Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Before i begin the story i want you people to know a little about planchette and how it is carried out.may be most of you know abt it, but those who don't."planchette is a process of connecting with the dead souls. usually this process is carried out using a ouija board (pronounced as wee-jaa board) which consists of numbers and alphabets marked on it along with a pointer,but some ppl have known to do this by using other objects which commonly include pen,pencil and even a story includes planchette with a coin.most of the tym these souls are not harmful if you call them is a systametic manner and make them return in a organised manner too usually a soul is made to answer questions related to the past,present and the future of the person who called the soul.these answers may or may not be correct which you will know eventually.
a group of six friends frm a college in agra tried planchette with a coin.they called the soul, asked questions but after they were over they threw the coin, without letting the soul return to the wrld it belonged. eveythng ws fine and nothg happened so they soon forgot abt wat had happened and continues with their college. out of the six frdz two girls were extremely good frdz. they did eveythg together. they were room-mates also. lets call them aarti and aarti and piya had all they classes together except one which took place just before they went for their lunch at the mess.near the mess hall there was a watercooler set up for the students. so piya and aarti decided that whosoever out of the two finishes her class first will come to the watercooler and wait for the other one to come and then they both would head to the mess together to have their lunch..everythg was fine xcept one day...wen aarti was waiting for piya and she din't turn up for quite a long tym.the mess had already started and aarti was waiting for piya to arrive...
so aarti ws waiting for piya thinking wat was taking her so long and then piya arrived. aarti complained abt how she was late and the mess had already started!piya apologized and then they headed for the mess to have their lunch.on the mess table they discussed everythg related to their classes and stuff.after the mess they attended their classes and returned back to their rooms.the moment aarti entered her room piya ws all upon her"where had you been during the lunch time?" she asked."lunch! c'mon. i ws waiting fr you. then you came and we went together. remember?"aarti replied."with me? hello? i didn't attend the mess today because of you. i was late because i ws clearing my doubts with the teacher and when i arrived u were not there at the watercooler. i waited and waited but you didn't arrive and now i am damn hungry becoz i missed the lunch."aarti froze.if piya wsn't there as the mess then with whom she had attended the mess in the afternoon?with whom did she discuss all abt the college?
the mess incident totally shocked aarti but somewat piya failed to believe her but soon her doubts were clear as well.the following week was accompanied by lots of such events in which both were with each other but later the other wud say 'i wasn't there'..aarti and piya were aware that they had finally driven themselves into lot of trouble and ws trying to figure out the solution to it. they din mention it to anyone as people wudn't have believed them..days passed and eveyday there wud be sumthg or the other unusual waiting to happen..till one night, wen finally things went out of control and this tym it went real serious..
it was around 2 a.m at night when aarti woke up..she wanted to go to the bathroom but was kind of afraid about going on all alone so she decicded to wake piya up and take her along.she requested piya to stand outside the bathroom door till she was back.piya agreed.after waiting for about 5 minutes, she knocked on the door"aarti,how much time will it take yaar?""just wait for two minutes" came the reply from aarti."okay, but make it fast yaar, i m sleepy."so piya waited for another five minutes but aarti was still inside.she knocked again asking her to make it soon."just wait for two minutes" was the reply again.piya waited for the next ten minutes but aarti wasnt out still. she couldnt figure out wat was taking her so long.she knocked on the door again."aarti ,its been twenty minutes girl. what are you up to?""just wait for two minutes" was the reply again.
nyways the story..piya was standing outside and waiting for aarti to had been about half an hour of standing but aarti wasn't out yet.she once again knocked the door and got the same response "just wait for two minutes"piya was in no mood to wait anymore and so she decided to go back to her room and catch some sleep.and incase aarti inside would not know that she had goneplus she can come back wen she is piya went back and slept.and aarti was left all alone in the bathroom.
according to the hostel routine everyone use to get up at 5 in the morning to get ready for piya who was sleeping in her room got up and stretched her hand to wake up aartibutaarti wasnt there..piya looked around the room but no sign of aarti..had she been in the bathroom still?didnt she return??thinking this she rushed to the bathroomand shockingly found it locked frm inside...
getting no response from aarti inside,piya rushed to call the warden..after some time the door was opened..inside, aarti was found lying on the floor and on the wall just above her it was written"just wait for two minutes"aarti was declared dead later..
--------the end..........