Friday, August 6, 2010

Haunted BHANGARH Real Incident

It rlly happend with me nd my frnds in bhangarh in night.

After 10+2 my frnds nd me decided 2 go bhangarh nd stay inside the fort in night.anyway i m frm jaipur nd doing 2nd around 7pm v reaches der(little b4 sunset)nd aronnd 8.30pm v wer.. in the fort nd seriously th location,atmosphere,air everythingwas very scary,around 12.30pm v all decide 2 leave fort.that time v all r around 20-21 peoples(frnds nd some other villagers)so just after main gate my all frnds nd dat peopl...heard female shouting voice frm fort,but me nd my 2 frnds didnt heard dat v all start running after some distance v stopped nd discussing on it den suddenlya wall like thing don.. know what was dat fall in front of us v again star....runn.....den finally v cross final guys der is something wrong in dat..fort