Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Midnight Ghost Experience

It was a cool spring evening. Lisa and Julie searched through the back yard, looking for Mark. "Come on, Julie! We have to find Mark!" said Lisa. She looked behing a bush, them under the deck. "Midnight!" The girls heard someone yell in the distance. They ran as quickly as they could back to the home base, formally known as the white car. "I'm gonna get you, Mary!" said Mark, as he chased Mary back to the small car. With a quick touch on Mary's back, Mary was it and Mark was not. "Aw man!" said Mary in disappointment. "I'm it!" She ran to the back yard, as the other children began to count. This was their favorite game, Midnight, and they played it as often as they could. The rules of the game were: One person hides, and the others count to twenty-four o'clock. They then go look for the hiding person. If someone finds them, they yell "midnight," and try to make it back to the home base without being tagged. If they get tagged, then they are it and have to be the one to hide. "Twenty-one o'clock, twenty-two o'clock, twent-three o'clock, twenty-four o'clock!" Yelled the children, as they began their search for Mary. First, they searched all the obvious places to hide. Then, when they did not find Mary, they searched the harder hiding places. They still could not find Mary. "Mary!" yelled Julie, "We give up! You win the game! You can come out now!" There was still no sign of Mary. "Hey look!" yelled Mark, "it's Mary's shoe!" He held up the white Nike tennis shoe. "Maybe when she was running to hide, it fell off and she didn't have time to get it," said Lisa. "Let's go check the front yard." Lisa decided to get to the front yard by going on the left side of the house, opposite of Mark and Julie. As she walked past the ivy, something caught her eye. She went over to get a closer look, then she stopped. There, in the ivy, was Mary lying down face-first in it. She has tripped and landed on a rusty nail that had gone right through her.

Luckily, Mark and Julie saw her and ran over to her. When Mark saw Mary, he yelled, and Julie ran over and threw up behind the bush. A few hours later, Mark, Lisa, and Julie sat quietly in their beds. They had been in the emergency room for the past few hours, then been asked to leave since it was getting late. The doctors had said there was a chance she might live, but it was not very likely. Julie turned off her light, and closed her eyes. She did not want to think about poor Mary any more. She woke up about two hours later, for no apparent reason. She quickly peeked out of her cover, and gasped at what she saw. She saw a dark figure with black hair, that had a nail going right through it's stomach. No, thought Julie, It can't be! "How could you let this happen to me?" Spoke the dark figure, "Now you will get to see how it feels." Julie sat in shock, and closed her eyes as the figure reached out it's hand toward her. It was a sad day at school the next day. Mark and Lisa were very upset, and so was everyone else. When it was time to board the buses, Mark and Lisa sat in the same seats, as usual. " How could something like this happen to Mary? She never did anything wrong!" Said Lisa. "It just seems so unreal," Mark replied, "I can't believe it actually happened." "By the way, have you seen Julie? She was not in school today." "She is probably home, because she was so sad about Mary." As they talked, the bus was about to cross an intersection. Then, one car went left, and so did another, causing a wreck. The bus swirved, trying to avoid the collision, but did not prevail. The children screamed in fright, and the bus fell on it's side. The children tried to climb out of the windows, so they could get to safety. Mark and Lisa did too. Mark could not feel his left leg, and Lisa had twisted her ankle, so she could not walk. As they looked over to the side of the road, the saw a dark figure with black hair that was missing a shoe walking towards them and smiling.


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Ghost of the river pala

Its on the bizzare incidents which happened in the village were my late grandfather used to live. It was during the 1940s. The fuzz and the hysteria in the village community relating to a ghost residing in the village's major river, pala was at its peak during his prime. Its still believed to exist.In the year 1941. My granpa, Chacko, then 17, was walking back home after midnight mass. He was already scared, thinking of things such as satan and hell.So he was rushing towards home. But halfway through, he wanted to make a piss.So he moved towards the river cliff of the river pala and started pissing. He looked at the sparkling water to distract himself from scary thoughts. But when he fully bend his head at looked down, the sight which he saw was so frightening that his body got frozen in fear. The ghost in the river, unkown to people till then was climbing towards him through the line of piss. Chacko lost his spirits and knew it was his end and called gods name in his mind. But suddenly, out of luck, instinctively he stopped pissing. And and just a while before it could grab my granpa, the ghost fell back into the river as the line of piss got brocken..My grandfathers encounter and subsequent strange incidents surrounding the river came to be later known as the ghost of the river pala, the waterclimber,... whatever the names are it became a myth.

the villagers base for discussing the issue was the church. They saw the phenomenon in religious terms. The influence of the church did not allow people to look at he issue, logically. But my grandfather, could. At his 30s, a decade after his experience, he became far much fearless but still interested in the mystery. He was a wrestler and had the confidence of pounding anyone. He was intimidated at nothing.He never saw the ghost, again inspite of walking so many times besides the river during the night . But people continued seeing the ghost. Many believed that the ghost's station was confined to the river and they made a wall to seperate river from the road, and people consiousely avoided pissing at the river or even getting into river during day time, thinking the ghost would start abominating the land, too.

She was really young when this happened. My grandpa has 10 children and my mother was the youngest. She woke up early in the morning as always to attend the 5:30 mass. Seeing the brightness outside and thinking she was late for the mass, she got ready, fast and started moving not realising the time was just around 3:00 and the brighness outside was due to the full moon. As she was walking the sky became darker and darker and soon realised its not morning yet. There were no other people walking along to the church as it was not time yet for the mass. She got really scared and decided to walk back home. But just when she turned she saw a white figure at the end of the dark road. She didnt know what it was and didnt know what to do.

So when my mother turned around, the saw a white figure far away and it was coming closer. But it was not a ghost or anything such, it was my grandpa...he had came out in search of my mother knowing that she's is not home. Finding his five year old daughter, he called her name loudly knowing that she would be scared. But ironically, few months later people began to see a figure moving around during the midnight hours in white clothes. It was 1st seen by a group of drunk people coming out from a toddy at around 1:00. They all, while walking back, heavily drunk, on the road, suddenly popped up a figure in full white clothes. On the influence of the alchohol the drunk fellows didnt find the persons white clothes strange.At that time it was inappropriate and uncommon for anyone apart from them to be on the road. But they didn't even notice it untill the the figure or the person whatever it was, with its whole body shrouded, began acting crazy. One of the drunk fellow, took his knife out of his lungi and followed the bizzare form. The form retreated from him and vanished into the rubber tree plantation and the drunk fellows couldn't catch it or get any idea abt what it was.Many more people began to see it. At midnight, children were afraid to look out from the window thinking they might see the white figure in their land, beneath the trees.Looking out from the window many saw the figure . And very few indeed dared to go out of their houses and check out what it was. Once My grandpa, seeing the creature, went out to check what it is, against the wish of his wife and children.My mother saw saw my grandpa chargin through the cropfields to catch the creature. My mother looked out from the window in fear. She could see her father moving through the field but the ghost was not seen. She worried if the ghost suddently makes an ambush attack on her father.She lost the sight of him after sometime. Grandpa went too deep into the woods in search of it.

about one hour after grandpa left the house, someone knocked the door. His wife opened the door expecting him. She opened and it was him, it was grandpa.There were marks all over his body. One of his hands was bleeding. When asked abt what happened he said he couldn't get sight of the creature and his hands got cut when he accidently held the sharp side of his knife.

The next day......
A seminary student was seen dead outside the church gate. There were no cut or bruises on his body. He was chocked to death. My grandpa explained to everyone what had happened to him the previous day and begged people not to suspect him as the murderer and the bandage in his hands and the death was just a coincidence.People believed him as he was a person whom people respected and known for honesty.

Church Meetings.......
The church organised regular meetings on fixed days to discuss the issue. People became more united as a result. Telephone connections were established in the village by the efforts of the vicar. Men of the families, gathered togethor when sitings were reported. Men set out for ghost hunts quite regularly.But they hardly saw it to catch it, untill one day when a group of around 200 villagers, including women and children set out and spotted it. They chased it bravely. It ran away from them without posing any threat to the mob. That made the mob more confident.They continued chasing it, even through the rubber trees. People began surrounding it from all corners. The creatures character was totally human, though a bit odd and people became convinced that it's a prankster. But again the infamous ghost of pala narrowly escaped when people lost sight of it when it jumped over the huge church wall. Since all of the churchmen were a part of the mob, there was hardly anyone to catch it from inside. By the time people got inside the church compound the creature was dissappeared. But how it dissappeared was a mystery as the the compound was pretty closed and an escape was quite impossible for normal human or neither was there any hiding places inside the compound.

years before the siting of the white clothed ghost, a priest in the church went insane and was locked inside a cell in inside the church compound. Years after his imprisonment the mad priest discovered a tunnel from his cell which takes him to the outside world. So every midnight, when the village slept, the mad priest came out to the outside world to enjoy the fruits of his lost freedom. Because of eccentricity, people identified him as a ghost. He moved around the heavenly place in front of him with full freedom. Perhaps he too foolish letting people to see him moving around. And he was most definitely the murderer of the seminary student.It was discovered when a seminary student saw something sprouting out of thin mud all of a sudden while looking out of the window.Unlike his colleague who got killed he didn't do anything stupid. The next day he spread the discovery. They found the tunnel, unknown till then which connected the cell to the outside world. They became convinced its the mad priest who made all the fuzz. He was caught and questioned to learn that he was responsible for the death of one.

When questioned, the madman was also trying to explain something else. Something very crazy. And ofcourse people couldn't comprehend. People didn't pay any attention to that and felt relieved. But my grandpa who saw the madmans questioning, thinks that what the madman was trying to explain was his conversations and experiences with something really supernatural. Perhaps the very same ghost who almost took my Grandpa's life and the very same ghost which does really exist beneath the waters of the river pala...

Monday, June 28, 2010

ghostly castle in Scotland

Scotland is a beautiful place but it is notorious for its ghostly castles & villas....many people have experienced ghosts there...this story is about SUSAN, her husband TOM & their 3 beautiful children..KIM,HARRY& LOU...

