Thursday, March 19, 2015

Ghostly Experience of Shaniwar Wada (Continued2)

"Sahab , jack kharab ho gaya tyre badalne mein thoda aur time lagega , andhere mein kuch dikh nahi raha " Tukaram shouted. Vishal replied "Theek hai". This worried us as we might have to wait longer.

The old man started getting up and asked "why don't you stay with us tonight , its already raining and its cold" "We are 5 people including driver" "Koi baat nahi" said the other man "I am care taker
of Lal Mahal this other person is watchman , we will make arrangement for all of you in our quarters , you may leave tomorrow after tea" "Alright then" said his companion "Ask you friends to comre here , its 12'o clock already, we will drop you at the quarters and then we have to get back on duty"

I agreed and sent Vishal to bring down the girls. I thanked the old men "Its so nice of you sir to offer us shelter. Thank you very much sir" Those two men got up and started walking "Follow us" said one of them. I was following them and they were entering in a dark alley. I heard Jahnvi shouting , "Chetan ruk ham aa rahe hain" I turned back and stopped for them for a while , when they reached closer , I looked for the watchman and caretaker. Watchman was standing there , I asked "Where the caretaker has gone?" "He went ahead to make arrangements for you" replied the watchman coldly. He was a bald old man in his fifties very much like Om puri. We started following him Aditi broke silence "Sir how long you are working as watchman?" Watchman turned back and looked at Aditi narrowing his eyes "Since very long , I don't remember exactly" he turned back started walking."What a weirdo he is" Janhvi giggled "Shut Up" said Vishal "Buddhe ne sun liya to sadak pe rat bitani padegi" watchman entered in other alley. The watchman stopped and entered in an old house we followed him , we saw that caretaker has laid down beds and filled a pot with water. "Here you are" said caretaker looking at us "I have made all the arrangements , toilet is in the backyard" and with pensive tone he said " remember do not go near the backyard under any case as it might be risky" "why" asked Vishal "On the other side of backyard near banyan tree there is Narayan Darwaza ,don't go there" and both of them left. We had some water and settled down , none of us was feeling sleepy we were talking and cracking jokes, when suddenly Aditi asked all us to be quiet for a while.
None of us was feeling sleepy we were talking and cracking jokes, when suddenly Aditi asked all us to be quiet for a while. We heard someone groaning with pain. Every body was terrified , I tried to go out and see who was groaning , Vishal and Tukaram accompanied me. We came out it was raining again , while making our way in the direction of groaning sound we saw caretaker lying under banyan tree "Ahhhh , please help me I was passing through the road just then I got slipped" "where is the watchman?" Tukaram asked "He has gone on the round". "Its OK we will take you to the quarter" We supported him , he tried to stand but he couldn't "I think its a fracture" said Tukaram "There is a clinic nearby drop me there tomorrow" "sure" I said we again helped him to stand we began walking supporting his shoulders."I forgot the keys , they must have fallen under the tree could you please get them?" "Fine" I saidI turned back and went towards banyan tree , I tried searching key bunch under the tree but as it was dark and raining so couldn't find any."Run Chetan Run" shouted somebody I looked forward and was shocked to see the caretaker in front of me. "How the hell is he standing there?" I said to myself and turned to face Tukaram 'Noooooo! Don't you turn back" but it was too late...
"Noooooo! Don't you turn back" shouted care taker but it was too late I saw that the duplicate care taker dissolving in air and it fused in to Tukaram. He fell down , Tottaly scared when I went to see him , he got hold of me and I saw that Tukaram was laughing hysterically and he twisted my left hand. I groaned with pain. I was unable to understand why is behaving in such manner "He is possessed , everybody run for your life" shouted caretaker on looking at Jahnvi, Aditi and Vishal coming out. He was beating me and was abusing me. He clasped my neck and began twisting it . I looked at others crying for help , but saw horror in their eyes their faces turned stark white in fear. SPLAT! Vishal threw a brick on Tukaram's back but his grip didn't loosned. Tukaram did not even looked at him.Without releasing his around my neck , he elongated his hand snapped his arm straight back and grabbed Vishal by the shirts' collar and I saw him flying over me he fell down on the ground and lost his conciousness
I could feel the bad hot breath of Tukaram on my neck, He was grinding his teeth, he firmly held my neck and increased pressure .I tried to getaway but it was impossible, I began chanting God's name as this was the last hope. All my friends were looking at my awful situation. I looked up wards at the banyan tree and shouted "Ram" at top of my voice collecting all my strength seeing my death was nearing."Hrrrrrrrrrrrr" snarled Tukaram rolling his eyes wildly. I could literally hear my heart beats thumping in my ears. He was tightening his grip by each passing second. He tried to strangle me. My eyes began to pop up. In state of helplessness I saw watchman coming running towards me, he hurled his stick to hit possessed Tukaram , and it struck right on his nose. Tukaram at once released me, watchman hurriedly pulled me and asked dumbstruck caretaker "Get me the gangajal hurry up make it quick! Caretaker was standing still, Watchman angrily said "GET ME THE GANGAJAL NOW!"
Caretaker was shocked by these words and ran to quarters. Tukaram had fallen on his knees fondling his wound. It was now oozing. By then caretaker had arrived with a small bottle of gangajal watchman seized it and opened its cork, poured some water on his right hand muttered some mantras and hurled the water on Tukaram. As soon as the gangajal was sprayed on Tukaram , he shooked his head violently and slumped . I moved forward to look Tukaram but watchman stopped me "stay away from him, I will see him" Watchman gradually moved towards him. Tukaram had closed his eyes tightly and was breathing heavily , watchman caressed his forehead , Tukaram got up slowly , his nose was still oozing " It’s OK now , seems he is out of danger" said watchman we moved closer , Vishal too regained his consciousness and we together supported Tukaram.....
Watchman handed bottle to Tukaram he emptied the bottle in a moment, he was still breathing heavily and we can listen to his heart beat. We came back to quarters settled down; girls were very scared with this high voltage breath taking incident. I asked them to relax and to retire in bed. Caretaker was still turned pale in figure "Its OK" Vishal said "Chowkidaar chacha ne hamari jaan bacha lee" "I want to stay something" exclaimed Caretaker looking at watchman and turned towards us. "Shhhhhhh" I said "Don't disturb him" pointing finger to Tukaram who was sleeping "We will discuss it tomorrow" "Right" watchman said in a firm voice "Get him to the nearest hospital tomorrow , I have fixed the mess , no need to worry. Good night. I am going back on duty” Caretaker wanted to follow him but watchman stopped him "You look after them, stay with them tonight” Watchman said and left the scene. We thanked watchman for saving us, he smiled and left. Vishal bolted the door. We were very tired and throwed ourselves on bed. It had been a long tyring day.

