Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Reality of the life after death- Dr Shanu

Its 10 year old story vch happened in my village. I was in 6 STD. 1st I wud like to tell abt my village, JAMBUSAR...Dist. bharuch, Gujarat. So here its starts…It was 1992 [wen I was just 6 year old] when riots were going on all over India. In my village there was curfew. Near my home there was one home wer two lady were living. Mom n daughter.That girl was having affair with one guy in my street , but he went to dubai over that time. So in dis family there was some tension regarding this. One day this quarrel went beyond limit and that girl committed suicide by burning herself . Remember that was curfew time so there was not much ways to save her. Everybody in my street were shocked by that incident. News went to that guy also but he dint came back. Now after that nothing unusual happened but real story started 4 year after this incident.
Now in 1996 things started going unusual. I still remember it was Saturday. And on Saturday we had half day from school so I was returning with my brother from school. And while I came in my street just next to my house I saw crowd. Then I went into my home. My mom was lil tensed and I asked her what happened in our neighbor? But she dint told me real thing cz she dint wanted me to get frighten. So she told some quarrel is going on. Then I went to play and slept at night. But I as it was village I can hear some people were discussing outside my home with my father. I was trying to listen that but it was not clear so I went to sleep. Next day it was Sunday. When I got up I saw there was noise of around 10-15 ppl opposite my home. I went there without asking my mom. There what I saw was horrible. A girl who were living opposite to my home were shouting that “leave me leave me” and sum ppl were holding her tightly. I can still remember her scream vch can make any1 frighten. Then my friend told me that, “lubna wapas aa gayi he” [Lubna is a name of that girl who committed suicide]..
First I dint got anything because as I was small when that girl committed suicide, but later on I got the things. My friend told me that ,”salma didi me lubna ghus gayi he” I hope u ppl undrstnd by this line means lubna’s spirit enterd in that girl named salma body. As we were small we were frighten and also excited because we never saw such thing expect in movies. So I rushed to that home and saw salma di was screaming and some people frm my street were askin here ,”kya chahiye tuze, kyu wapas ayi he” But she was shouting and asking sumthing to eat. It may be strange to believe but I heard that she demanded,”Nankhatai” hope u ppl undrstnd dis..its like cookies. This all happened for 1 hour then suddenly salma di fell down and got unconscious. Aftr some time she wake up but she was nt able to recall wat happened to her. Everyone was feeling lil bit relief bcz they thought lubna’s spirit went off. But they were wrong .
Same day in the night suddenly one aunty from my street came out and shouted that her girl is behaving unusual. Everybody rushed to her home and saw the scene and everyone was shocked. That girls voice was changed and all can recognice that voice..that was lubna’s voice. All were literally shocked that “ya allah wat is happening”. Same drama started but that time lubna was more aggressive n was askin everyone to leave otherwise she vl kill them. So person who is old and knew her went to talk to her. He asked her that what u want, y u r doin like dis? But she was not ready to ans., she was crying and shouting. My mom also came that time n was watching that scene from window of that home. Suddenly that possessed girl looked at my mom and threaten that,”aap kya tamasha dekh rahe ho, me aa rahi hun apke andar bhi” my mom was lilterly shocked and she took me frm that place along vth her. Then again after some time lubna spirit went off. But one thing she told that she vl cum to all her friends, like salma di,etc. were her friend wen she was alive. All her friends were crying nt just because they were frightend bt also because they were knwing that her friend lubna dint got “mukti” and her soul is in pain.
Again after that day same things happened. I think nobody will believe that but lubna spirit got entered in near 7-8 frnds of her in following 2-3 days. And she was just crying loudly. Now everybody was shocked that wen dis will stop. So people decided call “Maulana” who can help in dis.That person “maulana”, we call dem “Bapu” came and saw the condition. After he came he asked us [means our streets ppl] that if we wanna know d reason of her comeback then he has to call her again in someones body. So salma di got ready that u call lubna in my body again and ask what she want, because salma di was good frnd of her. U ppl might think that hw salma di got ready easily..but that’s d mentality of village ppl, they do not feard of paranormal things as compare to urban ppl.