Susan was a middle aged woman abt 38 yr old..her husband was Tom who was 40..they had 3 children..harry was 12, kim & lou were 9 & 6 respectively....the family was living in England earlier...but when they were offered a castle built in 1897, spanning in over 15 acres & that also at a paltry sum of 30 thousand pounds( by no means it was a paltry sum for the family though)they decided to shift to Scotland...taking a loan to buy that castle

the castle was in Dundee, far from the hustle & bustle of newcastle where they lived earlier..Tom was an expert fisher...he had quite an experience of working in fisheries in newcastle..while susan was a nurse in Tyne hospital in newcastle....but now their life was going to change...they wld have to go to a sleepy town Dundee which is about a 100kms from Edinburgh ( the capital of scotland)...crofting was main occupation & few people live at this place..but once she saw the castle every thing went out of her mind & all she thought about was owning this castle...after all why we work so hard?..just to live happy & comfortable life.isn't she gathered all her savings & a little bit of loan to acquire this place...

Dundee is a beautiful city located in midst of exotic hils. Large track of land is covered by forest. The castle is at the countryside, surrounded by woods all around..The backside of the castle is a bit damaged…but nevertheless , its beautiful & huge with wooden flooring & a basement to store logs of wood..Susan & tom had to leave their respective jobs at Newcastle..tom would used to cut logs & sell it in the city market…their 15 acre plot had woods abundantly & a pond too in which they started solmon(fish) harvesting….susan would used to teach the kids at home itself. In the first one month everything was fine as they were trying to adjust to the new place..the next home in vicinity was about a km away..the place was extremely silent & extremely laidback…

The first signs of ghost or spirit was first experienced after 2 months ,when the family had settled completely..One day susan was cleaning the room at second floor..she was trying to clean an abandoned room which was shut for a long time..when she entered the room she felt some uneasiness which turned into suffocation later on…she tried to leave the room but couldn’t. her feet was not able to moov.she fell on the floor unconsciously..At the ground kids were playing..after they saw that, for a considerable amount of time their mom didn’t come…they started searching her…finally they reached the room where susan had fell…they were shocked to see their mom was lying on the floor..harry tried to wake her up…so was kim..but little lou started crying….after a considerable effort she came back to consciousness…

Susan came back to consciousness & saw all her 3 children besides her…kim asked “what happened to u mom?”…..I dn’t know honey..she replied….Later in the evening she took all her children to the pond…they saw something strange.. they saw a black rock in middle of the didn’t existed earlier, even till yesterday….What was more strange ?… a lady like structure was sitting on the rock…susan was intrigued at that sight…slowly the lady started to sing..she couldn’t believe her ears..she asked harry…have you heard the voice harry?...the lady is singing…”yes mom…I’ve too” harry replied…kim & lou nodded too…The lady was in form of mist…slowly she disappeared as sun started to set..

Nxt day on 30 may…Tom was going to woods to cut he went downstairs he lost his balance & fell..his ankle got twisted..he observed that a knell had come out of the wooden stairs …he tried to take that knell out of the wooden piece..he applied some force & suddenly….the whole wooden piece came in his hand..there was a stone base beneath the wooden stair..he saw stains of blood on the stone …he called susan & showed her those blood stains..they were awestruck when susan tried to clean those stains with detergent, it didn’t…susan explained the whole story of what happened to her earlier yesterday..she said” tom, I’m telling you this castle is haunted”….”the Hamiltons have sold us this castle at such dirt cheap price only coz of this.”

Next day on 31st.. all three children were playing hide & seek..lou decided to hide in basement..harry was seeking ..he found kim but couldn’t find lou…finaly he gave up…lou, I give up..said he…still lou wasn’t coming out….kim heard his voice..she called harry “ harry lou is here…he is crying.”…they were in basement room….harry tried to open the door but he couldn’t…lou was crying loudly by now…suddenly blood started coming out of the door….It was really scary for them…kim got really scared…she started crying & went to call susan…meanwhile harry was trying to open the door…lou’s cry wouldn’t cease to stop..

As soon as susan heard kim crying..she ran towards with teary eyes said” lou is trapped in basement.. blood is coming out of the room”…susan ran towards basement with kim in her arms…she gave a full blow to the door… the door got opened ..lou was crying inside ..he was fine..susan got relived..she held lou in her arms..all three children & susan hugged each other tightly..children were crying ..but susan had only one thought in her mind …” this castle is haunted… I have got to do something.”The whole family was really scarred…tom came back in the evening.. susan told him what happened earlier in the day…they were worried..what to do? Tom decided to go to Edinburgh to meet the Hamiltons…& ask them about the castle…

The nxt day..on 1st june Tom went to Edinburg to meet Mr. Preston Hamilton..he went to Mr. Hamilton’s office & asked for his appointment …he was given appointment of 2pm.But right now it was just 12…so, he still had about 2 hours to spend at the office…he thought of talking wid the receptionist…tom asked her about the business of Hamiltons..she told him that,The hamiltons have lot of businesses all over Scotland, particularly in Glasgow..He asked her about how many castles Hamiltons own. She informed him that the family once owned as many as 5 castles allover Scotland..paticularly on the bank of river Clyde. But most of the castles have been either converted into hotels or sold..Tom informed her that he has recently purchased CASTLE FRASER from Mr. Preston Hamilton…the lady’s expression suddenly changed..

Tom further tried to inquire about the Hamiltons, but the lady refused to share any information there seemed as if the nature of lady suddenly changed…still Tom tried to futher probe her..the lady saw a driver coming out of Mr. Hamilton’s cabin…she told Tom to ask the remaining questions to the driver…she called the driver & introduced him to Tom…driver’s name was Victor…Tom inquired about castle fraser …Victor was reluctant to reveal any information…Tom explained him what his family is facing since last 3 days..he told victor “ my family is really scared & my only hope is Mr Hamilton…plz tell me whatever u know abt the castle.”

Finally victor succumbed to Tom’s insistence….he revealed…” Castle Fraser was originally built by the Stewarts and was captured by the English during the second world war .the English sailed river Clyde & destroyed the back portion of the castle…this castle was gifted by Queen Mary to the Hamiltons…Sir Alexander Hamilton, locked his wife Lilly at the basement..she was starved to death coz she had plague…sir Alexander remarried soon…the ghost of Lilly haunts this castle…every year her presence becomes strong from 29th may(the day she was locked to the basement) .. she is reputed to roam the castle dressed in white, blood-spattered clothes but is most often seen on the anniversary of her death.”

Victor continued..” a White Deer is reputedly seen in the grounds of the castle whenever a chief of the Hamiltons is close to death. This has happened when Sir Alexander died 16 yrs ago & also when his wife Glamis died 10 yrs ago…Preston is their son…Preston left the castle after his mother’s death & since then has settled in Edinburgh.” Tom received a call from susan…he picked the cell…susan on the other side was really frightened….she was crying “Tom plz come back…its really getting scary here…”

Susan described…..” Tom! Suddenly a storm has come… it seems…as if some crying voice is coming mixed wid the sound of howling wind & crashing waves…” “tom..plz come back as soon as possible”..It was 1:55 in the clock…still 5 min away from meeting…suddenly, the environment of the building turned in chaos… everybody was running here & there..Tom asked the receptionist abt what has happened?...’’ preston had a heart attack” she replied..

Tom was baffled…his plan of meeting Mr preston Hamilton had come to an end..all he could do right now go back to Dundee..he simply returned..when he was coming back ,he was getting from bad to worse…it was raining heavily..and it felt as if a piper was playing flute in the back ground…Suddenly came a wave,,a breeze…there was mist all around…tom could clearly see a lady in the mist..she was playing flute…what was really uncommon was that, whenever she was playing on high note , a cloud wld burst….and now something happened that simply took his breath away…he saw a herd of white deers..running after his car…he was awestruck by that sight…never seen before in his life…for a moment he had lost his breath…..

He gathered his breath again…put his foot on the accelerator…& without looking back…he drove towards the castle….his mind was occupied with the thought of susan & kids…he was worried for them, but constantly the white mist lady followed him & so did the deers…he reached the gate of the castle…stopped his car…the sound of the brakes could be heard far away….Tom went inside the castle….what he saw then was a horrifying scene which can chill anybody’s spine…As soon as he entered the castle, the deers stopped following him, they stood near his car & started grazing in his lawn..he enterd the hall…shouted “ susan, where r u?”…no reply came…he saw a woman in a blood spattered gown going towards the basement…Tom followed her..blood was spreading all over the floor as she went towards the basement…suddenly she disappeared…blood was rinsing from the door…spreading all over the basement floor….Tom gathered some strength..& with all the power in his body, he hit the door….the door got opened….suasn & children were inside the room…children were scarred & they had held their mother’s body tightly….susan was shivering with fear..

No sooner they saw Tom, a burst of happiness came to their eyes. Children ran towards their dad…Tom held them in his arms…susan hugged him tightly & started crying on his shoulders…she said “ Tom , did u saw that woman? She has been troubling us whole day..we were worried for u…”....suddenly the door got closed again…& the lady with blood spattered gown appeared, with a flute in her hand..blood was coming from her eyes…she was if starved for days…She was staring at them,,Tom broke the silence..” who are u?”…she replied “ I ‘m lily”…”why are u troubling us?..can’t u see that there are kids around? “ asked susan..Lilly replied “ this is my castle & no body can live here ..”..” but today I’m going back..the whole Hamilton family is destroyed..exactly after 40 yrs of my body is buried inside the floor of this room. They murdered me..they starved me to death...I live here..alexander died & so did his wife & son…now I’m free..” she disappeared..the door got opened..the weather changed dramatically…the rains disappeared..& so did the sound of flute..

Next day Tom dug the floor of basement…they found some bones there….Tom took those bones out of the castle & buried them in the woods..performed some catholic rituals…now Castle Frazer is free of spirits…no white deer is seen…Tom & his family is living happily there..


