Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Ghost Love Story

My name is rex.
am a guy who is really reserved calm silent and soft.
i never had a gal frnd in my life am not so out spoken and not even talented to express myself.
everybody called me loser dumb jack etc.
Even my parents thought am really dumb.
in short am the only guy in my school without a gal frnd.
Am a high school student in the state of ohio
where i have a very few frnds and good frnds.
my school was goin on so good as i have my frnds to help me out in all the situations
as am weak in studies i get scolding every day from my teacher
am poor sport person as am not good in any sport.

on tuesday 15th oct
when i went to my school
there was an announcement made to all about our farewell.
we all started our preparation for our farewell as the day is not far
due in couple of weeks
i had so much of happiness as i felt after school i wil get into a univ
Where i can get a love for my .
so i wat thinking abt the best attire i could wear on tat very special day
i decide to dress up with a cool black pant with a silver shirt and satin black blazer with a scraf
as we expected the very day came
i went to the party in very best way i could get there
as the party started we had so much of fun includings booze music and dance
everybody there had a gal to dance there
the most unlucky guy
myself had no one else except my loneliness
i felt very hurt and bad when i had no person to care and love me
i slowly walked out of the place

he party was taking place in a hill side resort
the outside of the party hall
was so silent pleasent with lots of trees plants cool breeze and river flowing down the stream
i jus went near the river and standing there
i felt so hurt tat i wanted to end my life in the very river
i cried tat my tears filled the running stream
when i was thinking abt my frnds my family everythin my loneliness killed me more than wat i can handle
i decided
tat i should die there
when i was abt to jump into the river . i heard a Voice "hey"
i turned back and saw
to my suprise it is a ............

its a beautiful gal in a pink gown
she was so beautiful i never seen anyone like tat
i was so happy tat a gal called me
and with all happiness i wiped my tears and went near her calmly and cooly
and said
Rex:hey whose this
her:my name is viola ,i came to the farewell party and felt bored of things there so jus came out for some cold breeze
Rex:oh really even i felt the same tats why i came out too
anyways my name is Rex
and i havent seen around the school anytime
viola:yeah i don come to school regularly as am a musical student and i practise and play mostly in outdoors
rex:oh you are a musical student tats good to hear
so wat u play
Viola:i play violin ,hey its gettin late for me
i have to go
Rex:so soon .. when can we meet again .
Viola: i dono. if we are meant to meet again we will
bye for now

the guy was really impressed with the gals beauty and her pleasent voice
he wanted to meet her again
the next day when he went his school
he searched for her
as usual he is unlucky to find her
he felt dejected
he searched for her in the school for the rest of the school days
never she was found there .
he was broken again
after few months
he came back to his own state of loneliness
he wanted to go back to the hill side river
he was sitting under a tree near the river
to his suprise he saw standing near the river edge and he went near her and said..
Rex:hey viola .
Viola:rex i never expected here again.wat made u come here
Rex:i felt very lonely as i have no love no affection from anyone i feel like am a loser.
Viola:oh no rex. don feel like tat .u can be my frnd .

hearing this Rex was out of this world as the first time a gal is tellin tat he can be her frnd

when Rex was asking abt where she lives and wat she is doing nowadays and why she is here
she said
this is the most happiest place ever she have seen
she likes to spend time and thats the place where she practise
they were speaking with each other for a long time tat none realised its getting late
suddenly rex heard someone calling.
hey rex wat are u doing here its very late and we are been searching for u for a very long time get back soon
it was rex frnds
he said bye to viola and he left the place
as Viola said she will spend most of the time in tat place
the next morning he came there but Viola wasnt there
he waited under the tree and it became afternoon due to tiredness and loneliness
rex slept under the tree
in his sleep he felt someone callin his name
he woke and saw it Viola
Viola:hey what are u sleeping here when did u come
Rex: i came here in the early morning
Viola(with suprise);
why so early
Rex: i feel very happy tat i have a frnd who cares abt me and wanted to spend sometime with u
tats why i came early in the morning
Viola:thats really makin me feel good Rex after a long time someone is telling me words like this
Rex:After long time ? what u mean?
Viola:yes Rex its been a very long time since someone spoke me so sweet.i feel happy rex
Rex thats so good to hear from a most beautiful gal
Viola(with Blush):Stop it rex it makes me feel somethin different

as time went they said bye and went
their meeting continued for a few weeks like this
they spoke much and spoke and spoke tat they both came really close