Then all ppl decided to call lubna’s spirit on same day evening only. I think all people were curious and also tensed that what will happen. I wish that I can describe u the scene of my streets during that time. It was horrible. In a day light also u can not find single person outside. All family started reading “HOLY QURAN” to get rid of dis spirit.One thing I forgot to say that during all time when lubna came into body of her frnds, at the time lubna’s mother come and that time nly lubna stop crying and leave the body..sorry for missing such important part. Her mother were also crying and u can imagine the pain of mother whos daughter is dead n haunting.
But unfortunately “bapu ” cud not cum on that dat day so we all had to pass one more night under fear of lubna spirit. All rest of the girl were wearing “taveez” to protect their self from spirit n to resist to enter in their body. On that night my real uncle who everyday had night duty was coming to home around 2-2.30 am. I must say that village ppl have lots of guts that some people will suspect. As he was returning to home in my street only near my home, he saw someone was sitting near bull cart at the entrance of my street. It seems like girl and my uncle got in seconds only that she must be lubna. She was sitting like bending her both knee and hiding her face. So my uncle tried to pass her as quickly as possible but as he passes nearby her, she lifted her face and looked at my uncle. My uncle saw her face and even brave person can pissd of by luking at her face. It was burnt all over and my uncle were like cold statue. He started chanting our religious mantra “ayatul kursi”. He started running from there but after fraction of second she disappeared. He quickely came to his home and slept. On second day he told us everything what all happened to him that day.
But that night seems to be haunted nights after those incidents occur around 2-2.30 am, another incident occur at around 3 am. One of the family in my street was having transport business so they had trucks and they kept their truck near our street. Driver of that truck sleeping inside the truck seat. Suddenly he got wake up by loud noise. He heard that someone was biting the door of truck very hardly. It was like someone was asking to open without saying anything. He saw that a girl was knocking the door of truck. That driver was unaware of all incidents as he came that night after his trip. And in the dark he dint concentrate on her face also. But he got that it is something unusual. But he opened the door, as he opened the door she disappeared and that driver was in shock condition and started shouting. He came in our street by running and shouting to us that open the door. Almost all got up and asked him what happened. Then he told whole story wat happened to him. Everyone was simply frustrated that what the hell is going on. That family then told that driver to sleep in side their home and any how that night passed.
Now on next day everyone wake up with some hope that “bapu” will come. And he came also around 10 am. Everyone was happy and had sum extend of relief. Almost our whole street were crowded near salma di house. And lubna mother also came. My father told me and warn me not to come in house where all process will go on but I told him that I will get fear by stayin alon at home so he got ready to take me with him to salma di house. But he told me to sit outside the room but I was lucky that I went near window where I can see what happns in the room. Some mature people were in that room including lubna mother, and my father was also in that room. My mother was not there as she was threatened by lubna spirit that she vl cum to her, and my mother went to my nani’s place. Bapu was sitting near salma di, and I wud like to say something abt bapu. He use to do all that stuff to call spirit and control ,etc. by JINNAT. He had JINNAT under his command so those jinnat were doing all stuff. And I was also feeling smell of “Itter” vch indicate the presence of jinnat over there. he was talking to them but we cud nt see that.Now he started to call lubna spirit. 1st he sprayed “itter” [like perfume, wat commonly used by muslims] on his hand. Salam di was sitting in front of her. He kept his hand near salma di’s nose and make her to smell that. I was looking all stuff curiously. Mean while bapu was looking at ceiling in such a way like he is talkin to someone. Aftr 2 minutes salma di’s closed her eyes. She started behaving like she is uncomfortable.
