Friday, May 28, 2010

Call of the spirit

I don't know how many of you have heard about this spirit, this is mostly common in Bengal especially in the rural areas. The name of the spirit is 'Nishi' or 'the night' ! When someone dies by committing suicide he/she turns to a Nishi. The way this spirit behaves is quite creepy.Usually in villages (in old times) huts were made up of clay with open grill-less windows. At night when people were in deep sleep this spirit used to walk up to these huts and called out the name of one of the sleeping person in a voice known to him. For example the spirit might call out his name in his mother's, father's son's or even a closed friend's voice. The person would reply unknowingly in his sleep, he might reply as, 'Yes' or 'Hmmmm..'The moment he replied like this the spirit got full control of him. Nishi would make him walk in his sleep and then take him to a far away field or marsh and make that person commit suicide either by drowning or by hanging himself.The only way to avoid the call of this spirit is, when it calls out your name you should be aware enough to reply as 'Who is this' or 'What is it'....if you can do so it will walk away from your house !!!