Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Haunted BM Guest House in Melbourne, Australia

I moved to Melb with mu husband and daughter (4 years) old , 3 years back and as we didnt know anyone we booked our accomadation at B.M. Guest house , Macleod, Melbourne. If you are aware of Melbourne , this is a big joint for Asians as its near La Trobe Uni and GSM.. Well we were the only "family" guys there.. other than students. So we were quiet popular as I have a kid who mixes with all and I used to cook great meals etc.. well we had this experience not once , not twice but at least 7-8 times. After spending a month at the place , one of the morning a students came to me and asked what happened to my daughter. I was like "what !!.. nothing , she's fine" .. and he was like ..oh ok.. but I could see that strange expression on his face.. same question asked by another student and I asked him what happened.. y r u guys behaving like this.. It came out that at 4 am that morning they heard a kid crying..other than my daughter there was no kid at this palce.. I was like oh someone must be watching a movie ..must be that , dont worry...

next week , the same thing happened again.. by now I was very sure of where my daughter goes and didnt send her anywhere alone with any student .. but this time mu husband and I heard it !!.. well I am the one who believe in Ghosts but have no wish to see them !!.. anyway muy husband chekced outside our room to see .. nothing.. just darkness.. no breeze no movement at all..after a few days a friend of mine came to visit us.. we were standing outside the hostel and I had my back towards the entrance.. she was opposite me .. we were generally chattinga dn she just said "Pooja please leave from this place soon ".. I was shocked .. and asked her why she sdaid so.. She is a religious person believe in Christ and goes to church regularly and

After a few weeks the same thing happened.. we could hear walking foot steps in the night ..not late night but as early as 9 pm-10pm.. well we moved from that place after a month .. but came to know a few things about that place.. This place was a mental asylum after the World War I.. and they had nurses over there.. These nurses asnd patients too were not treated well due to scarcity of medicines and doctors unavailability and according to some people they still haunt the place. Other than my incident , I have heard of similar stories of noises from the common toilets, passages and of course the back yard..