Sunday, June 27, 2010

Lady ghost in lonavla

Ma uncle used to work earlier for Indian Navy.....n he used to be on ship most of the time......when ever the ship used to dock at some place ma uncle n other sailors used to stay in tht city till departing

one day the ship in which uncle was sailing had dock somewhr near lonavla....n all the ppl on the ship went to some cottage for stay.....wenever a ship used to dock there used to be party thrown by the senior officers....n in the same way some officers threw a party in lonavla.....everyone went for tht was away from whr ma uncle was staying....the party started exploding.......everyone was tight....n ma uncle was completely talli.....n it was 1 am so ma uncle thought its better if he leaves.....coz he din wanted to pass out der havin more drinks
ma uncle told his colleagues tht he wants to leave n asked some1 to accompany him but no one agreed....all wanted to be der n of ma uncle's friend told him tht its not safe to go back at this time....but ma uncle was very stubborn he din listen to anyone n was ready to leave....then one of his fren said tht its better he goes by mountain side then he will reach early...if he goes by road it will take more ma uncle agreed....he left from der n reached the mountain which was jus behind the cottage....

he started walking but was not able to walk fast as he was drunk......slowly slowly he reached a distance frm whr he was not able to see the officers cottage...he saw in the front his cottage was still far enough....he again started walking....then suddenly wen he was walking some1 told him to was a voice of a lady.
ma uncle looked behind but din found anyone......then he turned n one lady in a saree was standing in front of him.....she was wearing a black uncle got very stunned looking at her.....she was normal lookin lady wid her hairs opened.....uncle was very surprised to see her there at this time.....he was goin to ask her who she is but before tht she told him tht she was passing by n was all alone n was getting bit scared wen she saw ma uncle.....she told him tht its too dark n she wud be grateful if he accompanies her

she told ma uncle tht she lives near the mountain only n wanted to get back uncle thought how will she go alone so its better to take her wid him....n she was a local n even knew the directions so he thought it would be good for him tooo....or else he might also get lost in this pitch black they started walking together....the lady was very frank n was talking endlessly....she was telling ma uncle bout the village n people there.....n wat all happens....but uncle was interested in nothin...he was damn tired n wanted to goto cottage n snooze out.
While they both were walking the lady was continuously speaking.....n ma uncle was bored....but after sometime she stopped uncle wondered y isnt she she sayin anythin uncle took a look at her.....she was silently walking.....frigid as ice....uncle din say her anythin as he wanted her to be in silent mode.....they were jus walking calmly.....the climate was getting more colder n uncle started shivering he looked at the lady she was still expression on her face....

When these two were walking suddenly the lady uncle turned back n called her.....she acted as if she din heard uncle went back to her n asked her y she stopped....she din say uncle noticed tht she was staring at one of edge of mountain.....he asked y ru staring there....she looked at him strangely n then said casually tht some days ago a local lady of their village jumped from tht edge n uncle was stunned....he looked at tht edge n thought no one will survive frm this height....he asked tht lady wat happened to her....she said wat else will happen she uncle once again saw tht edge n pointed out his finger n said from tht edge n y she jumped.....the lady din reply to his uncle uncle turned to see her....she was staring at him weirdly....

she was staring at ma uncle for sometime n ma uncle was scared by her expression.....he din dared to ask her anythin more.....suddenly she started moving closer to ma uncle....she came very near uncle moved back coz he got scared by her behavior....but she kept on comin closer.....then she stopped n said u wanted to know how she jumped?? ma uncle din reply anythin....she looked at him n smiled wickedly n sarted running towards the edge of the cliff n jumped frm uncle got very scared seeing this view.....he got very scared but din understand anythin y d lady jumped....he din wait at tht place a moment n ran from der......but he was so terrified tht while running he fainted on the mountain itself.....

Wen ma uncle opened his eyes he found himself in his cottage......n his frens around him n a maid....his frens asked him is he ok now??? he said yes....uncle asked how he came here....he had fainted on of his fren said they were returning to cottage from the mountain only n on the way they saw him fallen there.....they brought him back to cottage....everyone in tht room started teasing ma uncle sayin tht cant even even be in control after drinkin some u fainted so uncle got very angry n told them tht he din faint coz of drinks....he fainted coz he got sacred of dying......he told them bout the lady on mountain top....non of his fren believe him.....but the maid there started askin for the description of tht lady....n asked if she was wearin black uncle said yes.....the maid then said tht one woman in their village commited suicide there somedays ago....n many people hav encountered her one yet knows y she died....n many say thts the reason y she haunts people to tell them y she committed suicide....but no one yet knows....she asked ma uncle did she tell anythin to uncle said no....but till date ma uncle is wondering y she died n y she came to him.....


Saturday, June 26, 2010

Reunion after death

'Being a nightguard in a hospital is not so hard except the fact that sometimes u get so scared u keep on imaginin things. But thats ok. they pay u for just sitting around.'I thought and tried to console myself that the weeping i heard was in my own head.But it wasnt so easy. I finally got curious and went ahead to check. The weeping sound was increasing as i neared the operation centre. I went nearer. BUt didnt find anyting. i sighed and was about to retreat when i saw a small boy hiding behind a potted plant. He wasnt wearing any clothes. I thought he was cold so i offered him my jacket. He took it. "what are u doing here at this hour?? did u get lost?""I cant find my mother".he said still crying."dont cry"i said and picked him up."I'll find u for her.Tell me the room number.""i dont know the room but i can show u where she is kept. please take me." he had stopped cryingand i took him. he kept on giving me directions. i was amazed. he didnt have a doubt where to why didnt he go himself. probably he was scared. i said and suppressed my doubts. we reached a room and he said that this was it. But it was the morgue. I took him in.i dont know why but the boy was so mesmerising that i took him there without any second thoughts. he pointed towards a corpse cupboard. numbered 453 and said "please put me in ther". my mind was so numb i didnt realize what i was doing. I pulled the cupboard. Inside it laid a beautiful lifeless body of a woman. i put the boy in and closed the cupboard. "Thank u' he said.I was about to leave when i realizd i had lost my mind. Iquickly opened locker 453.But it was empty. No small boy, no female corpse. Only my jacket lay there. I realiszd i had lost my mind. must be the meat i had yesterday. i picked up my jacket. there was a patient profile beneath that. it read- Anna Adams -died ofheart attack when she heard the death of her son during operation.below that was the picture of her son. Alex Adams. the same boy was smiling at me from the photo.

Friday, June 25, 2010

spirit of ma grand mom

This story is true n of ma house grand ma was 76 years old wen she was in year 1986.....she died of an heart attack in our bedroom....
after her death everything was normal in our house nothing ever happened grand pa was also alive at tht time......we were leading a normal life.....but after almost 8 years one day one of ma dad's uncle had come dad's uncle possess power to see people's future n even unseen things......he had come at our place on one father n their uncle were sitting in living room n speaking wid each other....

after sometime ma dad n uncle came to bedroom n sat there n were again chatting wid each other....only two of them were in dad was sitting on the bed n uncle was sitting on a chair placed in front of bed.....they were speaking casually wen suddenly ma uncle felt some pain in his he kept his hand on his heart he saw ma grand ma standing next to dad.....n she was staring at uncle......uncle rose to his feet but still was able to see grand ma....he was scared n the pain in his chest increased...he rushed out of the room n started to leave...

Wen ma dad saw uncle hurrying out he asked him wats wrong.....uncle said nothing bout wat happened he jus said come to ma place tomo n meet me......
Next day ma mom n dad went to his place....he told him tht ma grand ma's spirit is still tehre in our said thts not possible coz no one sensed it....but he said she is there in bedroom....n he said he saw her near tht time dad remembered tht grand ma died on tht bed itself....uncle said not to worry she doesnt seem to harm anyone in anyway but its better tht we do some kind of puja.....

Ma mom dad din say anything of this things to me ma bro n grand pa....but four to five days after tht one evening ma grand pa came to ma mom in kitchen n said tht he waked up at night yest n felt grand ma was sitting on his bed near his tht time mom told bout tht incident n we all got shocked.....after somedays we did one puja told by tht uncle......n now everything is fine as always.....n i wish grand ma rest in peace....

Thursday, June 24, 2010

KEY HOLE- Ghost Experience

A couple of years ago, when I was 23 years old... my car broke down and I drove as far as it would go. I ended up in front of an old beat-up house. I walked up to the scratched, old and worn out door. I knocked a couple of times until a sweet little old couple answered. They insisted that I stay until the morning when they could get some help.

At first I was scared to say yes but I thought they were nice enough, so I took them up on their generous offer. They cooked me a delicious meal and we all went to bed. As we passed a door to go to the bedroom they showed me was mine for the night they told me, "Do not go into our daughter's room". I thought it was kind of strange but it wasn't my house so I respected their request.

I woke up in the middle of the night around 3 o'clock to go to the bathroom. I was curious so I peeked under the door of the daughter's room. I saw a little girl sitting in a chair facing the wall. I assumed she must have been punished and did not want me to bother her. So I went to the bathroom and then back to bed.

A couple of hours later, around 4:30 am, I became real thirsty. I needed to get some water so I got back up and headed for the kitchen. As I passed by the daughter's room, I was still so curious. I peeked in the key hole this time. All I saw was red so I assumed they must have painted the whole room red, including the key hole.

When I woke up in the morning, I went downstairs and thanked the old couple very much for letting me stay. They said it was no problem and asked how my night was. I said "it was good" and complimented them on the color of the paint job in their daughter's room. They said "what paint job". I then asked if their was anything special about their daughter. They said she died a couple of years ago and had one red eye.

I realized that the red I saw was nothing more than the daughter looking back at me, through the keyhole.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


This one is a real story.. Very famous one.. coz News papers was flooded with this story when it happened..It is close to me boz one of my friend live in shillong.. And He was close to the person with whom that incident took place...

Three friends from shillong went to spend their holidays to the famous SUNDERBAN...An Exotic place to visit.. But a haunted one as well...Their Hotel was very close to the jungle..[I think that was mangroves Jungle..].. It was Close to Night.. Dark.. Silent..So solitary that place was that One cannot find even a man's shadow there..But the three friends were in Jovial Mood... They went out with their cameras to take some snap of the Jungle..

I cannot remember the names.. so please forgive me for that....One of the friend then stood in front of a Tree and asked the other two to take a pic of him with that TREE..His friend agreed.. He positioned the camera, started looking through the shutter and the moment he pressed on the CLICK button, the friend standing in front of the Tree fainted...The other two got scared.. Got near to the place and found that their friend was Spitting some bluish-greenish fluid from his mouth..

It was already Dark.. and they were standing in the mid of a haunted place.. Scary sounds started making them feel Dizzy.. But somehow they bought some courage and took their friend to the Hotel..Their was a doctor in the hotel.. When he checked him up, he declared that he's NO MORE..He told that it was probably due to some poisonous food.. They started crying.. The friend who clicked the snap caught fever..but Hotel authorities somehow managed to send them to their Home.. SHILLONG...

After returning to Shillong , the friend who took the snap also died mysteriously..Doctors were unanswered as if what has caused him to death..CLIMAX:: ..NoBody cared of that incident so much..They find that normal.. And thought that both have died because of food poison..UNTILL..the 3rd friend.. washed the Negatives and What They found was this...

