Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Haunted experience in pune

just wanted to share an experience of mine which took place just 2 weeks ago. Even I am not sure that I should believe in it or not. But whatever it was that was really dangerous and scary!!!! Would like to know about your views too...2 weeks ago me with my parents were going to Pune. It was quite late when we started say about 9:00 pm. We were in our car. Dad's friends car was 2-3 kms away from us and another friend of ours was 4-5 kms away from us. We reached the Nagar wala ghat at about 11:30 pm. I had heard much about the ghost stories in the Ghat. The recent one was that "a lady dressed in White saree stands in the centre of the road and even if he go cutting her she is still seen at the same place on the other day. And our vehicle instead gets damaged. And the rule was that one must not look back after passing her or else she follows."I was telling the same story to my parents and my parents started teasing me saying that now we will definately see the lady stang on the road and all that.....And at the very next second I saw some white thing on the road but put the thought aside thinking that its just the divider. But as we came closer to it all the three of us recognized a lady in green saree with a scarf standing in the middle of the road. My father who was driving suddenly moved the steering and we just passed inches away from her. The lady didn't even move a bit after our car at such a high speed passed so close to her. all this literally happened in not more than 7 secs. We started laughing at first but at the next moment all of us were horrified. None of us dared to look back. We later asked the other two cars if they saw the same. But the people in second car said that they didn't see anything. And those in the next car which was 4-5 kms away said that they too saw a lady in green saree sitting beside the road with her head down( as if she was crying).

We thought of starting the CD player to cool the environment. But the CD came out saying error. We inserted another CD but the same happened. (One of the two CD's we inserted was regularly heard by us in the same CD player while the other one was inserted for the first time) We reache pune at 1:00 am.The next day my mother had to go somewhere and so she tried starting the car. But the car didn't start indicating it as out of battery. The service center people came to take the car as it didn't have even so much charging so that it would be taken to the service center. The people there said that the light remained on for the whole night which made it lose its battery. Later when it was repaired I tried inserting the same two CD's. One of them again came out sayin error ( the one I said I inserted for the first time) as it had many scrathes on it while the other one started playing songs. That made us even more horrified.I don't say that what we saw was a ghost. May be it was a psycho lady or something. May be that all that was coincidence. Please let me know if anyone of you had the same kind of experience.