Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The death of the unforgiven- Junaid

As my board examz got ova..d first 2 months of vacations wnt wid full on fun n masti coz i knw hw busy i was last year preparin for my boards..n as vacations continued i n my frnz were tired of borin holidays..hmm dats differnt v passed our time bird watchin..lol..v started playin cricket in my frnz place in d evenins..one fine evenin after playin somebody introduced d topic of ghost stories n started discussin stories bout dem..evn i told a few one of my frnd was patiently listenin to al dat was told..n finally he started sayin dat d stories which v told were not at all scary n chillin compared to d one which he's gonna tell..later he continued y tell ill shw u as v move to dat place it was jus a surprise..n v decided nxt day evenin afta playin wil go to wateva place he wanted to shw..n my other frnd threatened him agar woh scary nahi nikla toh teri vaaat laga denge..aur hamesha ki tarah humne lays pe bet laga diya its bit weird but always v bet on lays coz most of my frnz like it n d loser pays..
frnd1 - persn shwin d ghost hwz!!
den my frnd said dat d house which he wanted to shw is somewhere near his grandma's place n d place is at a walkable distance frm my frnz place whr v play cricket (am sorry am not usin names here..) fine den d same process continued all my frnz came v played cricket n k all set to go to the place where my frnd wanted to take us..i could c somethin was disturbin my frnd1 i asked him wats wrng he said he was a bit scared to go there coz he had heard a lot of stories..n den i n my frnz started makin fun of him sayin i guess there isnt such house n crap..but he felt helpless coz nobody was ready to beleive him..n finally he agreed to take us there against his will..v started movin to dat place..but frnd1 wasn happy wid our decision..all were makin masti on d way to dat place!! then..
sab raaste par uski taang kheench rahe the keh rahe the ki shayad teri galfrnd ka hi bhooth hoga wahaan par..toh doosra kehta chalo aaj life main pehli baar koi hot bhoot ko bhi dekhlenge.. maze karte karte hum ek raaste par pahunche jo hamein us ghar tak le jayega..but dis was pretty weird first d road had huge banyan trees on both d sides of d road givin a spooky look..n there was a graveyard to d left of the road..no street lights n it was so dark as if it was dawn..isko dekh kar hi sab ki phatne lagi..coz v being in a developed city findin dis kinda road which is so spooky dat no one wil dare to walk alone in d night is pretty shockin..i asked my frnd1 whether d atmosphere in d mrngs is jus d same like nw..he kept quite..one of my frnz was so scared he started hallucinating things!!..n den..
he started sayin dat som1 is watchin him somebody is warnin him not to go frnt n stuff all were real scared n his actions screwed all of us..v realised he was hallucinating things coz it was so dark dat v couldn evn c each others faces n he could c som1 starin him WTF..v used our celphones to walk our path..as v moved frnt v v could c a few street lights on n v realised dat d graveyard which is big enough finishes at d backyard of dat house..v gathered enough courage n walked frnt..finally v did reach dat house..my oh my dat house looked seriously creepy..i felt as though it is some kind movie set which i usually c in horror movies..wahi bikhra aangan..wahi sookhi pattiyaan..thandi si hawa..baahar ek jhoola tha jo bahut rusty tha..phir kuch tooti windows..aur ek bada sa bandh darwaza..bahar bageeche main kuch ped the jo bahut daraune lag rahe the..terrace se aisa lag raha tha ki koi hame dekh raha ho..gate khuli thi jis par rusted chain laga tha shayad hawa k wajah se lock toot gaya hoga..gumnaam ghar aur bebas sadkein..hum sab bahut ghabragaye the..
the deserted n messed up compound..those dry leaves..slow chilly breeze..an a swing which was rusted..broken windows..n a big closed door..n therewere a few trees which looked scary..n v felt as if som1 was lookin at us frm terrace..gate was open wwhich had a rusted chain looked as if d lock was broken coz of wind..unknown house n helpless street..all got real scared.. dis was d best i could do sorry if it sounds funny..
