Saturday, July 31, 2010

Ghost Experience Aarey Colony Mumbai

Just hve a look at d Route in d day n U will b able to realise how Spooky dis place can b in d Night time

This incident happened in December 2006.
I have a friend who stays near L & T near Powai (Mumbai) while I stay in Dahisar (Mumbai). She was visiting me one afternoon and when it was time to go home I decided to drop her off home and go to Andheri to meet a few friends.The fastest route to Powai is through Aarey colony,Goregaon,Mumbai and we decided to take the route.It wasn't late in the night,it was just past 8 pm on a sunday evening.
We hired an autorickshaw to Powai.The auto driver is a known person and I regularly hire him if I have to travel at night.
We were two women traveling the route at night and there are areas in Aarey which are devoid of any kind of street lights. Yet we felt safe since we were moving.The only light we could see was the small head light of the auto,the meter lamp and lights of the oncoming vehicles. When we reached L & T,the auto driver reveled to us of what he saw,here's his description:
"While I was driving on the dark road while starts after the eatery stalls end and goes upto the poultry,I heard a baby's voice so I peeked into the rear view mirror.I saw both the girls talking to each other and a baby next to them.The baby was repeating words spoken by one of the girl and imitating her style of talking.It was an infant at one moment and started to grow when I glanced again.I wanted to run but I was driving the auto,where could I go??
Fear gripped me! I decided to ignore the baby and drove fast till one of the girl requested me to reduce the speed but I was in no mood to listen, I just wanted to be out of that place."

Later the driver refused to take me by the same route ever again.
I have heard of employees from Renaissance,Powai having various experiences while they travel in Aarey.