Sunday, June 13, 2010


"Niyonika............................... ???" A sweet voice, in a musical tone, was echoing through her head."Niyonika............................... ???" The voice repeated in the same tone. But then the sweet voice turned into a whisper, audible enough and scary enough to chill her heart :"You-are-going-to-die..............." The whisper was followed by a harsh ear killing scream.Niyonika opened her eyes. She could feel sweat running down her forehead. Her mind was numb. She didn't move from where she was. She was scared to switch on her bed lamp. What if it showed the face of the person who was saying all this. What if that person was standing just below her bed - waiting for her to move and as soon as she showed movement - attack her. Waiting for few moments, she gathered courage and convinced herself that it was only a nightmare. Slowly she moved her hand and switched the lamp on. Sitting upright, she looked all over her room and sighed, shaking her head. It was pulsing as though someone hammering.

Niyonika Dasgupta had come to Mumbai from Kolkata just a year back to try her career. Having considerable skills and talents it was not difficult for her to get a good job in here and soon without any difficulties she was hired by a known company. All was going fine and uninterrupted for her. She got good people to interact with, good home to live in; in short, her days were all going so well. And last month itself, she had been promoted to a higher designation. Then, again last week, she was proposed by her collegue whom she used to love. So she was enjoying the double dose of good news. But the gone three days - especially nights, she was experiencing something unusual. This was not the first night that she had heard voices. At first she reckoned them only a bad nightmare, but when the same voices followed for the next consecutive two nights too, it was the reason to worry. Every night the same sweet voice, the same deadly whisper and then the killing scream. This was something to think about.She drank some sips of water from the glass kept on the side table, wiped the sweat from her forehead and tried to sleep again without putting off her lamp. But she was unsuccessful. The whole night she spent restlessly - turning from side to side, worrying - where her fate was leading her now.

The next day she reached her office, entered her cabin and sat in her chair behind the table. She was still numb thinking about the horror nights she was experiencing. The voice said - she was going to die. Was there any truth behind these words ? Did it mean anything ? Did it really MEANT what it said ??? Again her head started aching. At that time, there was a knock on her door,"Hello, Niki." It was Niyonika's collegue and her best friend, Simi.But Niyonika was so lost in her thoughts that she didn't notice her."Hello Niki," Simi said again, reaching her and shaking her by shoulders. "Are you alright friend. Anything wrong ?"Coming back to senses, Niyonika greeted her, "Oh! Hi.. Good morning... Am sorry I didn't.... I mean, I was thinking something..""Niki, just look at you ! You look weird... Didn't you sleep properly dear ?" Simi frowned."No... It's not..." Niyonika paused."Oh k... I got it now.... Missing Aman, aren't you ?" Simi teased. "Come on now yaar. He cannot be with you all the time. Even he has other businesses to do. And don't worry, he will be back after 4 days."Aman had been to London from last three days and would be there for the whole week. And the strange thing was that Niyonika had started getting these nightmares from the day when Aman had left. Simi was her first friend in the city and hence she was the only closest one presently to her in Aman's absence. She decided to tell her what was happening with her, the mental torture she was going through from last three days, reckoning it may help to some relief..

"Simi," Niyonika started, "Simi I have been getting the worst nightmares these days.." and she told her everything. The voice, the whisper - '' and the scream resulting in her sleepless nights.Simi frowned with each of her word. "I think I know what is this.""What ! You really..." Niyonika began."Yes Niki, and I also know who can help you with this." said Simi."Please Simi, please tell me...""Our family doctor can help you."Niyonika sighed. Her friend was thinking she needed medical help."Simi am not imagining all these voices. This things are really happening to me." she insisted, "It's not that I need any psychiatrist or ---""No dear, no," Simi interrupted, "I believe you truly from my heart friend. Don't get me wrong. I just wanted to say that our family doctor, Dr. Sharma....knows all this. I mean he will tell you what it is - what your dreams really mean. He can interpret that""Simi, I really need to see him then. These dreams are turning me crazy." Niyonika said with tears in her eyes."Don't worry, Niki," said Simi consoling her, "We will go today itself as soon as our office gets over, ok ? Please relax now dear."

After office hours, Simi accompanied Niyonika to her family doctor whose clinic was very near to Simi's house."May I come in doctor." Simi asked opening the cabin door."Oh Simi, please, please come in" said the doctor with a welcoming smile.Simi entered, followed by Niyonika. As soon as Niyonica entered the cabin, she saw the smile fade from doctor's face and he was staring at her some differently. They settled themselves on the chairs in front of the doctor's table."Doctor, actually am here for a very special reason." Simi began. "This is my friend Niyonika and ---""There are dark impressions upon you......" said the doctor pointing Niyonika, " A CURSE...... I can feel it." . He was still staring at her."A curse !!!" exclaimed Simi. Niyonika was looking confusedly at him.

