Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Chuppi- Ghost Experience

Everything ready gupta?Yes sir.He...what's his name..Harpreet sirHaan, Harpreet... is he in?yes sirStart the movie then..It's already started sir.
Som was talking to his secretary gupta. Som was a movie director well known for his flopped horror movies.He was releasing his new horror movie Chuppi next week. To promote the movie Som had taken a new initiative.He put a challenge that whosoever watches the movie alone in the hall and isn't scared will be awarded with Rs 1,000,000.Many accepted the challenge, Harpreet was the chosen one. If he views the whole movie without being scared at all he'll receive the prize.To check whether he's scared or not during the screening, an ECG machine was attached to him also a camera was put on him to record his expressions during the screening.The movie was playing in Som's studio which had a hall for screening. To prevent any mishap an ambulance was there and a doctor was hired to constantly check the ECG reading.Som was confident that Harpreet will be terribly scared by the movie. He was thinking about what he'll say in the press conference that he has arranged to inform the media about the results of today's special screening.How is it going doc? Som asked the doctor.hmmm.. he isn't showing any signs of scare, his heartbeat his fine.He'll. Chuppi has just started, I bet he'll be scared to death in the first 1/2 hr itself. Saying this Som sat on the sofa placed in front of the tv on which Harpeet's face was showing. There was another tv showing his ECG readings.In the hall Harpreet was seeing the movie all alone. He was a pro at watching horror flicks. Never ever a horror movie had scared him.What a pathetic movie this looks to be. Same old story, no shocks who'll be scared of this s**t. said Harpreet watching the movie.He was constantly making fun of the movie, laughing as if it were a comedy.A woman with burnt face, long rough hair, sharp nails which were grayish and a scary voice comes on screen.

Ye le lo ab ye joker humko daraayenge. Chuckled Harpreet.The movie continued it's almost 75 minutes into the movie, only last 15 minutes were remaining but Harpreet didn't show any sign of being scared.Som went into his office, tensed. gupta followed him.Aise to sab bekaar ho jayega gupta. If he isn't scared by the movie what will happen to my movie, what will happen to my reputation as a horror movie director. Horror movie director? Stop kidding me.Muttered gupta.what...what did you say?n..nothing sir. I was thinking about how to save your reputation? gupta said hurridely.thinking? Som laughed as if gupta told him some joke.Don't do what you can't gupta.y..yes sir. gupta replied sweetly hiding his anger.After Chuppi finishes bring...what's his name.Harpreet.Yes harpreet to me, I'll pay him 2,000,000.But why sir the prize is only 1,000,000Abe ghonchu I'll pay him 2,000,000 to accept that he was very scared watching Chuppi. It's the only way to save my reputation. Kuchh sir. gupta shook his head.Samjhega bhi nahi. Now go and do as I told.gupta went out of the office fuming.Som also left the office and went to the doctor.

Doc was he scared any time.No Mr. Som.He'll, the climax is chilling, he'll be terrorized by it.In the hall Harpreet was making constant fun of the movie and the ghost in it.What a crap. When will this torture end? Harpreet shouted.The climax was in an old rusty hut where hero and heroine were being chased by the woman ghost. It was very scary but it couldn't scare Harpreet.The ghost was about to kill the hero, she had grabbed him by hair.Hey clown kill him.. kill him quickly and free me from this crap. Shouted Harpreet.The ECG machine showed some abnormal readings, Harpreet's face was showing signs of fatigue.What's happening doc? Asked Som.His heartbeat, it's becoming fast very fast he's scared very very scared.I knew it, Chuppi's climax is chilling, I knew I'll win.I think we should stop the movie Mr. Som. The man is very scared he may get a stroke.No doc, the movie is meant to be scary, if he is so scared he can leave the hall any time.Suddenly the doctor started to run towards the hall.You can't go there doc, let him come out himself don't ruin my movie's chances.To hell with your movie. Doctor shouted back while running to hall's door.

What Harpreet was facing in the hall....As the hero was killed, he once again yelled hey clown you're nothing but funny.Suddenly the woman, looking down at hero's dead body raised her head. Her eyes focused on Harpreet's face.She started walking forward. He saw a foot coming out of the screen. It scared him. None of the movies ever made had this special effect.He saw her whole figure coming out of the screen, she was walking towards him, her blood red eyes focused on him. He was very scared. For some time he couldn't belived what he was seeing. But soon he came to his senses and tried to yell and it scared him to death when he found that he couldn't utter anything. He tried very hard but couldn't say a word.The woman was walking towards him, passing rows of chair, in panic Harpreet tried to get up and run but realized he can't even move. He felt bound to the chair.He was sweating profoundly, his heart was almost jumping out of his mouth. The woman was very close to him and he wasn't able to speak or move.The woman jumped on his lap her breath on his face she started to lick his cheek.

...Thud...The door of the hall opened and doctor came in running hard shouting Harpreet's name. The movie has ended and the screen was showing casting. Doctor paid no attention to all that, he ran to Harpreet's chair hurridely.Harpreet..Harpreet you alright? Doctor shook his body but when he got no response he checked Harpreet's heartbeat.Som entered the hall. What happened doc? Is he alright?Doctor shook his head. He is dead, and turned around to walk away from the dead body.For the first time he noticed the screen which was showing the last caption, the punch line of the movie."If you aren't scared you're dead"