Tuesday, February 3, 2015

New home.. Home?? or Hell?? (Continued2)

they took their dinner n went to bed instantly as they had a long day.. a sudden knock on their flats main door made Amar to wake up.. there was continuous beatings on the door.. as if someone just wanted to break the door.. He woke up Suraj.. he was too able to hear the banging.. they were just sitting on their bed thinking who is it.. none of them dared to go n see who it was.. after few mins banging stopped.. both of them took a peaceful breath..

but suddenly their bedroom's door started to knock furiously.. they both hugged each other like if its their end.. the unknown was banging the door in such a force that it wud just break wid the next bang n then its gonna be end for Amar n Suraj.. Amar got up n took cricket bat which was lying near his bed.. he went n stood up near the door.. his aim was to just break the head of the person who was doing this piece of sh*t in middle of night.. Suraj closed his eyes n started to read Hanuman Chalisa.. the banging on the door began to reduce.. n it gradually stopped..

Amar gained some courage n opened the door.. there was pitch silence in the hall.. he closed the door, locked it n sat near Suraj.. both of them spoke nothing.. but their silence spoke everything.. Amar understood there some paranormal things r going around..

but that was not it.. after few mins, they heard some voice from hall.. it sounded like a lady crying in pain.. Suraj started to cry in fear.. Amar was just gazing at the door..

Suraj--look! wat did i tell u? i leave this place.. but u dint listen to me.. n maybe its our end tonight.. if not by ghost then by heart fail for sure!

Amar--STFU yaar!!

Amar headed towards the door.. he was just very irritated of all these.. he opened the door.. he again had his bat wid him.. he just dint want to believe it was a ghost.. wat he saw was completely shocking for him.. there was a lady in red saree sitting near kitchen n sobbing.. her face was covered wid her pallu.. Amar glanced on the main door n found it locked from inside.. How the f*** she get inside then?? Amar wondered..

Amar--Hello? Hello?? who r u?? how did u get inside??

He got no reply from the lady.. he was stepping near her.. he was standing just 3 feets away from her.. He again called for her.. but she wasn't answering.. Amar just went near her.. She was still sobbing.. sobbing sound cud be heard clearly.. she was sitting in the position in which her face was ducked between her knees.. he shook her shoulder.. she looked up.. but there was pallu on her face.. when he tried to lift her pallu he shouted wid horror n fainted..

Suraj ran towards Amar.. when he reached hall, he saw Amar lying on floor.. there was no one around him.. he picked him n brought him in the room, kept him on bed n ran and locked the room.. he thrown some water on his face.. Amar woke up wid a gr8 shock n started to cry like a child.. Suraj got a hold of him.. Amar was behaving like a child.. he was kicking in air.. shouting in pain.. mujhe yaha se bahar nikalo.. i dont wanna be here.. Suraj got angry on him n just slapped him tightly.. Amar relaxed n started to cry again..

Suraj--wat happened yaar?? kya hua?? bolega kuch??

Amar--dude.. she had no head! she had no head.. it was like.. its was like.. im seeing thru.. she had no head.. she haadddddd noooooooo...

He fainted again.. Suraj dint know wat to do.. he decided to stay like that till dawn.. time passed n it was 7am.. Amar woke up.. none of them had power to goto college.. they decided to bunk the whole day n sort this matter first.. they dint want to leave the home as it wud create many problems.. bcoz they invested all the money in the flat.. landlord wont return them the payment.. they couldn't even stay there anymore.. if anything worst happens then ppl wont be able to even find their dead bodies..

Suraj--dude.. i have one idea.. but i dont know tu manega ya nahi..

Amar--agar manne jaisi baat rahi toh kyu nahi manunga? tell me.. wat is it?

Suraj--shud we call a baba or pandit who will just check the house.. maybe a unsatisfied soul is living here..

Amar--dude! ur mad kya?? they will just take some money n fly away..

Suraj--lets give a try anyways.. i heard good n those who really have some knowledge dont do this for money.. its their hobby..

Amar thot n agreed wid him.. that was the last chance.. n last hope..

Amar--so? where shud we start from?

