Saturday, May 22, 2010

Real Ghost Experience

here is story which i heard from my college frend kashi.....i was in junior college when i met kashinath(we all called him kashi).he stayed nearby to my house which i never knewed coz kashi use to stay in chawl near to my house and it was assumed to be bad place coz of the people stayin day in d evening i planned to go @ kashi's place to spend some time.when i went 2 his chawl there were many houses .it was very crowded as if the houses may fall on each other and there was very little space between two houses sided by flowing was really a bad to live in such was 6:30pm in d evening and it was almost gettin dark so i thought of reachin his home as early as was hard to find his home coz many houses were was complete mess of stuffed houses.later i came in front of a small house which seemed to be pretty f***d up and d windows were broken ,as i peeped inside nothin seemd to be visible as it was dark but it was sure dat no one stayed there.later i came across a boy and i asked him where does kashi stays he brought me till kashi's house.finally i heaved a sigh of relief as i thought i would had go back lonely without finding kashi's house.i met kashi and stayed @ his place for 10-15 minutes .later i started feelin uncomfortable and asked kashi whether we can go for an walk in ajmera(our locality which has a long straight lane and is nice to roam in d evening)he agreed and we started off.i told him how i got confused with so much houses .he smiled sayin nothing.later we came near to that house which i had seen earlier.making it look like a joke i sed "tumchya chawlit kiti ghar ahet aani kiti mansey ahet mag eethe hya gharat kuni rahat kaa naahi?"it means "there are so many houses in ur chawl and why this house seems to be empty y dont anybody stay here?".kashi didnt utter a word he just kept walk

as we touched d main road still kashi didnt say any word??i again repeated the question as i was curious about it.i knew kashi heard wat i was sayin but y didnt he replied dat was d question going on my i insited him to tell.after sometime he said theres a ghost in that place.i giggled listening that.i sed "ithe mansanna jaaga nahi mag bhut kuthe rahanar?"it means theres no place for humans and where will ghosts stay?..he said there was a family in that house.there is a corporation tap besides dat house and water comes early in the morning for hour and d first person in the line can mek sure he gets more water so the lady stayin in that house use to get up early to fetch water.later she died and her remaining family shifted sumwhere else.the house was empty and after few weeks a new family came there to stay.there was a lady in that family who wasnt aware of the death of the earlier everyday even she got up early to fetch she opened the door she found just one woman bent down and was filling water in the lady was lookin at her the other lady looked back at her smiled and vanished in a second.the lady collapsed down with that shock of seeing that scene.later as people started coming to fetch water they saw her fallen down.they immediately took her inside the house and sprinkled water on her she got up and told woman in the crowd asked to describe the woman she saw.she couldnt say it perfectly but it was enough for them to know that it was the ghost of the lady who died in that house.later after few days that family left that house and since no one stays there.