Sunday, August 30, 2009

Haunted hotel Al-minar in Mahabelashwar- Satbir Singh

Hey guys a week back I went to Mahabelashwar as I came to now abt a haunted hotel we friends decided to stay there... From the staff of the hotel me came to now that 2 servents "Amir and Sahil' were killed in one of the room by some 4 customers who were in 2nd floor 3rd room. After that many costumers who stayed in that room got room survice by 2 servents between 9pm to 11pm and later they came to now that there was no such survice given by the hotel. And when they were showed Amir's n Sahil's pic they told that these were the guys that gave us room service, they didn't believe that it was their ghost who served them.........My frnds n I decided to stay in that room.. I have don lot of resurch on Ghost after my experience with friendly ghost 5 yrs back so I new that the way to identify Ghost.. I had kept my camera ON to click picks of all the servents is see.... At around 10pm my frnds were out for walk and I was alone in that room. I got servive from these to guys... It looked like they are alive bt the way to know that was to click their pics.. I had hidden my camera... At the right time I removed It and clicked bt they came to know abt this and disapeared in seconds.... chk the pics

Saturday, August 29, 2009

The School By the River- Dhruv

I am a Student of 12th standard currently studying in a School known as La Martiniere college and the city is the city of nawabs that is Lucknow(U.P).I am studying in this institution from last 10 Years. It is a prestigious institution which was founded over 160 years ago by a French Army man named Major General claude Martin.The Building which comprises of the school is in itself equals a historical monument which was built about 200 years ago by Claude Martin himself.As we know any such structure which has seen the pages of history usually is taken to have certain events associated with it which are as mystic and mysterious as the first mist of winters. Some call them the haunted acts while others call them spooky or horror rich entities but yet they don't have a strong base and thus are covered under the dust and disbelief of time. when I joined the school, I would have never imagined to ever believe in ghosts or spirits by any means but certain experiences and told stories make u believe even your worst nightmares.To describe the architecture and location of the school, its tough to mention it in words. the fascinating and magnificent surroundings are impeccable images of medieval era of autocracy and royalty. It has an extent of over hundreds of acres of undelt land situated on the banks of the meandering River Gomti. The Main building, The master piece of architecture, Is a 5 floor of beauty known as constantia, designed by Major General himself. It refelcts the french and nawabi taste at its excellence. The west side of the constantia is cvered by extensive Gardens laden by mesmerizing Flora, well kept by the school and on the East side, the constantia looks over the rover Gomti. The whole Structue is made on a Raised platform and is flanked by wing shaped buildings now used as class rooms.

My Friends in the Boarding..
The School provides adequate arrangements for boarding and lodging for about 500 students. Actually it is a school for boarders as well as for day scholars.When I used to talk to my boarder friends, sometimes out of fun or anxiety, they used to mention some of their experiences, haunted ones, that they had in the school. A famous such experience is of the white shadow over the embankment. As earlier told, the school stands on the sandy banks of the river ganga, therefore there is a low embankment built to stop the flood water from entering the school. The embankment is hardly 30 feets away from the foot of the stairs leading to the dormitories.Now what my friends told me, is more of a short encounter with a unknown cloud of white shadow hovering at a great speed across the embankment. But there are multiple speculation and experiences related to it.

The White shadow
Sorry for the delay friends.Well As I was Telling you, some of my boarder frnds have witnessed astonishing movement of white figures across the embankment. I have a buddy named Tanay of 11th std. A 'stud' of the school but yet a stable and frank guy.According to his experience, the event can be described in the following manner.It was around 8 o clock in the evening. This is the usual time when the main doors of the dormitories get locked. The administration has to lock all the dormitories separately as there is not a well defined boundary wall around the college as the perimeter is located on a sandy and unfriendly terrain. the Dormitories lie on the East side of the school just beside the Embankment as i have mentioned earlier. From the 3rd Floor of the dorms (Thats wat we call the dormitories ) you can easily see the flowing river on the other side of embankment. Its a Pleasant sight during the day light but during the night, you wont like to look out into the dark when you have about 4 kilometers of uninhabited fallow land of shrubs and scanty jungles which you have to cross before going into the main city. Thus you have just your boarding friends and some teachers around at night ..All fast asleep. Getting back to Tanay, It was 8 in the evening, month of october. We can feel the slow cold breeze coming from the far side of the river. Not a single speck of light can be seen in the back ground except of the faint brightness present on the far side of the river which is probably the series of Street lights on the oher side of the city. Thus you can call the Campus to be covered by a lonely darkness with just few Tube-lights which are insufficient to even give you the sense of security. Thus its virtually impossible for any soft hearted man to roam about in the huge campus during the night.

