Sunday, August 2, 2015

Ghost Experience in Goa

Hello everyone, this is my experience which is based on the folklore-Spirits roam the nights on New moon night(Amavasya). I am a bio-medical engineer and a supervisor in a medical equipment manufacturing Mnc. When this incident took place, I
was alone driving my honda civic. It all goes like this

This year in the month of May, I received a call in my cabin from my boss. He told me that our company had an agreement with another US multinational and the deal was successful. So that meant it was a time for party. This party was hosted at a resort in
Goa( it was 2 days after I got phonecall). I was also invited. But the problem was that my friends had earlier reserved the train tickets(they believe that trains are faster and comfortable) and so I was left alone. I could have taken a flight but did not coz I wanted to see how the road journey is.

That night, I remember was new moon night( I usually like 2 travel at night). The party was next day in the evening. This time I was alone driving my car. I checked my car at
service station for fuel, air pressure, wheel alignment etc and everything was fine.

I started off the journey through the main expressway to Goa. It was night time(I started travelling at 7:30 pm)

It was now 8:30pm and there was very heavy traffic on the expressway.But I ignored it because it is on expressway that you can test the real capacity of a car. I put on the music system listening to songs-pehli nazaar mein and zaara touch me touch me etc...

Everything was fine until I reached a dhaba at 10pm in the night. I had jeera rice and dal fry(I like the one served in dhabas and it's very tasty). I generally do not eat full stomach as I travel during the night and so I missed eating a hearty meal.

I asked the dhaba owner that how much time it would take to reach Goa. He said that from that village it would take 5 hrs. I asked him for an alternate route and he told me that there is a village nearby from where a shortcut leads and it would take 3 and half hours to reach Goa. He was saying something more( but as u know that humans have tendency that they will immediately proceed without listening if they find something interesting).but I quickly jumped in the car and drove towards the village side.

I did not know that a nightmare was awaiting me......................

I reached the village in half an hour and by now it was 11pm. A few villagers were sitting near the paan shop. I asked them about the route and it's directions etc. One of the villagers told me that the route is very rough for cars and full of vegetations. I was also told that it is deserted. Thanking them, I resumed my journey. In my mind I thought that it was better if I had taken long route because the condition of the road was worrying me But It was not possible now to go back. I was on my way and suddenly there was a jerk and the car stopped( it was now 12am). I took my torch and got out to check the problem. My car's tyre had sank into a hole so I took a jackscrew and lever(whatever it is called) and was engaged in process of lifting it. (it was now 12:20am). Someone called to me and said "Saheb". I was stunned as who could be there in such a deserted place at night. It was pitch darkness and due to my car's flashlight and my torch, I could see an old man with bit dilation of his pupils. He was standing far away from me in the bushes. He said to me "Can you drop me near the bridge? and told me his name as Naresh Mehta. I first thought of giving him lift but later rejected him saying that I was taking another route and he frowned. It was 1am at that time, I think so and I proceeded. The calmness of the night made me remember my previous experience at Kursong hill.(On top of it, the radio was beaming songs from the film Bees saal baad and Raaz). It was really freaking me out. It was now dead night and I was feeling sleepy. I reached the village ahead at 1:45 am.

I saw a funeral procession being carried out. The next what I saw was very true and unbelievable!!!.
I told the mourners to move aside and guess what did I saw?. It was the body of NARESH MEHTA and I clearly saw the face!!!

I asked one of the mourner about him and he said that the deceased was Naresh Mehta and he had commited suicide day ago by jumping from a bridge!!!!

I was frozen for a moment. I was still for 20 minutes.

That moment clearly drove my sleep off and I sped off. Somehow at 4:30 am in morning, I reached the resort and by 5:15, I dozed off. I woke up at 10am in the morning and told this to my friends. All of them were shocked and my boss said that spirits really roam on new moon night. He said me to forget this and enjoy the evening party. However this experience was not as frightening as compared to the one on Kursong hill anyway.