. I wanted to be away from the shoot thats why i had parked my car out there. So i told them that its my car and i have parked it over there.. At once one person told me Sahab aap apni gadi waha park mat karo woh aacha jagah nahi hai..(dont park your car there, it is not a good place). Inturn i responded par waha toh chaav hai aur thoda thanda bhi hai, is taraf jaha tum logon ne gadi rakha hai waha thoda dhoop ho raha hai (i told him that there is shade out here and its a bit cool. And the place where u guys have parked the car is a bit sunny). Then at once he told me, Sahab aap pade likhe log ho toh mazak samjhoge par us jagah par kaafi haadse hue hai aur woh jagah par bhoot pret hai.. (He told me that u are educated people and u wont believe and make fun if i tell u that there are many incidents happend at that place and the place is haunted). I at once apologized and said it is not to make fun, i believe you and will move my car from there. I went near my car and lit up a cigrette once more and just started to have a look at that area. Indeed i was getting some negative vibes from that place. Evil thoughts started coming in my mind and i didnt want to wait there any further. I at once started my car and parked it near other cars.The shooting was over somewhere around 5.30 and by the time my mom was getting the kids it was nearly 6.15. Suddenly one girl on the sets started moving in a wierd manner, she started rolling on the ground and her hands had almost turned backwards. Seeing this, all were scared and the kids were shit scared. We made them sit in the car. There was chaos all over, people shouting, the production team running for help, calling people for help. At last what we did was we all packed up and started moving,

My mom called up the childs parent after some hours and surprisingly she was completely alright. The girls dad just told, Madam as soon as i started driving out of mukesh mills within 5 minutes my daughter became alright. My mom was happy that the girl was now fine. But this incident had made her scared. But work is work, there has been many times that she has been to mukesh mills after that shoot. Me too.. but things were pretty normal. It is truely said "to see is believing" and i believed that there exists some supernatural power which we call "Spirits" or "Ghosts"

Thursday, May 13, 2010

ghost in police line ( quarters ) in Mumbai

This happened to my mom when she was newly married. my dad ( now expired ) was in IPS and after marriage mom- dad used to stay in police quarters in goregaon (mumbai ). It so happened that they had guest that night so mom arranged mattress to be put on floor so that everyone wud b comfortable. mom slept near the wall then my dad and then the guests.. now in th emorn when mom got up one side of her body was u feel when u fall down or are hit.. there was also a blue-back mark on the same side of her back.. she was confused.. she told dad abt her.. and dad said she must have dashed somewhere and got the mark..and the topic ended there..

Later in the day mom told this incident to the lady staying next door adn then she told the most terrifying thing...
She said that there is one spirit who walks by that wall and any person or thing which is kept in between its path is either broken to pieces or is picked up and dropped ( in the same place).. and then mom realized that she was been dropped down from a certain height that day.. but had thought that it was a dream...The lady said that this sort of things keeps on happening so not to worry abt it..but from then on mom never slept in that area again.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ghost Experience in Jhansi, India

My husband is 4m jhansi . After marriage v r stayng in noida..v occationally go 2 jhansi..i'v heard a numbr of true stories 4m him ...a numbr of incidences dat took place in jhansi & now i want 2 share 1
It was d time when my husband was in college..there was his neighbour who was doing a job in most of d time he was away 4m jhansi..1nce in a month he used 2 visit jhansi..
There was a girl(16 yr old) who stayed near his house.and 1 an incident took place..
1 day dat girl 1 knew how she died..i hindu it is believd dat d spirit of d dead person remain in d house 4 13 days..but dis belief was provd true..i'll tell u how
It was 2 days after d death of dat husbnd neighbour(i dnt knw his name) came 4m delhi 2 was around 12:__ when his train came 2 jhansi via delhi.he took an auto rikshaw 4m railway station 2 his home..
D auto driver droppd him on d main road near his house and went back.d man was all alone on d road.. When he was about 2 cross dat girl's house he heard some type of noise.d noise was coming 4m her house.1 thing 2 mention dat he was unaware about d death of dat girl..
When he heard d strange noise he lukd up 2ward d terrace of d house he saw dat girl standing & starring at him.when he saw dat girl he thought dat wat a stupid girl standing alone in such a cold night..and moved further 2wards his house..
He reached his home safely..he rang his door bell & his mother opend d door..he washd his hands, changd clothes and then startd eatng food.while havng his supper he told his mom dat "mummy kya pagal ladki hai itni sardi mein itni raat ko akele chat par khadi pata nahi kya kar rahi hai"(wat a stupid gurl doing! standing alone on d terrace in such a cold night).
His Mother was surprisd and enquird which gurl?he again told her d same thing.she again askd him which?then he shoutd at his mom "kitni bar bolu kaun si ladki ,kya 1 bar mein samajh nai ati"(how many times should i repeat,why dnt u undrstnd in 1 time).and then went 2 sleep.his mother was left speechless.
His mother was nt able 2 sleep on dat d mrng when d man woke up.his mother askd him again dat who was d girl last night.again he gave d same answr..and askd mom dat why she's askng me d same que again and again.
mom then told him about d death of dat girl.d man was shockd and had goosebumps..he was nt able 2 believe it..but it was d truth dat d girl was dead.
It was hard 4 him 2 believe it but his mother told him dat till 13 days d spirit remains in home

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ghost Experience in Dubai

am writing abt my experience in was thursday night (weekend in dubai) was returning from a party back to dubai, as the party was arranged at a place far from dubai. it was around 3 in the morning. i was alone, driving back was a long drive, but i knew a short cut, which wud save me some time. it was a diversion from the highhway, a street rarely used by people. i took that route, it was a long strip of road, it was empty, all i had to do was, drive straight. on my right and left was only the desert. if my car broke down on that road i wud b in alot of trouble, coz it wud take alot of time for help to arrive.i was driving at 150 kms per hr, at some distance i noticed something white next to the road. i have a good eye-sight.i guessed it was a radar, so i started to reduce my speed. i then noticed it was too close to the road, it cant b a radar, now i was thinking, can it b a man needing help or is it just a camel. camels do cross roads, thats y u have to b very careful.i kept getting closer, then i noticed it was a man in a white kandura (dress worn by arab people). standing on the road, its arms in the air towards me, but i cud not see the face, it was glowing white, thats what scared the hell out of this time my speed had come to 70 kms per hr, as i neared it, i slammed on the accelerator, turned my car to the extreme left of the road, the left tyres were on sand,and i passed it some how. if i was to go further on sand, my car wud b stuck there and i wud have some serious company.the moment i passed it i turned back on the road and checked the rear mirror, side mirrors, but it was gone. no where in sight. i cud not beleive wat had happened in the previous 2 mins. i was scared half to death. kept checking the mirrors. i even called up a friend and told him abt it. the 1st thing he asked me was,"ï know u dont drink, but did u try it at the partÿ? "

i assured him that i was not drunk and that i was in my complete senses.he found it hard to beleive. but i kept talking to him for the next 40 mins, till i reached home. i did not get sleep for the next few nights. i know a cop, in dubai and later i did ask him, abt that road.i told him abt wat had happened. the way he was lookin at me, i thought he did not beleive me,but then he told me a few months back there was major accident on that road, 2 cars were racing and they had an accident. there were 2 arabs in the cars and they died on the spot. i was speechless. i still get the chills thinking of that moment.

