Sunday, August 16, 2009

MY Real Life Experinece !!!!!!!- Aravind

This incident happened 3 years back.That time i was doing my engineering final year.Because of project work and all we dont have classes i shifted to a room nearly 8 km away from my college with my 3 friends.First i will tell about the room.The room is nearly 3 km awy from the road and no houses will be near to that.The house is situvated in middle of a paddy field. The remaing you can guess how the area will be.No one will come to that way after 7.00pm.The house will look like a villa and we got that for just 3000rs.That time itself we got the doubt why his much big home for this much cheap rent.We went to that home on 22nd dec 2006. Me,Arun(Name changed),Hari(Name changed),Sarath(Name changed) and deepu(Name changed). Actually we were in trill that today onwards no body will be there to control us and we can live how ever we want.and we went to our home town on 23rd for christmas and mew year vaccation. and we planned to come back on 2nd jan.As planned me and deepu came back on 2nd evening and we got the call from hari and sarath that they will come by 3rd morning..the things got changed from 2nd night onwards.As that was our first day to stay me and deepu decided to we boozed upto 11 and we went to sleep.After some time deepu screamed like any thing and was tring to woke up me like any thing..Still i remember his face..with lot of sweat and so much shivering..i asked him what happened..When he told what happened to him iWas shocked..i cant able to belive that..May be my friends you too wont believe !!!!!!!!
there was no mirror in the toilet that was his complaint.Really i cant able to beleieve that..i rushed to the wash room..yes no mirror there. i was confused yesterday did i saw any dream or it was just an illusion for me that deepu cried and all..i was confused and i told to hari that we can buy today and i forgot about this ..then while taking tea i told to deepu about this..suddenly he put his tea glass down and he told me some thing is there in our room..better we can shift..i too thought its right and when we reached room i told last night incident to them.instead of hearing that seriously they started to tease me.Dont dare to scare us ..we wont get affraid and all. but some thing started to hurt or irritate that day went with our routine work and we came back nearly 6.30..when we came to our room and got freshed up and decided to watch movie.nearly 11 some sound came back from our back side of our room and suddenly me and hari rushed over there...we saw some blood strains over there...i saw one more thing which i cant digest
The mirror we saw in the toilet was broken there. and one cat was hurted and it was crying with pain.suddenly i called deepu and sarath and they too came..when deepu saw that mirror he started to shout that this was i saw yesterday..there is some problem in our home..better we can vacate and we shift to college hostel back..But then too hari and sarath was not ready to listen and not ready to believe me or deepu. Then hari told he is going out to buy cigeratte any body going with him.. then i told ok i will come and we too left.On the way i noticed the the body there and no light nothing..only wind is there and it seems its whispering som thing..i told to hari that we are not joking and these things happened yesterday..he told leave this things just we will be together for 2-3 months only..we can enjoy that period. So went to town and bought cigaratte and came back..For next 2-3 days nothing happened.So we start to forgrt these things.On friday deepu and hari went for second show movie and only me and sarath was there.So were sitting in the car pouch and were smoking and talking.Suddenly sarath stood up and started to run towards the gate.then i asked him what happened ?he was telling somebody was seeing us from the gate when i saw that it walked we went to the gate and looked to all teh sides..atleast for 1 km nobody was we locked the door and came to pouch again..Then suddenly we got the smell of jasmine flowers..slowly the smell got increased ..And wind sound increased and it seems that some body is breathing?!?!?!
