Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Personal Exp of a Security Guard

Ravi joined a company as a security guard.he used to sleep in a room provided by company, that was few meters away from the company building.His duty time was 12pm to 12am.Summer was on its peak those days.Once he came at his room from duty on regular time, removed his shirt,and thrown his body on bed. It was a dark midnight. atmosphere was being unreasonably cool that night,might be becoz of the flow of air. But there was just one window and such flow was impossible. Ravi cursed himself 4 his dullness in studies," there might b something that i dont know".He turned off the light and relaxed on darkness.............. deep silence...............voice of nothing he cud feel. moment was taking him to nothingness........................4geting the world, his existance. only that cool sensation.

suddenly, his concentration broke with the noise of window door.It was slamming on the wall constantly due to the wind.. Ravi got up and shut the window door.

he was lying on bed.feeling the silence in his ears again.He felt lik smbdy walking outside the room.he ignored.. and nw he heard chimes, like "payal" .it was like someone walking slowly outside the room wearing payal..stunning sound of payal.No chance of a lady moving at such deserted place & specially at such late night...."who s ther?", he reply came.. the voice of payal might b bcoz i m so tired, i need 2 sleep i soon as he tried to sleep, the payals started chiming again..Ravi became still nw.. something weird was happening..and the room door knocked..his heart filled with fear.. he cud not dare to open the door..he shouted again with a shaky voice,"who s ther?"..the knocking stopped...again deep silence, but nw feeling of extreme fear ws the change in mental condition...he had breathed few moments & got up on his feet, with the knees still trembling..went to the window, not knowing wat was coming out.he opened the window & glanced outside, there was nothing..he was about 2 close the window and at tat very momentsomething appeared in air, out of nothing, and grabbed his throat..that was two hands into the air, and onto his throat.he jerked himself backwards with the full of his energy..his head slammed to the table behind and he became still on the floor, unconscious...

he was admit in hospital for two weeks..we got informed abt dis by tea stall wala..we went to that hospital to c him..those impressions of two palms were still visible on his throat skin..

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Hollycross school Aurangabad city

Military Cantonment area is the last end of Aurangabad city boundary.Hollycross school is in that area..Just in front of the school there is a road, which goes to Pune..Beyond the road there is an IRON BRIDGE, and the area is deserted near the bridge..Few meters after the holycross school the road gets divided into two, one straight and one at right..Straight goes to Pune and right goes to Devgiri fort..

it happened few years ago, with my friend Nilesh..

It was season of winter at mid period.Nilesh was alone on his bike..He was going to Mhaismal hill station, few kms away from Devgiri fort..His friends were waiting for him since 9.30pm..They had planned a party late was 12.30 now, n he was already late..

Temperature was very cool and as he got out of the city, it was being tremendously chill due to the trees and the open air..the slightly spread gray fog everywhere, was making the sight blurred or unclear..cold wind was whooshing through the ears, making ridiculous noises..Nilesh, totally lost in the thoughts of his friends and the party, was driving his bike..Generally that road is crowded even in late nights, but as those winter days were thrashing with chill, he cud hardly see a vehicle or pedestrian.. He was about to reach at holycross school, and he had seen a dark figure in the middle of the road..

He was unable to recognize it due to chilly mist..Figure was being wider as he was driving closer..It was a lady, gesturing 4 lift.She was wearing a saree of redish kind of colour, unable to identify in headlight of bikeHe stopped, and asked her about the reason 4 being out such late..She said she was worker in some company and it was her night shift, nd her home was on the way 2 devgiri fort..Nilesh agreed 2 drop her in midway, n asked her to sit on bike..He started driving, and took a right turn from the division of the road..Lady behind started moving her palm on his thigh.he became nervous n asked her to remove her hand...she said that she is a prostitute n want to take him to the place at right side between the trees for pleasure.He denied many times but, the lady started touching his parts erotically..Nilesh, filled with nervousness and confusion..In the act of getting free from her, his sight caught a look of mirror on his bike for a moment..

and, to his horror, there was nothing he cud see behind, apart from the darkness, fog and trees..

His heart started pounding rapidly on his chest wall frm such cold, sweating started from his forehead..piece of cold dryness appeared in his throat..His mind started dying.. He had no idea wat to do??

the lady was laughing now..

He closed his eyes.. and a sharp thought passed through his mind..He stopped his bike n without turning back, asked her to chek the tyre, if it is punctured..As he felt her weight reduced from bike.. he jerked the accelrator hard and ran away..

Later we come 2 know that many people have seen the same lady at that place...Many strange cases were found at that iron bridge area..Many unidentified murder cases were found at the same place wher the lady was asking Nilesh to come for pleasure..