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Night mare

In the month of May or June when the sun was tormenting us with all the blaze . I reached home after riding bicycle for nearly half an hour, fully drenched with sweat. But was excited rather them exhausted as I was about to disclose my progress result with my parents and wanted to heard those magic word “Son, I am proud of you”. I entered swiftly but noticed whole house was upside down. But was in no mood to sense the grounds behind all this. My eyes was eagerly searching for my mom and dad. Finally found them packing household stuff. Without losing any moment I almost screamed with enjoyment “Mom, I again did it”. After seeing report card , they patted my back. But I smelled something fishy. There was something suspicious in my mom eyes. When I asked, She said “ Dad got a transfer to some rural place and we will have to leave in couple of days”.It is always difficult to leave a settle life and start from scratch. You needs to find new friend , adjust with ambience and more importantly leaving friend beside is pain. But being a son of Government’s job parents, I was used to it. My mother was more worried, it could be because we were moving to a rural place or maybe she had heard something about that place.

Finally the day came, and we left for a new world. Once we reached, I noticed that Place was not bad. Even though it was a small town but had greenery all over, treat to eyes. Where could you find Peaceful and fresh air in the mid of summer. besides we got a very spacious bungalow here , with big garden in the front. I selected the best room for myself and started unpacking. Suddenly I heard a sound, I went near window and found some buffalo tied up with chain there. I chucked and said to myself “ Welcome to real world” .I did my unpacking and arranging stuff till late night. After one day of complete journey and herculean task of unpacking , I felt drowsy. Went to bed and I do not know when my eyes got closed by the burden of tiredness.

But I woke up with a bang and tired to find the source of sound. Sound was coming from the big ancient antique pendulum watch. I gave all the abuse I know to the inventor of these noisy watches and thought of going to bed again. But suddenly got attracted towards the Watch’s needles. Hours and minute were cuddle each other. All the horror story flashed in my mind. 12’o clock, time for Ghost to join real world. I ran to my bed with all the life I had and embraced myself with my cozy comforter. And in no minute I again landed in my fairy world. Around 3’o clock , I felt very thirsty . Removed my hand from comforter and tried to search water bottle on adjacent table. But in vein. So lazily left the bed and started moving towards kitchen to clinch my thirst. Heard a sound of Anklet\Pajeb coming from my room’s window. In the start it was low but then intensity kept increasing then suddenly it stopped. “ May be I am still in dream” . I console myself.

In few minute it started again. As if that entities wanted to play Hide and seek. But being a brave boy like Achilles ([J] , I decided to accept defeat with honor, So I did a rat’s run toward the bed and hide myself under the sheet, started praying all the God. My whole body was num and sweating like a dog. I spend almost two hour like that. Finally the pendulum watch, whom I have cursed like anything , came to my rescue. I heard five Ding dong. I know my dad is early riser. I Shouted “Dad.. Dad”. Finally he came and asked “What the problem”. I explained everything in one breath. He monitored the room carefully then said “You must be dreaming”. But my look was saying it all. Sweat on my face and my frown look was enough to convince him. Dad assure me that he will accompany me today’s night to find the truth but requested me to not say all this thing to Mom, As mom was not very keen to stay here and she had also felt negative vibe.

I spent whole day strolling here and there. I did not wanted Sun to set. But u can’t hold time. Sunset happened and darkness was all over. I tried to stay with my Mom and Dad as much as possible. I did not wanted to be alone. But Bed time, I looked into my Dad’s eyes and he understood what I needs. He said to mom that he will be sleeping with me today. We want to our room changed our clothes and had some talk. After dad slept I buried my face under the bed, as if I could not see anything, nobody can see me. Till 12’o clock nothing happened. I got some courage ( Due to dad presence) and moved my under the bed sheet and tried to do a quick glance of the room. But what I saw near the window was enough to bring dead out of me. Someone was standing near the window, Staring right into my eyes. That entity had no leg, no hand only head with hears. That figure was quivering. The moment I saw it, my whole body freezes, I could hear my heart beat. Tried to wake my Dad but could not move my hand, tried to shout but no voice was coming out of my mouth. I was shivering like a leaf.

To add to my worst nightmare , I heard the sound of Pajeb coming from the window. Just before my heart was about to collapse, my dad woke up and saw me sitting, sweating , shivering and staring to blank space. Without speaking a word he rushed toward switchboard and switched on the light. I knew Bulb was invented to remove darkness, but this time what it reveled was my darker side.

My dad was rolling on floor laughing. “Is that what u are afraid of. A piece of Cloth. You don’t have a minute dare to switch on light and see. This is my shirt. and the sound which u were talking about is coming from the chain, from which buffaloes are tied. When the swing there head u hear that sound. U stupid”. I was ashamed, wanted to hate myself for being a chicken. Sometime in your life u regret for not being brave and face the situation, in spite of running and showing back..


Monday, June 21, 2010

Strange but True Ghost Story

last week I was gone to my MASI's (sis of my mom) home.............there I heard a very strange true story (as they said that its true)..................there are only 12 districts in himachal and my masi's house is in one of those districts named its the story of that place ................ the story is about a ordinary family who faced something extraordinary.............there were only 3 members in the family.........parents and a son.............sorry but I forgot name of that here we start...The parents of that boy were extremely happy because of their son ........... the boy was extremely intelligent...........and just like other boys liked sport games he was a good sportsman other words he was just perfect.......Bcoz he used to stand at top always in every work that was done by him.......he was just like a precious diamond for his parents.............. and his parents loved him a lot.....................he never demanded any thing from his parents that they were unable to buy for he very sesative type of boy who became very mature in a very young age...........he was only in 8th class when he got his first scholarship from HP their family everything was just perfect due to that boy...........but they all did'nt know that something strange was going to happen.........

after passing out from class 8 he again he suddenly got ill one day and was admitted in the hospital for a few weeks.......but the main cause of his illness was not yet been varified....................then one day dotors realised that the boy was suffering from a very deadly disease - CANCER..............and nothing was there that they could do.......because the disease was at such a stage from where it was uncurable.............parents of the boy almost paralised that day when they heard such a bad news.......and the mother of the boy started behaving like mad people..............she was shocked completely............this news was like a bolt from the blue for whole of the family including relatives............... his parents made their contacts with one of the best doctors in the world........they wanted to cure his disease at any price...............but every doc said the same thing that now nothing can be done ........................when boy came to know about this news he was also shocked but as he was a very nice and mature boy.....he prepared himself for the upcoming death.....................

Now boy again started going to school daily as he was getting the best treatment .....his medicines were too costly as those injections and medicines were exported from USA.....those injections were almost of Rs 30,000.........he used those injections at least once in a fortnight (15 days).........those medicines were just increasing the time of his life a lil bit............ but conditions were getting worse.......................after a few months boy somehow passed out from 9th class also.......but this time he did'nt score good marks.............his illness was now going to reach at its final stage..........So the boy was admitted in hospital .............and this was the last time for him to be admitted there...........he was unable to do anything then...........his parents were drowning under the sea of sadness and sorrows.....................the boy became so weak that it was almost impossible for him to walk......and his life was just waiting for that last day..................................................which also came very soon.................................

that day he was very ill..................he was'nt even saying a single word......his dad was out for more medicines.................and there in the room his mother was giving him DALIYA (hope that U know what daliya is ) of his relatives were also in the room.........his mother was trying not to cry but her eyes were totally wet..........she was feeding him daliya with a spoon.................SUDDENLY HE REFUSED TO EAT MORE...............HIS MOM ASKED HIM JUST TO HAVE LAST SPOON OF IT.....BUT HE STILL REFUSED.........AND WHEN HIS MOM AGAIN SAID THE SAME THING ............ALL OF A SUDDEN HE LOST HIS TEMPER AND THREW AWAY THE BOWL OF DALIYA THAT HIS MOTHER WAS HAVING IN HER HAND ...........THEN HE SAID ( i m narrating in hindi as was said by him)----------------""Ab kya ho gaya tujhe... ab to bade pyar se daliya khila rahi hai ... pehle to mujhe maar maar kar mere haal kisi jaanwar se bhi jyada bure kar diye the...sirf paiso ke liye koi itna gir sakta hai kya...??? usko bhi bata dena ki main wapis aaya tha apne paise lene (he was saying about his dad) ... main koi tera beta veta nahi hun.....main to bas apne paise wapis lene aaya tha aur main saara hisaab kar chuka hun..............mere ___ lakh rupyee tumne mil ke khaye aur mujhe tadapte tadpte marne diya...???main wahi paise wapis lene aaya tha aur le kar jaunga saara hisaab hai mere paas un paison ka.........waise maine saare le hi liye hain bas 30,000 aur bache hain....aur unko le kar hi wapis jaunga.....""JUST AFTER SAYING THIS HE STARTED SHAKING HIS BODY VERY BADLY............HIS MOTHER WAS TOTALLLLYYYY SHOCKED..........SHE WAS'NT IN CONDITION TO SAY SOMETHING OR TO DO ANYTHING...........ONE OF HIS RELATIVES WHO WERE ALSO PRESENT IN THE ROOM CALLED THE DOCTOR......AS THE DOCTOR CAME IN HE SAW THAT THE BOY HAS FALLEN DOWN OF HIS BED AND HIS BODY WAS VIBERATING VERY BADLY....................HE JUST TOOK THE INJECTION AND USED IT ON THE ARM OF THE BOY ........................AND JUST AFTER THAT THE BOY DIED...

THAT INJECTION WAS WORTH Rs 30,000 AS I MENTIONED ABOVE..........SO THAT WAS THE END OF THIS masi told me that his parents then adopted a child from a very poor family .....and they are living somewhere in same town bilaspur these days..................So It was easy for me to blieve in the story as It was being narrated to me by my masi who is a college lecturer there in bilaspur............

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Angel was an introvert gal, she loved loneliness. One week had passed after joining new college she thought...she was getting adjusted with new environment,she hardly made few friends...

First time she was staying away from home,she was bored with hostel rules...classes continued as usual in college...she prayed to finish the 1st sem,so that after exam she can go back to home for holidays...1 day journey was there from her home to college.

She had habit of reading books,she was intrested in reading books related to sixth sense,mysteries,spirits...once she was coming out of the library she dashed with a guy coming opposite to her,she said sorry and looked at his face...

She found something strange in his face,she felt that she knew him...she had a feeling that her sixth sense is trying to tel her something. He smiled at her and said, "Itz ok" and went away. she woke up from her thoughts...

