Saturday, May 1, 2010

Real Ghost Experience

My oldest son Corey's friend was visiting and we were on the discussion of all that our family has had to deal with last year and our hopes that this year would bring forth new beginnings and an end to all the trauma our family has had to face. As I described one particular incident to my son's friend, I decided it would be best to just show him where the event occurred. So, I took him to the former master bedroom (now my oldest son's bedroom). It was night time, so the room was dark as we entered. I walked in to the bathroom and before I even put my hand on the doorknob to open the door, an eeriness seemed to overwhelm me. I brushed it off as just reliving the event as I explained what happened, step by step...moment by moment. But when I opened the door, there was a sudden, quick flicker of lights. It was almost as if someone had flipped a strobe light on and off real fast (We were in the pitch darkness, I hadn't even fully entered the bathroom, much less even coming close to where the light switch was....and the lights....all the lights were completely off when we entered the room). I turned to my son and his friend, asking "Did you all see that?" They hadn't because they were still just entering the bedroom and couldn't see in to the bathroom. Hoping that it was just my eyes playing tricks on me, I exited the bathroom, re-entered and exited again and again....trying find an explanation for the flashing of lights..

The very next night, I was sitting in the living room, speaking with my sister after we'd arrived home from the emergency room. My youngest son Justin was sitting in his gaming chair, facing us....with his back to the rest of the house. As we continued to all discuss the day's events (the tragedy)....Justin got up and walked over to me and sat on the floor next to where I was sitting. He sat there with his hand over his mouth, looking towards the television. I asked him why he moved (from his chair to the floor next to me), he said "There's something in the hall....listening to you talking." I asked "Something? or Someone?" He said "I don't know....but I could feel something in the hall, watching me...." I yelled out "Ok, we've been through enough today, unless you here with a purpose to help or unless you were sent by God, you are not welcome here." Without realizing that I too must have sensed something, there was a change in the entire environment...a change in the air....if that makes any sense. If you've ever felt watched or felt a presence and felt the moment it know exactly what I'm talking know that feeling. We were back to our conversation, when I did feel something if I were being starred at or I once again, interrupted our conversation to ask...well, I was more demanding that what ever is around to wasn't welcome. And again, there was a total shift in the if someone had opened a window and let fresh air in...or a feeling of was just a completely different feeling. I think my sister got a little spooked and decided it was time to head home. And to no surprise, this all occurred a little after three in the morning.