Saturday, July 31, 2010

Ghost Experience Aarey Colony Mumbai

Just hve a look at d Route in d day n U will b able to realise how Spooky dis place can b in d Night time

This incident happened in December 2006.
I have a friend who stays near L & T near Powai (Mumbai) while I stay in Dahisar (Mumbai). She was visiting me one afternoon and when it was time to go home I decided to drop her off home and go to Andheri to meet a few friends.The fastest route to Powai is through Aarey colony,Goregaon,Mumbai and we decided to take the route.It wasn't late in the night,it was just past 8 pm on a sunday evening.
We hired an autorickshaw to Powai.The auto driver is a known person and I regularly hire him if I have to travel at night.
We were two women traveling the route at night and there are areas in Aarey which are devoid of any kind of street lights. Yet we felt safe since we were moving.The only light we could see was the small head light of the auto,the meter lamp and lights of the oncoming vehicles. When we reached L & T,the auto driver reveled to us of what he saw,here's his description:
"While I was driving on the dark road while starts after the eatery stalls end and goes upto the poultry,I heard a baby's voice so I peeked into the rear view mirror.I saw both the girls talking to each other and a baby next to them.The baby was repeating words spoken by one of the girl and imitating her style of talking.It was an infant at one moment and started to grow when I glanced again.I wanted to run but I was driving the auto,where could I go??
Fear gripped me! I decided to ignore the baby and drove fast till one of the girl requested me to reduce the speed but I was in no mood to listen, I just wanted to be out of that place."

Later the driver refused to take me by the same route ever again.
I have heard of employees from Renaissance,Powai having various experiences while they travel in Aarey.

Monday, July 5, 2010

The Scariest Walk- Ghost Experience

I was getting very bored sitting in my ancestral village. I had no frnds their and everything was very slow. I contacted my friends they told me many things to do but The thing told by one of them caught my interest. She told me to listen to folklore and pass the time. We all loved to hear spooky stories and that was what i wanted to ask the folks.

I went out myself and joined a group of people sitting and chitchatting. I went to them and we all started to talk about all that stuff ............. The stories were interesting and the time began passing too. Then as it became evening i excused myself from there and started proceeding towards my home. I was thinking of having some adventure here and i was thinking about the one which would be safe and enjoyable

Reaching home i had food and started thinking over the stories narrated by the folks. They were dam good in telling stories. I enjoyed it a lot. Later that evening i asked the maid there whether there all were true. She nodded in approval and told me to keep myself away from all this. This turned me on.

The next day there was a grand function at the PLANETARIUM GROUND. I decide to visit that place alone and through the HAUNTED LAL MARG.

The speciality of this road was it had only one way and both the sides were covered by a 7-8 feet wide walks. And behind those walls were the graveyard on both the sides. The folks said many stories about the LAL MARG And i wanted to find the truth. They had exaggerated its description and i suddenly felt attracted towards that place. I just wanted an adventure and i thought exploring it was the best i could get in that dam village.

My cousin came the next morning and i was happy that there is someone of my age who i know. I told him my plan to visit the planetarium ground through the lal marg and he agreed as he knew nothing about it and i too decide not mum tell him. As i thought 2 are better than 1

I spent the day thinking about what will happen tonight. I had made i a friend in the village till that time too. Suddenly a thought came to my mind - what if there would be nothing there. Oh i would just be a waste. So i told that frnd to come with us to using the same way but not along with us but by renaming some distance behind us.

He firstly was shocked by ma idea of even going through there but then i lured him too.I told him to come from behind and shout Suddenly So that my cousin will be scared. But he told if something happens then i told him as we will be in front that thing will happen to us. I told him about the power of god and also told him to remember him in such a case.Then i told him that we will start from our house at 8 30 and he must follow us.

Meanwhile my cousin told someone that we were going to the ground today through the LAL MARG. On returning i met that worker and he asked whether we were gonna do that. I told him he was joking and also told him not to worry. Told my cousin not to reveal our plans to anyone. He agreed and i was thinking about the adventure we were going to have that day

I reached home but my thoughts were stuck to the adventure of LAL MARG. I and my cousin got ready and had food. My mind was racing with imaginary situations which would happen. After the food, we both sat and chitchatted with the relatives. And then at 8 30 we both set out telling everyone that we were going to the planetarium ground to see the function. And So i was happy and full of excitement about my first encounter with ghost if It would occur.

Reaching the periphery of the road my cousin tripped and fell, breaking his ankle. It took some time to make him come to normal. I then giving him support entered the LAL MARG.Suddenly what a surprise.............. There was a middle age man standing there. He was there as if he was waiting for us. Reaching there he asked me ' hey u going to planetarium ground na.?.? I m gonna accompany you. I felt a shock of how he knew our plan, but my cousin was heavy so i was grateful that his weight on my arms would be eased due to this stranger. We started the journey.

