Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ghost Experience in Khandala

My friend has a bungalow in Old Khandala where we go often to spend the weekend. This happened about 5 years ago in the month of August.

A group of us friends had gone to Khandala and were sitting in the garden in the late evening having drinks and snacks as we have always done on our many visits before. Around 9 - .9.30 pm we decided to go inside and watch some TV, and left everything as is . We shut the doors of the house to prevent the mosquitoes from entering. Around 11.00 pm ,we decided to get the chairs, table and the food and booze bottles inside and opened our door. One of the boys in our group opened the door and called out "look at the swing" and we all went to see. We were surprised to see the huge swing in the garden( its a heavy 4 seater wrought iron swing with mattress seats ) swinging with great speed (like people were sitting and kicking with their legs).The swing of course was EMPTY!!

There was no wind as none of the leaves were stirring , nor were there any dogs/cats or animals around and no animal could have moved the swing that high or fast.. Whilst we were looking at the swing , it continued to swing at that speed for almost a minute but gradually slowed down and stopped completely...all nine of us who saw this were stunned, and dont know what to make of this.. we just stood and stared and when it stopped we just went out together, quickly collected all the foodstuff and furniture , went inside and locked up the house. We all shared one room in the three bedroom house that night as we were kinda scared to separate out and sleep.

That night we all heard some funny tapping noises (best described as a man walking with a stick, like a night watchman(there is no watchman here ) and when we looked from the windows there was no one)...we of course did not go out to investigate!! The next morning we checked with the neighbours but no one had heard the tapping sounds .
One of my friends stated that by leaving the remnants of our party ( chairs. tables,snacks booze in glasses and cold d drinks around ) we had extended an invitation to spirits to enjoy, which is what they were doing when we opened the door.

We were there for 2 more nights and have gone to this bungalow many many times after that but have never heard those tapping noises or seen the swing move that way again.I was quite scared that night , but on the wholeIi do not feel anything negative or evil about the bungalow and infact have had very pleasant times there and still go there. I have been going here atleast 5-6 times a year since 1992, but have never before or since experienced anything like this . We have moved around and sat in the garden all night as well without any fear

Now I don’t really believe in ghosts much and I don’t claim to have seen or experienced one. This is the spookiest experience I have ever had and I don’t know how to scientifically explain it away…esp considering the fact that all 9 people present there saw , heard and experienced the same phenomenon. Is this something like mass hallucination or was it actually some kinda haunting? This is an absolutely honest account of what happened and would love yr comments re the same.