I woke up next morning with ringing of Alarm I rubbed my eyes and got up, turned off the alarm it was 7:00 in the morning. I throwed a glance on others they were still sleeping. Caretaker was sitting in corner, shivering and he was looking at the ceiling. On realizing that am awake he said “Chetan, I need to tell you something" .....

On realizing that am awake he said “Chetan, I need to tell you something" "One minute” I said "Natures' call. I will talk to you later; tell me where the hell is toilet" "He showed me the direction and I rushed there got myself relieved. I washed and rinsed my face by splashing water saw even Vishal had got up. Wiping my face I came towards him
"Munh haath dho kar fresh ho le, jab tak ye log jaagte hain, hum chai pi kar aate haain" Vishal nodded and left. Caretaker was still eagerly waiting for me "Chetan... please listen to me" It irritated me “Arey uncle kaan mat khao, ruko thodi der ek to kal raat nind bhi nahi aayi sir bhari ho raha hai" I said “I ll talk to you after having tea" Vishal came back and we were about to leave just then watchman arrived " Are you going out for tea?" "Yes" replied Vishal "Just wait for me am coming too" watchman rushed inside. Caretaker was now visibly upset at sight of watchman asked me "Lets get out, I need to tell you something" Vishal looked at him angrily "Arey ye kya natak laga rakha hai uncle? thoda sabr nahi rakh sakte? subah se dimag ka dahi kiye ja rahe ho??? Watchman uncle ko aane to do , arey kal ham sabki jaan bachai unhone" "Arey meri baat to suno" said caretaker pleading.

