Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Pune ghost exp

This story happened in Pune.Jay* is the person in dis story who was living in Pune with his 3 friends.His flat was on 4th floor of a building.He got that flat on very low rent .There were rumors that the flat was haunted. 

One day, his room mates were not in the city.Jay was alone in his flat.As usual he came back to his flat at 12.00am.He unlocked the door and went inside.there was a window in front of the door, through which balcony was visible.As he entered, he bolted the door from the inside.

Window was open.As he turned he had seen a white figure,near the balcony wall in the darkness.

He went close to window.and to his horror, a girl was sitting on the wall, with hairs messed,white cloths, staring at the floor.Suddenly she raised her head and glanced at jay.

Jay fell down in bed.with all the body shivering.Unable to use his brain, that was filled with intense fear..he covered himself with a blanket.and remained still until the morning..

Many weird noises he heard that night.Filled with the horror, he cudnt dare to uncover himself.

He was in hospital for a week from that incident.