so my frd wants to know the place haan? actually i was driving down from Ras Al Khaima. and on the highway theres a diversion. very hard to notice also. there have been a few accidents on that road in the past few months. all after midnight. i wud not recommend that road to anyone.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Ghost Expereince in Mumbai

This story is from a place in Mumbai known as Mira Road. It was said 2 me by 1 of my professors who use2 teach me Maths. I was in 9th std during that time. It so happened k he use2 travel by buses 4 taking private tuition from 1 place 2 another. So once he got busy with 1 of his students n his tuition went on till late night like 12 because d student had his exams d very next day. After that d professor left for his home as usual he went walking towards his bus stop which was not so far by fom where he left. D place known as Jangid tower there r 2 bus stops facing each other 1 is 4 going towards d station n d other 4 going towards Borivli. As it was late midnight ther was no 1 except dogs barking he thought he had missed d last bus n was praying 4 any transportation to come soon. Suddenly out of nowhere d dogs barking turned in2 crying. Just as he looked up he saw a young lady in her 20's in a white sari standing just opposite him at d other bus stop 1st he thought it was some1 normal but just as he looked down he saw that lady had another face on her stomach dis sent shivers down his spine n he started 2 tremble wit fear. He gathered some courage and walked slowly 2wads d opposite side where d lady was standing and steadily he made it to his house without looking back and chanting Hanuman Challisa . This was told 2 us d very next day by our professor. On inquiring v found out that long 10yrs back a lady had been run over at d very same place and her head was crushed into two and she was spotted on full moon days but now she had disappeared for reasons unknown. dis is 1 of a true story that i wanted 2 share with u friends.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Silver Ring- Ghost Expereince

"Are you sure you want to buy this, Sir?" The old shopkeeper asked me with a confused voice."Yes", I replied firmly. Enough of his crap myths. I am a regular collector of antiques and I know that the shopkeepers tell stories to customers to enhance the value of each and every object of their shops.Oh, by the way, I am 24 years old, a student of archeology. Antiques collection is not only my hobby, but my passion as well. Next week, I am going to be engaged with my love whom I met in my college in 1st year. We were in a relationship for 3 years, and finally we are getting together next week. She is also having interest in antiques just like me and I want to present something very special to her on the special day, hence I came to this antique shop to search for something suitable.My notice went on this silver ring. It’s a bit heavy. The ring is thick and it’s having something engraved on it. Looks like some old tribal language which is beyond the capability of my understanding. My observation tells me that it’s about a century old. I picked the ring and asked the old shopkeeper “I want to buy this ring.”“This ring is not for sell sir.” He replied. “Why not?” I asked.“It’s cursed. Earlier 2 customers bought this and returned it within three days. They said that this brings bad luck to the person who wears it”“Really? What happened?” I wanted to know.“One customer’s house caught fire on the next day. Another one’s son died of unknown reason. Both the customer blamed the ring sir. They said after wearing the ring, they had strange feeling that someone is watching them.”“Crap” I responded. I have seen these kinds of shopkeepers and heard hundreds of their stories throughout my antique collector’s life.“Not only this sir, the myth is that if you gift this ring to someone, then the giver will share the same fate with the receiver.”“Give me the ring. I’ll Pay double if you want” I am stubborn.

"Are you sure you want to buy this, Sir?" The old shopkeeper asked me with a confused voice."Yes", I replied firmly.The Silver Ring
Part 2----------------------------------
“Wow! It’s beautiful. She said after the engagement party with an amazing smile in her face. “What are these writings on this ring?” she asked.“It’s written I love you. I’ll always be with you no matter what” I quickly made a fake translation to make my girlfriend happy.“Bye honey. See you in college tomorrow. Love you”. She said and steeped inside her car.I did not know that the tomorrow will never come. One hour later when I rushed to the accident spot upon receiving a phone call, nothing was left. Her car was smashed by a petrol truck in the highway and both the vehicle caught fire. I burst into tears but tears never brought someone back from the other world. Her body was badly burnt. Few moments ago she was my sweetheart. Now she is nothing but a burnt body which will never smile to me again.That night I went to her funeral. Her body was kept inside a white coffin and buried deep inside the graveyard land. I returned to my home with nothing but her memories. I was very tired. Physically and mentally. I started to weep. I don’t know when I fall asleep.

“…… It’s written I love you. I’ll always be with you no matter what……….”“………Not only this sir, the myth is that if you gift this ring to someone, then the giver will share the same fate with the receiver………”I woke up from the sleep. The two lines in my dream broke my sleep. Suddenly I realized that my room is too dark, too hot and I am chocking.I wanted to sit up but could not move more than few inches. A wooden surface is restricting my movement from all my sides.I turned on my digital wristwatch’s light by pressing my hand against the wooden wall. I froze in horror. I am inside a white wooden box. Closed from all sides. That’s why I am chocking.I know this box. It’s the coffin in which my girlfriend was buried. My soul is inside her burnt body. I am dying. I am 10 foot under earth in a graveyard inside a closed coffin, chocking without air.Before losing my last sense, I felt the ring in my finger which I only have given to my girlfriend this morning.“if you gift this ring to someone, then the giver will share the same fate with the receiver………”

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Home in Kurseong- Ghost Experience

My dad wrks in railway so we used to sty at a railway quarter...des railway quarters wer built years ago whn da british usd to rule...our home was more than 100 years ws a huge mansion...wid 13 rooms including kitchen and experiences in that house are unexplainable and unforgetable...i wud lyk to share an inncident dat happend wid ma mum....when i ws preparin fr ma 10 exam i hd gone to siliguri fr coachin...i usd to stay der in a PG...evry weekend my parents used to visit me...once they came vry late in da evening to visit me...n went back to kurseong dat same nite at abt 11pm. its a one and a half our drive to kurseong frm siliguri so dey reached at abt 12:30. as dey hd already dined so dey soon wnt to abt 1:30 am my mum suddenly woke up frm her sleep and she heard sum noise, it was a loud thumping noise near her bed... its ws as if sum1 ws walkin by my parents bed...lyk sum ws marchin across the crossed da room all da way rite up to the puja ghar n der it stopped...n its ws gone... my mum slowly lukd beside her n saw my dad deep in mum slowly clicked on da bed side lamp and got out of bed n checked all da doors and windows of the room...dey wer all tightly mum is vry brave bt dat day she ws scared to hell....she wnt back to bed n frm dat day she neva slept widout switchin on da bedside lamp...