suddenly fear came to me and it started to increase..then i felt may its sarath just got mistaked since its late night and its so dark tehre..then too i asked sarath are u sure that u saw any body..he is telling i believe in my eyes and i saw some body was there. mean time hari and deepu came and they bought one bottle whisky. So we thought to drink and suddenly power went so we decided to go to terrance and to booze by seeing moon and stars.It will be a nice exp. So we went to terrace
while boozing too the ghost and evil spirit was our topic and we had some fun on the topic and we went to sleep slowly.After some time i i heard the sound of wolf or dog am not sure.I picked my mobile and checked the time it was nearly 1.30am.So i felt to go for choo choo.And am so lazy to go down i thought to go to the sun shade and pass. I woke up and lighted a cigeratte and went to the edge of sun shade..While choo choo i saw some body is walking infront of our gate.Again i starred and confirmed is it my illusion or real. So i bent down and i started to look carefully. I swore my friends i saw a body with movement.But cant able to recognize whether a boy or girl. I can hear the wolfs or dogs sound clearly and loudly..death fear came for me.And suddenly in air jasmine flowers smell came and it started to increase and i felt i cant able to breathe.i Felt suffocation. I throwed the cigeratte and i tghought to call my friends but when i felt the body is coming towards our home. icant able to shout or voice is not coming from my mouth.I dont know what to do i felt some body tied my body and i cant able to move. then too some how i got up and jumped back to terrace and called my friends..deepu only woke up and i told to him.we both came back to sun shade but no body was there.Since the power is off we dont have that much guts to go down up to the gate.. So me and deepu decided to shift the home or want to see any other remedy.. Next day morning me and deepu got up early and went to a temple 8km away from our room..
morning it self we went to temple. As we are from kerala we have a belief that if we tie the traed from any temple means ghost cant come near to us.So we both tied and bought 2 more for our room mates..and more over we bought holy water and some sindoor and all for our home. Sow e came back and tied to our roommates and poured holy water throuh out the home and tied the notes on four sides of our home.Then we went to college and submitted our project titile and came back to room by 5.00 pm. Things started that night onwards. Nearly 11.00 pm me and deepu thought to go out for a tea.Then sarath and hari too told they r also coming so we four went in 2 bikes.When we came back the time was nearly 11.45.. when we reached room the room was open even though sarath was damn sure he closed and the key is with him only..When i looked the thread i tied on morning i was shocked it was burned and and suddenly i run to see whether what happend to remaining three.there was no thread like that. Fear came for all of us. Just we want to escape from that place.we started our bike it was not starting.Even though our laptops and money is inside the room nobody have the guts to go inside.We thought to run and we can take the things and bike later..Suddenly we heard a scream from inside our hOme..i decided to go inside home because of that thread tied in my hand.Me and deepu rushed inside.when i saw whats that my heart stopped for some seconds !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
when we entered me and him clearly saw a girl walking towads the kitchen and suddenly we rushed to outside of the home and tried to tell that we saw to our frnz..but out of breathing icant able to tell.when i told to them what we saw deepu was not there with him..that time only i came to know that deepu was inside the home and we3 rushed inside the home and deepu was lying in the kitchen with open eyes..but no sense and he was looking out side..we called him but no response and he s not at all looking to us.we poured water into his face suddenly he looked to us and started to shiver and cry....we asked him what happened what happened..he told when i went out he tried to follow her and to c who is she..he told its a girl having nearly 23-24 year old.looking so beautifull and when he was close to her jasmine flower smell was coming and when she smiled blood as coming from her mouth like a stream and more over she dont have eyes.. We got shocked and we asked then what happened?
he told he tried to go away but that time i didnt saw any way and i ididnt saw our room and it was like a grave yard ad the place am standing is open..Then she laughed and walked away and she was murmering some thing in tamil..So all ous 4 became affraid and decided to shift the home..just we waited when will the sun rise..we stayed in the car pouch only and we can hear some sounds inside our room but we dont have that much guts to check...suddenly i noticed the tread we tied from the temple was not in my hand..i became more affraid and i felt am nearing to death..MY dear friends you can imagine what will be the depth of our we started to cont the sun came ..nearly 7 am still we dont have courage to go inside our room..finally we went inside and started to pack our laugage. That time hari's father called him that he is on the way to our room.stay there he will be there with in 1 we decided to stay upto his father reach room and after when he will leave we can shift to any hotel and later to college hostel..nearly 9.30 haris father and his younger bro came.and his father told am on the way to a marriage and will come back tomorw evening and up to that ur bro will stay with u..we thought to tell that we r shifting.But due to affraid we didnt said.afetr some time his father left and we started to discuus what to do.whether to adjust for today night too or to stay out side...