And that was the indicator of presence of lubna in her body. She closed her eyes and left her head like she is sleeping in sitting only. In between she was showing unpleasant facial expressions. After 5-10 mins. Suddenly she opened her eyes said ,“jao na” and that was lubna’s voice. Everybody was in hell silence. Then again she spoke ,”marungi tumhe”.. but bapu then shouted at her and asked her that,”muze maregi tu, janti he kon hun me??” then he look at up n side to corner of the wall and signed like to beat her. He also told her that,”dekh tuze marenge ye jinnat”..and I think jinnat started beating her and I can predict that by looking tear in her lubna eys in slam di body. She started crying and shouted ,”allah k waste mat maro”.Then bapu asked her, ”kon he tu ,kahan se ayi he”[thought he was knowing she was lubna], she spoke that “m lubna”, she looked at her mother and startd crying again, and she was unable to run out of her body also as jinnat were holding her.
As she started crying, bapu asked her ,”ro kyu rahi he, kyu wapas ayi he tu??” but she was not ready to speak anything. Then bapu again beated her. Then she screamed “ammi muze bachao na,ye log mar rahe he”her mom replied with tear in her eyes that,”beta tuze allah ka wata he, kyu logo ko presan kar rahi he, bapu teir madad karenge,unhe batade jo kuch bhi galat he, muze teri bahot yad ati he” and by saying that she started crying loudly. I think everyone had tears in their eyes during dis tym.Then lubna got ready to speak. But she asked to eat something. I dunn rem. Exactly wat she demanded. But that thing were giver her to eat. She ate like hungry from years. Then she started speaking.1st line she spoke was,” allah muze kabra me nahi rehne dete”, meri rooh[spirit] jab bhi kabra me jane ki koshish karti he ,muze bahar dhakka de diya jata he” Then bapu asked to kya karti he tu..She replyed,”meri zindagi abhi baki he aur me mar gayi to baki ka time muze ese hi bhatakna padega“She again spoke that,”muze meri sari dosto pe gussa aya tha ,un sab ki shadi hone wali he aur meri nahi hue,wo bhi kabhi wapas nahi aya, me kisiko nahi chodungi” “Me yahin rahungi jab tak mukti nahi milti aur ese hi paresan karungi”Then bapu said,”ye teri duniya nahi he,allah ke farman ko tune toda,uski di hue zindgi ko tune khatam kar diya,uski tuze saza mil rahi he, wo saza to dusre begunao ko mat de”
The she started screaming and moving her head. Her mom was holding her hand.Bapu started chanting in urdu and mean while lubna was screaming, ”mat karo esa” but after somwtime she became silent. Remember dis all were happening in salm di’s body.I cud see during that time her face was vth sum type of satidfaction. We cud see peace on her face. She calm down. Bapu was chanting in urdu loudly now. he ws then asking to god “ya allah is masoom ko apni bargah me jagah de” and also he spoke sumthng vch I dun rem. Exactly but I can make that bapu was “mukti” for lubna. Tears were coming frm bapu’s eyes also. This was the miracle scene when spirit was getting mukti. I cud see the peace n calmness in lubna face. After long VIDHI salma di body fell down. Lubna went off frm her bodyand bapu told that ,“Insha Allah use Allah apni panah me le”..lubna mom was crying n that was hurting me frm bottom of my heart. I was small that time so I cud nt understand the reality of the situation. Then bapu said that,”ab wo nahi ayegi”..nobody was in condtion to ask where she went, but everyon was guessing that she got “MUKTI” but bapu said that she wont get it so soon but one thing he can say vth surity that she will nt cum again n harass to anyone. And after that bapu kept small iron pieces in all direction of our street vch is called to b “choki”, in other language u can say “raksha rekha”..By this choki no bad thing like spirit,black magic,etc. can affect you..[remember whole process vch I told to release lubna was not full,I still dunt remember watelse he did that time but surely that was nt such easy as I wrote n it seems by readin my post ]
After that salma di became conscious, and asked what happened. She was told about whole story and she also started crying that atleast her friend’s soul vl rest in piece. After that lubna spirit never came and things became normal but still that incident is rem. By every1 and one thing every1 got to knw that “you can not break rules made by god otherwise u gonna pay”
That was mah experience...we can see the reality of the life aftr death..