Friday, May 7, 2010

Ragging- Ghost Experience

Raj ws in his second year dng MBBS...n it ws august.... da tym fr new student to b admitted in the Medical college... he ws quite excited about it... though ragging ws prohibited bt who didn't lyk to play small pranks on freshers??? bt oviously dey had to be extra carefull so dat da warden n da profz dnt cam to knw abt it... whn dey freshers started arriving raj n his group were luking fr a prey to attack on... sum1 who ws trying to act smart on his or her first day...or sum1 who ws acting bold...sum1 gud so dat alter dey cn hv a gud laugh about...Den Raj noticed dis nice girl... she wsn't so beautiful bt quite gud looking... she ws tall n had a gud figure...she wore a nice blue salwar...that fit her very well... her hair lied lazily on her shoulder...few of her strands gracefully flowing in the wind as she moved towards her college... she luked confident and she held her head up high as she climbed up da stairs... her college bag hanging down her shoulder... n a few buks in her hands... she didn't at all luk lyk a fresher... bt dat clean white routine sheet she held on her other hand proved dat she ws a fresher...Raj hd found his prey.... he showed his frenz da 'blue salwar gal', Jay one of his fren called, 'hey you, blue salwar...' da gal briskly turned her head towards us... 'yeah you, freshmen rite??? cum here...'Megha sd, another fren of raj...she boldly walked up to us... raj ws amazed by her boldness... 'ur name' he asked...'guess 'blue salwar' as you named me' she replied smartly... wid a sweet confident smile... a few of da boys smiled back at da gals were annoyed by her boldness...'Ur name v asked...', Punam demanded sternly...'Trisha' she replied...'gud, nw lets c ur knowldge on da 3 kinds of tumors?' Vishal askd her...

'well ya c... der is nice big libary in dis coll...n if ya hv ne such queries ya cn easily find ur ansewrs der... as fr me i hv to attend ma class...n i definetly dnt want 2 miss ma first class' saying so she briskly walked awy frm dem.... as dey stared at her in shock...'luk at da nerve of dat gal,' Punam sd...'jus wait she stays in ma hostel...i'll yeach her a lesson''ya v'll teach her a lesson alrite, her roommates havn't yet arrivd, v need 2 thnk sumthng fast..' Megha sd...' i knw exactly wat v cn do...' Vishal sd wid a cunning smile in his lips... he ws da one wid da mst wildest ideas... Raj ws fearing wat he hd cum up wid nw...whn Raj heard abt da plan he ws scared n didn't agree...'wat if she screams n shouts n da warden cums...' Raj sd...'dnt wry we'll handle da warden n it's jus a silly trick... dat will teach her to b gud next tym..' Punam sd...'n plus ya'll will b der na da whole tym...' Megha sd...' v jus need her to knw whoz da boss it...''alrite...' raj agreed apprehensivelywashing her plates afta dinner and washing herself Trisha went to her room... it ws already 11....wat a hectic day da she many assignments already... 'thank god ma room mates hvn't arrivd...else dey wud go on chattering n i cudn't get a sleep' she thought... many of da stdnts hadn't yet arrived only 3 room s wer occupied till nw on her floor... by only 8 stdnts... all da stdnts wer inside der room... she opened her room n locked da door... she quickly combed her hair...chnged her clothes...switched off da light and qucikly climbed on da bed...she was too tired to make her she laid her head on da pillow she felt sumthng hard underneath it... she didnt remeber keepin nethng under it...she sliiped her hand under da pillow n groped arnd until she felt sumthng long... soft and very cold... lyk a long soft branch... 'a Branch...' she thought as she pulled it out frm her pillow...she cudn't make it out wat exactly it was in da darkness... she got up and turned on da light n lukd...

wat she saw in her hand made her sick to da stomach... she held a hand of a corpse... she knew it ws a hand of a dead da hand ws nt bleeding... she screamed and threw it on da floor...she ran to her door n tried to open it bt sum1 hd locked it frm da outside...she screamed n shouted n pleaded fr sum1 t open da door... she cried n cried n begged to open it... afta a while sum1 turned of da lights she gt evn more scared n n banged on her door continously bt in vain...outside...raj n da others were giggling away... da warden slept outside da she hd no idea...dey hd quietly swtichd of da main switch of her room... n cudn't wait to she her scared face whn dey wud open da door...she ws banging vry ludly on da door n cryin...Raj felt pityon her...' i thnk v shud open da door' raj sd...' oh cum on...dnt say ya r nw in luv wid her?' punam teased...'v'll open afta an hour or so....let her she hw bold she is afta dat...' Megha sd...afta abt an hour or so she stooped banging n ya cud hear her sobs... soon afta her sobs died down... Raj strtd gettin worried...' v shud open da door..' he sd...'wait na...wat if she is trying sum trick on us...' Vishal sd...' v'll open afta abt another hour...' at abt 1:30 Raj got bored wid da prank...n sd 'open da door nw...enuf of pranks''alrite v r opening' megha sd...'Raj is in luv wid her....' Punam sd n da other laughed...jay wnt back to swtch on da main switch...n Megha unlocked da door n slowly opened it an lukd inside.... wat dey saw dey cud neva frget in der lyf tym...da whole room ws in a mess... as if sum1 ripped it apart...n Trisha ws sitting on top her wardrobe... her beautiful silky hair...tangled and falling over her face... her eyes were bright red...and she lukd down upon dem strangely n wildy... her check wer scared as if sum1 scartched dem... and she ws smiling up at dem... a horrible evil simle... bt der ws sumthng else dat made dem her right hand she held dat corpse hand...and staring at dem

she slowly tuk da hand towards her mouth and smiling down at dem she was eating da hand....

well i'll tell ya in short...dey found her eating da hand...she was den taken to a hospital...n later to a mental one...whr da docs sd dat she mte hv got sum kindda stroke or sumthng fr staying so long wid a dead mans she kindda turned nuts...n startde feedin onda hand....yummm

Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Call- Ghost Expereince

ring ring ring.....
the loud volume of my mobile's ringtone woke me up earlier than usual in the morning. Still in sleep, I thought it's my boss from the copper mine... actually we had a hard day yesteday when the yesterday morning's earthquake broke open a new area of the copper mine where I work as a manager, revealing a underground chamber full of skelitons without head. Local mine workers were so scared that refused to work in the mine anymore.ring ring ring.....The phone rang again. I put my glasses on and looked at the phone screen. Surprisingly, the number of the caller is not getting displayed. Damn network operators. I picked up the phone and said...
"Hello...Good morning...""help meeeee...." a loud painful voice shooke me."hello...who is this?" I asked, thinking that it could be prank from my friends."I am stuck here, in the mine... oh god please please come and help me...I am dying here... oh my God..." the person cries."who are you, what are you doing there in the mine?" I asked, this time a bit scared."what's happening to meeeee?...oh my god....this is not real. this can not be...." the person's voice fainted."Hello.... Hello.... Are you there? what's happening to you? hello?" I asked in a very desparate voice."Dont come to the mine.... dont... dont... please..." the phone got disconnected.I was shaken by the call. The person's voice was noisy and too desparate to be a prank. I could not decide what to do. Surprisingly the call was not logged in my phone's incomming call list. I decided to go to the mine as my working hours will begin after sometime anyway.

I reached the mine 2 hours earlier. Today also no workers came. I wonder how my company will continue work in this mine without local workers. I have a key of the main entrance. I opened the small gate and turned on the lights inside the mine.I climbed down at the bottom of the mine using the makeshift hydralic lift. I have came here hundreds of times as I am the manager of the mine. But today no other workers are here, I am alone, so feeling a bit spooky. That damn phone call.... Some of my friend must be using those internet calling sites to scare me... stupid people.I walked and came in front of the huge crack which was opened last afternoon by the earthquake. the skelitons have been removed. behind the crack, there was the underground room which was hidden from the world from hundreds of years. I walked into the room. No lights have been installed here as no workers wanted to work yesterday. The torch in my hand is the only source of light here. this place 200 feet below the earth is silent in a very uncanny way.Suddenly the floor under my foot started to move violently. Oh my God, it's another earthquake. I tried to run out of the room to reach to the lift. but large rocks fall in front of the crack, and blocked my only way out.Suddenly I remembered how stupid I was. I should have never come to the mine without any assistance. I am scared. But tried to comfort my mind that workers will come in work hours, and they will get me out.I tried to call my boss for help. But no network under 200 feet of earth. two hours passed. I waited, no sound outside. what if workers dont come today also? what if the main entrance of the mine is blocked due to earthquake? I froze with fear. I remembered the phone call warned me not to come. What have I done? Oh my God.

