Thursday, August 27, 2009

Missing Time Near Area 51

My story begins in the year 1997. What I am about to tell you may shock and awe you, so be prepared....In 1997, my wife, two boys, and hum sab ek chote se kasbe - Rachel, Nevada mein rahete the.. Rachel is located 10 miles north of Area 51, a top secret military base where the U.S. Government conducts all sorts of experiments. yeh jo Area 51 hai its is builds top secret aircraft, like the F-117 Stealth, the SR-72 and 75 aircraft, and unusual aircraft with lifting bodies and no wings. Sector 4 is located 6 miles east of Groom Lake. AND the Groom Lake is part of the whole Area 51 sector.
Now for my story. meri ek choti si T-shirt shop Rachel mein named Close Encounter's T-shirt's . The town's population is 98, so the town is fairly small.[sach mein bahut chota hai i saw towns photo] but on the morning in March of 1997, I opened the T-shirt shop as usual. It was a clear day but hot day and the temperature was around 65 degrees. My wife would occasionally come into the shop and help me with the customers. Around 11:47 a.m., she came in and asked :kiya hum dono saath mein khana khaye". I replied to her that I would, but let me lock up the store first. then I shut everything down and locked the doors. We both got into our 1983 "Honda Accord" and drove to the gas station in Rachel. woh filling station waha se jyadad duur nahi tha. We grabbed a hamburger from the floor freezer of car unit and heated it up in the microwave. After it was warmed up, we stayed about 20 minutes and ate lunch there in the gas station.[in their there itsself a resturant]..
The time was around 12:15 p.m.jab hum gas station se nikle.. I had decided to cruise around the town kyonki mein bore hogaya tha aur 12.30 baje tak kaam pe nahi pahunchna chahta tha..i need 15 mins break. The town consists of a few homes and a few mobile homes ya kah sakte hai ki yeh town shuru hote hi khtam ho jata hai!! We drove down one of the back roads and stopped at a stop sign. For some reason --par mujhe nahi pata tha kyon -- I paused at the stop sign longer.jitna meine socha v nahi tha..mujhe khhud pe yaqeen nahi ho raha tha... The air felt strange around us, almost thick an heavy. I waited for about two minutes aur wapas apni dukaan ke liye nikal pada...aur isi k baad shuru hoa ek anokha hadsa...
I parked my car aur mein aur meri wife gadi se bahar nikal aaye... I stood by the side of the car and sensed something was wrong, par puri tarah se woh cheez mujhe samajh nahi aarahi thi jispe mein point kar sakoon. Within a minute or two it hit me, and I realized what it was. I asked my wife ki kiya tumhe kuch ajeeb sa lag raha hai. She looked around and then gave me the strangest look. Her reply was this. "nahi toh bus suraj hi toh duba hai.aur kiya ". What the hell is going on here?" meine apni watch was 7.30pm...bull can it be..pahele meine socha ghadi ruk gayi hai par second's hand was watch is ohk"but i wasn't..yeh ho kiya raha tha mujhe kuch samjh nahi aaya....kiya karoon yeh bhi nahi...dimaag ki bahrah baj rahe the par ghadi mein 7.30pm hell man!!
At that moment, mere liye sachai badal gayi thi..ya sachai ki koi value nahi bachi thi!!BECAUSE I lost seven hours of time. MEra boss,THE DOn, around the time I was looking at my watch pulled up in his truck. Usne pooch mein itni der kaha tha aur mera beta kaha hai. My boy and his boy were inside my motor home playing video games.meingaadi se utra aur khidki se apne bete se pooch ki time kitna hoa hai... He said around 1:00 p.m. meine kaha nahi its 7:30. He said mein pagal ho gaya hoon, par woh jyada der tak yeh nahi kah saka ..jaise hi woh baha aaya usne dekha suraj duub chuka hai ..uska muh khula ka khula rah gaya. I told my boss what had happened and par woh hasane laga..grrrrrrrrr.Meine kaha "mujhe pata hai aap yehi sochoge ki mein pagal ho gaya hoon."but He said, "Mahashay ruko..jab tak tum 3 din na kho do jaise meine khoye the...."..yeh baat sunkar mein wahi khada rahegaya...jaise mein ek putla hoon...
but that was the fact ..i lost 6 hours of ma life a second..god know what he will show me in future...i was hopeless...but thanked god that nothing more serious happened...otherwise.............. Rachel, Nevada,located on highway 375, nicknamed as the "Extraterrestrial Highway" famous...for ane thing is possible her!!!Area 51 is where PEOPLE reverse-engineer alien spacecraft.god knows how the people survive there!!!god bless them!!