Thursday, August 6, 2015

Ghost Experience in the Train from CST to Karjat

This story was vary famouse when I was in the college.
Well I am from mumbai. & Trains are blood veins of Mumbai.
One day one girl was there in the 1st ladies copartment of train . The train was from CST to Karjat. The timing of the train was 1.30 from C.S.T.
There was one group of college students. That girl went to them & told that she want to join them. Then they played antyakshari. Some girls Sung some songs.
After some time they started chatting.

They asked her to tell them about her
She told that she is a college student Studying S.Y. B. Sc. from reputed college. She is an only child of her parents. She was worry what will happen with them if she will be no more. The girls told her not to think negative like that. Why she will die. So she said yes I am stupid why??? Why I have done such a stupid mistake. So the girls were shocked to hear these words. They asked what you are talking about ? She just smiled and said nothing.
They were talking on different different subjects. She was just nodding her head, but not a single word she talk.
In the path of train there is one big tunnel at Diva. The train was passing from the tunnel.

That girl suddenly ran towards the door & jumps in the tunnel.
All of them was shocked. The were speechless. They didn't know what to do as whole incident takes place very fast.
So when next station came the girls get down & report it to the station master. Then some railway people went there with stretcher. but there they didn't find anything.

One of the girl of group rembered that the girl gave them her landline no & address.
So they went to her home but their they saw a photo of same girl with flowers.
They told her parents about the incident & her mother starts crying. She told the girls that her daughter commite a sucide 1 month ago because she failed in S.Y. B. Sc.
But may be she wants to give us the message that it was her mistake & she is now worry about us.
In those days Ladies avoid to travel by 1.30 noon karjat train

Time passed & people forgot that girl. The End.