so finally we decided tostay for that night too and we decided to shift the next day..we were holding the breath and dont know what to the finally our freezing time came ..night 11..all can hear their own heart beats..haris bro is talking with all of us then too nobody is listening to him and he was asking to us what happened..after some time he told he was going to sleep. he went to bed room. We dont know what to do..time started to go..12.00 suddenly some girl screamed and we rushed to the bed room to see haris bro and we saw he is bleeding from his palm..and he was crying in a girls voice..we got shocked and hari went near tro him to ask what happened..we felt he was some one and not his bro..suddenly witha razer he started to attack we 3 went to them and tried to stop him...hari gave a tight slap to his bro and his bro fainted down...we poured some water on his face and he woke and looked on usand started to beg to us dont kill him and dont do any thing,,we looked each other and asked what happened..he is agian begging and telling to us plz dont kill him..we didnt under stood any thing we took him to drawing room and made him and asked what happened..he told when he was sleeping hari called him and we 3 were behind him and told to him that u dont deserve to live..why u came here so that u deserve death and scartche to his hand by a razer..when we heard this we dont know what to do we told him may be u dreamed only..then too he was not ready to we sit with him upto morning.. and on morning we went to hospital and dressed his hands and told him no need to tell like that...tell some lie to him
so i decided to go to any black magician or to any tantrik to ask advice and i told to my friends.But they rejected they told we can shift the room .Since am a brahmin and i know little bit adrava veda i told them once we met like this means it will follow us until we will reach death.So i convinced them and that day evening itself we started to enquire about these types of people.But no use on that day.we came back to the tea shop and ordered for the tea and was discussing abt our shifting.then one old man came.he looks like begger and he sat opposite to us.I started to notice him he look like a misterious man and he was wearing so many rings and chains having giods and devils pic. So we 4 decided to go for a movie and to roam for the whole night some ware and go back to room on morning.After giving the money to tea shop i noticed i didnt took my mobile and ie on room.i called y friends and no one was ready to come with me to room. So finally i decided to go alone and i thought the time is just 7 only so no problemi can get my mobile and come back with in 15 min.So i started my bike and went towards room..on the way i saw that old man walking thrugh the road..and iw as sure that the next home after our home is atleast 8-10 km..i felt want to ask where he is create a circumstance to talk i made the horn for 2-3 times..but he didnt turned back...finally i crossed him and i stopped my bike...
i felt delicousy to ask then too i went near to him and i asked uncle where r u going there is no home near by this road..he smiled and asked me back where u r going?I told my home is on this way so am going..he told leave me and i dnt want to tell u where am going and he started to i took the bike and went to home. I eneterd the home with shivering heart and with lot of sweat.I went to room and took my mobile.To get courage i was telling gayatri mantra continously..Suddenly i felt i cant breathe and i cant talk.i tried to run but cant able to run.i saw one girl walking towards the front room .i thought to tell mantras.But my tongue is not moving. that girl came so near to me and i closed my eyes..i thought my life is over..i dont know whether my parents will get my body....i felt soo much chilled..and i felt some body is so near to me..and my mind didnt allowed to open my eyes..suddenly igot the smell of jasmine flower and i felt some body is murmering near to my ears .The language is tamil...She is telling why u ppl came back u ppl didnt satisfied what i punished u..ok nw feel more and breathing fastly.I called all the gods name i know..i dont know what happened suddenly i felt i was released and i can able to breathe and move.i opened my eyes and the girl is going towards kitchen.I saw her from back clearly..she looks l;ike a normal girl from back side..having 5'5 feet height and slim..i screamed and ran out of the home and took the bike and gave the accelaration how ever i can
suddenly i saw the old man and i stopped him and told him plz dont go that way...he starred on me and told some thing back...i thought its better that no need to hear or stop the bike..."FRNZ want to know what he said?????"
arun is the guy who took us to the broker and and arranged the home for us..HE is aday scolar and a tamil guy who studied with us.
He told me I can feel the smell of death from you. Death is following you. Survive if you can. You can't escape. If you want to escape go back other wise you will pay for what u r doing. I didn’t reply any thing and I put the first gear. He applied the front brake and told me this is not the age for die. Listen to me. Some body is playing on your life and tempting u towards death. I was not ready to listen any thing fro him. Finally he told if u survives this night come and see me. I will be there in the same tea shop tomorrow. And remaining up to u.Any way I decided no need to go back what ever happens not in the room even though if am dying. So I gave the acceleration and I went and I saw death or yamarajan directly in front of my eyes..
