Sunday, August 30, 2009

Haunted hotel Al-minar in Mahabelashwar- Satbir Singh

Hey guys a week back I went to Mahabelashwar as I came to now abt a haunted hotel we friends decided to stay there... From the staff of the hotel me came to now that 2 servents "Amir and Sahil' were killed in one of the room by some 4 customers who were in 2nd floor 3rd room. After that many costumers who stayed in that room got room survice by 2 servents between 9pm to 11pm and later they came to now that there was no such survice given by the hotel. And when they were showed Amir's n Sahil's pic they told that these were the guys that gave us room service, they didn't believe that it was their ghost who served them.........My frnds n I decided to stay in that room.. I have don lot of resurch on Ghost after my experience with friendly ghost 5 yrs back so I new that the way to identify Ghost.. I had kept my camera ON to click picks of all the servents is see.... At around 10pm my frnds were out for walk and I was alone in that room. I got servive from these to guys... It looked like they are alive bt the way to know that was to click their pics.. I had hidden my camera... At the right time I removed It and clicked bt they came to know abt this and disapeared in seconds.... chk the pics