Sunday, May 3, 2015

Mysterious Phone Calls (Continued)

she couldnt understand wat to say.. she just wen ahead n disconnected the phone.. it rang again.. she dint answer.. it rang 3-4 times.. she dint answer.. finally it stopped.. she took a sigh of relief n thought that if this guy disturbs again she will go to police.. it then rang again, in a hurry she pressed the green button and then again red button.. enuf it was enuf for her..
it was raining outside.. she was thinking deeply abt sudhanshu.. wat kind of guy he is?? he has some supernatural power or something? he hasnt harm her in anyway.. waise bhi! its just a phone call.. but how come he got her phone number?? she was sure it was some of her friends.. she thought of talking to him the next time he calls..
and yes.. her cell rang.. hesitantly she picked up..


sudhanshu--u missed me, here i am..

sheetal-- i dint miss u.. was just thinking about...

sudhanshu--about? how come i came to know tht ur thinking of me??

sheetal--yeah! u have some supernatural powers or wat?? u knw almost everything abt me.. u come to knw sooner than even my mom! wat kind of guy r u?

sudhanshu--well.. i keep an eye on u whole day.. ur mom does that?? look around u will find me..

sheetal terrified.. she just moved her head around n look all around.. she was all alone there.. watchmen!! watchmen!! security!!
she was shouting like mad..

sudhanshu--dont worry dear.. i wont harm u.. n btw.. the watchmen is full 2 bottle down.. but dont worry.. no one will harm u.. i m here to protect u..

sheetal somehow felt consoled by that.. but still she was very much confused abt this guy..

sheetal--but how?? how is it possible?? im very much confused..

sudhanshu--listen dear.. i wont harm u.. i just need a good frnd.. if u want then we will continue.. if u think im irritating u thn wont call u from this moment..

sheetal needed a company badly.. for a moment she forgot everything strange abt this guy.. she said, yes i accept ur frndship.. but wid a promise.. u will tell me trick for this magic.. i also wanna learn it..

sudhanshu--i will tell u everything.. everything u wanna know.. but not now.. later someday..

sheetal agreed.. from that they daily used to chat on yahoo + on phone.. sheetal was getting amazed day by day by his tricks of knowing each n every moment of sheetal's day..

sheetal searched abt this on net.. she found tht some ppl have power to see anything happening at the current moment in any part of the world.. this line relieved her.. she also wanted to learn those tricks..

she had a team mate named Nitin who had eye on her.. he used to flirt wid her wid no limit.. sheetal used to feel lot of discomfort wid this..

it was new year eve.. nitin decided to call sheetal on his farm house on that name of new year party.. he approached her.. since nitin had a good touch wid boss of the company she dint want to disappoint him.. but wat if!!

the next moment her cell rang.. it was unknown no. she picked up.. sudhanshu?

sudhanshu--so? u r going wid nitin??

sheetal--i dont want to disappoint him.. he cn help me.. u knw.. my family situation is really bad.. wat do u think? i shud go??

sudhanshu--listen dear.. he's not a good guy.. dont go wid him.. he is intending to use u.. will u accept the money in exchange wid ur pride??

sheetal declined wid him.. she went n told Nitin that he has plan wid one of her frnd.. Nitin asked who is it? sheetal thot for 2 secs n told sudhanshu..

nitin--wat name u just said??

sheetal--sudhanshu.. y wat happened?? u look like i have told u some alien's name..

nitin--ah! nothing.. just lost.. nothing its fine.. carry on.. but if ur plan gets cancelled then tell me.. im alwz ready..

sheetal was confused looking at nitin's reaction when he heard the name..

her cell rang..

sudhanshu--y did u lie to him??

sheetal--i want to meet u.. right away.. tell me where do u live??

no answer from otherside..

she began to think.. wat kind of person he is?? she right wen on net n searched abt this call center in which she was working.. bt she got no info.. she was searching abt this situation wen she came across MYSTERIOUS PHONE CALLS..

she right away clicked on it.. she read,

the unsatisfied souls try to contact the real world wid every possible medium.. sometimes its just unbelievable.. we have collected informations in which spirits have called, mailed or even sms the real world persons..!!

her cell rang.. she picked up..

sudhanshu--how is she??

sheetal--u moron! im not afraid of u.. God will punish u for leaving ur mom in this state.. n y r u asking me?? cnt u come n see her for urself??? u will realize ur mistake then..

sudhanshu--she hates me.. the reason for which i wont be able to face her.. n listen.. i dint commit suicide.. no one knows wat happened that night.. it was raining heavily.. after i talked wid my mom abt that girl, i was standing in balcony.. i heard a sound on my back.. wen i was about to turn, i slipped off n fell from balcony.. i love my mom more than anyone.. i wont make her cry intentionally..

sheetal--im so sorry.. but.. wat do u want from me??

sudhanshu--u appeared to me just like me.. that night wen u were near balcony, same thing was gonna happen to u.. thats y i called u and diverted ur mind.. i just want u to take care of my mom.. ur a very nice girl.. n if u dont mind, cn we continue our friendship??

sheetal--i dont know wat to tell u.. ok.. will continue our friendship.. n will take care of ur mom too..

since then she is talking to this spirit on phone.. wen someone asks her that to whom she was talking? she just whispers silently,MYSTERIOUS PHONE CALL!!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~THE END~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~