Saturday, May 15, 2010

Ghost Experience NIFT Navi Mumbai

This is a true story which i heard from my sister studying in NIFT... It was the end of another semister. Tired from the assignments and their hectic schedules four guys Ravi, Jayesh, Ankit and Peter decided to hang out that night in the campus after dark. They students aren't allowed to go out after 9 so they decided to sneak out after having dinner at the mess.It was a perfect night for a sneak out. It was extremely dark even at 9. There was a heavy cloud cover and the fact that NIFT is in a valley helped get it darker faster. The sky looked red with the clouds and gentle wind caused the trees to hush every now and then.They guys managed to slip out of the mess with relative ease like they were destined to go outside for a wild night. They walked slowly to the campus enjoying the coolness of the environment. As the approached the campus they felt the temperature falling as it usually did in the lush green campus. But this time they had an unusual feeling about all this.Ankit suggested to sit under the huge neem tree where they usually sat when in college at day. But Jayesh straight away turned it down with the fearof snakes. We can easily spot snakes in Navi mumbai. Just then Peter had an idea that no one could resist. They decided to go to the huge water tank that was just behind their class room. They had always fantasized climbing up the water tank while in class. They headed for the water tank in excitement as the quickened their steps. they could hear the dead leaves cramping under their legs and making a great deal of sound in the otherwise extermely quite environment. After reaching their destination the guys sat on the circular steps of the tank. Everyone wanted to go one top but no one strangely insisted to go first. Was it the calmness in the environment or the utter extreme silence. What ever it was they were all creeped out. Ankit suddenly got very anxious and asked everyone to leave. But they had not come here so far away just to leave!

Peter with a spark of courage in him decided to go up. He slowly climbed up and it was not long before he got up there. He soon shouted and called all of them up. He said it wasn't a sight to miss. The other three reluctantly but slowly started climbing he stairs. Mid way they heard another shout. This time it was different!! In a very distressed voice Peter shouted. " Run Away!! Bhago. Dont wait for me!! Run Run." A nervous chill ran through the spines of all the three guys as they looked at each others's pale faces in the darkness. They did not know what to do. Their feet stuck at their places knowing not what to do. Suddenly they heard a huge cry and a rumbling sound as if someone was coming down the iron stairs very quickly. Soon they realized that the sound was not of a single pair of legs. There were more than one!! They frantically started running down the stairs shacking it vigorously. They got down and headed straight for the gates. Ankit while running dared to look behind and saw nothing. Not even Peter. The rest of the two kept running without bothering to look behind. They reached the gate panting and tired from their run. They could still hear Peter's voice- Run in their heads. The next day they were back to their routine life. No one ever asked Peter what happened and Peter never said anything. They did not discuss this with each other.They just described it as a forgetful get away!