Suddenly he asked us " hey don't you feel scared, roaming at this haunted place alone .?.?.?.?That too at night .?.?.?.?
We both replied
" this place is haunted !!!!!. Oh my god we didn't knew It "( i was acting in front of my bro )
Then he replied
"relax yar when i m with you none can harm you innocent boys"
His reply was soothing. He then began to ask about both of us and ...........
We told him everything.
By mistake my cousin blurted

"you villagers are So dumb you don't take care of anything, you know only to spoil. Unworthy idiots. Just so dumb. "
This provoked everything. Suddenly he was angry. His red bloodshot eyes showed no mercy. And he spoke

"what do you think you are very smart. You damaged our village. You are the ones only responsible for this. You turned this place into hell. Some people from the city came and killed me & owned my land by treachery. You made this street haunted. You city people don't deserve hospitality. You deserve anger, rage and corporate behaviour.

We were shocked to red him like this. The tone of his voice had gone too harsh and he was in no good mood. Suddenly my cousin saw his legs they were inverted. Seeing this he was scared to his wits. Even i saw and my condition was no better than him. The end of the road was little away and was visible. We started racking our brains when suddenly my cousin did start speaking " hey man book down i was just joking was testing your temperment. We were .....

The man spoke in betwen

Suddenly some cars horn caught our attention it was from the opposite direction and my friends voice came from the other side. The man in the car was my uncle and i identified his car and then .............

Then everything was dizzy. My eyes adjusted to the light and i was seeing many faces in a blur surrounding me. Coming to my senses i saw That they were the faces of my relatives. I got up and asked uncle what happened. He told us he began searching us as we didn't upturn till 12 and then when he was passing through the LAL MARG he saw us both but as soon as he reached there we both fainted. I asked him did he see a man with us he nodded in disapproval and told him that my frnd too came from behind the same instant and he too didn't witness anyone.

Me and my bro knew that we were narrowly saved and the man disappeared into air. We were frightened to speak it to anyone and never ever will try going through there in our life.We had enough adventure for our lifetime. But now too the sentence repeates in our head in that harsh voice


Friday, July 2, 2010

this is my real ghost story in pune

My own xperence in pune...d.y.patil colg akurdi.2yrs back wen i ws in 3rd yr engg in pune i was in search of a room on rent fr myself.....i want a single room i.e no room partners n all n wid a attach my demands wer very hiegh i dint get any room of my choice......den the broker dere show me a room wch fullfill all my demands n ws awessume room....i liked dat room n wana settle dwn dere only bt the main problem arrose wen during checking d room i opend d only window gvn in d all happiness of finding dat kinda room disappears wen i saw the banglow jus infnt of d window........

this had a very bad past...n ppl dere use to say dat was ahaunted d fact ws aftr searching fr long tym i liked a room n i don wana loose nxt mornin me,wid my two frnds went dere again to find d truth.......we decid to pass frm the infront of the gate of tat haunted house.....n as v wer passin dat gate we saw sum ppl inside d gate bt the shocking think was dat d gate ws locked frm outside n it was goverment sealed...den hw dese ppl manage to get inside...............we saw a lady sittin wid a kid playing wid her saree...two men wer standing near by n talkin n a scorpio car wid no number plate......lots of ques wer goin thru our hw dese ppl manage tp get inside,no tyre marks on ground as d groud was full den my frnd who also don blv in ghost n all called one of d two men he came near d gate.....he inquired dat ppl use to say dat is place is haunted n all.....dat guy said dere is nothin lyk dat....."log to kuch b kehte rehte hai"....n dey both startted laughingden my frnd told him d full story dat i liked a room nearby bt nw hessitating to hire it coz of dis haunted house.......dat guy said dere nothin lyk haunted here n he said to me"brahmin ho k main jhoot thodi bolunga"n den he told me he ws frm u.p me it ws bit shockin n confusing both..

i also belong to a brahmin family in U.P onlyi asked him hw dey enter d bunglow as its locked...he told me dat dey use othr gate........n den he shake hands wid me.....n ask me to cum aftr an hour or so as he also knw sum rooms n he wana show me dat......evrything ws confusing fr me.....aftr an hour i again went dere n wat i witnessed doubles my confussionn triples my shock........d bunglw was all alone no one was dere n evn no tyre marks again.....i went to othr gate n chkd dat side also it as lockd frm outside wid a seal.........dat tym iwas nt able to understand anything.....don knw wat to do n wat not as i don wana loose dat room wch i wana hire fr my nxt 6months..............den aftr 2days i went dere again.....

n agin i foun no ws all silence n bunglow ws all alonewid not evn a single lite.....den i saw a small milk shop near by......i went dere ,a lady ws sittin dere i asked her dat whr dese guys of dat bunglow gone /(whom i met 2 day b4)...she got confused ,she replid in vry shocking way "wch bunlglow"i told her i met dem day b4 n asked dem room on rent......she againsaid inshocking way"beta tu confuse ho raha hai koi aur bunglow hoga"i said no dat one only.........den i got a answer frm her wch sweap d earth frm my feet........she said "beta us bunglow me pichle 25yrs se koi nai reh raha n wo bunglow kisi brahmin ka nahi balki kisi christen ka hai"