I was on my way to the tea shop and my bike was on 60kmpl. The road was straight and there were no curves or any thing. I looked on both sides nobody was there and no signs of light and finally I can see the light of the tea shop and it was pretty far away. Suddenly I don’t know what happened some thing throwed away me from my bike to the paddy field. I don’t know hw it happened I didn't hit any thing that I was sure. it was some storm carried me and throwed.But I saw the bike is dragging and I can see the sparks and I was throwed to the paddy field ..and I started to shout. Searched the mobile to call any one of my friend but I found it got lost. I was suffering from pain like any thing. I don’t know where I got hurted when I took my hands its full of blood and bleeding like any thing. am shouting for help. slowly I felt am losing my consciousness' and when I closed my eyes I saw my own blood...and I felt am on the way to my death….
i dont what heppened to me and whats happening..when i opened my eyes i was in a hospital and my frieds were near to me. it was paining for me like any friends were asking continously what happenend last night..are you all right now. i looked the time it was 6.30 am, I asked them from where u got me and when u saw that i got accident.They told v were waiting for u in the shop.When u became late we came to the home and on the way we saw ur bike and we saw in the paddy field and we took u to the hospital.Then they were asking abt whether tehy inform my parents. I told no need then i remembered what that old man i saw on last night told.I told to my friends and itold plz discharge we want to meet him.but my friends didnt agreed.They told we will vaccate the home today we will take ur things too we can go to hostel back..i resisted and i told all thing. i told plz trust other wise we will fininshed one by one..finally they agreed. so i got discharged and we started to the tea shop..and i was praying to gOd that man should be there. Finally i reached the tea shop.
we reached that tea shop but that old man was not there..i started to cry..and i thought to tell all things to my father.. because he too know some tantrik and priest. before taht hari told me we can go to the house owner and we can explain and we can shift first.We all agreed.When we thought to start i saw that old man coming towards the shop from our way to home..he is coming from pretty long distance..So i told my friends we can go to him and no need to wait upto he comes here. So deepu told he will go the mechanic shop will check what happened to my bike and if its reday he will take that to room. So me and sarath started to walk towards him and hari took his bike... So we went near to him..He looked into my eyes and asked me r u still alive?i found death behind you yesterday..Its a mirracle that you escaped..I falled on his legs and asked him to help me out..why this things are happening any way to escape..He asked my DOB and time.i told him..he asked me when onwards these things. told him all the incidents started from day 1 in our home.He asked me r u trusting me.I said i trust u and will pay u what ever u my surprise i dont wany any money i will try to sort it out...if i cant means i will pay my life or ur life..So think and i told him i am ready to take a chance..u can continue.So we three went to our room. When we reached our room while seeing the room itself he his face changed and he told this is ur problem.this place nad home is ur problem.. some thing is here....
he asked me do uknow anybody stayed in this home earlier and what happened to them.I said no.he told to enquire that first. And uncle told me shall istay withu people today night.hari looked on me and took me to next room and started to scold me are u mad.we dont knw that guy..if we are making to stay and something is happening means will u take the responsibilty and i said i will take.. so i told to that man ya u can stay with us and i dont what am doing..For me i want my life and i want to escape from him. So i went out to tea shop and ordered for a tea..But my intension was to ask about the previous tetants who stayed in our home. So slowly i started to chat with by asking abt his family and all.And asked him do u know who stayed there before we take the home.he asked me why..and i told him because in one room they left som thigs like clothes and some furnitures.Then he told u can use and those people wont come back..before 3 years one family was staying there.they have one daughter and 2 sons..after some days their one son died and daugther got mental problem so they shifted and nobody knows where are they now.So i came back to my home .that time that old man was digging in front of our home and put 2 lemon and said we will get a rough idea with in today evening..and he told am going out ..dont worry will come back on evening..up to that what ever happens dont leave the home.plz stay here only..
