Friday, June 11, 2010

Haunted Experience

his is the narrative of that time when I was newly married and had almost enjoyed my 2-3 days after reception, as we all know when there is any marriage ceremony relatives usually stay up to reception party and from the second day one by one start leaving, so on 23/011/09 I got married and 25/11/09 was my reception party, and in the morning of 26th relatives start leaving the home. It was my sister – in law who first left for her home in jamshedpur.

So as she was leaving and we went out to see of her I felt something strange there but I dint told it to anybody and after that every thing was ok up to one week nothing happened. But my mother in law always use to says that I don’t like this home at all and she don’t want to stay here, guys I have not mentioned that as my father in law is working in lucknow, so my husband and her mother used to stay in in two rooms flat but now as we were getting married and they need to shift in some big house they have taken this new house on rent.

Now everyone in our relative had left to there homes, and as this house was quite big so and look little haunted so mom was always scared to stay there and I m not so shore but looking at her activities I realized that she also found something unusual in that house but she don’t tell us because we will get scared.

and one more thing one of our chachi was also staying with us as she want to spend some time with me. So one night it was around 12 in night me and my husband was in the room and was about to sleep and other family members was already felt asleep. We suddenly realized that somebody is there who is walking outside our varandha we were shocked because the main gate was lock everybody in our home were sleeping so we were just thinking ki who is the that who is roaming in our varandha. And the voice that was coming from there was something like an old person who are not able to walk properly and make some creeping sound it was like that!!!!!!We tried to peep but couldn’t see anyone there.

Next mornig when we wake up me and my husband were discussing this with my mother in law and chachi and we were disturbed too.So as we have to go to office we just stop that topic and went off to our regular work,after taking the bath as I was coming from the bathroom I heard that mom was discussing the same case with my maid who came regularly to our home and she was saying that she knows something hideous obout this house but she will not it to us as we were living here. So as by hearing this was really shocked and after persuasive a lot she accepted that in august the lady who was the owner of this house passed away in this august and his son and his wife dint came till three days to see the body even, after three days one of there relative came and take out the body and did the funeral but dint completed the whole procedure that have to be completed by this lady son. After hearing all this we were shocked, because after this happening only three months were passed and now we were there to stay there.

Now I was already not getting positive vibrations about that house and now I was pretty shore that what was happening there, now again the night came it was about 1.00 am suddenly I was awaken and the more surprising was that ki my husband also was awaked t that same time now that same voice was again there, we were able to feel that someone is just outside our door but this time not just this much happened this time our door which was linked between the varandha was making some resonance like somebody was knocking the door my condition was like dying in that same state me and my husband were not able to speak a single word, we were just hearing what kind of voices were coming after 25 min everything was again normal like nothing happened. We were so terrified that we were not able to sleep the whole night. In the morning we again discussed this to our mom and she said find any new house as fast as possible but we knew that finding a new house on rent is not that easy it will take near about a month, so now this was the routine of every night almost at every night we used to awake at the same time heard the same sound but did not speak a single word to each other. Just sleep like that. Now this was being a usual thing for us so we were not giving much priority to this but what happened next to me just made me freeze up!!!!!!!!!!

One day in the evening as we came from the office mom told us that now it will be little bit ok as some new tenants are shifting in the upper portion. We were actually happy to know that now there would be little good atmosphere.The next morning I was awaken little early and it was the time of December, and it was too cold I hope u all have got the idea that it was almost dark as it was just 5.00 in the morning, for toilet and our toilet was like that we have to go out in the aagan(an open space in the middle of the house) so there was such an area and there was the toilet, so As I was going I found that two peoples were talking on upper portion where that new tenants had shifted, I thought why these guys are standing on this open portion, as it was so cold, then I thought that they might have to settle there things as they have shifted yesterday only, Actually they were just standing in front of me but avoiding them I forwarded towards toilet, guys it was like that if someone is standing near you, but as we don’t know them we generally give any attention to them but we know ki someone is standing there. So it was like that. So after that I again went to my room, as it was morning I was not scared but after knowing the hell, I almost lost ,my mind.

In the morning at 7.00 am when I went to the kitchen when we all gathered for preparing breakfast means me, mom, and chachi I said mom that the new family that has shifted yesterday was awaked very early in the morning, I told her that I went to toilet and found two people chatting on the upper portion. As I said these words mom and chachi start looking and each other I don’t understand what was happening after insisting a lot mom said that the family has yet not shifted and will shift today only, but I said to mom that this is not possible because I found two guys standing there and chatting yaa but this is also right that I have not seen there face. But I am 100% shoure that two mens were there, then after such a long discussion and not coming to any conclusion mom said it is might possible that they have come in the early morning to settle there things, but my husband said that the main gate was locked and the keys were with him, so there is no chance of anybody to come. Now we all were in the shocked state as we all knew that something is going wrong in this house. Mom just told us to find some house as soon as possible.

Again it was night and we all were little scared and after dinner went to our rooms and again at 1.45 the same voice start coming I was so scared that I just covered my face with the blanket as my husband was also sleeping, now the voice were so horrible this time that my husband was also awaken, we both were in huge terror but this time my husband some how gathered a lot of courage and planned to peep from the door, but as he was about to peep, someone suddenly shook the door so hardly that my husband just fall on the floor and the door was being knocked so loudly and it was continuous, that all my family members just came in my room and start asking that what the hell is happening in your room. We were so horrified that the voices were almost gorn and we were not in the state of speaking anything, somehow mom and dad managed to come inside the room and found us fainted. almost after one hour we came to our senses my husband was ok but I got a high fever due to fear, after 2 days I was also fine and nothing unusual happened till 2 days, but after this we all planned to shift in that same old flat in which the mom and my husband were living, we decided to shift within 2 days. And we shifted all was ok but the next day when my mom went to that house to collect some of the thing that were still lying there, the new family told her at night something unusual happened to them, the same she told to my mom and said that they r leaving the today only.