Suddenly my torch went off. it was lit for last 2.5 hours. the battery does not have anything left. I am chocking. you stay in a mine for long time when the air filtering systems are not on, you chock with methene gas. This is my last day in earth. I wish I could cry.I put out my mobile again for some light. I was surprised to see that there is a little amount of signal. Suddenly I was overwhelmed with hope again. I immediately dialed my boss's number. my Boss's phone keep ringing for a while. finaly he picked up."Hello...Good morning..." my boss said."help meeeee...." I cried, I was chocking from methene."hello...who is this?" my boss asked."I am stuck here, in the mine... oh god please please come and help me...I am dying here... oh my God..." I cried, gethering my last remaining strength."who are you, what are you doing there in the mine?" the person in the phone said.Suddenly I realise the voice was not my Boss's. It's my voice. I am talking to myself, but in the past. "what's happening to meeeee?...oh my god....this is not real. this can not be...." I fainted."Hello.... Hello.... Are you there? what's happening to you? hello?" the other me asked in a very desparate voice, just like I did in the morning. I have to stop myself from comming here anyway."Dont come to the mine.... dont... dont... please..." the phone got disconnected.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Darkness- Ghost Experience

Friends.. this is a true incident which I am about to share.. I might have added a pinch of spices for making it interesting

Like others I won’t say that I was a brave guy. I used to believe that Ghost do exist, because if God is everywhere and we believe that, then why not Evil or Ghost.
From my childhood , I was afraid of ghost and darkness. Whenever I am alone, I felt like darkness is bringing his claws to scratch me to death. I hate to live alone and die to hell for
Visiting any haunted place.

But May -2001, was the month which changed everything. I just had written my board exam. So to relax and rejuvenate my body I thought of going to my grandma’ house. I took the permission and left for my exciting journey. With my cousins, time was flying like kite. But one day grandma said that my aunty is having puja in her house and we would have to leave for her house tomorrow’s morning.
News brought a new happiness in my heart. Because first time in my life I was about to visit a village. Was very excited and was waiting for the dawn impatiently. In the night, I was sharing my excitement with my cousin but noticed a strange frown on his face. He is very lively guy and enjoy his life like anything.

When I enquired, he hesitantly wipe the dust. What he just reveled was enough to bring shit out of me. My aunt’s house was haunted. Aunty has seen translucent image many time, when she wash utensil or when she is alone. And that is not it, some strange sound comes from the terrace in the night.

In the morning first thing which I did was ,to run to my grandma and said that I am not coming. She was very curious to know the reason, as I was full of excitement yesterday and now I was pale. I told whatever I had heard from my cousin. My nanny console me and said that these thing do not exist and my aunt is doing puja for purifying \ sacred there house and she promised me that she won’t leave me.

I love my Nanny. So I agreed. I was not aware that the decision which I am taking now, is going to haunt me till my life.
We left for the place in a train . Everything was perfect in the journey, cool breeze, greenery to limit of ours eyesight, train compartment filled with all the shade of our India. Someone playing cards, some were engaged in fighting, teenager starring at girls and beggar singing in there melodious voice( I am not sure u want to call it melodious but for me it was a new experience).

We reached the station around 9’ o clock. Uncle was there to receive us. He gave us a very warm welcome and took us to the biggest mistake of my life ( aunty house). When We reached there, I found that this place was just opposite of what I was dreaming. Had lots of lighting, people singing songs ( Bhajan) and place was packed with the people. Ambiance took over my fear and I started to
Blend myself in the celebration.

Around 11:30, all guest were gone. I along with my cousin , aunty and grandma was preparing for a sleep, as we were very tired. But suddenly I heard a sound. As if someone is jumping on the terrace.
I enquired my Aunty, what is that?.

But her face said it all. She was insipid . talking to herself “ how could this happen. We just had Puja done”. I don’t know form where I got the courage , I thought that it must be neighbors who are trying
To spread the rumors and scare my aunt family. I decided to go to the terrace along with my cousin. House was recently constructed and did not had the steps. We took the wooden ladder and start.
But to our surprise, there was nothing, just a bad aroma , wind with the hatred and darkness of the dark. After looking each and every corner, I shouted “Who the hell is here. Come up. Show me your face you, coward”. As elder says people, don’t speak before thinking. Else you will face the consequences.

And what we faced was.. had no explanation. I heard the sound as if someone is jumping just beside me then to my right then to my left then near my cousin. It was like the terrace is a racecourse.
I was scare to death. Did not know what to do. We ran towards the ladder and it fall all of its own. Sound was increasing. it was coming toward us. Now we had to make a decision. Either stand there and wait for our death to hug us or jump from there and hug the death by our self.

And in no time I made my mind and jumped , my cousin followed me. We landed on ground and a severe wave of pain roused from my toe to my mind. But that pain had a pinch of relieve in it .As we were in the company of my dear grandma and aunt

Nanny took my hand and tried to calm us. She took us to the room and with all love and care started reassuring us. She said that whatever just happened is a bad dream forget it and try to sleep. She placed our head in her lap.

I tried to close my eyes. I was facing a window. What I saw there, curtain were partially tilted, as if someone is pushing the curtain to look inside. But no hand, no mass no shadow. I turned to my nanny and asked, if there is no ghost then what is behind that curtain, who is pulling it. Nanny saw that and had a heart attack


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Save Me and Die- Ghost Experience

“U knw wat my life is worth living because of u....U r my best friend Rohit and i am so lucky to hav u in my life...if u wud nt hav been dere then i wud hav certainly....“ and before Manisha cud finish d sentence Rohit stopped her... and said ” Manu....never say tat....never....”....Rohit used to call Manisha as Manu.....Manisha was a 16 yr old girl....Rohit and Manisha had knwn each other since childhood...and dey had been together after that...dey were best buddies...dey used to share everything with each other whether be it problems,secrets,moments of happiness or sorrow....But unfortunately Manisha’s parents died in a car accident...after that she had been living wid her paternal aunt...After d incident Manisha was totally seemed she doesn’t wanna live at all and at such difficult time d only person she cud cal her own was her best friend Rohit...Dey were living in khandala and both of them used to go for a stroll whenever dey got time and dey used to go to the sunset was dere meeting point where dey used to spend long hours chatting....One day when Rohit was in of his friend Deepak said “ u knw i think manisha loves u....” ......”wat!! r u crazy....she is my childhood friend .....she is jst a friend and nothing more....” said Rohit wid a low tone.....”man! it shows wen she is wid u....well if u don’t wanna trust me den don’t do bt dis is true tat she luvs u immensely...” said Deepak as he left d class room....”Deepak!!! wait...listen...”said Rohit......”please yr!! Tell me y u think so??? “ asked Rohit.....”ok! propose her and den u wud knw...and yes nw don’t try to conceal ur feelings and say tat u don’t luv her because everyone knw hw much u do....don't knw wat u two r waiting for...don’t wait for so long dude...jst go for it before its too late.... come...lets go to d canteen.... “said Deepak...