after 2-3 hours deepu came back with my bike and we told him what happened here and that man will stay today night and he told us nt leave the home upto we started to wait for him..nearly 5.30 he came back with soem bags and 2-3 hens with him..he called all of us to teh front room.And he started to stare on us.he told i want to ask some thing to uppl..I want the correct answer and it should br u r lying means u will pay ur life for that lie..We didnt said any thing He suddenly asked among u whom whom are VIRGINs..we didnt told any thing i told him imcant understand..he looke on me and said those who didnt got the happy and comfort from womens flesh..I said am a virgin and followed by me hari sarath and deepu too said they r..and we started toi look each other r u sure like that..then he told ok i wnat to do some thing in your home today uppl have any problem..we said no.He told us to go and take bath and wear dothy with that wetness.dont use towel..And dont take any food or water up to tomorw morning..dont drink even ur saliva afetr taking bath.we agreed and went to take bath.after some time we came back and was standing in front of him. HE told me stand there and told to others to go and sit in the side room i made some arrangements there dont do any thing on that..what ever happens dont come out of the room..tehy looked on me and silently went to that told we want to go ouyt and he took me to the place where he put the lemon..he told me to dig and take the lemon..i started to digg afetr 1-2 min i felt i tuched the lemon..when i removed the soil and saw that i was shiocked..Darkness came to my eyes and i felt am fainting down..
when i looked downthe lemo was floting on blood..i looke don him and he made a smile and told no need to get affraid take that lemon and come inside with me..i dont want to take the lemon..but i cant disobey him too..finally i managed to take that. i took that followe him..i looked the was like some body bited it and it was completely spoiled ..finally we reached the room..he told to sit there..and he told he too dont know whats going to happen and when will the pooja be thing up to that no body should not go out of the home..if some body is going means he wont take the resposibilty and the consequenes..i looke at the floor seems he drawn some pic like kali there..and it was surrounded by sindoor seems that its full of blood..We started to light the candles and started to tell some mantras loudly ..friends that u want see his actions and prnounsations..really i cant express through was horrifying..his eye movements his fingers and along with mantra..he continued like that..afetr -2 hoours he told one mantra to us and told us to repaet that untill he tell to we were repatly telling that..nearly 11.00 clock the candle lights got off and and we felt some body eneterd that room..we can see the shadow movement and the sound of breathing and smell of jasmine flowers..and i felt some body was walking behind us and oppsite to my face i can see the reflection some girl is there with loose hair..the man ordered us what ever happens dont turn back and dont get up..suddenly we started to hear the laughing of that girl and she was wandering thriugh the room..We started to repeat taht mantra more fastly and athat guy continued with his mantras and action with his hands...we dont know whats going to happen and whether we will get our life back??
the shadow in front of us began to change its shape and and the girls hands were some thing life expanding and coming towards us. closed my eyes and started to repaet the mantras only..then that man told us to open our eyes it was like he was commanding to us..and he got up went behind us witha stick and started to tell some horrifing mantras....through the shadow we can able to see that he is beating that girl with that stick and she was screaming..after1-2 min he came back and with sindoor he drawed a star and was telling to some and stand here.first we thought tu us so deepu started to get up..that man beated deepu with taht stick strongly and roared not to calling her..he shouted 2-3 times and that shadow came to cross us and oopppsssss isaw that girl and i felt to vomit and started to cry loudly....when i saw my friends sarath almost urinated there and dont know to weep or to cry..then the man told those who dont want theier life can leave the rooom now..if u want ur life be quite and sit there...hari sratred to cry moreloudly and i took my hand kee and inserted to his mouth..the girl have 5.5 feet height..her face almost got rotten.dont have eyes...some thing like she burnt and blood strains o her fore head and mouth..she was wearing tored =saree.. i saw that for just 4-5 seconds. and turned my face and felt will vomit at any time...