"Yes," the doctor continued. "As soon as you entered here I sensed my room atmosphere turn grim. Am feeling as though am attending a funeral.""Doctor actually, Niki is getting some strange dreams - nightmares actually --"Niyonika continued and told him everything - slowly, describing each and everything of her nightmares. Her tone showed so much pain that the doctor too felt it."Hmmm.." said the doctor getting up, and walking. "It's no doubt that some dark spirit has caught you... You know Miss ?""Niyonika." Simi answered."Ah yes.. You know Niyonika, I am sensitive from my childhood. I can feel the things which are not sensed or seen or heard by a normal person. It's a God gift - you can say that." he chuckled. "And even now, Miss Niyonika..." he came towards her chair. "I can sense that....You....have....brought....a....dark spirit.....with you over here."Both Simi and Niyonika gasped.

"You....have....brought....a....dark spirit.....with you over here."Both Simi and Niyonika gasped.The doctor continued, though, "Don't worry.. It hasn't entered this cabin. I think, it recognised me, who am I." he gave a half smile, "and it's not as powerful to harm you yet.""Yet ?" whispered Niyonika."But don't worry again," said he settling on his chair."I will give you a holy locket which will keep you safe from these unclean spirits." and then he talked to Simi. "Tonight I will perform some holy rituals on this said locket and will send it tomorrow to your office. Is it ok ?""Yes doctor sure.." Simi said."But doctor," Niyonika said, "Why are these things troubling me ??? What've I done ???"

"Just wear this locket Niyonika..." he just said this. His tone was as though he wanted to say this is just the first stage.Niyonika just nodded. "Ok....Your..your fees doctor ???" Niyonika asked hesitatingly."Ah my dear," said the doctor, "I don't insult my God gift by using it as a profession. It's only as a doctor am professional." and he smiled."That's very kind of you, Dr. Sharma. Thanks so much for helping me. Thanks so so much." Niyonika said."Anytime dear," said the doctor smiling again.

That night Niyonika didn't want to be alone - especially after she had known that some dark, unclean spirit is following her everywhere. She convinced Simi to stay with her tonight. But again the same nightmare broke Niyonika's sleep. Opening her eyes, she saw that she was alone on her bed. Simi wasn't there on the other side. She got scared. But again she mustered courage, put on the light and started calling for Simi.Simi entered the room, "What happened Niki ? Are you alright ?""Where were you Simi ?" Niyonika said in a crying tone."I had been to bathroom dear. But what happened ? You look very scared. Had the same dream again ?"Niyonika nodded. "Please don't leave me alone again, Simi."Simi hugged her, "Oh dear ! Am so sorry... let's sleep now Niki and don't worry, am here."Niyonika slept some peacefully as there was some one to take care of her that night.

The following morning they both went to the office together from Niyonika's house."Niki ?," called Simi from the cabin door and entered. "See this, Dr. Sharma dropped in this locket for you." She was holding a chain which had a rectangular shaped locket dangling from it. She handed it to Niyonika."And he has ordered, not to open it.""Ok....Thank God." saying she wore it around her neck."So now....Lets suppose Everything goes alright." Simi smiled."Thanks Simi. You are the only one who is my family over here. If you hadn't been there for help ---""Oh stop it now Niki," said Simi leaving, "We are best friends." saying thus she left for her work.

Now Niyonika was feeling some confident that everything's gonna be alright. She even declined Simi's offer to stay at the night. She didn't want to give more trouble to her loving friend. Already she had done too much for her.But the fate had some different thing reserved for her. That night she was again aroused from sleep, not by the previously heard voices, but by a great 'thud' sound. She was on her one side. At first she didn't move. But again a thud. It was heard from her backside, she noticed. It was getting periodically. A cool breeze was felt by her at her back. Holding the locket, tightly in her hand she looked back. The windows of her room were flapping due to breeze. She sighed and got up. Locked the windows and went back to her bed.But after sometime her sleep was broken again. She was feeling suffocation, her throat was choking up. She opened her eyes and saw - TWO WHITE PALE HANDS - only hands. Those hands were trying to strangle her. They had caught her by neck. She tried to rescue herself. But she was losing it. Her breath was blocked. Panic spread through her. She could die any minute now.

