Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ghost Experience at Dehradun military school

It was in da year of 1989..dehradun military school happened to be one of da best boarding school for da boys at da time..da hostel warden was Mr.R.K.Dubey..he also happened to be one of da seniormost instructor of da school..there were around 89 students under his supervision..dere used to be a mkt around 5-6 kms frm da skul..all da boarding students used to get their daily need supply frm it was essential for them to wear their civil uniform wheneva de went off campus..nw lemme tell u all,unlike other institutions doon skul had a code in its civil dress even..for boys it was grey pants,white ahirt wid grey fine day after completion of their xms,some of da students under Mr.Dubey wanted to go to mkt for hvng fun and bring sum treats for party at night..its was around requested mr.dubey to let thm go as de will return was supposed to accompany them to d he told dem to go ahead,he will join dem in mkt itslf aftr he finishes sum of da paper work..boys went ahead merrily..after few mins mr.dubey rode his bicycle to tk da narrow path thru da forest which happens to be shrtcut to d he wanted to ctch up wid his students as early as possible..after covering half way to d mkt he saw a boy sitting on roadside crouched wid head bent low..he cudnt mk out whch one of da boys it was as de all lukd alike in deir uniform and crew cut haircut..on approaching da boy he realised da boy was crying out hard..he kept his hand on da boy's shoulders and ask"hey!wat happend??wgr r da rest???y r u crying out here alone??" first da boy didnt after few mr nudges frm mr.dubey his sobbing slowed dwn..and he lifted his face slowly towards mr.dubey..

and he lifted his face slowly towards mr.dubey..just one luk at da boy's face and mr.dubey almost pissed his pants..he jumped on his bicycle and rode like thr is no tomorow to d mkt..aftr da shopping he asked his students nt to tk da shrtcut and go by long route..when de reached da hstl building hstl he was still out of breath and scared like hell..thr was pwrcut in da building at dat time..watchmen heard him struggling to open gate and came ahead to hlp him..on seeing mr.dubey's state he asked "kya hua saab???aap itna ghabraye huye kyun ho????" was too scared to mutter a word bt after lots of cajoling frm watchman he said "just now while going to mkt i saw a boy whose face..whose face was.."and he broke into sweats..watchman raised da lalten to his face and said"daro nahi sahab,ye dekho (pointing to his own face)..aisa tha kya????"..on hearing dis and luking at himmr.dubey fainted and hd a minor heart attack..later on he told every one dat face he saw was full features . no eyes,no ears,no nose .no mouth..and da worst part was da watchman who claimed to hv been drunk dat nyt and nvr kuming out to assist mr.dubey..