i looked to my frnz face..they already closed my eyes..i dont know what was going he talking with that or is he doing any thing..i want to see that..but dont have enough guts to open my eyes..after 3-4 min no sound was coming from the islowly opened one eye and i saw the girl is cruing and on the next moment she is shouting again crying and shouting..the man called us and told to open our eyes..and he told do uwhat happened here..we were not at all opening our mouth..He told 30-40 years back this girl was raped by four people and they killed her by cutting her neck..she wont go unless she kill four of you..who told you to come this home..i tried to talk to her that you four were not that..but she is not ready to listen..she wants u peoples i cant do any thing..this is a death trap..if u are trying to go away means u will get instant death.. in my 45 years tantrik life i didnt felt a trap like this.. not only your my life too in trap now..i am holding tigers tail..if am leavibg it will kill me...we dont know what to do after hearing this...he took one hen and bited on its neck and throwed its head to the floor..blood was coming like a water fall..that mans mouth too full of blood and he was shouting drink this and spare us if u want will give you more..and he killed the remaining 3 hens too like that and in front of us the four headless hens were moving due to pain and almost the room was filled with seeing this sarath screamed and fainted down..
we dont know what to do..we looked on the mans face but he negklected us and talking to the girl..suddenly smoke came to room and we all closed our eyes.when we opened that man is standing and he was bleeding..he took a knife and came near to us and holded my hand and told u need blood only take it and he mage 2 opening in my arms and holded my hand tightly...blood came from arms like a river and he was not taking his seeing this deepu slapped him and and pushed him back and he got up and began to run out of the room..the man shouted dont go out of the room we told called him and i tried to get up..he gave a slap on my cheeks and asked dont u want your life?
i want to go out to stop him too and for me life i want to sit there too. i heard the sound of bike starting and its going..i started to pray to GOD nothing should happen to deepu..that man too became soo dul land scared..he told me she wont spare us untill our death..o think i too dont have the solution..then he took a skull from his bag and start to do some type of pooja. and my hand got so much paining and and its still bleeding like any thing..he bought that skull near to me and made to pour my blood on the skull..
We don’t know what to do on that situation. My hand was paining like any thing. After 5-10 min he took the skull and told some mantras and was beating that skull. After some time he stopped beating and looked on us.i want to know what happened or what will happen.He kept silence for some time and told I think she left the place I cant feel her presence hear I don’t know what happened I think she left u people or she got satisfied with your blood and the pooja..the man came to me he took a cloth and cleaned my wound and tied with that cloth and told don’t think bad..if u losing something or if ur accepting the pain then only u can survive..he told us to take bath and on that time he will clean the room.But we felt so much afraid to leave the room without him..he smiled and told no need to get afraid you can go and take bath and drink water an dcome we left the room and we went to take bath one by one..then I checked the time it was morning 4.00.. the man cleaned the room and I don’t know what magic he used not even a single drop of blood was there and the room was clean like any thing..he told pack all ur lauages and shift the room today itself.and no need to worry about ur friend ..we can expect he will also be ok.that time I asked him whats ur name what are you doing?he smiled and told he name is AGASTYA BAIRAVA. His father was a tantric like blavk magician..i was following him instead of doing that for bad things from that I used to help people. NAd he advised me u r a Brahmin never try to study adharva. It will spoil ur life..i asked him from where can I see you.He told he will wander from place to place and he don’t have any permanent shelter.I offered him some money he looked on my face and smiled.He told I wont do this for money..if u people want to do some thing means give me one time food.