TWO WHITE PALE HANDS - only hands. Those hands were trying to strangle her. They had caught her by neck. She tried to rescue herself. Panic spread through her. She was losing it. Her breath was blocked.. She could die any minute now.But the pain relieved and the hands disappeared. She sat upright and coughed up - trying to breath more. She switched her lamp on and looked over her room. Nothing she could see more than her usual bedroom furniture. She was horrified. Earlier it were only voices but now it was countenance. She was shaking from top to bottom. She ran towards the room switch board and switched the tube light with trembling hands. She feared darkness now and spent the whole night sleepless.In the morning, instead of office, she went directly to Dr. Sharma. She told him everything what had happened the previous night.

ut it's not possible Niyonika." said the doctor,"The locket which I gave you was unique. It contains the holy thread with blessings of Maa Kaali.""Doctor, do you want to say that I am lying ?" said Niyonika pacing the room to and fro."No but...""But what doctor ?" interrupted Niki, "Earlier I used to hear only voices, but now... Now I have started seeing things. Your locket has turned on me the other way, I suppose." she said furiously."I hope you didn't open it, did you ?" asked the doctor."No doctor," answered Niyonika, "You had warned me not to open it.""Yes because, if you have it open then the holy power will get lost to the universe.""Whatever doctor," she said sitting on one of the chairs in front of the table, "The conclusion is that this locket didn't work. I could have died last night." She made a movement to remove the locket from her neck."No, no, Niyonika.." Dr. Sharma stopped her. "My dear.. Why don't you see the positive point ? You are still alive... And this is because of this locket."Niki considered the doctor's words for few moments and again wore it with frustration.

"Tell me have you done any harm to anyone ?" asked the doctor."No," answered Niyonika, frowning."Hmmm... But you are a successful women, aren't you ?""Ya..somewhat.. So ?""I think this is the reason.....""What nonsense, doctor.""You never know Niyonika.""What ?""Listen to me Niyonika," said the doctor, leaning from his chair, "I think someone is feeding this spirit. I can feel it's power increasing. Yes.. It's more than yesterday. Unless we don't know who is behind all this, we cannot do anything. You must find out who is doing all this.""But how ? Ofcourse the doer is not going to come forward by himself." Niyonika thumped her hand on the table."The doer will." said the doctor.

Niyonika looked confusedly at him. But he went to his inner room and after some moments he brought a flat box. Niyonika reckoned it a sweet box."This Niyonika," said doctor, pointing the box, "this contains some sweets. But they are not normal ones. As soon as these touch the tongues of the evil doers, their mouth starts to burn and they vomit it out. Do one thing - distribute these sweets in your office. And see if they effect.""But doctor --""Niyonika it's just a try... Please do it." said the doctor.Niyonika nodded.. "Ok doctor...let's see."She went to the office directly from there. She was sitting in her cabin thinking how will she distribute those sweets to her office staff, just when Simi entered."Hey, where were you ? Hope all is fine now.." inquired Simi."Ya... Ya all is fine." Niyonika lied. She didn't want Simi to interfere in this now cause she feared for her. What if the thing attacked Simi next. So she decided to keep Simi out of this.

Niyonika looked confusedly at him. But he went to his inner room and after some moments he brought a flat box. Niyonika reckoned it a sweet box."This Niyonika," said doctor, pointing the box, "this contains some sweets. But they are not normal ones. As soon as these touch the tongues of the evil doers, their mouth starts to burn and they vomit it out. Do one thing - distribute these sweets in your office. And see if they effect.""But doctor --""Niyonika it's just a try... Please do it." said the doctor.Niyonika nodded.. "Ok doctor...let's see."She went to the office directly from there. She was sitting in her cabin thinking how will she distribute those sweets to her office staff, just when Simi entered."Hey, where were you ? Hope all is fine now.." inquired Simi."Ya... Ya all is fine." Niyonika lied. She didn't want Simi to interfere in this now cause she feared for her. What if the thing attacked Simi next. So she decided to keep Simi out of this.

"Good.. So Dr. Sharma's locket worked ha.." said Simi smiling. "good..very good.""Ya....Will you do me a favour Simi ???" asked Niyonika."Ya.. Please tell me."Niyonika handed the box of sweets to Simi and said, "Will you please distribute these sweets to the staff ?"Simi raised one eyebrow, "What's the occassion friend ?""Ah... It's just that... I mean I haven't given any thing sweet after my promotion na.. So..." Niyonika hesitated."Oh.. Accha accha... You are late ha Niky... Well... Atleast you are giving them now." Simi winked at her and left.