n it continued..meanwhile i could c light at d window which was jus below d terrace n i convinced myself dat it is jus d reflection of sodium vapour lamp i.e street light..n 2 other frnz of mine were arguin d same thing dat d light is comin frm inside..but i was pretty sure dat it was d reflection of street light n tried to convince dem badly..on the other hand one of my frnd decided to step into the premises of dat house..evn i n few of my frnz agreed to it..but my frnd1 said dat there r sm ghosts dat follow u unless n until u help dem get sattisfied once u enter..dis really pissed me off..i lost my courage to step in but one of my frnd entered all alone..went til d enterance of dat door n yelled loudly..v were f@#$%d badly..wen asked he said he was kidddin to make us get scared..all started blastin at him..coz evn at dat moment he's playin pranks wid us..den my frnd asked frnd1 tel me y do u call dis place haunted koi khaas wajah??
as v left frm there he started sayin ki ther were sm ppl who prepare fried rice n noodles the roadside sellers were stayin there n dey said dey could hear voices cries n dey felt earthquake inside but there was nthn outside..they started sleepin outside d house n at night they could c som1 jumping into d wel..they stopoped stayin there..nn my frnd said usne keh diya aur tumne maan liya mite b they were makin a fool outta ur self..he said mite b..den he said i guess v wil talk to my granny she is stayin here frm birth i said k but not nw its quite late all agreed tmrw v wil visit her grandmom..but the 2 frnz who were arguin bout dat light dey saw in d house dey were disturbed..dey said cm junaid phirse chalkar dekhte hain yaar..atleast our confusion wil get cleared fine 2 said they wil wait there n remainin v 3 went back to clear our doubts den wat i saw got the hell outta me..
oh f*** v saw dat well which v neva did at first v convinced ourselves dat v unnoticed it..n den dey were spkin bout dat light n i stil continued dat it is d reflection of d streeet light..den wen my frnd ssmartly said y don v look there frm another angle if its sm reflection there should b sm variation na..i said fine as i moved a step frnt i saw a white color pin point light which was comin frm d source inside d house..i told dem d same..dey said phir hum kya keh rahe the den i realised dat d light dey were spkin bout isnt d reflection but smthin else for first i thought it must b sme kind electricity meter glowin denying d truth dat its comin frm inside but agar meter hota toh ground flooor pe hota upar nahi i was speechles..being a science student i had no answer to d question..i said wil leave for nw wil c dat later.. as v left v could feel d voice of 4 ppl walkin (d tappin of legs wen v walk)but only 3 of us were there..i remembered my frnz words dat d spirit follows u until u satisfy dem..v jus ran frm der n joined my other frnz without tellin dem wat happened coz they mite get disturbed..nw v had to walk beside grave yard oh hell..d immediate thought of it jus f$%@&# every1..n as v moved..
one of my frnd was badly lookin in to d graveyard as if he was searchin som1..to d matter of fact i was so scared dat i dint evn dare to look in there..he kept spkin smthin which i couldn catch..finally he said hey mahn i can c som1 walkin in d midddle of d graveyard wid a lantern..i gathered up courage to look in there n like i couldn c any1 i verified wid others whether dey could c dey said no evn i cant..den my frnd1 said..he was d one who entered d house n i bet it must hav started followin him..n i like holyshit!! keep ur mouth shut i blasted at him..n i told my frnd who was lookin in to graveyard..dat it is d caretaker knowin d truth dat i couldn c him..evn my frnz supported me yeah man itz jus d caretaker n he felt releived but humari toh lag gayi..nw he was satisfied dat it was d caretaker but v werent v started worryin wats happenin..wat did he c..my frnd who was hallucinating things v kept him outta it..coz if he hears all dis mahn i bet he would faint..all reached home n decided to visit dat place d next day n den meet my frnd1's granny..
reached home..safe n sound..den my frnd who went inside d ghost house called me..his voice sounded dull i asked him wats wrng bro..he said d thing frnd1 said wont cm true na..i asked him wat u talkin bout he said bout ghost folllowin thing i said itz jus crap go get sm sleep ul b fine by tmrw..nxt day v came at usual time played cricket n den all set to visit d house..my frnd said wil visit his granny first den wil go to dat house..all agreed..n v started walkin dis time nobody was makin nany masti all were f$#%#%..v went saw dat grave but v had to take another road to visit his granny's place..she welcomed us spoke to us nicely n den she saked y suddenly all of ul hav cm here..n as v said dat v had visited ghost house she started blasting at us n started threatenin my frnd1 for takin us to dat house den afta convincin she started tellin d history of dat house..n said..