Dey left for d canteen and dere dey saw tat Manisha was sitting n chatting with Vibhor....Rohit was jealous wen he saw all dis...”dude!! wat i said.... jst go and propose to her before somebody else does...” said Deepak.Rohit was returning home and d lines tat “Manisha loves u...propose to her before its too late.....” was echoing in his mind....and den he decided tat today he will propose Manisha.....So dey met at d sunset point .....”Manisha!!! i....i.....i want...i wanted 2 say...” stammered Rohit....”wat? i...i... speak up yr....” said Manisha.....”I think I luv you...” said Rohit at one go after taking a deep breath...”WAT???” said Manisha and den she broke into tears....”i m sorry!! I m really sorry!!....ok! forget all dis...jst think its a bad dream and forget it....pls..pls....” said Rohit Panickingly...”I luv u too...” whispered Manisha...”Sry!” said Rohit....”oh!! I said tat i luv u too Rohit....” said manisha wiping her tears....”oh! my god...really??? ....i m so happy...i luv u too Manu...”said Rohit who was now on cloud nine....”bt y were u crying???” asked Rohit....”it was a moment of happiness....i was waiting for dis moment for so long....” said Manisha after tat dey chatted for long....and it ws sunset time...dey were standing at d edge of d rock after wich dere was no land it was jst a deep deep valley.....wen suddenly Rohit asked....”if u luv me...den y were u getting too close to vibhor in d canteen...” asked Rohit wid a rude tone....”he is jst a gud friend rohit....” clarified Manisha.....”ok! den if u luv me so much den tell me wat cn u do for me??? “asked Rohit...”i cn give away my life for u....i will nt let anything wrong happen to u....” said Manisha....”So!! if is it so den.........” after a long pause Rohit said “i m gng to jump off from here...”.........”hav you gone mad??....i won’t let u do tat...and neways y u wanna jump off?” said Manisha....”i want to test hw much u luv me.....if u don’t want me to jump then SAVE ME AND DIE...u jump off instead of me....” said Rohit

And den Rohit turned his bak to manisha and moved a little ahead....Manisha said aloud “I luv u Rohit...” and her voice echoed in d valley.... and as Rohit turned bak....he saw manisha was nt dere...he ran towards d edge of d rock and saw manisha falling into d looked like d valley engulfed her and den she disappeared in the darkness....dere was a blackout b4 Rohit’s eyes and he fainted......D sound "I love u Rohit" was echoing in Rohit's mind and den there was a shriek tat woke him up...he was panting...tat sound wich woke him was actually d sound of d pressure cooker....Rohit found himself in his Room....”So finally....u woke up....wat happened to u yesterday...y u fainted???...” asked Rohit’s Mother....”hw i came here...i was at d sunset point.....who brought me over here?? And Manu???” asked Rohit....”Manu took u home....she behaved a little strange....i asked her to cum in but she said....I’ll always b dere to safeguard rohit....and den she left....."...Suddenly d door bell rang.It was Manisha’s aunt...”Is Manisha at ur home ...she has nt returned bak after she left to meet ur son Rohit...” said Manisha’s aunt tensely....” But Manu came at night to our plc....” said Rohit’s mom.....and Rohit ran bak to his room ...locked himself up....and he cried aloud....because he knew where was Manisha gone....he had lost his luv because of his own foolishness....he lost his best friend...a girl who luved him so much tat she gave away her life for him without thinking even once and even after death was protecting him...even after death took him safely to his home...even after death she promised to safegaurd him....tats true love tat doesn't end even after death.....Manisha’s body was never found ....and after about 6 months Rohit’s family left khandala as his father’s job was transferred .... And it is said tat if neone wud say these words...”Save me and Die..” at sunset point at d time of sunset den dey cud hear a voice echoing in d valley....”I luv u Rohit....”
***D END***

Monday, May 3, 2010

Stillwater Horror

I have chosen the place of the story at Stillwater, a small town in Montana, US, where I had worked for quite some time. All the characters described here were my colleagues at some time and I am sure (or atleast hope) they won't sue me for placing them in my storyAs I stood quietly at Mr. Koneig's funeral I wondered whether I could look at Denise. She was standing next to me, sobbing and shaking. As her friend I should have held her hand and consoled her but I was always a sucker at social events. I tilted my head to the right and looked at her, still unsure how to react if suddenly our eyes met. She had her head down, eyes closed with tears trickling down. She was holding a white handkerchief tightly in her fist, perhaps hoping to convince herself that her father had found peace at last. Phil walked up to her and put his hand on her shoulder. She nodded, with her head still down and we all prayed silently.It was drizzling in Stillwater and almost all the people present at the funeral were carrying umbrellas. My umbrella had gone in an inside-out state due to the strong wind and unwillingly I made a fool of myself in between all. We slowly walked to the Koneig house. I sat silently with Phil, Jason, Eric and Christine when Denise walked up to us. She was much better now and thanked us all in a graceful manner. We didn't know what to tell her. She said she would be going to her country house, a few miles away from Stillwater and if we wanted we could join her, she would feel much better to have our company. We agreed. Meanwhile the local sheriff, Dan walked upto us. He was a man in his forties, his face speaks of all the experience that he had gathered in his fifteen years tenure in the MT Police Dept. Locals say no one knows thugs and beer better than Dan did. Vineyards and breweries in Montana are something that he was always proud of apart from the country singers the state had produced !! He smiled at us and softly told Denise that he would like to ask her a few questions.

Denise walked to a corner with Dan. We could hear what they were talking, Dan asked her, "It is still not clear how Mr. Koneig died, we found him lying in the field with bruises on hi face and hands, a sign that implies a lot of struggling.....could you give us any clue on this?"Denise slowly nodded her head....she had no idea. The very morning her father died, she had me him and made plans with him about a vacation. But by afternoon it was all over for her. Dan requested her to recall any notable incidents that had happened in the recent past which she could link up with her father's death, but Denise had no clue. Measuring the situation and circumstances, Dan didn't force her muchTwo days later....As we six stepped down from the car I put by goggles on. It was mid day and the sun was shining brightly on my eyes. Phil cursed at the sun as he pulled out his backpack from the car and put on his hat. Denise had the keys to the country manor and we followed her. Jason helped Christine getting out of the car with all her bags and Eric stood at a side, talking on his cell phone. In the next ten minutes we all found ourselves in the main hall of the manor house. It was a huge hall, mainly made to have guests for dinner, post-dinner drinks, and a place to laze around. Denise's father, Mr. Howard had a Remington shogun which still hung on the wall and his favorite rocking chair was placed right next to it. Denise said, "Dad could have shot anyone within a hundred yards while smoking cigar and rocking in the chair. He was one hell of a sharpshooter." Phil chuckled, "You mean your dad could have blown by balls off from a hundred yards?" Christine laughed and yelled, "Not just your balls Phil, he surely could have blown your guts off"I asked Denise, what work did she have in that house, she said she had to find her father's will, which was kept somewhere in his room and she was sure it would take her a couple of days for that.

