Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Night mare

In the month of May or June when the sun was tormenting us with all the blaze . I reached home after riding bicycle for nearly half an hour, fully drenched with sweat. But was excited rather them exhausted as I was about to disclose my progress result with my parents and wanted to heard those magic word “Son, I am proud of you”. I entered swiftly but noticed whole house was upside down. But was in no mood to sense the grounds behind all this. My eyes was eagerly searching for my mom and dad. Finally found them packing household stuff. Without losing any moment I almost screamed with enjoyment “Mom, I again did it”. After seeing report card , they patted my back. But I smelled something fishy. There was something suspicious in my mom eyes. When I asked, She said “ Dad got a transfer to some rural place and we will have to leave in couple of days”.It is always difficult to leave a settle life and start from scratch. You needs to find new friend , adjust with ambience and more importantly leaving friend beside is pain. But being a son of Government’s job parents, I was used to it. My mother was more worried, it could be because we were moving to a rural place or maybe she had heard something about that place.

Finally the day came, and we left for a new world. Once we reached, I noticed that Place was not bad. Even though it was a small town but had greenery all over, treat to eyes. Where could you find Peaceful and fresh air in the mid of summer. besides we got a very spacious bungalow here , with big garden in the front. I selected the best room for myself and started unpacking. Suddenly I heard a sound, I went near window and found some buffalo tied up with chain there. I chucked and said to myself “ Welcome to real world” .I did my unpacking and arranging stuff till late night. After one day of complete journey and herculean task of unpacking , I felt drowsy. Went to bed and I do not know when my eyes got closed by the burden of tiredness.

But I woke up with a bang and tired to find the source of sound. Sound was coming from the big ancient antique pendulum watch. I gave all the abuse I know to the inventor of these noisy watches and thought of going to bed again. But suddenly got attracted towards the Watch’s needles. Hours and minute were cuddle each other. All the horror story flashed in my mind. 12’o clock, time for Ghost to join real world. I ran to my bed with all the life I had and embraced myself with my cozy comforter. And in no minute I again landed in my fairy world. Around 3’o clock , I felt very thirsty . Removed my hand from comforter and tried to search water bottle on adjacent table. But in vein. So lazily left the bed and started moving towards kitchen to clinch my thirst. Heard a sound of Anklet\Pajeb coming from my room’s window. In the start it was low but then intensity kept increasing then suddenly it stopped. “ May be I am still in dream” . I console myself.

In few minute it started again. As if that entities wanted to play Hide and seek. But being a brave boy like Achilles ([J] , I decided to accept defeat with honor, So I did a rat’s run toward the bed and hide myself under the sheet, started praying all the God. My whole body was num and sweating like a dog. I spend almost two hour like that. Finally the pendulum watch, whom I have cursed like anything , came to my rescue. I heard five Ding dong. I know my dad is early riser. I Shouted “Dad.. Dad”. Finally he came and asked “What the problem”. I explained everything in one breath. He monitored the room carefully then said “You must be dreaming”. But my look was saying it all. Sweat on my face and my frown look was enough to convince him. Dad assure me that he will accompany me today’s night to find the truth but requested me to not say all this thing to Mom, As mom was not very keen to stay here and she had also felt negative vibe.

I spent whole day strolling here and there. I did not wanted Sun to set. But u can’t hold time. Sunset happened and darkness was all over. I tried to stay with my Mom and Dad as much as possible. I did not wanted to be alone. But Bed time, I looked into my Dad’s eyes and he understood what I needs. He said to mom that he will be sleeping with me today. We want to our room changed our clothes and had some talk. After dad slept I buried my face under the bed, as if I could not see anything, nobody can see me. Till 12’o clock nothing happened. I got some courage ( Due to dad presence) and moved my under the bed sheet and tried to do a quick glance of the room. But what I saw near the window was enough to bring dead out of me. Someone was standing near the window, Staring right into my eyes. That entity had no leg, no hand only head with hears. That figure was quivering. The moment I saw it, my whole body freezes, I could hear my heart beat. Tried to wake my Dad but could not move my hand, tried to shout but no voice was coming out of my mouth. I was shivering like a leaf.

To add to my worst nightmare , I heard the sound of Pajeb coming from the window. Just before my heart was about to collapse, my dad woke up and saw me sitting, sweating , shivering and staring to blank space. Without speaking a word he rushed toward switchboard and switched on the light. I knew Bulb was invented to remove darkness, but this time what it reveled was my darker side.

My dad was rolling on floor laughing. “Is that what u are afraid of. A piece of Cloth. You don’t have a minute dare to switch on light and see. This is my shirt. and the sound which u were talking about is coming from the chain, from which buffaloes are tied. When the swing there head u hear that sound. U stupid”. I was ashamed, wanted to hate myself for being a chicken. Sometime in your life u regret for not being brave and face the situation, in spite of running and showing back..