Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Haunted Place Near Chandwad (Nashik)

I was working with a HP Gas Dealer. I used to go to Mumbai (Mahul Refinery Section) for LPG cylinders truck loads. This was my routine and going twice for this work in a week.

Since it was not easy to get railway reservations at 11th hour every time I started travelling by trucks. Using same truck to come back to Jalgaon.

One day our truck filled with 350 LPG Cylinders stopped at a place near Chandwad (Nashik) after late midnight. One lady asked driver something and came in our truck. We started our journey, I was dozing for some time... and near Dhule, I saw that lady was not in truck... I asked driver where that lady gone ??

Driver surprised and asked me which lady ? I reminded him regarding that lady asked for lift...near Chandwad Ghat ..... he told me no such lady was in that truck... neither he allowed any lady for lift.. I am sure it was happened... driver firmly told that he stopped vehicle near Chandwad just for toilet purpose....

I dont know what was the fact.. but still I remember her existance very closed to me...I will never come to know "Who was She ?" but those memories are still quite horrible...