Sometimes when she was alone,she felt some energy around her...whenever she went to library ,she found the guy whom she dashed... He used to smile and say hai\hello to her,she greeted him back.He appeared to be alone like her...his home was near to college.But whenever she met him she felt from inside-someone was trying to tell her something...

She believed in true love and she thought Michael is her true love. Before going home,she thought she will tell his love for him. She saw him sitting in the swing in the campus,they were facing the opposite direction.She overheard them,Michael was speaking to his friend.He said"U know na,Im having a lover,who is my neighbour. I dont love Angel,I just wanna to make Angel to tel me that she loves me because I had bet with Albert." Angel heard this conversation,her eyes filled with tears.she slowly went back from there.she was sad and depressed,while returning home...she reached her home by next day... It was 12noon when train reached station. It was only few mins walk from station to her home...she started walking slowly to her home with her bag on her back,she saw a guy standing inside the gate of his house, near to her house. when she came near his house,he opened his gate and came out waving his hands towards her. She looked at him,she got a shock,an eerie feeling,she stood there numb...

She couldnt believe her eyes-The guy who came towards her was Michael...She felt that very odd,itz impossible she thought...he is from that place and ... howcome he reached here so fast???
But guy introduced himself,"Im Leo,your neighbour and this is my house,he pointed a bunglow from where he opened the gate and came out." She became nervous and her eyes protruded out...A strange fear haunted her-she heard her sixth sense telling to her that he is not real...she thought he is looking exactly like Michael...ditto copy...
He continued,"What happened?Have you seen me somewhere?" She got terrified... how he got clue about what she was thinking,she thought herself...
She replied in a confused tone,"Im very tired after long journey from my college,I need some rest...see you later." she didnt notice that she reached her home gate-she was lost in thoughts.she tried to comfort herself by remembering her granny's words, "There are 7 people in this world who are alike."
She entered her gate,yippi...Im back home, she was happy to see her mom,dad and her bro. She had lunch with them...After taking rest- in the evening while having tea she asked about Leo's family-she was feeling strange about him...Her mom told their family is settled in abroad and they are not coming here to their house from past 2-3years...Angel didnt remember whether she had seen him in his childhood or not...

In the evening,she went park nearby her house, her mind was confused with 2 names MICHAEL AND LEO...She sat on a bench in that park,a fellow was sitting in that bench reading a book,some horror novel or something,she couldnt see his face,because he was holding that book against his face...
She read the name of that book-'DEATH AND LIFE-SOME INTRESTING FACTS.' suddenly that fellow removed book from his face and smiled at her-an electric shock passed through her nerves...
His eyes are shining dangerously...she murmured herself. That was Leo,she felt he is following her...his eyes were GREY in colour-she realized Michael has got BROWN eyes...He smiled and said,"HI"...she greeted back..."BLEDI NONESENSE,he wont leave me I guess..."-She said herself.He asked,"I think you are not intrested to speak to me,right?" She got surprise,how he came to kno that???she replied,"no,not like that..."He continued,"I think you have got a friend having my face cut???".
Again he guessed my thoughts...she said in mind,she told,"yeah,but how you came to know???". "From your facial expression",he laughed...that was not a satisfactory answer to her,seeing question mark in her face,he continued, "Actually,i felt like that because i believ in my sixth sense."She wondered...he may be like my type or what???He knows all such stuffs...She asked,"But my mom told your family is settled abroad." "YEAH,from past 2-3yrs ,my parents are not coming to this house,but Im studying BE here...

"My college is 53kms away from here,i used to come here sometimes and during holidays i used to go back to my parents."he paused and continued"strike in my college from past 2-3 days,so Im here." he asked her about her college,studies and all...she asked him about the book he was reading-he explained that it is a book which describes about life after death,heaven...he described that heaven is really very beautiful-with lawns,beautiful gardens filled with glittering flower,butterflies and cherubs played in that garden...she imagined about heaven when he was explaining to her.within two three days they became good friends and one day he told with her...

"Are you scared of ghosts?" She told,"no,y???..he continued and told"This is a real incident happened to my friend-her name is Hesya ,once she was walking to her home from college at 6.30pm,she felt some energy or paranormal force around her or following her..she stopped and turned back,she couldnt see anyone,all of a sudden she found a swirling wind in front of her...she was horrified...within seconds it took the shape of a young guy...she shivered from head to toe...
Guy spoke,"Im Iyan,your classmate..I died in a bike accident yesterday-I really loved you so much and unfortunately I couldnt tell this to you before my death,I came to tell you this because if Im not telling this to you my soul wont get MOKSHA...I wont disturb you again..after saying this with tears in his eyes-he vanished away.she stood there thunderstuck...after telling this incident leo looked angel he saw her eyes also filled with tears...days were going fast she had few holidays left ,angel felt sad to leave leo and go back,and one evening she told him that i dont want to loose your company...he told in a comforting tone to her...

"Whenever you want to see me,just think of me,close your eyes and say inside your mind-LEO I REALLY WANT TO SEE YOU AND SPEAK TO YOU ...Within minutes I will be infront of you." saying this he winked his rightside eye and smiled...even she also smiled thinking he cracked a joke...but he reminded her to try this... night she was sad because next day she has to go back to her college,her holidays got over... during her sleep-she saw a dream leo was holding her hand and standing in the park, that time a strange man with a big crown came down to park from sky,he looked horribly strange,he called leo to return with him...he slowly removed his hand from her hand and started walking towards that man...
She screamed,"NOOO"...she was panting,I know that man-she murmured uncomfortably,I feel... HE IS THE GOD OF DEATH... Tears rolled down her cheeks...she thought she couldnt breathe anymore without seeing him,she decided to do as he told her-she closed her eyes and repeated the same words told by him before...within minutes she heard someone calling her name softly...she opened her eyes,she couldnt believe her eyes , she stood like a statue,staring...

Leo was smiling at her,she was not knowing whether to smile or could he appear in front of me all of a sudden,as in magic???..she said herself..none of the window doors or room door was open. she asked in a hurry,"how you entered here???how is it possible??? he replied in a low voice,"Because...Im dead". she felt someone had inserted a sword into her heart...she couldnt believe that,she had gone mad...she shouted, "no,you liar...i wont believe, you are joking to could you do this to me?".she never wanna to loose him... she couldnt even think he is already dead..she was sobbing...
His eyes also became wet,he said,"be patient and listen to me dear, I loved you from my childhood...whenever me and my parents used to come here, i used to observe you...but you havent noticed me..i joined here for studies thinking i will get an opportunity to reveal my love for you..but alas within 2weeks i died,after one more week you joined your new soul was so depressed,my soul roamed like mad thinking about you..i begged god to permit my soul some more time to be on earth until i reveal my love for you..he was great and kindhearted,as my love was true he allowed my spirit to be on earth untill i fulfill my aim...
From that time,my spirit was there with you waiting for a chance to tell you about my true love for you..there i saw guy having my same face cut..i tried to tell you my love through him,but couldnt suceed..thatz why you felt strange, when you saw him first and even you had some attraction towards him-my spirit was always around you..atlast when you came back to home,i thought this is the time to tell you..i didnt tell you before that im already dead because i didnt wanna to scare you.."he wept saying this..tears were flowing like river from her eyes..she couldnt bear what he told her-atlast when she found her true love,he is already dead...she cried like a child...

She asked in crying tone,"How it you died???, he replied sadly-"bike accident,a truck had hit my bike,i died on the spot."she shivered, got a shock hearing this,she remembered that on the same day he died,she dreamt at midnight - a bike accident,though she couldnt see his face-she saw blood flowing out from his body like a spring..she even heard his cry and he was repeating her name,till he closed his eyes forever....that was too much for her,she started pleading to him,"Please dont leave me and go..i cant stay without you..i know even you dont want to leave me..i will be all alone without you..i really love you..please take me with you-she cried bitterly with heart piercing pain....

Angel was dreaming-she could see the stars glittering so near,clouds dancing in wind,she saw birds playing in the silver river which was flowing through the center of the enchanting garden,cute cherubs were smiling,she heard Angels singing sweetly welcoming her...she held Leo's hands tightly,she was not happy but beyond happiest...their white wings were moving swiftly,they could touch the sky now...

