Saturday, August 29, 2009

The School By the River- Dhruv

I am a Student of 12th standard currently studying in a School known as La Martiniere college and the city is the city of nawabs that is Lucknow(U.P).I am studying in this institution from last 10 Years. It is a prestigious institution which was founded over 160 years ago by a French Army man named Major General claude Martin.The Building which comprises of the school is in itself equals a historical monument which was built about 200 years ago by Claude Martin himself.As we know any such structure which has seen the pages of history usually is taken to have certain events associated with it which are as mystic and mysterious as the first mist of winters. Some call them the haunted acts while others call them spooky or horror rich entities but yet they don't have a strong base and thus are covered under the dust and disbelief of time. when I joined the school, I would have never imagined to ever believe in ghosts or spirits by any means but certain experiences and told stories make u believe even your worst nightmares.To describe the architecture and location of the school, its tough to mention it in words. the fascinating and magnificent surroundings are impeccable images of medieval era of autocracy and royalty. It has an extent of over hundreds of acres of undelt land situated on the banks of the meandering River Gomti. The Main building, The master piece of architecture, Is a 5 floor of beauty known as constantia, designed by Major General himself. It refelcts the french and nawabi taste at its excellence. The west side of the constantia is cvered by extensive Gardens laden by mesmerizing Flora, well kept by the school and on the East side, the constantia looks over the rover Gomti. The whole Structue is made on a Raised platform and is flanked by wing shaped buildings now used as class rooms.

My Friends in the Boarding..
The School provides adequate arrangements for boarding and lodging for about 500 students. Actually it is a school for boarders as well as for day scholars.When I used to talk to my boarder friends, sometimes out of fun or anxiety, they used to mention some of their experiences, haunted ones, that they had in the school. A famous such experience is of the white shadow over the embankment. As earlier told, the school stands on the sandy banks of the river ganga, therefore there is a low embankment built to stop the flood water from entering the school. The embankment is hardly 30 feets away from the foot of the stairs leading to the dormitories.Now what my friends told me, is more of a short encounter with a unknown cloud of white shadow hovering at a great speed across the embankment. But there are multiple speculation and experiences related to it.

The White shadow
Sorry for the delay friends.Well As I was Telling you, some of my boarder frnds have witnessed astonishing movement of white figures across the embankment. I have a buddy named Tanay of 11th std. A 'stud' of the school but yet a stable and frank guy.According to his experience, the event can be described in the following manner.It was around 8 o clock in the evening. This is the usual time when the main doors of the dormitories get locked. The administration has to lock all the dormitories separately as there is not a well defined boundary wall around the college as the perimeter is located on a sandy and unfriendly terrain. the Dormitories lie on the East side of the school just beside the Embankment as i have mentioned earlier. From the 3rd Floor of the dorms (Thats wat we call the dormitories ) you can easily see the flowing river on the other side of embankment. Its a Pleasant sight during the day light but during the night, you wont like to look out into the dark when you have about 4 kilometers of uninhabited fallow land of shrubs and scanty jungles which you have to cross before going into the main city. Thus you have just your boarding friends and some teachers around at night ..All fast asleep. Getting back to Tanay, It was 8 in the evening, month of october. We can feel the slow cold breeze coming from the far side of the river. Not a single speck of light can be seen in the back ground except of the faint brightness present on the far side of the river which is probably the series of Street lights on the oher side of the city. Thus you can call the Campus to be covered by a lonely darkness with just few Tube-lights which are insufficient to even give you the sense of security. Thus its virtually impossible for any soft hearted man to roam about in the huge campus during the night.