Rex came to a decision tat he loves Viola and wanted to express his love
and as he knew he is bad with expressing himself
he dint want to spoil any bit with Viola as he loved him so much
and Viola also liked him a lot.

on 14th feb he went to the same place
with a Bunch of roses and came there in a very beautiful dress
but at the minute he saw he viola he dropped the roses and ran near her and asked
Rex:viola what happened.why are u crying
Viola:Rex leave me alone pls
REx:why u crying temme pls don do this to me
Viola:rex u r my good frnd i don want to lose u . You are the only person whom am speaking with
pls leave me alone now
Rex:i don want to leave u alone at this situation
Viola:pls rex do it for me

rex went from there without heart to leave the place.
As rex came there with so much of excitement tat he gonna propose to Viola
it all ended up in a sad Way.
Viola saw the Bunch of roses he brought for her she was shocked to see tat
the next day ...

Viola was waiting for rex
when rex came there
she asked;
Viola: Rex did u bring me the bunch of roses sterday
Rex:yes i brought it for u
Viola :why did u bring them for me.
Rex:Viola i have never felt anythin in the beginning of our frndship
as time went it started to miss u so much and i feel tat i love u so much and
i don wanna miss u in my life.
Viola:no Rex loving me is impossible and it will never work out in anyway
don waste ur time rex leave me and go

REx tried to convince her so much
but she wasnt moved a bit
she jus walked away from the place
rex with do much of dejection he walked away from the place .
he cant forget her
he came there everyday for her
but she wasnt found there
it would have months since he met her there
but without his knowledge viola was watchin her
she was moved with his love and affection and dedication he had in his love
after few days she came in front of her
and said

Viola:Rex why do u love me so much
what did i do for u
Rex:i really dono what u did to me or what i did to u
my love for u growing everyday and every min
i cant live without u
Viola:rex u cant live with me
i love u too rex but this wont happen
Rex:why it cant happen
i want to know don hurt me viola pls
Viola:rex u should know abt me

Viola started with her past
Viola:rex i was born in the yr 1955
i am a student of the same high school
i loved a guy called Jim my class mate
i loved him so much
that he is everythin to me
but i never knew he was cheating on me
my frnds tld me abt him never blvd him
my love covered my eyes
we had our farewell on the same hill side resort
i came here in this pink gown and when the party was goin suddenly jim was missing
i searched for him
he was not found in the party floor
i went to the top floors where it had rooms
i searched for him
i heard weird noise in one of the rooms
i opened it slowly

Tears rolling down her eyes
she said
Jim was making love with another gal
he cheated me
and i saw it with my very own eyes
he used me for my beauty and wealth i ran out of the place with tears and hate
without any thought i jumped into this very own river and killed myself
Rex:what?? killed urself
viola stop lying to me
Viola:rex i love u so much for u love and care i don wanna disappoint u
touch my hand u will know it
With so much tension nervousness shock and pain
rex tried to touch her hand
his hand was never able to touch her hand
she was a spirit
who died to cheating and love failure

but Rex love was indeed so much for her
he was full of tears
Rex never wanted to leave her
he loved her with all his hearts
truelly madly deeply
without any hesitation he dint think abt anything jus jumped into the same river and killed himself

his spirit rose in air
he came to Viola and said
Rex:viola will u love me now?
Viola:rex what madness u have done rex
i dint want u to die tats why i saved u in the very first time when u wanted to kill urself
Rex:viola i feel to live without u is better to die and be with u
accept me
Viola:realy moved with the love he have for her
she hugged him
and said Rex i love u so much
the both hold their hand together and walked into the woods in the hill
---------------THE END----------------------------------------