Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Ghost Experience On The Hill of the Damned(Kursong hill-Assam)

hello every1 out there, wanna tell you a dreadful experience I had in Assam when me and my frnds grup had gone to trekking on the kursong hill.
Actually we live in navi mumbai and one of my frnds has his relative in assam, so we decided to go there for 2-3 days to see the local culture

Near to the village approx. sm 10kms away is a hill which appears very appealing for trekkers and campers but holds a mysterious secrets with it
This hill has a very old graveyard near the base and many lovers have comitted suicide there by jumping of the cliffs.
in the late 1980's this place was also a fav spot for dumping dead bodies of murder victims
There is also an old tower in the hill of the 17th century and that tower was used for execution and torture of prisoners,so u can imagine the hill at night without any lights except for trekker's torches and cigarettes.
local people forbid people from going there at night(the gates to the hill are closed at 7:30 pm)..

the village being 10 kms away from the hill, we thought of visiting it early( as we didn't know the closing time of the gates earlier). We decided to check out the hill as we had heard many stories about it. our group consisted of 5 members- Rahul,Nikhil, Rajesh
Rohan and I.(Rohan is a scaredy cat). We reached the hill at around 6:30 in the evening and began ascending those horrible steeps. The old graveyard (15 mins away frm the gate) gave me a strange feeling.We even had carried videocam and 2 torches and blankets(in case we needed). We kept on walking and climbing. Now it was 7:35pm and those being cold winter days, night had set in. We took our torches and carried on walking. At around 8:30 pm we crossed the suicide point and reached a point in the middle-top frm where the old tower was visible(the fire at the entrance of the tower gave us the hint that it is the tower). Soon it was 9:30 pm and we selected a point and set up our camp there(only the bonfire and a single tent). We ate our food
and joked about hisory of the hill. After smtime our topic changed to the stories about the hill. The atmosphere became unknowingly chill. My friend Nikhil wanted to go to ttoilet smwhere in the bushes but did not had the guts. Somehow we cajoled him and he went. He did not return after 15 mins also. When he returned he was talking strange and his eyeballs up(we saw his face after flashing the torch on his face).
He told us to return away or else face their wrath.

We all thought that he was joking. Rajesh even went to slap him, but the way in which he started to screech was enough to make us come to the conclusion that he was posessed. We all started to run in the pitch darkness( the only light was from the flashlight and i was running at the front of all!) and Nikhil was following us with hands stretched. Rohan was at the last in the run. I was profusely sweating and stumbled and fell down with all of them falling due to me. Rohan(a very fat guy ) slipped backwards and fell on Nikhil. When we got up, Nikhil had came back in his senses and we naratted him all what had happened. Rajesh told everyone not to panic or else how we will escape after all we had to run through the vegetation and steeps out of that place. We started reading Hanuman chalisa, Gayatri mantra, Ganesh aarti and all that we could remember. The next what happened was horrifying. We were on a path now from where the suicide point was seen and we could clearly see a lady in black sitting there. Rahul had the videocam and he zoomed the lady. What we all saw on the screen was horrifying. She was faintly transparent and on closer look we came to know that she had no eye sockets. Then we came to know that this was not a natural thing and we started running. She was looking at us and frowning. Everytime I looked in her eyes, I felt a strong electromagnetic force draining my energy out. By this time everyone was dead frozen. But not losing hope we descended those slopes.

Remember the light at the tower we had seen. It was not a light but a group of TANTRIKS doing some thing with fire in the middle with blackish red clothes.
We were even hearing strange voices but we all knew that to survive we would have to endure this.

With a last look at each other, I said them to run and the one who will fall down will not be looked back again. We read prayers and prepared ourselves for a long run

We were running at the top speed and speedily crrossed the old graveyard and finally we could see the gate. but alas it was locked. There was a wire mesh fence on it's side and came through it without the fear of getting harmed.
Rohan quickly started the bike( we had 3 vehicles- 1 scooty, 1 M80 and splendor) and quickly zoomed off. By that time it was 2:20 am and reached home in half an hour( such was the speed at which we drove). After getting home we drank water and sat for i hr before god. (my friend's relatives had gone out and would be returning the next day). The whole night we didn't get sleep and Rohan , Nihil were crying to come bak to Navi mumbai. The next day we immediately took a flight to Mumbai( in that fear we did not bother to shell out a few thousand rupees). All that we wanted was to return home. After returning home, I got nightmares for 3 days of that lady trying to pull me in grave. This incident had occured in December 2006. I have told this to my elder sister but she doesn't believe it. First time in our life, we all friends did not spoke for 2 days to each other. But after that everything returned to normalcy.

Really speaking, none of my friends, even I cannot explain what had actually happened that night on Kursong hill.

It was really a bone chilling unforgettable experience. And I for got to mention that the videocam had fallen somewhere in that hill when we were running and I think it is still lying somewhere there.