Suraj--i think we must ask our friends who r staying here.. they will tell us about some pandit.. but dont tell them about all this.. they will laugh on us.. just take number of some good pandit n then we will directly contact wid him..

Amar called some of the friends n withing 10 mins he got 3-4 numbers.. they called everyone of them.. each one listed wat they want.. except for one.. he just said that give me watever u want to.. even if u dont give me, i dont care.. yes.. they both found the real guy.. they went over his place.. he was resting on a chair.. his eyes were closed..

Pandit--come in boys..
they both puzzled a bit.. they entered..

Pandit--how cn i help u? u both look strained..

Suraj--actually.. i dont know how to tell u..

Pandit--dont worry son.. tell me..

Suraj--we recently took a flat on rent n i think.. i thinkkk..

Pandit--that the place is possessed?

Suraj--yeah.. maybe..

Pandit--how did to come to know??

Suraj explained him everything from the start.. Amar also told him about the lady in the red dress.. he told him her full look on.. Suraj identified her n said that it was the same lady he saw in the funeral..

both of them pleaded to pandit to help them.. Pandit agreed to help them.. he accompanied wid Suraj n Amar to their flat..

Pandit was talkative all the way.. he was asking casual questions to Amar n Suraj regarding their family background, how they came across this home etc..

but as soon as he entered in the campus, he was dead silent.. he was just gazing at the building wid weird looks.. they climbed to their flat.. he stopped on the way.. it was 1st floor.. he pointed towards the lady's flat n closed his eyes.. Suraj n Amar was looking at each other weirdly.. after some moments, he opened his eyes..

Pandit--This flat has seen a murder in recent days.. the reason is same as ur's..

Amar(shockingly)--yea yea yea.. u r right uncle.. he used to see n feel the same things which we r facing.. he committed suicide due to this..

Pandit--looks like he was weaker than u.. or maybe he seen way worse than wat u guys saw.. May God bless his soul..

Amar thought, wat cud be more worse than this..

they all approached their flat.. Suraj opened the lock.. Suraj n Amar stepped in.. Pandit was standing on door.. he again closed his eyes n touched the bottom of entrance.. after sometime he got up..

Pandit--leave this place as soon as possible.. the soul that haunts this place is here from a long time n has got really powerful..

Amar--so that means u cant help us?

Pandit--no one can! just leave this place!!

Pandit went from there.. Suraj n Amar went behind n pleaded him to help them.. but he was stern.. he went from that place.. Suraj n Amar returned to their room wid no hopes left..

they both went in their room n were silent.. Suraj had tears in his eyes.. they couldn't even this place bcoz of financial problems n they couldn't even stay there..

Amar--stop crying like a baby!! lets call that mo********* landlord n hold his neck! he will have to give our money back!

saying this Amar called up the landlord.. he wasn't answering the phone.. he called up again n again but no use.. seems they were tricked!

Amar--wat to do now? this son of a ***** is not answering..

Suraj was silent.. he was feeling the death coming near to them.. Amar shook him n asked him again..

Suraj--oh yes.. we shud call the watchman n ask him about this place.. maybe he know something.. he looked really old n seem to be working here from a long time..

Amar-damn! how cud we forget him?? but we dont have any contact of his.. how will we search him?

Suraj--lets go back to the tea shop where we went that night.. maybe he will help us..

so they both headed to the tea stall.. luckily it was open..

Suraj--bhaiya, do u know anything abt the building which is on that side? the only building which is just 10 min far..
the tea seller(TS) was gazing him like Suraj asked him his life..

TS--wat about it?

Suraj--i wanted to know the address of watchman who used to work there.. if u can help us.. plz.. we need to talk to him..

TS could see need in Suraj's n Amar's eyes.. he gave them address of old man.. Suraj n Amar quickly hurried towards his place.. it was a small house situated about 10 kms from their building.. they knocked the door.. a old lady opened the gate..

old lady--yes?

Amar--we r here to c watchman uncle.. who used to work in our building..

Amar just completed his sentence, he saw watchman standing right behind the old lady..

watchman--arey! aap log yaha? come come.. come inside..
he told his wife to prepare some snacks for boys..