Eric was carrying some snack with him, as he was unpacking his kit, I walked around the hall. It had a wooden floor, the walls were half stone and half cemented. There were two set of stairs going up from two sides of the hall. In between the stairs there was a huge dining table and two huge windows. As I looked out from one of the window,I had a slight depressing feeling, it seemed as if we were deserted in that house and there wasn't anyone else staying nearby.We finished our lunch, I was happy as Eric was carrying those John West canned mackerels, my favorite. Denise showed us our rooms upstairs, we all had one room each, truly the manor was huge. We lazed around while she started to look for the papers. In the evening Denise said she had to go to the local attorney's office and she left with the car. So we five walked out of the manor and wandered nearby. The place was truly deserted, we didn't find a single soul and surprisingly we didn't even hear many birds chirping in the countryside. Phil commented, "Old Howard must have shot down all the birds from a hundred yards....duh !!!"By seven it was dark. We were taken aback, usually in summer we have daylight till nine in the evening. It seemed as if the huge trees had bent forward to bring in the darkness around the place. Christine even commented that she thinks the place was spooky. Jason commented back that nothing could be more spooky than Christine without her makeup. She boxed his ears.

When we came back inside the house we had one more surprise, the manor had no electricity. I lit my dynamo torch and luckily we found out a couple of candles. Phil again commented that he was sure he saw them in Howard Koneig's funeral. Phil was getting bored as we all were, so he took my dynamo torch and went up. We could hear him exclaim that he had found Howard Koneig's room and it as worse than a junk room. We heard him rumbling through drawers and papers and singing aloud. Eric asked him not to mess around in that room and he replied Eric, "Fuck you grandpa!"We were talking about our college days, how Christine used to get all the best football players in college to dance with her in college proms and how we used to make fun of Eric's serious nature. Jason even revealed that once he had caught Eric in bed with a cheerleader in college. We all couldn't help bursting out in laughter. Phil came down, switching on and off my torch, his favorite cigar (Old Port)in his mouth. At the same time we heard a car stopping outside. Denise entered, she was looking a little tired. She smiled at us as she opened her overcoat, it was drizzling outside. Phil told us, "Hey look what I have found in the room" He help up his arm and we saw an old watch on his wrist. "I guess its Howard's, isn't it Denise?" said he. It seemed Denise didn't like Phil wearing his father's watch and that too taking it out from his personal drawer. "Is that still working?" said she."You bet it is....its ticking..see" Phil said. He looked at the watch and said "Oh damn, it ain't working, it shows 1:35, I guess it had stopped"Denise walked up to Phil and looked at the watch. She brought it close to her ear and gave a strange look at us. - "It is ticking", she said, but the watch's hands aren't moving, and..."- "And what?" asked PhilDenise said, "1:35 was the time when daddy died"

"Ohh baby, I am scared", Phil laughed as he took off the watch from his wrist.We all looked at it in disbelief....the moment Phil kept it on the table, the second's hand started to move. There was complete silence in the room, all eyes glued to the watch, we could hear the watch tick as if it was as loud as drum beats.Thankfully Denise broke the silence, she picked up the watch and said "You never know about old gadgets, when they work and when they don't." and smiled. We all smiled back but this incident had made the situation in the room a bit uncomfortable. I pulled a chair and sat near the window and stared outside. It was pitch dark outside except for the lightnings which showed the empty roads and the threes bending down as if they would engulf the entire manor. Perhaps Phil felt that it was due to him the environment in the room got serious. So he tried to ease things a bit by sitting on the rocking chair and pulling down the shotgun on his lap. He looked towards Jason and said, "Jason, do you know that I can blow off your brains from fifty.....nope.....five yards?" and he started to rock in the chair holding the gun in his hands. Jason had his hands up and mocked a cry and begged for mercy. We all laughed and things became light.I kept my head on the window and closed my eyes. I was a bit tired. Suddenly I remembered my country so far I used to run out in rains and my mom used to chase me.....I jumped off my chair at the sound of a gunshot. I saw Jason lying on the floor, Phil sitting on the rocking chair totally stoned and the shotgun lying on the floor. I ran to Jason and lifted him up. He wasn't wounded, he was alright. Phil howled, "I didn't do it, I didn't do it.....I was just holding the gun.....I don't know how it fired"Christine screamed, she said "I saw it, Phil's finger was not at the trigger, he was just holding the gun"

I picked up the shotgun. The muzzle was still warm and it smelled of gun powder. Denise ran to me, snatched the shotgun and threw it on the floor.- "Oh my God, I don't know what's happening", she said, "The gun was never kept loaded, how did it fire??"I saw a few bullet marks on the opposite wall - a clear sign of the shotgun balls hitting the wall moments ago. Phil sat there with his face hidden in his palms.

I walked to Phil and tried to comfort him. His hands were trembling. He looked at me and then at Jason, who was sitting down on the floor with his head down. Christine was near Jason. I picked up the shotgun from hthe floor and hanged it on the wall, it hanged like a traitor - laughing loudly at all of us. The rain intensified outside. At around 9 pm we all went up, we didn't have much to do. We went to our rooms hoping to get some sleep. Denise entered her father's room with a candle to do some work. Christine was with her, neither of them wanted to be alone in a room. My room wasn't very big. It had a medium sized bed, a side table, a mirror and a book shelf. Right in front of my bed was a four-paned window. I changed my clothes and just when I was about to hit the bed I heard a knock on my door. It was Phil. He sat on the bed, pushed back his hair with his hand and then lit his Old Port cigar. Both of us didn't talk much. There wasn't any ventilation in the room apart from the windows and a small window up near the ceiling. Soon the room got too smoky. Phil apologized and put off his cigar. I told him not to think about anything, rather he should think of getting some sleep. He said he was carrying sleeping pills and hoped they would help. He left.I slipped inside the blanket and stretched my body. It seemed it was a feather bed....very soft. The room was still smoky, as I was about to close my eyes there was a lightning outside. In a fraction of second it seemed that a face was staring down at me from outside the windows. I jumped. How could someone be at my window at the first floor ! I gulped and tried to recall what I just saw, a face, a man's face staring at me with ice cold eyes as if they were dead. I laughed at myself, "Its all because of the smoke from Phil's cigar." I turned the candle off and closed my eyes.

I don't know how late it was at night when I heard a huge thud on my floor and my bed shook. I got up unsure of what happened. It seemed as if someone had hit the floor of my room from downstairs with a thick long rod that made that noise and made my bed shake. I sat quietly on my bed sweating and waiting for it to happen again. I waited.... two minutes.....three minutes.....four minutes....nothing happened. I tried to find the matchbox that I had kept on the side table. Phil had my torch so I had difficulty in finding it. I lit the candle and peeped under my bed. There was nothing but dust. I slowly opened my door and found all other doors to be locked. So no one else heard the noise except me? I thought I must go down and have a look. I was scared but had an urge of going down. It is a feeling that people have when the unknown or unexplained attracts them. I tip toed to the staircase and came down. As I walked in the hall looking for the cause my eyes fell on the rocking chair. It was empty.....and it was rocking back and forth. For a moment I froze. Suddenly I felt a cold breath on my neck, I screamed and turned back. Ahh, a window was a little open and from there the cold wind was coming in. I kept the candle on the table and walked towards it and locked it. The moment I turned back I found the rocking chair stopped swaying abruptly, as if someone had stopped it with his hand. I wasn't brave enough to stay down at the hall for long, I picked up the candle and as I was about to go up I got a strange smell. It felt as if someone was smoking a cigar in the hall. The cigar wasn't the one Phil smoked, this one had a stronger smell. I seemed to have lost all my power. a sudden gush of wind blew the candle off and at the same time it felt someone from the darkness blew a mouthful of cigar smoke on my face. I didn't remember anything after that !!!