Just then watchman arrived, caretaker got silent. We walked down the road. It was a beautiful morning . Hawkers were selling papers, and milkman were in hurry. We saw some florists selling flowers and garlands; Vishal in relaxed mood was humming old Hindi song. We reached to Chaai Tapri. Watchman broke the silence "Mashallah! You have got a beautiful voice" I looked at him curiously he continued "So how was your night? I hope all was well" "What are you saying uncle?" exclaimed Vishal "You only saved us from that evil spirit, don't you remember?" "Me?" questioned watchman "Yes uncle you muttered some Sanskrit mantras and sprayed gangajal on possessed Tukaram last night " "How is this possible? I was sleeping in corridor of Laal Mahal after dropping you at the quarters and I don't know Sanskrit, leave vedas , I am muslim" said wondering watchman clearing his position. We were startled by this revelation "Yahi to mai tum log ko bataane ki koshish kar raha hun" burst out caretaker "Then who the hell was he who saved us last night?" Vishal and I asked in unison
"Then who the hell was he who saved us last night" Vishal and I asked in unison
“Calm down boys has a seat “said care taker. We sat on the benches of Chaai Tapri . Vishal ordered Chaiwallah “Chotu 4 cutting lana ” . “Bhaisahab zara khaskiye na itni jagah chore baithe hain “ another customer of Chaiwallah said sitting on the bench and pressing us hard , he threw an angry glance at us .Caretaker continued "He was none other than reagent Raghunath Rao " he said "What???????" we jumped from our seats shouting again. “Isn’t he dead” asked Vishal looking at caretaker
“Arey ye kaun bevade log pi ke aate hain tapri pe savere savere?” The other customer was puzzled. Caretaker and Watchman were smiling. “Are sir kya ho gaya?” Chaiwala came towards us and looked at us “ Har do minute mein aap dono kudi laga rahe ho ? Itni jagah chorr ke baithe ho , jasti chillam chilli nai karne ka baki customer log ko taklif hota hai” said Chaiwallah angrily and handed us water mug. We looked around . I, Vishal and other customer were sitting on the bench, I was wondering where the watchman caretaker duo had gone within second. I took the water mug I splashed some water on my face and bent down to wipe my face , I handed the mug to caretaker , he held it for a sec and I heard it falling down , I looked there and I saw that angry customer was wet. “Are ye kya kar diya , Mere ko bhiga diya” “I am sorry but I was giving that mug to one of our friend” I turned to caretaker and asked him “Mug kyon nahi pakda” “Hawa se bat kar rahe hai pagal” customer said , I saw caretaker smiling
And suddenly a street dog came there and started barking looking at the corner where Care taker was standing. “What the dog barking at?” Chaiwalla was puzzled.

Chaiwala looked around the corner to see as why dog was barking . "There" other customer pointed the direction Dog was barking at . I saw that Chaiwala passing through the body of caretaker and caretakers' body split in to two parts like a jelly , when Chaiwala walked forward it squeezed through like a viscous toothpaste. I was watching this was crazy enuff to see something like this happen , I was stunned. It seemed that Caretaker and Watchman were only visible to us.One was laughing while the other was screaming. A terrifying, inhuman siren of a scream teared our ear drum those two transformed into an old Maratha warrior and then bike riders so fast that human eye could barely follow it
.We reacted instantly, we started walking fast looked back and , we broke in to running and leaped away from them and it seemed both of them were disappeared. We reached the quarters and found that door was closed I kicked the door and it opened. "What happened?" said Janhvi. Aditi and Tukaram were looking at us in surprise.

"Lets get out of here , this place is haunted" Vishal shouted "and that caretaker , watchman are ghosts". "Whaat????" Janhvi and Aditi cried "Yes believe me , run for your life . We stayed there for some more time while Vishal got the car repaired. "Hurry up these Ghosts may hardly let anyone go , I know , am reciting Hanuman Chalisa." said Vishal "Yes please do it " I was worriedly "but I don't think it will be of much help " "so run , run for your life" shouted Janhvi "before these ghosts come here" . "Its Ok Janhvi relax" I said "let him complete his recitation , this will protect us from evil powers atleast"Girls got ready , all this while Vishal was reciting Hanuman Chalisa , nothing bad had happened. We came out of the quarters waved hand to get an auto rickshaw. "Excuse me" an old person said I turned to look the person. It was an Old lady "Did you spend last night in this quarter?" "Yes" I said "We stayed in these quarters last night , but.." The lady interuppted me "Oh my God!!" rolling her eyes and then she asked " Have you experienced something abnormal" "Well , yes , I did" Suddenly then a taxi arrived , door opened and Vishal dragged me "Come in the car , lets get out of this haunted place" he asked Tukaram who was sitting in the drivers’ seat . All the others sat on back seat . We locked the door . The lady laughed hysterically , ignoring her laughter Tukaram slammed the car in to reverse punched it, lighting up the tires on the footpath and we drove away with highest possible speed. I looked at Vishal he was still reciting his hanuman chalisa , while the girls were stunned. Aditi broke in to tears “I have never experienced such horror in worst of my nightmares” Janhvi consoled and stroked her cheek “Its’ OK Aditi , alright? The worst has gone” “God is great” I sighed and uttered those words “Yeah… 2-2 bhooton ko itne pas se dekhne ke baad samajh aya tere ko” Vishal taunted and even in that situation nobody could resist their smile.

*************************The End*************************