Our Friend Tanay, as being one of the senior students has the responsibility to check the surroundings of the Stairs leading down from the dormitory to see if everything was normal before the total routine lock-down.He was alone. with an apple shuffle plugged into his ears and his loose track suit made out of the college colors, he peeked out of the dorm's main gate to check the surroundings. But the weather was so cool and pleasing that for a moment he was taken away by its soothing nature and yes then the half moon was there to provide a really smooth effect just like a cheery on the top. He stepped out on the stairs..still on the top of the stairs and looking out. According to him, he never noticed the foot of the stairs and was just looking over the embankment, trying to discover the sound of the bubbling river which was not visible. The moon was about to hide in the clouds of october. and all together it was a calm and pleasing atmosphere. I remember such feeling, to stand in the cool of night and gaze in the emptiness with a heart full of content.But then a sudden solitude spread over the campus. the calmness turned into bitter silence, nausea fell over the atmosphere. something was not rite but tanay thought it may be his indigestion after the heavy dinner (you dont like the atmosphere when your stomach is troubling you). then suddenly he felt that nothing is going to be good around him. A quilt of sadness covered the air. Tanay was still standing on the top of the stairs but now he was not trying to relax yet was stubbed and dumb bounded. He said he wanted to move away but he was held there as if he was waiting for something.what it was, no answers. Then something moved, something moved close by but it was so subtle that tanay cant take it into consideration but his mind knew there was something/ someone around.

A Faint Flash of white Light appeared on the embankment on the near side. Tanay cant feel anything. He can see but he cant assimilate. The figure was not human nor natural, it was not a street light nor was the reflection of the moon. It was hazy yet had something that ran sheer of cold run through our friends spine. The figure initially moved along the embankment with a slow pace as if trying to have a walk in the abandoned world. Tanay can see it but cant react, he cant move a mucle and neither he can think to react, was it fear? horror? or was it the effect of something that can't be explained? It was like the time came to a halt, There was a white misty figure whose existence was as questionable as a dream and there was my friend tanay who was witnessing it with belief and astonishment. Then suddenly, a surge of fear ran through Tanay's mind and it was like he regained his senses, he felt as if he was back from a paralyzed time . He again had a control over his mind. He din't shout or scream but just left his breath that he was holding from few seconds (to him it was eternity) in a ghastly manner and whoop....!!! the figure flew and hurtled across the bank into the darkness as if it knew that someone has noticed it. the incident included no sense of sound but yet it was like a bomb exploded under Tanay's feet. He was dumb folded but with terror. He din shriek but just turned around with his trembling legs. He was unable to tell exactly what he saw or did not see.. but he just remembers its as a faint memory which still haunts him during nights. Now he tells this to joke with us but we can still see a peculiar fear in his eyes while describing it.P.S. Tanay left the boarding and became a day scholar after a week from the time this incidence happened. Though he says he had some personal reasons. but we never know what he actually felt or experienced as such things can be just felt by you and only you.

there are certain presumptions of the students and elders who are related to the college about this type of event coz many of them has seen the same white image and that too several times.

I tried to ask some of the old 4th class employees in the college. None of them gave a straight forward answer. They just say "Bhaiya ji..Ye sab kahani hai..aisa kuch nahi hota..faltu me pareshan mat ho"But one of the peon told me something.According to him, during 1971 there was a flood in the river due to heavy rainfall and the the river swelled to the brim of the embankment. The government was not concerned about this part of the bank as it came under the schools jurisdiction. therefore it was schools duty to put guards and maintain the embankment. For student's safety, they were evacuated from the boarding but then also A guard was deputed to look after the Embankment by the school. He was to stay there during the rainy season , alone on the embankment , s that he can alarm the authorities , is something goes wrong. None of the guards agreed to the work, thus the administration deputed a male of about 25 years on the job , as he was on probation sort of period, hence easy to get work done by him.It is said that one evening when the river was swelled, he was standing on the edge, when he slipped into the river (thats wat they assume) and flowed away and drowned. though no one has seen this happening but he was missing from that evening therefore its the logic thats proposed by the administration. what exactly happened is not known.Now the people say its the spirit of the Gurad which still moves there. But I dunno, u never know what ppl can create by their minds.But There was a Guard missing in !971. Thats a Truth .

