Friday, August 21, 2015

Ghost in a Technology Park in Chennai (Part 2)

Dear friends now the second half of this story began just 5 days on 14th May 2009.

so vishnu left the office and after vaccation i came back on jan 18th or 19th..And i was assisgned to some other projects..And all things were fine..all things usual nothing unusal and all..

BUt on last wednesday evening onwards the things started to deviate

my current project was planned to launch on wednesday evening.But for some technical issues it got postponded to thursday.So on thursday we deployed in server at night by 9.00 and it was successfull to so give support to the application me and my friend decided to sit upto friday morning

So afetr the successfull deployment we all felt so much happy that our past 5-6 months hard work is now running and many user from NA region will start to use.So for further support and if any issues is coming means we can fix that..So me and my colleage sat and remaining all left the office by 10-10.30. So we were planning about a team outing in any resort or want a get together in any one of the 5 star hotel on coming week end.All things went fine up to 11.30. Nearly 11.30 i went to caffeteria for coffee.Taht time old incident came to mind but i didnt felt taht affraid because taht things went away from my mind long time back.When i pressed for coffee and i waited for that.But to my surprise black tea came..So i got surprised And washed my cup and again pressed coffee and this time nothing came.So i cursed the machine and went back to my desk..While going i heard some blowing sound in caffeteria irushed back there and i saw one cup above the machine fell down and got broken..Fear came to me and slowly started to dominate me.I went back to my cube.But my colleage was not there.I thought may be he went to wash room or went down for a smoke..After 10-15 min i called to his mob and that was not reachable..So i went to wash room..There i heard some sound like dum dum dum..I felt so much affraid and i thought to leave the office.But after that if some issues coming means it will be my responsibilty and will make problems.So i thought to go back.Then too i was so much anxious what will be inside and this sound is coming.SO finally i decided to check ..i went inside the wash room

Noone was there.Althings was usual.i checked completely problem.I thought may be my mind only responsible for this .so i connected the head set of my mobile and tghought to hear some songs..And i went inside..That time my friend too there..I asked him where he went.He told i went to ghround floor to buy snacks and all.So nearly 12.30 we both went to caffeteria and was talking and thought to leave by 5.00 or 5.30. suddenly i heard some noice like some body is braething stronly or moroning. Ia sked to my friend he told ya me too hearing may be sound from ac. I asked him whether u found any un natural things in this building.He told i didnt felt but i herad from my freinds wh worked here earlier ie the previous company..But i didnt beleived .But i can feel that some body is watching us and i felt some body is breathing strongly..So we both went to our cube and were looking into application.Nearly 1.30 our AC in the office got off..Since its A IT park we know the back up generator will work with in seconds and it worked..BUt to our surprise the south side power dint came only north side lights are on and south side completely dark.I recollected the old incident.Ya that day too like this only..I ran to exit and flashed my access..Access got denied.My card is not working.Iw ent to south side with my mobile ie only with mobile light..Thte fire exit too not opening...On that area i can hear the breathing sound clearly..I called my friend to come here..I shouted but no response from that side..I got affraid like any thing..I ran to his cube..

he was heraing songs with ear phone.I felt little bit ok when i saw him.So we started to chat..Just i want to run time upto 5.00..So No thing happened up to 5.00 and we both decided to start.We came to to exit and i flashed my my surprise no proble was there the door got opened and we left the office.Afetr reaching room too iwas not comfortable..some thing was haunting me.So friday after noon nearly 2.30 i reached office and was talking with PM.I enquired about other guy who sat with and i heard some thing that i cant believe. He got fever and symptoms of chicken pox.I dont know whether to believe or not.That day morning uot p5.00 he aws with me only.He didnt have any problem.So i called to his mobile.His mother attenede the call and told he s hospitalized.I didnt understood what happened to him.Nearly 6.00 i thought toleave.Since its a week end i thought to go for a movie and to start the week end witha movie.So i was searcing in net for new releases and i found a new tamil movie calles 'SARVAM' released. So i tried to book the ticket. And finally i booke the ticket for 10.00pm show and thought to leave by 8.00 so that i can reach the multiplex by 9.30 and on the way i can take my dinner.Nearly 7.30 my PM called me and told Aravind i wantyour help.PLease moniter the performace and bandwidth of application up to tomorw morning 7.00...Its an urgent..I thought to tell to some one..BUt no body is available all are going to their native places.So you only here. Please manage for today.I felt so much irritated and i told my PM that yesterday too idint went to sleep..Atleast i want to sleep today.Then too my PM is not ready to listen >he offered me 2 days off on coming week.(Off the track why i accepted is next month is my appraisal time.So i dont want to create an issue with my PM :). So i accepted and i decided to take a risk for my appraisal..