Niyonika went to her cabin door and saw Simi distribute the sweets from cubicle to cubicle. Everyone was enjoying the sweets. As said by doctor, nothing happened. No one's mouth seemed to burn. She gave a sigh of relief. Happy that no one from office was responsible for such cheap things. She went again towards her chair when she saw Simi returning."So everyone enjoyed ha.." said Simi entering the cabin. "Um.. This is the last one remaining" she showed the last sweet in the box. "Do you want it ? Or should I eat this ?""No Simi.... You eat it please.." said Niyonika shuffling through her files.Simi ate the last one. "and ya.. Aman had called in the office. If you get time, call him.... " saying she left.Niyonika was going through very rough time. When Aman called that day evening, she didn't say a word of her worry to him. She didn't want to make him upset over there.That day after having her dinner, Niyonika straightway went to her room. She was fearing to sleep. She didn't want to hear that terrible deadly voice or encounter any paranormal again. But she was feeling very week now as though she was ill from inside. Her whole body was aching. She didn't dare to switch off the lights. All the lights she kept on. And slowly, unknowingly, sitting upright on the bed, she dozed off.

"Niyonika............................... ???" the sweet voice again.Niyonika opened her eyes. She didn't want to hear the nightmare progress. But she was shocked to notice that she was in darkness. She had kept all the lights on, then who switched them off ??? She didn't dare to move. Her heart beat began to increase."SIMI." a harsh, high pitched voice echoed through her room. Niyonika shivered. The voice continued : "YOU TOOK HELP FROM SIMI.... I WILL KILL HER.... I WILL KILL HER...." and then all the lights were switched on again.Niyonika panicked. Simi was in danger. She reached for her cell phone. She dialled Simi's number. It was ringing. She was growing mad with panic. "Come on pick up Simi... Please." she said to herself. The phone was answered after sometime.

"Hello.... Niky ???" Simi answered."Are you alright Simi ? Are you safe ?""Ya Niky, what happened dear ?" asked Simi astonished."Nothing...Nothing.... Just take care of yourself Simi... Please.." Niky said in a crying tone."Don't worry dear, am alright... Did you get a nightmare again ???""No... I mean yes... But it was just a nightmare, wasn't it ?""Very true Niky... Good... You must forget nightmares now.""Yes Simi.... Thanks... Good night... Take care.""Take care you too." Simi disconnected.

Niyonika too kept her phone aside and started crying. She couldn't handle it anymore. These things were getting on her mind. She was feeling so weak, so tired... She felt as though she was stuck in the middle of nowhere. No hope. Nothing. But life has to go on. She gave it a second thought. Niyonika was not one of them who accept failure in middle of fight. This was one of her talents. She was strong. She decided to fight this till her end. This hardened her heart. Whatever happens, this was her fate and she has to face it as every problem..She switched all her lights off and went to her bed bravely and tried to sleep. But again her situation didn't permit her to sleep. And again a sleepless night.

The next morning when she was trying to work in her cabin, she wasn't able to concentrate on her work. She was trying to read an important agenda but not a word of it was sinking into her mind. She got irritated and threw all the papers on the floor. Just when, frustratingly, she tired her hands through her other files, she heard murmur outside within cubicles.. She went outside and saw that panic was in the air and she heard someone say that - SIMI IS DEAD."What has happened ???" Niyonika asked through the staff. "What's with Simi ?"The murmur paused and one of the staff answered : "Ma'am, when I was coming to office I saw the crowd on the road. Simi's car was on fire. The crowd who witnessed it said that...that her car suddenly caught fire while she was waiting on a signal... It's strange but... But she.... She is no more Ma'am."Niyonika staggered. She lost control on her legs and fell down. The staff carried her to her cabin and helped her with water. After she was alone, she sobbed - Not Simi, what wrong she had done. Her best friend was no more with her. She was the only one to whom she used to pour her heart, the only one who was close to her. Niyonika regretted that she ever asked for help from Simi. She cried the whole day And cursed herself.

She was still crying when she went to the bed. She had tried to contact Dr. Sharma that day but even he was out of town for some Doctor's Conference and will be returning only after 2 days. She was all alone now. Left alone to her problems. She sobbed and mourned over the memories of her best friend while on bed that night - When her eyes closed to sleep out of tiredness.