she started speakin in kannada our state language but indians except karnatakians may not b aware of dis language so ill use hindi n english for mode of language to tel wat she told!!she said beta long time ago there lived a swt n rich family..father mother n son lived together happily..they were jus lik kings..n their son was as old as her..n d father was a good,kind and a god fearing man..d son was a bit naughty but a good guy..durin childhood days dey used to steal mangoes n other fruits together..one fine day d kid wen he grew up to b a teenager had gone out to some place wid his frnz n frm den on d lives of all 3 changed..v were anxious to knw wat hapened nxt..but she told frm now on wateva i tel itz jus d rumour wat i heard n i donno d true story..my frnd asked u were close to dat fella na n y dint u ask him wat had happened exactly..she said wait let me finish den ull get ur answer dis freaked all of us!!she started..one mrng wen..
one mrng he and his frnz went to some place for thrillin n xcitin picnic..all were havin a hell lotta fun..so as they were returnin they thought to visit a final place b4 leaving back to their respective houses..this idea was one of d frndz..all agreed n went towards their destination..dey reached dat place..all were anxious wat was it his frnd wanted to shw them..all fell meek n dull wen dey realised dat it was jus a tomb of another ordinary prsn..he asked his frnd y he bought dem here..he said dis man is not jus lik any another man..he was one of d greatest loyal man to d emporer of ?????????? (sorry evn dat grndma dint remember d name of d empire so i jus don wanna take sm name n give false info)..dat man was d incharge to protect d treasure of their empire..so he said..was gr8 in it..all d ppl who were asigned to do dis job by diffrnt emporers were loyal to their kings..so he said 'no' dis man is special n started d history of dat man..
dat man was one of d incharge to protect d treasure of n empire..he was so faithful dat he was ready to give his life for their empire..rumours say he evn killed his brother wen he tried to rob it..but durin some kinda war of empires he was killed wen he was tryin to protect d treasure..n frm den on nobody could hav dat treasure because it was jus lik being cursed..whoever tried to get dat treasure died unusually..d localites of dat place said dat d ghost of dat man is savin d treasure so they sealed dat treasure in a place near to his tomb..all d frnz liked dis story very much n were thankin their frnd to get dem here..meanwhile dis boy(kid who lived in present haunted house) flicks something frm dat place n den d whole life of his changed!! he returned to his house happily..he was fine for d nxt few days..he spoke to his frnz, played as usual..but afta few weeks he started actin weird..he started..
he started hallucinating things..he started talkin crap backanswering his parents n all..he started breakin all the things of his house..he used to cut his hair n eat it..all his dear ones were real worried bout him..n wen his action went intolerable they locked him in his room..he was a complete insane by nw..n ppl say d insane hav got some more power compared to nrml human beings..n one fine day wen his father wasn there at home..he somehow managed to get out of d room..he came to d kitchen where his mom was cookin took some kinda sharp weapon for instance it might b some kinda knife..he chopped his mothers head off..n came out of d house n jumped into d well of their house..ppl say dat d spirit of dat ancient treasure protector must hav come following him..coz he had flicked something frm d place of his tomb..i guess he wasnt forgived or it couldn forgive..n dis caused THE DEATH OF THE UNFORGIVEN..it neva stopped n d mystery continued..
afta dat whoever stayed there always felt dat there was som1 else wid dem..they could hear cries..could feel d house shakin..could c som1 jumping in d well..n hence evn d dear ones deserted d house pretty soon..they gave their house to rent for tourists who came visitin dat place or a group of college students n all..but nobody stayed there more dan a week..n d present owner of dat house is tryin to sell d house for INR 40000..such a big mansion is being sold at a price of a 2 wheeler..but still nobody dares to buy it..ppl who stayed there started beleivin dat d soul of dat protector must have stayed back in the house..n thinks dat it is its property..n til date it neva caused harm to any ppl except for those who tried to steal or take something frm dat house..afta listenin to all dis i n my frnz left dat granny's place.. n walked by dat house..d questions which were popping remained unanswered..wat was it dat was glowin in d house??? who did my frnd c in d graveyard??? wat did my frnd try to indicate by hallucinations???..n til nw v don hav d answers..i guess there r certain mysteries in d world which remain unrevealed forever n forever..