Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Darkness- Ghost Experience

Friends.. this is a true incident which I am about to share.. I might have added a pinch of spices for making it interesting

Like others I won’t say that I was a brave guy. I used to believe that Ghost do exist, because if God is everywhere and we believe that, then why not Evil or Ghost.
From my childhood , I was afraid of ghost and darkness. Whenever I am alone, I felt like darkness is bringing his claws to scratch me to death. I hate to live alone and die to hell for
Visiting any haunted place.

But May -2001, was the month which changed everything. I just had written my board exam. So to relax and rejuvenate my body I thought of going to my grandma’ house. I took the permission and left for my exciting journey. With my cousins, time was flying like kite. But one day grandma said that my aunty is having puja in her house and we would have to leave for her house tomorrow’s morning.
News brought a new happiness in my heart. Because first time in my life I was about to visit a village. Was very excited and was waiting for the dawn impatiently. In the night, I was sharing my excitement with my cousin but noticed a strange frown on his face. He is very lively guy and enjoy his life like anything.

When I enquired, he hesitantly wipe the dust. What he just reveled was enough to bring shit out of me. My aunt’s house was haunted. Aunty has seen translucent image many time, when she wash utensil or when she is alone. And that is not it, some strange sound comes from the terrace in the night.

In the morning first thing which I did was ,to run to my grandma and said that I am not coming. She was very curious to know the reason, as I was full of excitement yesterday and now I was pale. I told whatever I had heard from my cousin. My nanny console me and said that these thing do not exist and my aunt is doing puja for purifying \ sacred there house and she promised me that she won’t leave me.

I love my Nanny. So I agreed. I was not aware that the decision which I am taking now, is going to haunt me till my life.
We left for the place in a train . Everything was perfect in the journey, cool breeze, greenery to limit of ours eyesight, train compartment filled with all the shade of our India. Someone playing cards, some were engaged in fighting, teenager starring at girls and beggar singing in there melodious voice( I am not sure u want to call it melodious but for me it was a new experience).

We reached the station around 9’ o clock. Uncle was there to receive us. He gave us a very warm welcome and took us to the biggest mistake of my life ( aunty house). When We reached there, I found that this place was just opposite of what I was dreaming. Had lots of lighting, people singing songs ( Bhajan) and place was packed with the people. Ambiance took over my fear and I started to
Blend myself in the celebration.

Around 11:30, all guest were gone. I along with my cousin , aunty and grandma was preparing for a sleep, as we were very tired. But suddenly I heard a sound. As if someone is jumping on the terrace.
I enquired my Aunty, what is that?.

But her face said it all. She was insipid . talking to herself “ how could this happen. We just had Puja done”. I don’t know form where I got the courage , I thought that it must be neighbors who are trying
To spread the rumors and scare my aunt family. I decided to go to the terrace along with my cousin. House was recently constructed and did not had the steps. We took the wooden ladder and start.
But to our surprise, there was nothing, just a bad aroma , wind with the hatred and darkness of the dark. After looking each and every corner, I shouted “Who the hell is here. Come up. Show me your face you, coward”. As elder says people, don’t speak before thinking. Else you will face the consequences.

And what we faced was.. had no explanation. I heard the sound as if someone is jumping just beside me then to my right then to my left then near my cousin. It was like the terrace is a racecourse.
I was scare to death. Did not know what to do. We ran towards the ladder and it fall all of its own. Sound was increasing. it was coming toward us. Now we had to make a decision. Either stand there and wait for our death to hug us or jump from there and hug the death by our self.

And in no time I made my mind and jumped , my cousin followed me. We landed on ground and a severe wave of pain roused from my toe to my mind. But that pain had a pinch of relieve in it .As we were in the company of my dear grandma and aunt

Nanny took my hand and tried to calm us. She took us to the room and with all love and care started reassuring us. She said that whatever just happened is a bad dream forget it and try to sleep. She placed our head in her lap.

I tried to close my eyes. I was facing a window. What I saw there, curtain were partially tilted, as if someone is pushing the curtain to look inside. But no hand, no mass no shadow. I turned to my nanny and asked, if there is no ghost then what is behind that curtain, who is pulling it. Nanny saw that and had a heart attack