Thursday, July 1, 2010


its one of the real experience i had with my frnzz in pune only during my collg lyf......dere i hired a room in partnershp wid a guy as i ws faild in finding a single room.........dat my roompartner den bcum a vry gud frnd of mine his name was gaurav...v both r frm same day some of our comman frnzz came to visit us n dey planned to spend whole nite in our room only n pland fr lots of masti.........dey wer 3 guys....abhinav,siddharth & mohd.gaurav suggested us ki lets do paln chit n call an sprit....firstly no1 of us blv in all dis stuff so v all came out wid a laughter on dis he(gaurav) told us dat he cn do it n he also did it in past also n its truth dat v cn call spirit jus by concentrating.....v thought it must b a grt fun n typ b paas ho v agreed bt still no 1 blvd on wat he said........n den the procedure starts......

gaurav asked me to buy 4 candles n ask fr a pc of papr.....v provided him everything he asked fr n did wat he said........he wrote alphabets a,b,c....z in a row den below it at centre he wrote 'HOME" next to it he drew a circle of coin size to the right of it he wrote "n0" & "yes"....below dis he wrote numbers frm 0 to 9 in a row..........n den d dangerous game begins........

four of us five hav to sit dere on concentratating v i decid not sit dere n alllow rest five to do d honour coz i din blv in dat thing......blv to rest 3 b nai karte they bt dey agreed to sit dere..........1 rupee coin was putd on dat circle all four of dem put deir fingr on d coin n gaurav told dem not to move deir fingr evn if d coin start moving,closes deir eyes n start calling the sprit.......dey wer sayin"come good sprit....come ..."no of times.......n den suddenly v felt sum wind n d coin started moving n fingrs wer still on d coin..........n den gaurav started asking d v still din blv it coz on viewing it,it seems dat one of dem ws moving the coin.........n all dem said gaurav ws moving d he decline....i ws laughing at him.....he asked us to ask any ques n v v'll get d correct no ws ready to enetrain him as no one blv he(gaurav)himslf askd d ques on siddharth behalf........he asked"good sprit if u r dere den tell us d name of sid's current gf"n seriously no one knws abt his nw gf ,no 1 knew her name evn d first alphabet........d coin start viberating n den start moving on d alphabets written ovr dere........n den d coin strike one by one...."A'...."L"...."E"......"K"...."H"..."Y"...."A"............

d nae was ALEKHYA d moment he witnessed dis his smile nlaughter converts into a frawn.......he ws nt abl to understand ki hw d coin told us d correct name.......he got a bit scared also..........den mohd's ask his ques abt his past n wo b kisi ko nai pata tha n he also got d rite still i dint blv dat n i thought dey all making me fool........den gaurav said to ask me to ask any ques jiska ans kisi ko na pata i refusedden gaurav asked a normal ques on my blhf......

to prrf himslf rite he(gaurav) he jus asked dat sprit dat"good sprit tell us divyanshu ki gf is waqt kya kar rai hai??i"....and coin moves agin n it struct S T U D it was late nite aprx 2 'o clk n i knew ki my gf go off to slp at 10 n at d max 11......d ans was obvious on mind dat she was slping bt d coin told us she was studying..........i got into a big laughter n said"wo 11 bje hi so jati ha ye an galat haii"gaurav ask me to make a call n confirm bt i refused as i don wana disturb he force me to make a call bt makin any phn calls in dat room ws ristrced one of d rule of plan chit so i had to go to d terrace to make d call........i calld her....aftr sum tym she pickd up her cel.......i imideatly ask"wat wer u doin"she rpld"nothing"i asked again"fir bhi""so rai thi kya"she repld"nai yaar neend nai aa rai thi aaj so thoda padh rai thi...."n as soon as i got dis ans i get into a shock i imideatly hang up d phn n ran into d room.....i was shiverring dat tymlike anything............n all my laughter n smile dissapperars.......n den i blv dat gaurav was corrrect.........

den v all agreed abt dat fact dat sprit ws dere n now its tym to send dat sprit dis is d most difficult task of whole procedure as gaurav told us sprit came on our wish bt go back on deir own wish.. earlier v did sum mistakes also as makin fun of dat all four of dem started saying"go back good sprit......go bck"so lots of tym d coin goes to "NO"....v all got so scared....gaurav did it b4 also so he knew hw to handle d he asked us to appologse fr our mistake n say sorry......n v did d same......v said sorry n ppoligise fr our mistake.........n finally the coin come bak to "HOME"...........n v all took a deep breath.......n den v went bckside of our room to give dat ppr a fire.....n we witness a green colour flames comming out......