She fell into her deep sleep forever..journey from lonliness to happiness..her face looked more pretty in the moonlit night-like a heavenly ANGEL. A calm wind was coming through her window,pages of her diary turned which was lying beside her on the bed and in the last page she had written with her blood- 'FEAR NOT DEATH, FEAR NOT DEATH, IF YOUR LOVE IS IMMORTAL, YOU WILL FIND EVEN DEATH IS MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN LIFE...

~~~THE END~~~

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Bloody Bath- Ghost Experience

Tiffany was finishing up homework in her room when she got a text on her cell phone. She didn't recognize the number, but the text said "Take a bath and go to bed, it's a school night". Probably a wrong number, Tiffany thought, but she did what the text said anyway. She had already been planning to take a bath soon.

She stepped into the bathroom and found that the bath tub had already been filled for her. Strange, she thought. Maybe Mother had filled it in advance.
Shrugging, Tiffany undressed and hopped into the tub. Her whole body, including her head, was wet before Tiffany became aware of a stinging sensation all over her skin. In a few moments, the stinging turned to burning, and then she witnessed the skin on her arm begin to peel off. She looked at her leg and the skin there was peeling off too. All the skin on her body was coming off! Her blood shed into the tub and soon the bath was red.

Screaming in agony, Tiffany jumped out of the tub. Her blood gushed like a waterfall all over the bathroom. She turned the knob on the sink so she could try and soothe her burning body with cool water, but no water came out. Why had someone turned off the water?
Tortured cries escaped Tiffany's peeling lips as she painfully opened the door of the bathroom and hobbled out to alert her mother about the crisis.

There on the carpeting in front of the bathroom, was her dead mother in a pool of her own blood. Crying uncontrollably and shedding gallons of blood, Tiffany dragged herself to her room and picked up her cell phone to call the police. A text message was waiting for her. It was from the same number she hadn't recognized just minutes before, and the text said, "Next time, bathe in water." She heard laughter behind her and Tiffany turned around to see a tall man dressed in black holding a bloody knife in one hand and an empty container of sulfuric acid in the other.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Deadly Shift- Ghost Experience

“hey! Cool man…nw tat calls for a party” said Akash…”offcourse! I wil give a party wen we’ll buy our new home…dis one is a rented so no party…”You r such a micer…” taunted Akash…”ok! y don’t you come n visit my so called new home first…” said Cherry….”you clever dog..ok…if tats wat we hav to do to get a party den lets go nw…” said akash…”now? I hav nt even stayed a single full day in tat house….hmmm…fyn…lets go” said Cherry…So Akash,Cherry,Ankush and Shipra left for cherry’s house in Akash’s car…

“haunted house? ..oops! Don’t mind Cherry …it lookes scary…neways u r no less than a ghost…neways I don’t xpect a party nw…” said Akash and den everyone was laughing aloud …”oh!! Shut up…wat cn I say…tat was solely my parent’s decision to live in dis house…Shama n I were nt willing to shift…enough of laughing nw…common lets move in guys….” Said cherry…all of dem entered in d house…
Shama was cherry’s 8 yr old sister.Cherry’s house was surrounded by hospitals from two side..dere was only one more vacant house along wid that…it luked vry old….”mom told me it was build in preindependence era….” Said Cherry… After having aloo pakoras n cold drink…dey all were chatting…”cherry..I m gng 2 d market along wid shama …wil be back soon…bye children..” said Cherry’s mom…“cherry…cn we visit your backyad?? “ asked shipra…”sure…cum guys…”said cherry and al of dem followed him….”hey!! I knew u r stil a child…u hav got a blackboard…” said Akash and he sarted laughing….”gosh! ur poor jokes…tat belongs to people who were staying here before us…dunno y dey left it….Ankush picked up d chalk and started writing on tat…

Suddenly Cherry came near d blackboard and stopped Ankush by holding his hand and den pushed him aside….everyone was shocked…”wat happened man…r u in ur senses? Y u pushed me?“ said Ankush….bt cherry kept mum…he sat on d chair tat was lying in d backyard itself…..and started murmuring…he was talking to himself….”cherry?…cherry?….wat happened…say something…Shipra, go quickly and bring a glass of water” said Akash…and shipra rushed to d kitchen n brought a glass of water….cherry first hav some water man….”said Akash bt cherry was stil murmuring…and den Akash splashed the water on cherry’s face…and cherry came out of his trance…”r u mad?? Wat u did…” said Cherry…”oh! I m sry cherry…and den Akash signalled everyone to keep quite…suddenly the door bell rang…”man!! Dis bell scared d hell out of me…I almost had an heartattack” said Akash while putting his hand on his chest…Shipra opened d door…it was cherry’s mom…”Guys! I think we shud leave nw..” said Ankush….”bro…take care of yourself….bye..” said Ankush and den all of dem left in Akash’s car….

“Man! Wat happened to cherry…I am confused…do u guys understood nething?? Neways I want you guys to keep mum on this…don’t tel cherry wat happened…fyn?” asked Akash…”fyn!” said Ankush n Shipra together….

Next day In college…
dey were having a pool campus…and al of dem were giving xms bt d teacher caught Akash cheating from cherry’s paper and disqualified both of them…. d thing tat was pinching him was tat he was called a cheater besides d fact he had never cheated… Cherry was very angry … bt didn’t uttered a after d xm al of dem went to d canteen…

“so…done wid d lunch..common Cherry…lets go for a stroll” said Akash…”you moron…shame on you…u r d one who smokes den y u ask cherry to keep your cigarettes wid him? Dis is nt done..u r taking advantage of him…said Shipra….”chillax! babe…cherry doesn’t have a problem wid tat…so y r u getting angry…” said Akash…Shipra was so angry tat she left…”shipra! Wait…I’ll go n stop her” said Cherry….”yaar!! give me a cigarette first n go wherever u want to..”said Akash while stopping cherry gave him 1 cigarette and ran to stop shipra…”yr its been an hour…where r dey…lets go n find dem” said Ankush and so dey left to search for Cherry n shipra….dey were continuously trying Cherry’s fone bt he was nt picking it up..”call!! shipra from ur fone Ankush” said akash…

Ankush-”hello! Shipra is cherry wid u??”
Shipra-“No! y wud he be wid me?”
Ankush-“Actually he ran to stop u…so we thot he wud b wid you..
”Shipra-“I had nt met him since I everything alrite?
”Ankush-“yup! U don’t worry..bye”Shipra-“bye”

“Hey!! Ankush I m hearing d same ringtone like d one cherry uses…its cmg from nearby only…” said Akash n dey ran in d direction from were d sound was coming…and dey saw…cherry was sitting under a tree…he was….he was…Smoking?….Akash rubbed his eyes in astonishment…dey ran towards Cherry…and Ankush noticed…burns on Cherry’s hand…so he took the cigarette from Cherry’s hand and threw it away…”r u mad?? U r smoking?…you?…and luk at your hand…hav u gone crazy…” said Ankush….bt again cherry was in a trance…”dude!! Dere is something wrong..he is out of his senses…bring some water…” said Akash….

Again dey splashed water on cherry’s face and he was out of his trance…”where is shipra??” asked cherry…”shipra? She’s gone.” Said Ankush and before he cud finish Akash stopped him and said…”he means she jst left..few minutes before…u were feeling tired so we thot we shud rest for sometime..”…”y don’t I remember al dis..”asked Cherry….”dude! it happens sometimes..neways lets go..”…”ahh!!! my hand…my hand…is paining a lot…burns?? Hw cum?? “ said cherry who was in hell lot of pain…”ok! I’ll tel u d truth..actually…I tried 2 wake u up wid a cigarette…sry…” said Akash…”r u mad?? MAD!! Waking me by burning me wid a cigarette…” said Cherry….”I m leaving…n no need for u two top cum along…understand?….”said cherry and he left….

After few days………..
Ankush messaged to Akash n Cherry…“guys! My parents r off to rishikesh…y don’t u cum over for a nightout…we’ll hav a super gaming session..” So Akash picked Cherry from his house and went to Ankush’s house…After long gaming session…”hey!! Ankush…its been a long time since u played guitar for us…common play…” said Akash…”ok!! Lets make maggy den I’ll play d guitar for u guys…” said Ankush…So Akash n Ankush went into d kitchen….After few minutes..”dude! I wil b bak…u continue cooking..” said Ankush and he left…after few seconds…Akash heard d guitar sound…”dog! Sitting n Playing d guitar n asking me to make maggy…bt he plays so well…” said Akash to himself and he went in d drawing room and he saw tat cherry was playing d guitar…Ankush came out of d store room…wid a bottle of beer in his hand…”cherry…u r playing tat…wow!! Man…awesome…wen u learnt to play tat…” said Ankush…bt Cherry Didn’t even luked at dem and continued playing….Akash pulled Ankush while saying..”Ankush! d maggy is waiting for us…”…both of dem went into d kitchen…”dude!! I m telling you…dere is something wrong wid him…we shud inform his family bout it…sry! Bt its nt possible for me to stay over…2mrw I’ll b telling it al to his mom wen u al wil be in clg…for nw I wanna go home…”…

Again a splash of water….cherry cmg out of trance…after tat Akash left along wid cherry widout even having nething …

Next day….
matter?? “asked cherry’s mom…”something very important…I’ll b dere within half an hour..” said Akash..

he met cherry’s mom and told her everything…”god!! My poor child is under gng al dis and I don’t even knw dis… We need to leave dis house asap…we need to…” said Cherry’s mom n she was sweating badly…“but wat al dis had to do wid d house…and y u luk so worried?…he’ll b fine aunty” said Akash…Cherry’s mom hesistated…”Actually…from d day we came to dis house…I m also experiencing horrible things…every time I told myself tat I m hallucinating bt after hearing you …I m sure there is something wrong wid dis house…d day u ppl left… I wake up at night to have some water…suddenly I heard foot steps in d corridor…and I saw a headless body roaming in d veranda…I cud nt even shout..I quickly bolted al d doors n windows….and yesterday in d evening….I heard some noise as if someone is jumping on d roof tiles and wen I went out and luked up…I saw a head on d chimney….and I fainted…wen I woke up I saw shama was sitting besides me n she was crying…As soon as his father is bak from his office trip we r nt gng to stay here any longer…”Akash got Goosebumps after listening al dis…”Aunty I think we shud leave nw..I’ll drop u home…So he drove to cherry’s place… “Aunty take care of yourself n your family…if u need any kind of help do let me knw…n pls don’t tel nething to Cherry…I wud advice you to get some puja done…bye aunty..” said Akash …but suddenly dey heard a shriek….so both of dem ran into the bakyard and wat dey saw was something dey cud have never imagined…dey saw tat shama was lying on d ground…she was tied and Cherry was standing besides her with a bread knife in his hand…

Cherry-”don’t move u old lady…
”Cherry’s mom-“hav u gone mad,cherry, I m ur mom..
” Cherry-“surely u r cherry’s mom bt I m nt ur son…and don’t u move a single step”

Suddenly Cherry’s mother started chanting hanuman chalisa…suddenly cherry’s body appeared to be melting… a big blow……..”I’ll b bak…” said a fainting voice repeatedly… and den Akash saw Cherry lying on ground…Cherry’s mom rushed and untied shama who was scared to hell….so d nly thing dey cud do was to tie cherry wid a chair…and den dey went to d nearby temple to called d priest….he came and chanted mantra’s and sprinkled gangajal in d house…but wen he came face to face Cherry said wid an evil smile on his face…”I am not gng to leave him so easily…”
The priest sprinkled gangajal on Cherry…he shrieked so badly that d windowpanes broke….suddenly everything seemed to be bak to normal…bt it was nt so…Cherry started crying and said…”I am struck over here…dig d backyard, punish him …”…and den cherry was unconscious…”
Suddenly someone rang d doorbell…It was cherry’s father…his wife told him everything bt he was nt ready to believe her…bt wen he saw cherry and asked akash he was bound to believe…”akash! Thanxs a lot son…I think u shud go bak home nw….” said Cherry’s father and akash left….
