Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Personal Exp of a Security Guard

Ravi joined a company as a security guard.he used to sleep in a room provided by company, that was few meters away from the company building.His duty time was 12pm to 12am.Summer was on its peak those days.Once he came at his room from duty on regular time, removed his shirt,and thrown his body on bed. It was a dark midnight. atmosphere was being unreasonably cool that night,might be becoz of the flow of air. But there was just one window and such flow was impossible. Ravi cursed himself 4 his dullness in studies," there might b something that i dont know".He turned off the light and relaxed on darkness.............. deep silence...............voice of nothing he cud feel. moment was taking him to nothingness........................4geting the world, his existance. only that cool sensation.

suddenly, his concentration broke with the noise of window door.It was slamming on the wall constantly due to the wind.. Ravi got up and shut the window door.

he was lying on bed.feeling the silence in his ears again.He felt lik smbdy walking outside the room.he ignored.. and nw he heard chimes, like "payal" .it was like someone walking slowly outside the room wearing payal..stunning sound of payal.No chance of a lady moving at such deserted place & specially at such late night...."who s ther?", he reply came.. the voice of payal might b bcoz i m so tired, i need 2 sleep i soon as he tried to sleep, the payals started chiming again..Ravi became still nw.. something weird was happening..and the room door knocked..his heart filled with fear.. he cud not dare to open the door..he shouted again with a shaky voice,"who s ther?"..the knocking stopped...again deep silence, but nw feeling of extreme fear ws the change in mental condition...he had breathed few moments & got up on his feet, with the knees still trembling..went to the window, not knowing wat was coming out.he opened the window & glanced outside, there was nothing..he was about 2 close the window and at tat very momentsomething appeared in air, out of nothing, and grabbed his throat..that was two hands into the air, and onto his throat.he jerked himself backwards with the full of his energy..his head slammed to the table behind and he became still on the floor, unconscious...

he was admit in hospital for two weeks..we got informed abt dis by tea stall wala..we went to that hospital to c him..those impressions of two palms were still visible on his throat skin..