Phil's story
After I came out of Roy's room I felt a little better. I peeped in to see what the girls were doing, Denise was reading some document and Christine was sitting at Mr. Koneig's study table with fiddling with a matchbox. I wished them good night and entered my bedroom. I opened my shoes and threw myself on the bed, the whole day ws too tiring for me. I kept my cigar case on the side table and had two sleeping pills. I forcibly closed my eyes and tried to sleep. I might have laid for an hour, but couldn't sleep. In the dark room I laid like a ghost with eyes wide open. Finally I gave up on getting some sleep and thought of having a cigar. I turned and stretched my hand on the side table to grab my cigar case. The moment I found it, it felt as if there was another hand already on the cigar case. The hand was cold and wet, the fingers not moving. I shreiked and snapped my hand back, I rolled and jumped on the other side of the bed. I put my hand in my pocket and pulled out Roy's torch and lit it. There was no one inside and the door of my room was slightly open. I rushed outside to see who was it, as I was sure there was someone inside the room. All the doors were locked and even Denise and Chritine were in their rooms. Suddenly I heard the main door of the manor opening downstairs, I ran down the stairs and found the door open. A cold wind was blowing and rain was coming inside. The rocking chair was swaying in the wind, I thought there must be something going wrong in here, or someone is trying to fool around, I must see what it was.

I stepped out and instantly was drenched in the rain. The wind froze me. I didn't have to use the torch much as frequent lightnings showed me everything. I started walking down the manor's perimeter, looking everywhere for any signs of clue. All of a sudden I heard the growling of some animal. I turned back and found nothing. But the growling sound seemed to come from every side and the sound approached me in a way as if some animals were running towards me from nowhere. "To hell with this cursed house", I said and started running towards the main door. It was still open and I ran in and shut the door. The growling seemed to vanish outside. My nerves had given up and I had to light a cigar, but I left my cigar case upstairs. I tried to switch on the torch but it wasn't working, the dynamo seemed to have got jammed inside. I pulled out my lighter from my pocket. It lighted up only a very small part of the hall. As I looked up my whole body froze. I found a figure sitting on the rocking chair, with the shotgun on his lap. I could see nothing but his feet. Water was dripping down from his shoes, as my legs started to tremble I heard a gunshot and fell down !!

Jason's storyI still don't believe what happened in the evening; Phil or someone else firing at me. It came as a shock. I don't believe Phil could do a thing like that, but if it wasn't Phil then who was it ! I knew I couldn't sleep, to distract my mind from those incidents I took out the book I was carrying and started reading it in the candle light. Thankfully I could get my mind diverted towards the book. It was about a man who travelled the entire east by foot. I was feeling a little dizzy while reading it when suddenly the candle got extinguished. I tried to find the match box but it took me too long to find it. And while I was looking for it I felt a few drops of water falling on my face."Darn! The ceiling has holes?" I exclaimed as I tried to find the matchbox in the darkness. Finally I found it and as I lit a matchstick while lying down on the bed I found a face right in front of mine. The distance between our eyes would be barely a few inches, his eyes were cold as death and water was dripping from his face on mine. I opened my mouth to scream but no noise came out. The matchstick got extinguished. I thought I would lose consciousness in no time but right at that moment Eric rushed into my room. He had a candle in his hand and he shook me hard. As I regained myself I looked around, it was only us in the room.

Eric said, "Something is very wrong in here, Roy and Phil are missing and Denise and Christine aren't replying from their rooms, get up, we gotto do something"I jumped up and ran out of the room. Roy and Phil's bedroom doors were open but they were nowhere to be found. Christine and Denise's doors were locked. We shouted out their names, "Denise.....Christine....where are you". Suddenly we heard a female voice crying out from Howard Koneig's room. We ran to it and found the door locked from inside. We heard Christine screaming from inside. We kicked the door twice and it broke, we rushed in. We were taken aback at the scene inside. Christne was sitting on the floor wth her knees folded, with bruises all over her face, screaming like a mad woman. The window in the room was half open and Denise upper body was half way out from it. Eric jumped upto her and tried to pull her in but it seemed as if Denise was being sucked out of the window by some force. I ran upto Eric and was pulling him from behind. But all our attempts seemed to be in vain when in one thrust Denise's was pulled out of the window and she vanished in the darkness. All we could hear was her cry vanishing in the darkness.Like two mad men me and Eric ran downstairs and then outside to look for Denise. We called out her name again and again, running from one corner to the other but there was no sign. Christine was still howling like a maniac. I grabbed Eric by his arm and asked him to call the police from his cell phone. He ran up.I heard someone being dragged on nearby. I could see nothing but ran and tried to follow the sound. I could hear Denise screaming. "Denise", I shouted, "Where are you, I am coming for you...." As I ran I smelled something strange, as if some aninals were nearby, it was a smell that comes from wild animals. I heard some growls and then in one flash of a lightning saw a black dog like animal with sharp teeth jumping on me!!

The story ends here. Nothing else was known to us that night.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Voodoo Doll- Ghost Experience

“She is suffering from anemia. Though that much blood loss is a bit odd at this little age, but no need to worry, she will be absolutely fine with proper medication” the Indian doctor assured me. It’s good to see someone from your country when you need desperate help in a foreign land. Four months ago, when National Geographic sent me to Africa for the new documentary project about African black magic, I never imagined that this could happen to anyone. I remember the day when I told my 5 year old daughter that we are going to Africa for 6 months. That night she was so excited in joy that she did not sleep and asked me all night about African animals… and today she is lying in a bed in front of me in an African hospital room, semi-conscious due to heavy antibiotics. And you may not believe, the thing responsible for this is not any human, animal or disease, it’s a doll. A wooden doll.It all started seven days ago. I and my crew went in an interior village in central Africa, surrounded by dense forest. The only way of transportation is our helicopter which has been rented from South African coastal guards by National Geographic. As per our guide and translator Robert Jones, the tribal people perform a ritual every fortnight to keep the demons away from the village. Our goal is to film the ritual and also talk with some village people via Robert, our translator. These clips will be used in the final documentary.We were having discussion regarding our project, when my little daughter came inside the tent.“Daddy, see what I have found!” She is holding a wooden doll in her hand. It’s about 10 inch long and has been made by hand by cutting a single piece if tree branch, possibly by someone from the tribe. The doll looks scary and has a hole in its chest. “Oh my god! Sweetie I told you not to go out without me! Where from you picked up this? It’s ugly. Throw it” I told her and took the doll from her. The doll has a small piece of string attached with its neck.