On d next day dey called 2 labourers and asked them to dig d backyard….and soon dey found something….it was a red cloth…wen dey unwrapped it dey were horrified…it was a human skull…Cherry’s father quickly called d police…wen further excavation took place they found a headless skeleton….d police arrested d owner of d house….

After days of interrogation d owner told them..” many years back A guy named shivam used to live in my house with his wife, daughter and younger brother.One day he was thrown out of his job…he was accused to stealing money from d bank’s safe…A case was lodged against him…every evidence was against him…he was nt given a job newhere …his wife and daughter left him…he was in all day he was sitting at home playing guitar and smoking…One day I visited him to ask for d rent….I saw he was sitting on a cot…and was so lost somewhere tat he burnt his fingers…I felt bad for him so I adviced him to visit a nearby tantrik…bt suddenly his younger brother came to me and slapped me and said “how dare u give such an advice to my brother…go nw…don’t worry for ur rent…we’ll b leaving your house soon..” …shivam also joined his brother in abusing me….So I said “u r such a fool…Shivam ur brother is ur enemy…if u want ur life to b bak to normal do visit tat tantrik…” and nw I jst wanted a revenge. Dey had dared to insult me in my own house..dey had to pay for it…So I immediately went to tat tantrik and gave him Rs.1000 and asked him to tel shivam..”your brother is responsible for your downfall…he had always cherished d moments when u were in pain …do one night wen he is sleeping kill him and bring his head to me..i’ll perform a puja and den everything wil be fine…ur happiness,house,ur wife,daughter…all wil b bak…and don’t worry about my fees u cn give me d money whenever u r having some...but remember u have to do all dis today only…” …D brainwash proved to be effective. Shivam made his mind…his brother’s life appeared too small in front of his own happiness…So at night wen shivam’s brother went to sleep…he smothered him and den cut his head apart with a saw…took it to d tantrik..he wrapped d head in a red cloth and dramatized a puja and asked him to bury the head and d body separately in d backyard..

The next day I called d police…dey found traces of blood in house bt didn’t bothered to check d Backyard…Shivam was arrested and was sent to jail….few days bak he was given bail bcoz his brother’s body was nt found bt d case was stil on….he came bak home and killed himself in d same house…I was happy to take my revenge. bt den whomsoever came to stay in dis house left within few days…”

Wen All dis was told to Cherry’s family…Cherry was taken to d nearby temple…a special puja was performed…after few days d owner was given death sentence…

Few days later in the college…

“hey! Guys….wat bout a party??…” said Cherry…”I m gud…hw r u dude? party? U r saying tat? Am I hallucinating guys?? “ said Akash…”no..My dear friend Akash ….remember I said I’ll give a party wen we’ll buy a new house…so tat calls for a party coz we have bought a new house….." said Cherry

***********THE END*************

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Cursed Horror Book

Millie was a soft brown-haired beauty. Her hair was always straight and so soft, so dark it was almost black. It laid just slightly on her shoulders. She had the creamiest, softest skin. Her face was unblemished despite her teen age, and her hazel eyes were penetrating. She had large and lovely eyes, always reflecting that she was deep in thought.

Millie could almost always be seen with a horror book in her hand, when she wasn’t doing homework. This bothered her mother, who was a friendly, outgoing type, who enjoyed sunshine and flowers and other beautiful things in the world. She didn’t like to see her gorgeous daughter reading about gruesome killings, grisly scenes, and disturbed minds.

Millie’s mother decided on a whim one day to take one of Millie’s horror novels to a voodoo woman and get a curse put on it. “Please make it so Millie never wants to read another horror novel again,” Millie’s mother instructed the woman. The woman took out a large black bowl and an incense cone and some dried leaves. She placed the cone in the bowl, lit it, and then placed the book on the cone. A large black cloud of smoke arose and the woman sprinkled the dried leaves on the book and the smoke, saying incantations that sounded ancient and frightening. Then she waved both hands, crisscrossing, over the bowl, and said, “Horror, be gone!” The black smoke suddenly disappeared and the woman pulled the book out of the bowl. It was not burned.

Millie’s mother was amazed and hoped the spell really worked. She silently slipped Millie’s book back to where it had been at home, in Millie’s tote bag. The next day, Saturday, Millie awoke from an afternoon nap and decided she wanted to read in the living room. The house was quiet; her mother was gone on errands. Her father always worked on Saturday. The day was already turning into evening, the light from the sun faint on the walls.

Millie started a tea kettle for hot chocolate and settled on her favorite spot on the couch. She started on her new horror novel that was in her tote bag. The setting of the novel was a teen girl reading alone in her house. Millie read some of the girl’s background story and then the novel was mentioning a strange scratching sound at the window.

Suddenly Millie herself was also hearing a scratching sound at the window. She looked up and saw nothing at the window and chuckled to herself. She continued reading, after fetching her cup of hot chocolate.

Next the girl character was hearing footsteps in the hall. She was getting really creeped out as she was supposed to be alone. Millie reflected on how she was alone also in the house. She looked up again. It was even darker in the room. She decided to turn on a lamp. As she was finished clicking the lamp’s knob, she thought she heard some thumps in the hall. She decided it was her mind playing tricks on her. She picked up her novel and the girl character decided to jump up and have some hot chocolate. She reached into the kitchen’s pantry closet and instead of a box of chocolate she was groping at her own mother’s corpse, blue in the face from having been strangled.

Millie slammed the books shut. She was starting to get the creeps. It was weird that she was hearing some of the same noises the girl heard and drinking the same drink and in the same predicament, alone at home in the evening. She decided to put the box of hot chocolate back in their kitchen pantry, to put her mind at ease, once she saw her own mother wasn’t in the closet, dead as well, she could go back to her book.

She opened the closet and couldn’t believe her eyes. It was her mother, looking still and blue, her neck with a bloody ring around it from being strangled. Millie screamed and ran out of the house.

Later after her father came home, the police and mortician came and went, and days passed by. Millie tried to bring her life back to normal as much as possible. But she found she could never, ever read a horror novel for the rest of her life.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Chuppi- Ghost Experience

Everything ready gupta?Yes sir.He...what's his name..Harpreet sirHaan, Harpreet... is he in?yes sirStart the movie then..It's already started sir.
Som was talking to his secretary gupta. Som was a movie director well known for his flopped horror movies.He was releasing his new horror movie Chuppi next week. To promote the movie Som had taken a new initiative.He put a challenge that whosoever watches the movie alone in the hall and isn't scared will be awarded with Rs 1,000,000.Many accepted the challenge, Harpreet was the chosen one. If he views the whole movie without being scared at all he'll receive the prize.To check whether he's scared or not during the screening, an ECG machine was attached to him also a camera was put on him to record his expressions during the screening.The movie was playing in Som's studio which had a hall for screening. To prevent any mishap an ambulance was there and a doctor was hired to constantly check the ECG reading.Som was confident that Harpreet will be terribly scared by the movie. He was thinking about what he'll say in the press conference that he has arranged to inform the media about the results of today's special screening.How is it going doc? Som asked the doctor.hmmm.. he isn't showing any signs of scare, his heartbeat his fine.He'll. Chuppi has just started, I bet he'll be scared to death in the first 1/2 hr itself. Saying this Som sat on the sofa placed in front of the tv on which Harpeet's face was showing. There was another tv showing his ECG readings.In the hall Harpreet was seeing the movie all alone. He was a pro at watching horror flicks. Never ever a horror movie had scared him.What a pathetic movie this looks to be. Same old story, no shocks who'll be scared of this s**t. said Harpreet watching the movie.He was constantly making fun of the movie, laughing as if it were a comedy.A woman with burnt face, long rough hair, sharp nails which were grayish and a scary voice comes on screen.

Ye le lo ab ye joker humko daraayenge. Chuckled Harpreet.The movie continued it's almost 75 minutes into the movie, only last 15 minutes were remaining but Harpreet didn't show any sign of being scared.Som went into his office, tensed. gupta followed him.Aise to sab bekaar ho jayega gupta. If he isn't scared by the movie what will happen to my movie, what will happen to my reputation as a horror movie director. Horror movie director? Stop kidding me.Muttered gupta.what...what did you say?n..nothing sir. I was thinking about how to save your reputation? gupta said hurridely.thinking? Som laughed as if gupta told him some joke.Don't do what you can't gupta.y..yes sir. gupta replied sweetly hiding his anger.After Chuppi finishes bring...what's his name.Harpreet.Yes harpreet to me, I'll pay him 2,000,000.But why sir the prize is only 1,000,000Abe ghonchu I'll pay him 2,000,000 to accept that he was very scared watching Chuppi. It's the only way to save my reputation. Kuchh sir. gupta shook his head.Samjhega bhi nahi. Now go and do as I told.gupta went out of the office fuming.Som also left the office and went to the doctor.

Doc was he scared any time.No Mr. Som.He'll, the climax is chilling, he'll be terrorized by it.In the hall Harpreet was making constant fun of the movie and the ghost in it.What a crap. When will this torture end? Harpreet shouted.The climax was in an old rusty hut where hero and heroine were being chased by the woman ghost. It was very scary but it couldn't scare Harpreet.The ghost was about to kill the hero, she had grabbed him by hair.Hey clown kill him.. kill him quickly and free me from this crap. Shouted Harpreet.The ECG machine showed some abnormal readings, Harpreet's face was showing signs of fatigue.What's happening doc? Asked Som.His heartbeat, it's becoming fast very fast he's scared very very scared.I knew it, Chuppi's climax is chilling, I knew I'll win.I think we should stop the movie Mr. Som. The man is very scared he may get a stroke.No doc, the movie is meant to be scary, if he is so scared he can leave the hall any time.Suddenly the doctor started to run towards the hall.You can't go there doc, let him come out himself don't ruin my movie's chances.To hell with your movie. Doctor shouted back while running to hall's door.

What Harpreet was facing in the hall....As the hero was killed, he once again yelled hey clown you're nothing but funny.Suddenly the woman, looking down at hero's dead body raised her head. Her eyes focused on Harpreet's face.She started walking forward. He saw a foot coming out of the screen. It scared him. None of the movies ever made had this special effect.He saw her whole figure coming out of the screen, she was walking towards him, her blood red eyes focused on him. He was very scared. For some time he couldn't belived what he was seeing. But soon he came to his senses and tried to yell and it scared him to death when he found that he couldn't utter anything. He tried very hard but couldn't say a word.The woman was walking towards him, passing rows of chair, in panic Harpreet tried to get up and run but realized he can't even move. He felt bound to the chair.He was sweating profoundly, his heart was almost jumping out of his mouth. The woman was very close to him and he wasn't able to speak or move.The woman jumped on his lap her breath on his face she started to lick his cheek.