Nearly 10.00 all left the office ..Just imagine my friends already am feeling some thing is here..Pin drop silence,I can hear the sound of my key boards sound clearly.Even i can hear my breathing sound clearly and my heart beats too..Today is friady..I herad the ghost will have so much power in friday nights..I felt each second is going as each hour..My heart beat raised..Body temperature is also raising..What will happen today???

i started to monitor the bandwidth and performance of the applicatin..All thigs are going fine. i thought to hear some songs from my i played the songs afetr 2-3 ongs songs got stoped when i checked the mobile my mobile got hanged and i cant able to do nay thing.So i removed the battery and switched on again but its not getting on.I dont have that much guts to go to caffeterai.So i decided to go to youtube or orkut..But net began to drag web pages is coming.But when i checked the application graph no issues there is nothing with network issues or network leakage..i Called my PM and asked shall i leave nothing to worry in the application.But he told for my sake plz stay for today.Nearly 12.00 i heard some sound from caffeteria.I dindnt went.taht time i didnt got that much guts to go and watch.the sound got increased soundly like dum dum or like some body is running there with boots or heels..I decided no need to get up from my cube..I looked into south block.Lights was there.Suddenly i saw a shadow or some thing like that near to caffeteria entrance.I rubbed my eyes and looked closer nothing was there..slowly the sound staretd to diverte from cafferteria to exit. I prayed to GOD and some confidence was with me Because you all know what are the practices and virtual am following and i am wearing that locket.After 1-2 hours jsut for relaxation i got up from my cube i saw aome of the lights near to the caffeteria side is blinking and some are switched off. But am damn sure before half an hour all lights were on.Almost my body started to shiver..

I looked the watch its almost 1.30. SO i decided what ever happens am will leave the office by 2.00.. So i drafted the mail to send for the bussiness customers.onsite team and PM regarding the bandwidth. I took my laptop and went to exit.Even am damn sure that door wont open.Then too i flashed my card .As usual no use.SO i went to that side fire exit and i used my complete strength to open that and i opened.I got my life back i felt i reached bike parking..that time my onsite PM called me reported an issue and priority is critical.So want to fix in an hour. I rushed back to office.i put access for entry ya it worked..i rushed to my Pc and switched on my lap..I cant able to believe all the lights were on..An hour before only i saw some lights were off.So it took 2 hours for me to fix the issue and i completely concentrated on that.I didnt noticed or i compelled my self no need to listen to my surronding.Finally by 4.30 i went and flashed my card for exit .Ya it worked and i rushed to my room.. Saturday i didnt went office.On sunday 6.30 pm i got a call from my PM to take the bandwidth graph and send him a mail attaching that.That time i was with my friends nearly 30 km away from my office.So i tld him that.But he told its an urgent u sent tghe mail leave.Soi started from that place to office and reached 8.30.

here we go friends..Sunday I reached office nearly 8.00 pm. So switched on my PC and started to work. I got 2-3 critical issues and want to fix it before next day starting of business hours. So I scheduled a meeting on late night with Business customers and analyzing team. But no body was there at the other side to accept the meeting request. As I know 99% nobody will accept. So I started to read requirements documents and SPEC again.(Sorry to use tech words. Any have doubt means plz shoot a question in this thread. Will reply you). So I started to debug. Ehat my aim to finish all work and to leave at the earliest. After fixing the issue I uploaded the new jar file and started to restart the server . to my surprise server is not responding.Eigther its not allowing me to start or to delete. So I decided to go to server room.Since am poor in hard ware config and server config I called the server admin team thru phone and they told they will guide thru phone first u go inside.So I put my access and went inside server room.And was trying to sort out the issue..After 20-25 min my mob got disconnected and switched off .Am damn sure that my mob have enough battery.Its not getting switch on. I tried to exit the server room..But the door is not opening and my access is not being identified be the machine..As any one from networking or It side in this forum means they knows how this server room will be.Air tight close room..I started to beat the door and tried to open..i Know that wont take any sense.I don’t know what to do over there.Alone..My thoart began to become dry and I felt thirsty.But no use..i looked my watch..Its almost 12 .30am.The people will come to office next day..Only networking admin will get the rights to open this room.I felt so much scared..After 5- 10 min I heard the sound of land line ringing.I was sure it will be Networking team only. I tried to put my access no use.I know I was trapped inside the server room

