Tuesday, June 15, 2010

my ghost experience

here my incident begins..

near my locality, almost everyone knws me.. due to my grandfather.. he was well known for his deeds n so is my dad.. so its impossible for me to smoke near my locality.. so after returning from goa, n bearing that haunted experience, i wanted to search a place where i cn smoke peacefully.. so i naren nearly searched for whole 2 months n finally found a isolated place, which was abt 3 km distance from my place.. it was near railway track.. personally, i never visited that place after evening bcoz goa's incident was still fresh in my mind.. dint want to take any sorta panga again.. that time i was totally unaware of the place.. in morning time few ppl used to come there for a walk.. where we used to sit, facing to it there was a abandoned building.. still its there.. if anyone here stays near malad station knws abt which place im talking.. the place looks so scary in the morning itself that i wasnt ready to go there alone..
everytime naren used to accompany me for our new new adda.. cool breeze, shadow, sweet chirping sound of sparrows.. used to be heaven.. bt that day we noticed.. its actually worse than hell!!
that day something happen.. naren went out.. i called up another frnd.. his name is sammy.. i needed a company very urgently.. i called him up n asked to come near my place to accompany me.. he wasnt ready too.. actually he n me have some personal problems.. so we used to call each other only wen we r in need.. that time i was in need.. he refused.. i was like, hang it.. gonna go alone nw.. wats gonna happen! its morning time anywz.. so i went there.. was sitting in my usual place over there n was taking pleasures of smoke, i seen a man coming from distance.. as he was coming closer, i could smell a very very veryyy strange type of fragnance.. still i cant describe it perfectly.. it was sooo sweet that my nose became saturated after just 2 secs.. as he passed, i thot just to look down n ignore it.. i did it.. bt felt that he was just standing infront of me n staring at me.. i looked up a bit.. i see nothing.. i looked up, i see completely nothing.. he just vanished.. i just made myself understand that maybe i looked down for too long n he went ahead by that time..
at that night, naren called me.. he asked to come over his place n pick him up.. he said we will go over our adda(place at which we go regularly for smoking, we call it adda.. for non smokers)..i told, dude! its very late now.. i dont think we shud go over there.. he told, chal na re! sammy is also coming.. so dont worry.. i thot a bit, n told fine.. im coming in 10 mins.. that 10 mins, i was sitting on my bike thinking whether i shud go or not.. maybe im a bully n cn handle 2-3 at a time.. bt wat of supernatural things.. had already experienced a bad one.. just rubbed OM locket around my neck n gave a kick to my bike.. went over naren's place, took him n sammy, n went over our adda.. in between we took cigs.. after we reached over there, wat i see is, naren, by mistake totally folded my cig.. i yelled at him.. told him to wait for 5 mins.. i will go n get another one..the real haunting starts from here..
i went at nearest pan patti, took a cig, was abt to sit on my bike i got a call.. it was sammy's call.. i picked up..hello?? sammy? im just coming in 2 mins dude!no answer from other side..hello?? helllo???i kept down.. i was abt to start the bike, wen owner of pan pattti asked me, baba, r u going ahead on that road?? i tld yea.. havent u seen me daily here? he told i havent seen anyyonne walking on that road after 5pm.. curious.. i asked him y?? he told me something which was very shocking for me which i will tell at the end.. i just kicked my bike n rushed over the place i left naren.. wen i reach there, i see noone.. i was damn terrified at that moment.. i thot maybe its just nothing.. maybe they just walked a few steps ahead.. i moved on my bike.. there was unusual fog on that road.. fog, at the time of april.. i was damn confused.. one mind was telling that hang them, shud leave them n run away from there.. other mind was telling i shud search for them.. afterall they r my frnds.. shud help them if they r in need..
after i went few steps ahead, i seen a guy walking.. he was walking ahead.. meaning he was straight n i was behind him on bike in the same direction.. by his back posture i came to knw its sammy.. i stopped the bike n went near him, chanting Hanuman Chalisa.. as i went near him, i called his name in low voice.. damn that place was shitttyyyy cold.. he wasnt listening to me.. i shook his shoulder.. he just turned around, looking at his eyes i just fell at the ground wid a deep shock!! wat i see is, his eyes full of blood, blood was literally dripping from his eyes.. he started to laugh.. i was totally numb at tht point.. i just closed my eyes n chanted Hanuman chalisa till end.. my cell rang, i opened my eyes.. there was noone.. i ran towards my bike, seen whose call it is.. it was naren.. i picked up..Sudesh where the f*** r u yaar?? we r waiting here since 1/2 hr!!i just kept down i headed towards them wid full speed..
i was damn terrified.. sammy's bloody eyes was roaming in my head.. cool breeze was making my horror to increase more.. keeping my eyes stuck on the road i was riding.. but the place where we used to sit was just 5 mins from where i seen sammy.. but i have been riding for more than 10 mins.. still the place was seem to far.. very far.. the same trees coming again n again, same cool breeze.. same partition of road.. it was like, i was trapped somewhere.. i stopped my bike, cursed myself for being here.. for being a smoker.. closed my eyes and started to rub my OM locket.. tears began to flow from my eyes.. i opened my eyes.. thot to give a try once again.. it was now or never.. i started to ride again.. same thing happened again.. i still continued to ride my bike.. i seen someone walking again on distant location in the direction opposite to my bike's direction.. i was damn terrified again.. wat if this time im trapped? wat if he catches n kill me.. to hell wid it.. i gave full acceleration n went ahead.. it was naren.. i looked at his face for 1 sec.. he was looking fine.. i suddenly pressed both brakes of bike.. i was nearly at the speed of 70's.. n front brake.. i hope u guys cn imagine wat cud have happened..