...Thud...The door of the hall opened and doctor came in running hard shouting Harpreet's name. The movie has ended and the screen was showing casting. Doctor paid no attention to all that, he ran to Harpreet's chair hurridely.Harpreet..Harpreet you alright? Doctor shook his body but when he got no response he checked Harpreet's heartbeat.Som entered the hall. What happened doc? Is he alright?Doctor shook his head. He is dead, and turned around to walk away from the dead body.For the first time he noticed the screen which was showing the last caption, the punch line of the movie."If you aren't scared you're dead"

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

my ghost experience

here my incident begins..

near my locality, almost everyone knws me.. due to my grandfather.. he was well known for his deeds n so is my dad.. so its impossible for me to smoke near my locality.. so after returning from goa, n bearing that haunted experience, i wanted to search a place where i cn smoke peacefully.. so i naren nearly searched for whole 2 months n finally found a isolated place, which was abt 3 km distance from my place.. it was near railway track.. personally, i never visited that place after evening bcoz goa's incident was still fresh in my mind.. dint want to take any sorta panga again.. that time i was totally unaware of the place.. in morning time few ppl used to come there for a walk.. where we used to sit, facing to it there was a abandoned building.. still its there.. if anyone here stays near malad station knws abt which place im talking.. the place looks so scary in the morning itself that i wasnt ready to go there alone..
everytime naren used to accompany me for our new new adda.. cool breeze, shadow, sweet chirping sound of sparrows.. used to be heaven.. bt that day we noticed.. its actually worse than hell!!
that day something happen.. naren went out.. i called up another frnd.. his name is sammy.. i needed a company very urgently.. i called him up n asked to come near my place to accompany me.. he wasnt ready too.. actually he n me have some personal problems.. so we used to call each other only wen we r in need.. that time i was in need.. he refused.. i was like, hang it.. gonna go alone nw.. wats gonna happen! its morning time anywz.. so i went there.. was sitting in my usual place over there n was taking pleasures of smoke, i seen a man coming from distance.. as he was coming closer, i could smell a very very veryyy strange type of fragnance.. still i cant describe it perfectly.. it was sooo sweet that my nose became saturated after just 2 secs.. as he passed, i thot just to look down n ignore it.. i did it.. bt felt that he was just standing infront of me n staring at me.. i looked up a bit.. i see nothing.. i looked up, i see completely nothing.. he just vanished.. i just made myself understand that maybe i looked down for too long n he went ahead by that time..
at that night, naren called me.. he asked to come over his place n pick him up.. he said we will go over our adda(place at which we go regularly for smoking, we call it adda.. for non smokers)..i told, dude! its very late now.. i dont think we shud go over there.. he told, chal na re! sammy is also coming.. so dont worry.. i thot a bit, n told fine.. im coming in 10 mins.. that 10 mins, i was sitting on my bike thinking whether i shud go or not.. maybe im a bully n cn handle 2-3 at a time.. bt wat of supernatural things.. had already experienced a bad one.. just rubbed OM locket around my neck n gave a kick to my bike.. went over naren's place, took him n sammy, n went over our adda.. in between we took cigs.. after we reached over there, wat i see is, naren, by mistake totally folded my cig.. i yelled at him.. told him to wait for 5 mins.. i will go n get another one..the real haunting starts from here..
i went at nearest pan patti, took a cig, was abt to sit on my bike i got a call.. it was sammy's call.. i picked up..hello?? sammy? im just coming in 2 mins dude!no answer from other side..hello?? helllo???i kept down.. i was abt to start the bike, wen owner of pan pattti asked me, baba, r u going ahead on that road?? i tld yea.. havent u seen me daily here? he told i havent seen anyyonne walking on that road after 5pm.. curious.. i asked him y?? he told me something which was very shocking for me which i will tell at the end.. i just kicked my bike n rushed over the place i left naren.. wen i reach there, i see noone.. i was damn terrified at that moment.. i thot maybe its just nothing.. maybe they just walked a few steps ahead.. i moved on my bike.. there was unusual fog on that road.. fog, at the time of april.. i was damn confused.. one mind was telling that hang them, shud leave them n run away from there.. other mind was telling i shud search for them.. afterall they r my frnds.. shud help them if they r in need..
after i went few steps ahead, i seen a guy walking.. he was walking ahead.. meaning he was straight n i was behind him on bike in the same direction.. by his back posture i came to knw its sammy.. i stopped the bike n went near him, chanting Hanuman Chalisa.. as i went near him, i called his name in low voice.. damn that place was shitttyyyy cold.. he wasnt listening to me.. i shook his shoulder.. he just turned around, looking at his eyes i just fell at the ground wid a deep shock!! wat i see is, his eyes full of blood, blood was literally dripping from his eyes.. he started to laugh.. i was totally numb at tht point.. i just closed my eyes n chanted Hanuman chalisa till end.. my cell rang, i opened my eyes.. there was noone.. i ran towards my bike, seen whose call it is.. it was naren.. i picked up..Sudesh where the f*** r u yaar?? we r waiting here since 1/2 hr!!i just kept down i headed towards them wid full speed..
i was damn terrified.. sammy's bloody eyes was roaming in my head.. cool breeze was making my horror to increase more.. keeping my eyes stuck on the road i was riding.. but the place where we used to sit was just 5 mins from where i seen sammy.. but i have been riding for more than 10 mins.. still the place was seem to far.. very far.. the same trees coming again n again, same cool breeze.. same partition of road.. it was like, i was trapped somewhere.. i stopped my bike, cursed myself for being here.. for being a smoker.. closed my eyes and started to rub my OM locket.. tears began to flow from my eyes.. i opened my eyes.. thot to give a try once again.. it was now or never.. i started to ride again.. same thing happened again.. i still continued to ride my bike.. i seen someone walking again on distant location in the direction opposite to my bike's direction.. i was damn terrified again.. wat if this time im trapped? wat if he catches n kill me.. to hell wid it.. i gave full acceleration n went ahead.. it was naren.. i looked at his face for 1 sec.. he was looking fine.. i suddenly pressed both brakes of bike.. i was nearly at the speed of 70's.. n front brake.. i hope u guys cn imagine wat cud have happened..
yes.. my bike slipped badly.. i along wid my bike went n collided wid walls surrounding railway track.. my head was bleeding n my knee was fractured.. i was nearly unconscious.. in that situation i gave a look towards naren.. he was walking in his tone.. i called him wid full strength.. bt he wasnt hearing to me.. i pushed the bike wid other leg n got up.. fell down, got up again.. he was slowly getting lost in fog.. i started to run behind him calling his name.. my face was getting drenched in blood.. i was feeling weak.. still i was running somehow to save my dear friend.. i was very near to him, i increased my pace.. but bcoz of that i fell down again.. that time it was impossible for me to stand up again n run behind him.. i seen a stone at abt 5 mts away from me.. i crawled towards it, picked it up n thrown it towards him wid full strength.. it took a hit on his head.. he was like as if he got up from sleep.. i called him, seeing me in this situation he just ran towards me n got a hold on me.. kept my face on his laps n started to wipe my blood wid his hanky.. i told, m********* kya hua tha tujhe b*********, so raha tha kya h********!!he told, pata nahi yaar.. i really dont knw wat happened!i asked him abt sammy.. he told he left to his home.. he was getting late.. i cursed my fate n that bloody sammy..naren gave me support n i stood up.. went to my bike.. it was totally not in situation to take us home.. also its a royal enfield.. so naren wouldn't be able to ride it.. since he is bit thin.. i just told him to keep it on stand n lets go by walk, at least by that shop from which i bought cigs..
while walking, naren was giving me full support.. also we picked up a wooden stick so that i can easily walk.. i asked him.. wat happened to u mate?? sammy brought something fishy kya??(i thot that he was stoned.. :-P)bt he told me, after u went for cig, a man came asking me a address.. he was smelling something really different.. i told him i dont knw uncle.. bt he told me to accompany him at near building so that i cn help him reading the name plate of the building.. i thot he is old, cnt do anything wrong to me or loot me.. so i just went wid him.. i walked a few steps n wen i looked on my side, he wasnt there.. i shouted uncle twice.. i seen a light posture of man walking ahead of me.. i started to walk behind him.. his aroma was so strong that my nostrils began to burn.. after that i dont remember a thing.. if u hadnt wake me up dont knw wat wud happened to me..
i recalled.. maybe its the same man i saw in the morning.. we came over that place where we used to sit for smoke.. i was dying in pain.. he told me to sit for sometime n have rest.. hospital is far from here.. i agreed wid him.. he took out cell bt the battery was flat.. i checked my pocket.. my cell was missing.. now wat to do?? how to call someone for help?? i recalled, maybe during accident, my cell fell from my pocket..i pleaded him to get out of there.. lets just go till cig shop n wait there.. he can have phone.. we will call from it..we started to walk again.. while we passing over the entrance bridge..(sorry forgot to mention, before entering that road, there comes a bridge.. below it, gutter flows..) i saw someone sitting over the edge of bridge.. it was same cig shop owner who warned me.. he was smiling at me n was telling, kaha tha na baba mat jana waha! haaa haaa haaa haaa!!i was terrified by this.. i told look naren.. there.. bt he cudnt see anything.. maybe it was hallucination.. i thot so n went ahead wid naren.. he asked me, where the hell is that place?? i told it shud be near only.. bt it wasnt.. we caught a corner n sat over there.. on the road itself.. my head stopped bleeding bt my knee was giving me intense pain..he told, wat to do now?? i replied, i dont know.. i dont knw..he told me.. u sit over here.. i will go n search for help.. i kept a hold on his hand n said, i will die here but not alone!! i will come wid u..we walked over n over for abt 2 kms n finally got a shop.. from there he called one friend n we went to hospital.. got a plaster n came home.. naren made my mom understand regarding the accident.. in morning mechanic went along wid naren to the location where accident took place.. n it was really shocking for both of them.. bike was standing in such condition that it has been just purchased from showroom.. not a single scratch..
i was kinda shocked to hear that.. i lied to my mom tht headlight is broken.. otherwise she wud find it wat the pan patti wala told me..this road is meant to be haunted since late 50's.. at night noone even dare to look at his road.. it is believed that if u see the old man, n smell his aroma, then u will never return.. his aroma will take u to his world.. he have haunted many beggars living around railway track, ppl who r unknown of his tales passing by.. it is believed that he died in a train accident.. noone found out who is he or wat he is doing over here.. y he haunt ppl??some have even claimed that his preys are seen to those who are passing by.. the old man's ghost is so cruel tht he takes out eyes of the ppl leaving them blind..
still im wondering.. i seen that old man in the morning time, smelled his aroma.. still he dint harm me at that time.. though at night time he did, that too i think it was my fault.. bt y not in morning time.. maybe bcoz i was wearing OM locket.. thats y at night time he dint appear in front of me, but he did in front of naren who is an atheist.. but i really thank to God.. i almost lost him that day.. :-(