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Mr. Bendre Ghost Exp

it happened nearly 3 decades ago..I heard dis story from my friend.. It happened with his uncle...His Uncle Mr. Bendre* was 12yr old at that time..He was living in Aurangabad city. He loved to go to village, visit the farm, watch the scenery in it..Once he went to a villege... He had 3 cousins and a grandpa to greet..

Grandpa used to wake up with the voice of AZAN in near masjid (at 5 am)..Use of Clock was not familiar that time..Mr. Bendre was so being so impatient to go to the farm..He had designed all the plan 4 the things to b done in the farm..Grandpa told him that, at 5 am they wil go to farm, n cant go out even a minute b4 that..

All the people slept that night.. But Mr. Bendre was still awake..he could not sleep with the idea of the enjoyment in the farm..All the plans were being real in his mind..He cud now feel the sun rising and the eternal light touching his body...Huge trees waving as the soothing wind brushes the leaves..Many birds singing in the different noises.. hallucinating music ..U can refer it as "a fine day" in simple terms..

All the mess of thoughts was not allowing him to sleep...

He was being uneasy now..He started to think, about what to do.Its midnight now,few more hours to the dawnAn idea flashed through his mind...He went to grandpa.. He was sleeping tightly..Mr. Bendre started shaking him to the shoulder in the act of waking him up...Grandpa woke up, rubbing his eyes..Mr. Bendre told him its dawn, n need to move to the farm..Grandpa got confused abt not hearing the AZAN, n enquired abt it..He lied saying, it happened 5 minutes b4..Grandpa got up in confusion n taken his way to the farm wid Mr. Bendre, his three cousins and a bull...

It was dark, outside...Half Moon was glittering above..All of them were walking through the farms..moon was visible within the tree branches sometimes..No sign of human except them was present there..Each sign was increasing grandpa's confusion..i may b very late, so all the people might have gone b4 me.. he thought

suddenly, he has seen a long streak of white figures holding "mashal"..his face filled with the terror..

He grabbed Mr. Bendre's collar, n asked him,"Now tell me the truth, what time is it now? else, we all will die.. "Mr. Bendre, scared of his act, vomited the truth..

Grandpa, removed bell from bull and threw it away...He sent the bull in planted area of the farm..Grandpa grabbed all the people to the shoulder and asked them to lean down on earth.. And also asked to hold the breath as the figure comes closer..

Now with the noise of bell, n bull entering in planted space, those figures noticed the interference...Started moving towards them..streak was coming closer.. now it was visible in the light of "mashal"..dwarf, white hooded figures, moving in queue.. moving horizontally with consistent speed and tempo without the slightest vertical movement...Their faces were veiled beneath the white hoods..Mr. Bendre and his cousins held the breaths with the grandpa's indication..

Streak was moving close to them.. Heart was moving like a horse..each stroke of heart beat was going like someone hammering on the chest..Oxygen held in lungs was striving to come out..All could now feel burning flames on head and light on land..and a smooth stroke of cold wind..

after few seconds light vanished..grandpa indicated to start breathing..

Mr. Bendre slightly moved his head upwards to the direction of that streak..hooded figures were moving away...

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Pune ghost exp

This story happened in Pune.Jay* is the person in dis story who was living in Pune with his 3 friends.His flat was on 4th floor of a building.He got that flat on very low rent .There were rumors that the flat was haunted. 

One day, his room mates were not in the city.Jay was alone in his flat.As usual he came back to his flat at 12.00am.He unlocked the door and went inside.there was a window in front of the door, through which balcony was visible.As he entered, he bolted the door from the inside.

Window was open.As he turned he had seen a white figure,near the balcony wall in the darkness.

He went close to window.and to his horror, a girl was sitting on the wall, with hairs messed,white cloths, staring at the floor.Suddenly she raised her head and glanced at jay.

Jay fell down in bed.with all the body shivering.Unable to use his brain, that was filled with intense fear..he covered himself with a blanket.and remained still until the morning..

Many weird noises he heard that night.Filled with the horror, he cudnt dare to uncover himself.

He was in hospital for a week from that incident.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Personal Exp of Ghost wid Photo

Yes ghosts are real. Me, my mum & Dad - I was only 10 years old at the time. But we all went to - The Tower of London. We did have the feeling something was watching us. We went into the bloody tower everything was normal untill my dads camera wouldn't work.. So me & my mum walked of.. My dad was on the stairs still - finally he got the camera working. But this shot was taken. Now at the time my dad was the only person on the stair at the time. We had no idea - till we got the photos came back... And this is what we got. U can see the Tudor dresses & hats that they wore in 1553. Nobody can explain. Both me and my mum have the orignal photo. We had no idea at the time. That we go this amazing photo. So yeah l strongly believe in ghosts & seen things since. The photo was taken in September 1992. So yeah they are real.