A cruel laugh was echoing in her room - A harsh spine shivering laugh. Niyonika opened her eyes. Slowly the laughter descended - echoing nothing. She switched on her table lamp and looked around her. She saw a shadow cast on her front wall. It didn't belong to her but a standing human shadow. She looked at it with widened eyes. Slowly the shadow stretched and expanded over the wall. It increased in size and reached the ceiling. She looked above her and saw that the shadow made an action to fall over her. She quickly held her arms above her head, breathing loudly. After some moments she slowly took her hands down. She could only hear her heavy fast breathing. She got out of her bed and ran out of her room into living. Here too she heard some footsteps around everywhere. Her head began to pulse again. She ran to the kitchen and foolishly grabbed a knife, looking here and there. The sounds of the footsteps told her that the thing has followed her to the kitchen. She started waving her knife stupidly in air crying aloud,"LEAVE ME ALONE, LEAVE ME..."

But again the chuckle was heard in the air and it went towards the living room. Niyonika too went outside the kitchen, with knife still held in her hand.All silence again. She could hear her heart beating rapidly. She was trembling from top to bottom. With shaky legs, she moved forward to switch on the lights. Her knife pointing forwards, and eyes following every corner of the room. She was midway, when someone pulled her legs from backside and she fell on the floor, face downwards. She cried with pain. Looking back, she saw no one. But she was being dragged by her legs again towards her room. She tried to resist, but the force by which she was dragged was more for her resistance. She screamed as she was thrown through the air inside her room and her room door closed with a loud thud.

Her whole body was aching. Wincing, she tried to get up taking the support of the wall. Was this her last night ? Was this the way, she is supposed to die ? For few moments she stood where she was, hoping another attack - but nothing happened. She felt the tears surfacing her eyes and walking with pained legs she moved towards her bed.She buried herself in her blanket. Her breathing was still loud. Only sound heard in the room was the tickling of her wall clock. She cried in her blanket. Why was all this happening to her ??? She had never done any wrong or harm to other. Why did she deserve such punishment ???

Just when she was thinking, a few moments later, she heard her bed creak as though someone had leapt on it. She sensed someone besides her and slowly she peeped out of her blanket.FREAK - A white male figure was sleeping besides her. His face was only a few inches away from hers, and was directly staring into her eyes with rage, anger and displayed aggressive emotion on his face. She screamed and jumped out of bed again - went towards her door and dared to look back at her bed. But there was no one over there. The bed was vacant.Niyonika was already feeling weak these days. These type of shocks were unbearable for her now. Again the harsh cruel laugh began echoing through the room from all sides. She felt her room circling around her. Her eye lids were becoming heavy. Her legs started to tremble and She was losing consciousness. Alas, she collapsed on the floor.

When Niyonika opened her eyes she found that she was lying on her back. The picture was hazy in front of her. She saw that someone was standing near her, stroking her hair. Slowly the vision cleared and then she came to know that that person - standing near her - was none other than her loving friend SIMI."Oh Simi, you are alive, Thank God... Thank God..." said Niyonika.Simi nodded.Niyonika wanted to hug her friend, hence she made a movement to get up but... But she couldn't because she was tied up. She got confused."Simi, what's all this ? I mean why am I tied to this..??? Untie me please my friend."Niyonika saw that Simi only smiled. A cruel crooked smile.

"Simi ? Help me please.." Niyonika said again.But Simi walked a few steps away from her. Niyonika noticed that she, herself was tied to logs of wood and was under the dark black sky. She was not under any apartment."I WAS THE ONE WHO CURSED YOU, NIKI." Simi said, her back towards Niyonika."Simi please, this is not a time to joke. Just help me out of here." Niyonika requested. But Simi came towards her and said again."Yes.. I had cursed you. I had sent that evil spirit to your house. I was responsible for all the torture that you experienced these days."

Niyonika still didn't believe to what she said. Simi was her best friend. She couldn't do such things. They were family."Stop it Simi, please remove me from here." Niyonika requested again."No dear... " said Simi and then she whispered, ""Niyonika knew that whisper. How can she forget that deadly whisper which sent goosebumps on her body every night. But Simi ?"No Simi... No. You are my best friend" Niyonika cried."NO." said Simi loudly. "I hate you. I hate you like anything. You always snatched those things which I desired. It's just a year that you have been here and... And so soon you got that high position ??? Always and always you were seen to others in front of me. Still I kept quiet. But Again Aman... I LOVE HIM, Niki... And you grabbed him too from me. And then I decided to fight for me. I knew this is the way by which I can overpower you. I hate you Niki.. I hate you. But now after your death, everything will be mine. All my wishes will come true. " Simi gave a loud laugh."But..." Niyonika began."No.. No wait.." Simi interrupted. "I will tell you everything now that you are going to die."

