Saturday, May 2, 2015

Mysterious Phone Calls

Sheetal was quite simple girl.. she belonged to a poor family n er dad expired wen she just 8 yrs old.. she completed her graduation wid help of her maternal uncle.. there was still 2 months for her results to be out after which she wud get placement in any company.. she thought of not wasting this 2 months n doing some job so that she can collect some money which wud help her in household activities or even in pursuing her post graduation.. not to forget, she had high self respect.. she thought of joining some call center where she cn high payment, bcoz she was a graduate.. or some company where she cn do work wid help of knowledge..
she tried on few websites, thinking she can try her luck there, also consulted to her friends.. her one of frnd was having a touch in highly known call centre of that locality.. she was called for an interview.. she went over there n she was selected in 4th round..(if u dont know, in call centers u gotta give bunch of interviews..)

she n her mom was very happy for this.. her mom felt proud for her.. she thought, she dont need a son.. i already have one..

sheetal began wid her job.. initial days were hectic, as she needed to learn everything.. but she dint feel down.. she gave her 100% n her team-mates n team-leader were very happy wid her..

she was single.. kinda lonely in her personal life.. she wanted someone wid whom she can share her feelings.. her pain her loneliness.. she came across internet for first time in her life.. chatting, mailing was completely new for her since her mom couldn't even computer for personal use.. while working, she used to go online, n try to make some friends whenever she got time.. she used to enter in chatrooms, try to find a friend.. but every guy used to ask for pic or telephone number, which she thought is not safe to share due to scams.. she started to get bore of this n thought that God wants her to be alone for whole life.. while thinking this, tears were coming out of her eyes..
she thought of giving up! went for lunch but forgot to log off.. wen she came back she was amazed to see that a guy knocked her, asking for a decent friendship.. his name on screen was nightmare.. thinking for a while, she began chatting..

nightmare--hey.. wanna chat? for a decent friendship..

sheetal--there is no place for decent friendship now a days..

nightmare-- yes u r right.. but look around.. there is possibility of finding 1 in 1 crore.. n u have found out..

sheetal(wid a small smile)-- i like that.. wats ur name?

nightmare-- u cn call me anything u like to.. u cn call me ur frnd if u like to..

sheetal-- strange.. im a girl still ur feeling shy to tell me ur name! :P

nightmare-- its not like that.. my name's Sudhanshu..

sheetal-- aha nice.. wat do u do?

nightmare-- nothing.. just keep on surfing..

sheetal-- u mean u dont do anything for living?

nightmare-- where i live, i dont have to work..

sheetal thought he's kind of rich parent's junkie..

nightmare-- n which section of INTELI u work in??

sheetal was shocked to see wat he wrote.. how come he knows where she works??

sheetal was shocked to knw that come the guy knws she work in inteli?

sheetal--how come u know i work in inteli??

nightmare-- well honey it was just a gues..

sheetal--guess r never perfect.. tell me.. how do u know??

no reply.. annoyed, thinking maybe some of her team-mate is playing prank on her.. n if thats so then its really bad one.. since her team leader became her kinda good frnd, she discussed it wid him.. he told, i have all my team-mate's yahoo.. but this nightmare is not one of them.. maybe someone is playing a prank on u dear.. dont worry.. aisa toh hota reheta hai..

sheetal gave a thought on wat her TL said.. she convinced herself that maybe its just a prank n thought to forget abt it..

next day she again thought of going online.. as soon as she logged in yahoo, a window appeared on the screen.. name was again nightmare..

nightmare--hey.. sorry abt yesterday.. had to leave..

sheetal--its fine.. but will u tell me who r u?? n how do u know where i work??

nightmare--told u honey it was just a guess..

sheetal--thats really weird.. its better for u to tell me now.. if u tell me later then u might loose frndship wid me..

nightmare--that wont happen sweetheart..

sheetal--ah! will u stop calling me from such names??

nightmare--itna ghussa kyu ho rahi ho?? boss ne danta kya??

n yes.. sheetal was shocked again.. she just had an argument wid her boss..

sheetal--really u r pissing me off!! tell me who u r or else im gonna block u..

no reply from other side..

she blocked her id n thot maybe this is the end.. which was her illusion or dream..

depressed n pissed off wid this guy, she stopped going online.. several days passed.. she made herself busy in work.. so that she cn distract her mind from her loneliness.. one night, she had loads of work to do.. for which she was doing overtime.. the whole office was left empty except for her n the watchmen.. if anything happened wid her at this time, no one wud come to know.. bcoz her office was situated at 13th floor.. n watchmen had the bad habit of drinking n sleeping on duty.. bt widout worrying abt all this she was busy in making reports on computer..

tired, she raised her hands in air, stretched them n closed her eyes.. cursing her TL in her mind she heard a beep.. wen she opened her eyes she was amazed to look on screen..

she saw a yahoo bar.. chatter's name-NIGHTMARE..

wtf! i blocked him.. thn how cn it be??

nightmare--hey.. y dint u come all these days?? missed talking to u.. were u busy?

sheetal--how cn u talk to me? i blocked u the last time we talk..

nightmare--cn i have ur phone number??

sheetal--no way!!

she just switched off her pc.. n took a deep breath.. wAt a strange weirdo!!.. she muttered..

just after 2 secs heard her cell phone rang.. no. was unknown.. she picked it up..


otherside--sheetal, y did u go offline?? did i say something offensive to u??

sheetal was mum for a minute! she couldn't understand wat was happening.. wat to say on phone?? wat if he is around?? will i be safe?? all these questions were roaming in her mind..