yes.. my bike slipped badly.. i along wid my bike went n collided wid walls surrounding railway track.. my head was bleeding n my knee was fractured.. i was nearly unconscious.. in that situation i gave a look towards naren.. he was walking in his tone.. i called him wid full strength.. bt he wasnt hearing to me.. i pushed the bike wid other leg n got up.. fell down, got up again.. he was slowly getting lost in fog.. i started to run behind him calling his name.. my face was getting drenched in blood.. i was feeling weak.. still i was running somehow to save my dear friend.. i was very near to him, i increased my pace.. but bcoz of that i fell down again.. that time it was impossible for me to stand up again n run behind him.. i seen a stone at abt 5 mts away from me.. i crawled towards it, picked it up n thrown it towards him wid full strength.. it took a hit on his head.. he was like as if he got up from sleep.. i called him, seeing me in this situation he just ran towards me n got a hold on me.. kept my face on his laps n started to wipe my blood wid his hanky.. i told, m********* kya hua tha tujhe b*********, so raha tha kya h********!!he told, pata nahi yaar.. i really dont knw wat happened!i asked him abt sammy.. he told he left to his home.. he was getting late.. i cursed my fate n that bloody sammy..naren gave me support n i stood up.. went to my bike.. it was totally not in situation to take us home.. also its a royal enfield.. so naren wouldn't be able to ride it.. since he is bit thin.. i just told him to keep it on stand n lets go by walk, at least by that shop from which i bought cigs..
while walking, naren was giving me full support.. also we picked up a wooden stick so that i can easily walk.. i asked him.. wat happened to u mate?? sammy brought something fishy kya??(i thot that he was stoned.. :-P)bt he told me, after u went for cig, a man came asking me a address.. he was smelling something really different.. i told him i dont knw uncle.. bt he told me to accompany him at near building so that i cn help him reading the name plate of the building.. i thot he is old, cnt do anything wrong to me or loot me.. so i just went wid him.. i walked a few steps n wen i looked on my side, he wasnt there.. i shouted uncle twice.. i seen a light posture of man walking ahead of me.. i started to walk behind him.. his aroma was so strong that my nostrils began to burn.. after that i dont remember a thing.. if u hadnt wake me up dont knw wat wud happened to me..
i recalled.. maybe its the same man i saw in the morning.. we came over that place where we used to sit for smoke.. i was dying in pain.. he told me to sit for sometime n have rest.. hospital is far from here.. i agreed wid him.. he took out cell bt the battery was flat.. i checked my pocket.. my cell was missing.. now wat to do?? how to call someone for help?? i recalled, maybe during accident, my cell fell from my pocket..i pleaded him to get out of there.. lets just go till cig shop n wait there.. he can have phone.. we will call from it..we started to walk again.. while we passing over the entrance bridge..(sorry forgot to mention, before entering that road, there comes a bridge.. below it, gutter flows..) i saw someone sitting over the edge of bridge.. it was same cig shop owner who warned me.. he was smiling at me n was telling, kaha tha na baba mat jana waha! haaa haaa haaa haaa!!i was terrified by this.. i told look naren.. there.. bt he cudnt see anything.. maybe it was hallucination.. i thot so n went ahead wid naren.. he asked me, where the hell is that place?? i told it shud be near only.. bt it wasnt.. we caught a corner n sat over there.. on the road itself.. my head stopped bleeding bt my knee was giving me intense pain..he told, wat to do now?? i replied, i dont know.. i dont knw..he told me.. u sit over here.. i will go n search for help.. i kept a hold on his hand n said, i will die here but not alone!! i will come wid u..we walked over n over for abt 2 kms n finally got a shop.. from there he called one friend n we went to hospital.. got a plaster n came home.. naren made my mom understand regarding the accident.. in morning mechanic went along wid naren to the location where accident took place.. n it was really shocking for both of them.. bike was standing in such condition that it has been just purchased from showroom.. not a single scratch..
i was kinda shocked to hear that.. i lied to my mom tht headlight is broken.. otherwise she wud find it suspicious..now wat the pan patti wala told me..this road is meant to be haunted since late 50's.. at night noone even dare to look at his road.. it is believed that if u see the old man, n smell his aroma, then u will never return.. his aroma will take u to his world.. he have haunted many beggars living around railway track, ppl who r unknown of his tales passing by.. it is believed that he died in a train accident.. noone found out who is he or wat he is doing over here.. y he haunt ppl??some have even claimed that his preys are seen to those who are passing by.. the old man's ghost is so cruel tht he takes out eyes of the ppl leaving them blind..
still im wondering.. i seen that old man in the morning time, smelled his aroma.. still he dint harm me at that time.. though at night time he did, that too i think it was my fault.. bt y not in morning time.. maybe bcoz i was wearing OM locket.. thats y at night time he dint appear in front of me, but he did in front of naren who is an atheist.. but i really thank to God.. i almost lost him that day.. :-(

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  1. dude.. u know what.. i feel pity for u.. rather than respecting someone's talent, u r just copy pasting.. u suck..!!