So we thought to cook doasi for him..On the mean time he told don’t think you all escaped or she spared you..May be this will a temporary solution only..Be care full. Don’t break your brahmachariya until umake a knot on a girls neck.this is serious.and if u ppl can go to temple daily. So we accepted all and after 1-2 hours that uncle left and we were not completely recovered from the shock what happened.So we started to pack all the things . and we thought to call to any friends from the hostel to ask on where is deepu and when he went to I started to call one by one of our friends..All told they didn’t saw deepu or they don’t have any idea that whether he went to hostel or I thought may be to some other friends home he I started to call my friends one by one..but no body have idea about him..i started to felel afraid..nearly 8.30 we finshed packing and called for a car..we took the lauages and went to the house owner home.we handed over the key to him .and he told he wont give the advance money now.if u want just ask ur friends any body intereted to come and collect the money from them..we said no need of money now.when ever u can that time give us..Because we don’t want to trap any body..we thought to te;; things to him..But we are engg IT students..If we were telling emans I thought may b they will think we are mad and may be will create a lot of we went to a lodge and took 2 rooms and I thought to go to hostel to enquire about deepu..Nearly 10.00am I got a call which shocked us all…
I got a call from the shop keeper near to my college and he saw my bike in highway accident and so many people croweded there .he was asking are you all right or what..When I heard this me and hari took the bike and went there..a huge crowd was there.I went inside and asked what happened with shivering voice.they told bike accident on late night..some boy having 20 or 21 years old only..when we came on morning bike only we saw then we searched near by we saw a boy with full of blood nearly 100 mts police came and took him to hospital and not sure whether he will survive or not..and they cant understand how this happened..only this bike was there and no other vehicles..ppl started to tell new stories..these guys are like this only..they drink like any thing..i don’t know why their parents are giving this much money.cant they study in kerala..why they are coming these ppl started to tell..i felt so much afraid to tell that is my bike and he is my friend I asked to aploce man that which hospital they took him.He asked why I told to police ie my bike and my friend took on last night to go to hostel.he asked my and his address and with him I went to the hospital..My heart was praying to GOD nothing should happen to deepu..When I see him he should be alright
So finally we reached the hospital. He took me inside the hospital. I prayed to all the Gods he should be ok .Finally he took me the mortuary and asked me to go inside and identify whether that guy is ur friend or what. he was declared as bought dead.and there is nothing on his face wen cant identify any thing.just go see the dress and ornaments and plz confirm it..i don’t what to do..cant able to believe that..Finally I entered the was so much chilled and many dead body were there..some body took me to a place and he showed one dead body covered with white bed sheet and ie full of blood strains, he removed the cloth and I looked I acnt confirm whether its him..there is nothing on his face..when I saw the broken watch and the whit dothi I started to cry and I got confirmed deepu is no more and he left us..
i don’t know what to do whether to call the college people or his home ..i came out and told him he was our friend only..i gave his details..he told ok come to police station and give the statement..i asked the policeman can he give his mobile..And I called sarath and hari and told them and told them to tell to our HOD and principal.they too got shocked and cant able to believe.So I went to the police station..From the station I gave his details his parents contact no and where we are from and all..Suddenly the things begin to change…
They Inspector started to ask why he went to hostel on late night that too on untime? Is there any problem between you friends. The things u r telling that I cant believe it seems like a big lie..Want to check whether he have any ornaments on his body..after getting the post mortem report u can leave the station.Call ur parents or ur principal from ur college..I got feared like any thing..the facts are against me.that time only we decided to shift our home today ..we packed his clothes too and his Lau age is in my hotel room. if a question is coming why he went to hostel on late night means no answer..what will I tell to his mother and to college people. if hari's bro too telling to some one that he felt we tried to kill him means who will believe us? I don’t have any mobile with me too communicate with hari and sarath..if they were telling to any body that yesterday someman came and conducted some pooja nd ghost were there in our home means who will believe and more over we don’t know that man's address except his name. and most important things I got a hurt in my hands and its not dressed well and if any body seeing that means they will come to know just 5-6 hours before only it got hurted..and I don’t have any answer for that and how it happened and why I didn’t went to hospital for dressing..So I felt a trap and I thought if this case is going in a murder mood instead of accident means we 3 are locked. Just think my situation friends in the police station?????can any body feel that?
Finally all people in the college came to know this with in 2-3 hours my father too came to the station. and my father was talking to the inspector .after some time deepus father too came and I looked his face..he was crying and looks so dull.the inspector called and askd some thing in front of his father.he replied with tears that I know these 2 guys were good friends for 4 years and he wont do any thing.any way he left and I only lost spare him please don’t spoil his life and my father told me to go to home with him..i told no am going with deepus father and after all things only I will me ddepus father deepu sarath and hari went to his in the ambulance..because they cant keep the body that day evening itself all things done..we went to deepus mother and that time we noticed her mother was not crying and no sesnsation or feeling on her face..his father told after hearing this she is like this only..she didn’t cried and didn’t talked even a single she sees u means may be she will go and talk to her make her express her sorrows..but I felt she didn’t understood us and we were with his father and we left after 2-3 days to our home…Here starts sandeep whats the conclusion we got !!!!!