Simi brought her hand near Niyonika's neck and grabbed the chain which had the rectangular locket. Niyonika cried in pain."This locket..." Simi laughed. "I replaced the holy thread in it with the hair which belonged to dead people so that I can give the entry to ghosts in your house to trouble you.""But you helped me Simi. You are not...." Niyonika said in a crying tone."Yes.. Yes I helped you. But that was only a show dear. That's why you never doubted me, did you ?" replied Simi."I would have never kept a doubt on you Simi Never." said Niyonika"That was your foolishness then." said Simi, grabbing and pulling Niyonika's hair. Again Niyonika screamed in agony.

"Now you must be thinking how that little sweet of yours didn't affect me either. Cause I replaced it too with my sweet and ate that, instead of your one. You know, I was watching you even when you were alone. So I knew that you had gone to doctor and he had given you that sweets." saying, she released Niyonika's hair and went a few steps away."Then again I created my false death. It was not at all difficult for me, dear. I improvised all others by burning a dead body in my car by keeping all my possessions in there, so that it gets confirmed that I am dead. You know Niki, i am dead for everyone. But it will be you, who's going to die instead of me. I have weakened you enough that you have lost your skills and talents. Didn't you notice that ? Yes Niki... I know you have lost it - To me...; I was torturing you so that I get strength from your weakness." Simi laughed again and picked up a can which was on her side. "And now after I kill you, even your pretty face will be mine. I WILL LIVE IN YOUR PLACE NOW AND YOU WILL DIE IN MY PLACE." saying thus, Simi poured the liquid from the can over Niyonika's body. Niyonika got suffocated as the liquid entered her nose and mouth. From the smell, she recognised that it was petrol.

" Wait...wait Simi..." cried Niki. "You don't know what you..... This is not right...."But Simi was ejaculating some vigorous enchantations encircling her body. She was wearing a black robe and held a bone in her each hand. "Please Simi... Don't. I beg of you..." cried Niyonika again. But Simi was performing some unpleasant rituals on her."HELP... HELP ME.." "Scream more loudly Niki.. More loudly." said Simi with a laugh. "NO ONE IS HERE TO HEAR YOU."

Simi striked a match stick."No Simi.... No... Please fear God...""I am my God..." Simi laughed again. She ignited the woods on which Niyonika was tied.. The fire spreaded through the logs."HELP ME...." Niyonika screamed. But fire reached her and caught her body. She started screaming in agony. Her body was burning. Every bit of her body was in pain. But The fire shone in Simi's eyes, showing her desires, her greed, her satisfaction, her fulfillment..The fire burnt out leaving only ashes at the place sending only black smoke towards the sky. NIYONIKA WAS DEAD. Slowly facial features of Simi changed. She was transforming into Niyonika's outer appearance. Looking at the ashes with a last cruel smile on her face, she left.

The Next day Simi went to office and sat in the chair behind the table in the cabin which belonged to Niyonika. No one recognised Simi as she was disguised as Niki. For other, Simi was dead and the person they were seeing was Niyonika. They were far from the truth. Aman had come back from London that day. He entered Niki's cabin and took Simi in his embrace. Even he didn't recognise her."Hey dear.. I missed you a lot." said Aman."I too my love.." Simi said. And they both kissed each other.The whole day was enjoyment for Simi. She was very happy. Her power, her black magic gave her what she wanted. . She got what all she desired. She used all the things which belonged to Niyonika earlier - Her house as well.

Aman dropped her home late night after their dinner and watching a movie. Simi went to bed and slept as soon as she on it. But her sleep was broken midnight. She opened her eyes. She thought she had heard something. So she turned to the otherside of her bed. SHOCKED - She was not alone there. There was someone on the otherside too.It was a fully burned body of Niyonika besides her. It was alive with living death. She was staring at Simi furiously. Simi was horrified - was cold. She didn't know what to do. Before she could react, Niyonika caught her by shoulder and said,"Simi.... You - are - dead." In her greed and selfishness, Simi had forgotten that A CURSE can get backfired too. To kill the innocent for completing our needs is the biggest sin on this earth. There is no happily ever after from the happiness formed from the sadness of others. Seeing her death in front of her, Simi's heart stopped, and then broke into a sprint. A cold sweat dewed on the back of her neck and her harsh, shivering, last agonizing scream ran through the house....
*-*-*-THE END-*-*-*