After some time I felt some body is walking outside the server room or through the office.I dont know whether to call or to be keep silent. Slowly the sound started to increase like some body is running. I tried to confirm whether the sound from Ac or server room or really some body acme to office. But I can't able to confirm. Then I heard a sound like some body is weeping or s crying that too I can't able to confirm. I tried to switch on my mobile no use. I checked the time its almost 1.30am. Finally I decided to check our main server. But all machines are confusing me. in that AC too I was sweating. I came to door. now nothing is coming no sound nothing. I got surprised what's happening here. I flashed my card .Ya it worked and server room got opened. I Came out and searched the whole office including caffreteria no body was there. I confirmed that. I came to my seat. To my surprise server is running .and application too running. My changes got reflected there. Am more surprised.

The whole office was silent. suddenly My mobile got rand that too in full volume the song from Yuva.For one second I scared like any thing means to the maximum. To be Franck just I didn’t pissed that’s all. My heart got free zed almost. Its a land line no.I picked the call. NO answer, NO body talked No sound. So I terminated the call. then only I came to know up to now my mobile was switched off. Now how it got on. I sent mail to my PM and clients that issue got solved. That time suddenly some thing striked me.I felt so many unusual things. But I didn’t got hurted or it didn’t made me any thing harm. So if am sitting here means may I get the solution for this. That time another thing too came. This community. So I thought to shoot out a thread to ask what will be this. Then later I thought to make it as a thread as my experience. So I started to write on Sunday night on that time onwards. I called Vishnu from my office and I told him that now am experiencing that same thing what we got. That time he was eager to know how the north Indian girl ghost will look like. Is she beautiful or not..

After sunday i sit in office on tuesday night. But with one more guy.Nearly 11.00 we went out for our dinner and i told the experience i felt for last few days in our office..he simply laughed and told dont try to fool me.So simply i left the topic and were chating. we went back to our seats nearly 11.30 and start to do our work.Afetr some time we felt so much chilled.So we thought AC temp is so down .So we thought to switch off the AC.Any way we will leave with in 2-3 hours .so we thought to swtuich off and i went to electric control room and i though tto switch off the light.So i switched off the lights except the lights near to our cube and AC. And i came back to my seat..Simply i was waiting will any thing happen today.I took my cup and went to take a coffee.In cafetreia it was so silent.I pressed for coffee.Simply the vaning sound isthere.Coffee too came.No problem nothing is happening unusually. When i went to seat back i saw my colleage fainted down there.Suddenly i got shocked..I took some water and springled on his face and called my PM and told this.Then i called the security people in our building.They came and took him to the hospital.Afetr that i didnt got that much guts to stay that day.What is the need to take a risk??i thought like that.SO with 10-20 min i too left the office.On the way to home i called that guy.He is in the hospital but nothing to worry..He told BP became low thats all.Because past 2-3 days i didnt went to sleep properly No issues i will come to office tomorw...

when this news spreaded in office next day iheard some shocking 3 years back i guy stayed and worked in late night.Next day when the people came he was seen in the floor with out consious.They took him to hospital and he got high fever which cant able to speak or even sit too.He was admitted in the hospital for 15 days nearly.After that simply he sent his resignation letter thru fax. His close friends told that he saw some thing on late night and felt affraid and ie y he fainted down.Its an old story may be story only.They are telling like that.I asked to my friend who fainted down on tuesday.He told i didnt felt any thing like that.I was working suddenly i9 felt darkness came to eyes and i felt unconsious...Thats all