Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Ghost in Le Royal Meridian Chennai

This story is about the experience which the construction officials faced b4 the construction hotel le royal meridian chennai!! as u all know le royal meridian is one of the most famous 5star hotels !! it is located near kattippara area channi whichwas supposed to be a suburb area long time back!! it is believed that ter was some dark power temple in the same place b4 where the hotel is situated now!! when the construction started people undergone many bad experiences!! it is believed to a vampire in that area which guarded that place!! my frnd's dad has experienced it while returning from office when he saw a fire suddenly rising in the center of the GST road and forms a human structure and disappearing!! like this many incidents too place and the beginning of construction work was stopped all the time when it begun in the way of a worker getting injured badly or an official gettting injured !! and finally when the authorities consulted a priest he told that the place is daunted!! and it bcos of the curse of the god of whose temple was ter in the same place where the hotel is being planned to come in ! he also gave a suggestion the killing of a living being and presenting its blood to the same dark god ll fix the problem ! so some big animal was killed and its blood was presnted to the god which eventually resulted in the starting of construction of the hotel which stands tall in the center of chennai now!! am sure that this hotel is very safe place to visit now as these incidents took place a decade ago!!