Thursday, May 27, 2010

wen i tried to call spirits

I was in class was april. our class room was on the top flr of d school building..after the lunch break,we 4 frends decided to do 4pm wen the classes got over,we guys stayed bck in the class..we took out a big sheet of paper,wrote A to Z & 0 to 9..put a coin in the centre.we didn hv candles but we were least bothered bout tht as it was nothing but our idea of hving some fun..we strted mumbling any holy spirit moving around,plz come to the coin..for next 10 to 15 min, nothing happened..then all of a sudden,there was a bang…wind strtd blowing as if it was a storm.the doors strtd banging on the walls. We were scared to death & to add more spices, wen we looked out of the windows, we saw the big banyan tree(it was in our school campus & was sd to be more thn 100 yrs old)was bent to almost 75%...we just threw the paper n the coin,took our bags ran out…we stopped only aftr reaching our homes…later tht day,wde decided not to talk bout it ever again….& yes,the wind was totally unexpected in tht season & by the time we lft school tht day, wind was back to normal….