Our Friend Tanay, as being one of the senior students has the responsibility to check the surroundings of the Stairs leading down from the dormitory to see if everything was normal before the total routine lock-down.He was alone. with an apple shuffle plugged into his ears and his loose track suit made out of the college colors, he peeked out of the dorm's main gate to check the surroundings. But the weather was so cool and pleasing that for a moment he was taken away by its soothing nature and yes then the half moon was there to provide a really smooth effect just like a cheery on the top. He stepped out on the stairs..still on the top of the stairs and looking out. According to him, he never noticed the foot of the stairs and was just looking over the embankment, trying to discover the sound of the bubbling river which was not visible. The moon was about to hide in the clouds of october. and all together it was a calm and pleasing atmosphere. I remember such feeling, to stand in the cool of night and gaze in the emptiness with a heart full of content.But then a sudden solitude spread over the campus. the calmness turned into bitter silence, nausea fell over the atmosphere. something was not rite but tanay thought it may be his indigestion after the heavy dinner (you dont like the atmosphere when your stomach is troubling you). then suddenly he felt that nothing is going to be good around him. A quilt of sadness covered the air. Tanay was still standing on the top of the stairs but now he was not trying to relax yet was stubbed and dumb bounded. He said he wanted to move away but he was held there as if he was waiting for something.what it was, no answers. Then something moved, something moved close by but it was so subtle that tanay cant take it into consideration but his mind knew there was something/ someone around.

A Faint Flash of white Light appeared on the embankment on the near side. Tanay cant feel anything. He can see but he cant assimilate. The figure was not human nor natural, it was not a street light nor was the reflection of the moon. It was hazy yet had something that ran sheer of cold run through our friends spine. The figure initially moved along the embankment with a slow pace as if trying to have a walk in the abandoned world. Tanay can see it but cant react, he cant move a mucle and neither he can think to react, was it fear? horror? or was it the effect of something that can't be explained? It was like the time came to a halt, There was a white misty figure whose existence was as questionable as a dream and there was my friend tanay who was witnessing it with belief and astonishment. Then suddenly, a surge of fear ran through Tanay's mind and it was like he regained his senses, he felt as if he was back from a paralyzed time . He again had a control over his mind. He din't shout or scream but just left his breath that he was holding from few seconds (to him it was eternity) in a ghastly manner and whoop....!!! the figure flew and hurtled across the bank into the darkness as if it knew that someone has noticed it. the incident included no sense of sound but yet it was like a bomb exploded under Tanay's feet. He was dumb folded but with terror. He din shriek but just turned around with his trembling legs. He was unable to tell exactly what he saw or did not see.. but he just remembers its as a faint memory which still haunts him during nights. Now he tells this to joke with us but we can still see a peculiar fear in his eyes while describing it.P.S. Tanay left the boarding and became a day scholar after a week from the time this incidence happened. Though he says he had some personal reasons. but we never know what he actually felt or experienced as such things can be just felt by you and only you.

there are certain presumptions of the students and elders who are related to the college about this type of event coz many of them has seen the same white image and that too several times.

I tried to ask some of the old 4th class employees in the college. None of them gave a straight forward answer. They just say "Bhaiya ji..Ye sab kahani hai..aisa kuch nahi hota..faltu me pareshan mat ho"But one of the peon told me something.According to him, during 1971 there was a flood in the river due to heavy rainfall and the the river swelled to the brim of the embankment. The government was not concerned about this part of the bank as it came under the schools jurisdiction. therefore it was schools duty to put guards and maintain the embankment. For student's safety, they were evacuated from the boarding but then also A guard was deputed to look after the Embankment by the school. He was to stay there during the rainy season , alone on the embankment , s that he can alarm the authorities , is something goes wrong. None of the guards agreed to the work, thus the administration deputed a male of about 25 years on the job , as he was on probation sort of period, hence easy to get work done by him.It is said that one evening when the river was swelled, he was standing on the edge, when he slipped into the river (thats wat they assume) and flowed away and drowned. though no one has seen this happening but he was missing from that evening therefore its the logic thats proposed by the administration. what exactly happened is not known.Now the people say its the spirit of the Gurad which still moves there. But I dunno, u never know what ppl can create by their minds.But There was a Guard missing in !971. Thats a Truth .