After 2 weeks sandeeps father came to my home and told me he want to talk to me personally getting apamertiyu means they will do poojas and check whether his horoscope had any problem or what).So they did like that in his horoscope it was written that there is chance of apametryu for him and because of that may it will affect to the people who become close to he told me to go to ant astrologer with my horoscope and inform your friends too…so I called sarath and hari and told these things on the next second itself they both told we can start tomorw morning itself.So with our horoscope and without our parents knowledge we went to see a priest or tantric nearly 80 km away from out city..We went there and showed our was shocking what he told.For we 3 apametryu (bad death in younger age) chance is there..and two souls is behind us. One good and one seeing my horoscope he told me already its time over it seems and because of luck and GOD's grace u escaped from death.So we told all things what happened with in 1 month..He heard all things and did some thing on his horoscope board and tol..the man who first helped u told correctly it’s a temporary escape only..he did atharva(black magic).I will do onl;y I can protect u..but I cant destroy the bad souls..we asked is there any remedy?so he started to tell what are the remedies
He told to go a temple called chottanikara in kerala.(Those who are from may know this).This temple is for like these cases mainly..He told to sit in the temple for seven days with vrathas..that too strictly.. we went to that temple and we those days in fromt of us we saw the people who get the ghosts on their body a..i too have a personal exp..A girl of 14 years old talked to me like she is 60+.and she told my complete past including deepus tragedy..she told still that girl s with you people I can see her..beware of her..she will lead u to death..We weer in strict vrathas and completed all the poojas the priest told us..And we made martinjua homa for our selves and we made a chain to protect us from bad spirits.If we were wearing means that spirit cant lead us to death..This was the priest told..Then again we went to the priest..He told us do some poojas..We did that by him.That was was a 21 day pooja..after that he too knotted a thread on us and told it should be with uppl for next 40 days..After that he told us to go to sabarimala.(Guys its an ayyapa temple in kerala.Only guys can go..ladies from age13-60 are not allowed to go there for more details friends plz google it for more details of the temples in mentioned). We went there by walk we walked nearly 45km.we used to go temple every day morning. And the priest told me to do my routine mantras because am a Brahmin..I stopped those poojas long time back..But again I started and kept that as my daily routine..I used to do pooja in my family temple..After 3 months deepus mother came to my home and she asked me what happened to deepu..even though all told he died when u ppl came I saw him withu ppl.its my imagination or illusion and I lost my ability to talk..that time too he talked with me..plz tell me what happened.deepus father is conducting some poojas and plz te.. I told I don’t know aunty..i felt no need to make his mother tensed and give more sorrow on that time..
so we wrote our final sem exam with out deepu. Afetr exam that priest told us to go to varanasi and do some pooja for deepus soul from our part and then go to ganga and take bath..we did all and immediately coming back i came to chennai to join my company..sarath went to dubai back to his parents and hari went for MBA coaching..Now guys i will tell why this is not a story and whats the conclusion...
1. Now too every month in chottanikara temple in name of we 3 mathrunja home is going.
2. Every year we 3 will go to chottanikara temple and will go to sabarimala..for this sarath will come from dubai,i will take 10 days leave and what ever the exam hari too will come.
3.Still am doing my routine pooja. a month we 3 will see that girl in our dream atleast 3-4 times..
5.still we were wearing that chain and that knot.
still we 3 are believing because of this only we are alive...for our convocation we 3 went to our college and we 3 decided to go and see the tea shop man.we wne t there and asked hw is his life and we asked abt the home.He told after us one 3 bachelors stayed there . Ie the daily workers..2 guy died due to cardiac aresst. one guy is in mental hospital and one guy committed suiside..When the house owners son came there for electrical maintaince he died there by getting electric shock..@ friends/readersMAy be this might be coincidence but still i believe because of her only they died.And biggest agony is the man who helped first bhairava died on the same day deepu's last day..the shop keeper told that too.. that guys dead body got from that places bus stand..that too by omitting blood.Afetr hearing this just i felt want to see that home from outside we 3 we nt and we stodd nearly 150-200 mts wasy and we saw the board to rent/to sell
-----------------------------The END-------------------------------------------