“What’s that?” Robert came closer to see. “Oh that’s a voodoo doll. Where did you found it, honey?” he asked my daughter.“I found it under the big tree there… there are more dolls there. Can I play with it daddy?” she asked me, taking her doll back from Robert.“No, dear, can’t you play with your teddy? It’s horrible. Just throw it away, okay? I’ll buy you a Barbie when we return to South Africa” I said and told Robert to follow me towards the tree.“Oh my god, just look at those” I exclaimed to the team. There were at least 100 of the dolls, hanging from the tree. Each doll has a deep hole in its chest and they were hanged from the tree such a way that it seems like someone has hanged a criminal in a noose.“They are so high. How did your daughter get one of those?” Robert asked.“Maybe one of those fall from the tree, she picked it up. What are these?” I asked Robert.“These are voodoo dolls. A voodoo doll is used for rituals and black magic. There are many legends behind these dolls. Some say that if you put your enemy’s hair and nail inside these dolls and torture the doll, your enemy will also suffer in reality. Some legend says that voodoo dolls can be used as a container to store someone’s soul. I have seen these dolls in Hawaii Island and Brazil before, but never saw someone to hang these dolls from a tree. Maybe it’s a part of the ritual which we are going to film.” Robert explained.“One thing Robert, How do you put your enemy’s nail and hair inside the doll? Those can be opened?” I asked.“Some voodoo dolls can be opened, but not these. See the hole in their chest? I think you have to put the stuffs there. But see, no dolls have anything there, that means they are not being used to punish someone, they are being used for something else, we will find out by talking with the tribe when we film the ritual tomorrow” he said.

Filming went well next day. We saw the entire ritual and found out why the dolls are there. According to the old tribe leader, the ritual is to capture all evil spirits and demons from the village and forest, after capturing the demons, their souls are trapped inside the doll. Then the tribal people hang the doll from a sacred tree at the night. The souls of the captured demons are destroyed the next day when sunlight falls on the container doll.Late at the night, I was sleeping in my tent beside my child. Suddenly I woke up by hearing a mild noise, Robert’s tent is lit. He is doing something. I went to his tent to see if there is any problem. He is sitting on the ground, holding the doll which my daughter found yesterday.I was not happy seeing the creepy thing again. “Will you throw it out please? That thing scares the hell out of me. It has an evil smile in its face, is not it?” I told him.“Ya, do you think Voodoo dolls are real?” he asked.“What do you mean by real? Dolls are dolls.” I replied.“No, I mean do you really believe the legend that if you put your enemy’s hair and nail inside it, then your enemy can be tortured by torturing the doll?” he asked.“No, I don’t believe in that crap” I replied.“I am going to test. I have seen these dolls few times, but I was never been able to get one. Only a little test okay?” He said and cut a little nail and hair with a knife.“What the hell are you doing? Are you crazy? You really believe the legend?” I am surprised to see his activity.“No, I don’t believe, and this is my chance to prove that I am right” He said and pushed the nail and hair deep into the hole of the doll’s chest with a match stick.“Now let’s torture it” he said and took a pin, though he is acting brave, but I can feel the nervousness in him. He touched the doll with the pin.

“Did you feel anything?” I asked. “No, man” he replied and pushed the pin deeper.“Now?” I asked again. I am also a bit tensed now. “Nothing” he replied and pushed the pin completely into the doll. “See, now it’s proven that the legend is false” He said and laughed loudly.“Enough of your childish experiment man, I am throwing this thing out” I took the doll and threw it in the jungle. “We need to return to South Africa tomorrow. We have to pack up our things in the morning, so sleep now, you crazy man” I told and came back to my tent laughing.We had our editing works for the documentary in the National Geographic Studio in South Africa. I used to work till 7PM at the night, then used to return to the hotel by 8PM. I kept an African lady as a babysitter for my child who used to stay with her when I used to work in office. After a week, I noticed the weakness in my daughter.“What’s wrong with you sweetie? Your eyes are red and you look weak” I touched her forehead to check if it is viral fever or not. She had a normal temperature. “Haven’t you sleep last night well, honey?”She did not reply and started to eat her breakfast such a way that she was hungry forever. Before leaving for office, I told the babysitter lady to look after her with extra care and call me in the office if there is something unusual.I returned early that night and told the babysitter to go. I saw my daughter is weeping. “What happened honey?” I asked her.“She doesn’t let me play” my little daughter complained against the babysitter. “And she scolded me” my daughter started to cry.“Awwww… I’ll scold her tomorrow, okay? She will not stop you from playing anymore” I assured her and made her happy.That night I woke up from sleep after hearing my daughter’s voice. She is talking with someone in sleep. She has the habit of talking in her sleep. I went in front of her door. She is uttering “You are bad. My Barbie is a good friend.”

I opened the door and froze in horror. My daughter is talking while sleeping, with a voodoo doll is in her hand. The doll is different from the one which she picked up that time. This one is black. I rushed to her and tried to pull the doll away from my baby. Her hand moved along with the doll. The doll was biting her fingertip and drinking blood from her.I separated the doll from her hand and thrashed it hard on the floor. I tried to wake my daughter up, but she was not responding. I called the ambulance immediately. They took her in hospital and kept under the treatment of Dr. Patel, an Indian Doctor working in South Africa.“She is suffering from anemia. Though that much blood loss is a bit odd at this little age, but no need to worry, she will be absolutely fine with proper medication” the Indian doctor assured me. “May I speak with you for a moment Sir? It’s regarding your daughter”. The babysitter came in.“What?” I asked. I was terribly disturbed by last night’s incident.“I told her not to play with that doll. She told that she picked it up before she boarded the helicopter from central Africa. These are voodoo dolls sir, they are not toys. Tribal people use those to trap evil spirits within them” she told me with a low voice.“But...But, aren’t the spirits getting destroyed in the next sunlight?” I asked in fear.“That will happen only if the doll is attached with the sacred tree. If the doll falls down from the tree before morning, then the spirits will never be free unless you destroy the doll.” She replied.If it was some other time, I would fire the babysitter immediately for speaking rubbish. But last night’s incident forced me to believe her. I came back to hotel with the babysitter and went to my daughter’s room. The doll is still there in the floor. I picked it up.

It was the same doll, only the color has turned black. It’s not black, it’s dark red. Like old blood stain. The evil doll has turned dark red by drinking my daughter’s blood. The poor little girl picked it up again before we came back to South Africa. It was a mistake to take her in this African safari in the first place.“How to destroy a voodoo doll?” I asked the babysitter.“Cut it into two pieces by a saw, then burn the two pieces Sir” She replied.I took out my workshop toolkit and cut the doll into two with a hack-saw. I took the two pieces outside and poured petrol from my car on it. Then I burned it into ashes.“Sir, you people from developed countries will not believe in these things, but these legends are not just stories all the time.” She said.Suddenly it struck in my head like a lightning. What about the other legend? O my god, Robert’s nail and hair were still there in the doll when I destroyed it. I totally forgot his experiment. But wait, his experiment failed? Is not it?“What’s wrong with you Sir?” She asked me. I told her about Robert, and his experiment with the doll.“Oh my God! The doll has to be tortured by someone else; you cannot torture your own doll. This will not work as suicide is forbidden in the tribal culture” she screamed in horror.I rushed to Robert’s room in the hotel and banged on his door for half an hour. He did not respond. Finally hotel manager came with police and a duplicate key and opened the door. We entered the room and froze.One part of his body is lying on the blood soaked bed. The other part is down there on the floor.
=================The End=================