Thursday, May 13, 2010

ghost in police line ( quarters ) in Mumbai

This happened to my mom when she was newly married. my dad ( now expired ) was in IPS and after marriage mom- dad used to stay in police quarters in goregaon (mumbai ). It so happened that they had guest that night so mom arranged mattress to be put on floor so that everyone wud b comfortable. mom slept near the wall then my dad and then the guests.. now in th emorn when mom got up one side of her body was u feel when u fall down or are hit.. there was also a blue-back mark on the same side of her back.. she was confused.. she told dad abt her.. and dad said she must have dashed somewhere and got the mark..and the topic ended there..

Later in the day mom told this incident to the lady staying next door adn then she told the most terrifying thing...
She said that there is one spirit who walks by that wall and any person or thing which is kept in between its path is either broken to pieces or is picked up and dropped ( in the same place).. and then mom realized that she was been dropped down from a certain height that day.. but had thought that it was a dream...The lady said that this sort of things keeps on happening so not to worry abt it..but from then on mom never slept in that area again.