Friday, August 28, 2009

Mirror Girl- Angeli

hey people......the incident which m gonna tell you is real......i went ghost hunting...or rather saying ghost girl hunting in an old school in Japan....I went for a reunion party in my old school..when i met many of my old friends ......and i met of my classmates..we have one thing in common...we both are pagan........I renewed my contact with her...and few days after tht party she offered me a post in her job..i.e. coming with her to a haunted school....and becoming an eye witness....!!I went with was 3 hrs journey from my place...and Shizuka, Kodomo and me , we reached that haunted school...!!!
now more shocking....Shizuka told me...that she got a mail from her university 's student...that this particular school is really haunted and the mirror in the music classroom is the place where a girl ghost lives...that student had gone to that school...and according to the sharp 12 o'clock a girl appears in the mirror...and exactly that is what that student saw....!!!so we went to find out whether its true or not.....
we reached there at 9 pm.....the school has two storeys and is very old....even the floor was made of wood....we went inside , was pitch dark all the electricity inside was cut off it who wanted to come there??we went inside and strted searching for the music class room......Shizuka knew that the class room was at the end of the we searched the whole ground floor,,,,,,,,...Then we went up....the floor was of wood...we could hear our footsteps very very clearly...and walking slowly made us feel more scared......we went into many classrooms...and one of the black boards we found a scriibling...that said...that the mirror in the music class had something wrong in it.......and as we searched the corridor...every blckboard had some thing written about it....~~!!
finally we reached the some class which had a mirror ..but that wasnt the the music class...and then we reached secondlast room from the end of the corridor.....meanwhile Shizuka was checking whether that class was music classroom......sound of piano came from the last class of the corridor.....We three stood shocked over there.....!!Now...there was no piano in the music classroom....then from where did the sound come.....!!!!all of us heard the sound...and headed to the last class...with the torch light we saw the label on the door of the last classroom...and it said..Music Classroom....!!!!
I was a eye witness so i was told to stand there and observe the surrounding.......!!!Shizuka went first and opened the door of music classroom....and she screamed ...scared Kodomo and me asked her whether she saw something so terrifying...!!and she opened the door fully...and we saw that a dead bird was lying there......( maybe it flew in from the open window of the classroom and died of suffocation)that room was colder than the other rooms ....and had a creepy atmosphere.........I remember,........I wore my jacket which hung on my waist ...!!!We examined the mirror....and then Shizuka told me to sit infront of the mirror till 12 and see waht happens at 12.....!!I agreed.....!!both of them went outside the classroom........!!i had my earphones on and i told whatevr i was feeling while i was in there...~~~!!
while i was sitting there , my back against the mirror...i started feeling depressed.....unknowingly i started thinking about death.....and other upsetting things in my life......( i m supposed to be a very optimistic person) it is was very cold....i tried to stop thinking about bad things........and slowly i felt as something is pulling me from behind.....well i cant really say whether it was push or pull but something was happening on my back.....suddenly i'll feel burdened...and suddenly felt someone trying to pull me back.......i was sitting there like a dumb...I told Shizuka about this on the phone but she said to ignore it and sit......!!5 minutes before 12..she alarmed me...and few seconds earlier she told me to stand up.....and at 12 i looked into the mirror....
I looked into the mirror....but i saw nothing except myself in the mirror.......!!!nothing happened to the was as it was earlier....but..I wasn't able to legs started shaking badly......and i was unable to even shift a little bit from the place where i was standing......i told Shizuka about it....and she came to fetch me.....I layed there shocked....after a while i regained my self control......and i started crying...( thats 9th time in my life)...i didnt know whyy i was crying........but i felt like crying....!!!we came out of that palce...and headed to a nearby Hotel..!
next day Shizuka woke me up.......and asked how i was feeling.......I told her that i didnt know wht happened to me yeasterday.....i was in somebody else's control....!!!she told me to calm down...and i told her that something is surely over there maybe in the mirror or in that room.......thinking about my legs shaking terribly.........i wasnt able to belive myself....but its true......I never had this kinda experince...and this was a novelty for me........

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Missing Time Near Area 51

My story begins in the year 1997. What I am about to tell you may shock and awe you, so be prepared....In 1997, my wife, two boys, and hum sab ek chote se kasbe - Rachel, Nevada mein rahete the.. Rachel is located 10 miles north of Area 51, a top secret military base where the U.S. Government conducts all sorts of experiments. yeh jo Area 51 hai its is builds top secret aircraft, like the F-117 Stealth, the SR-72 and 75 aircraft, and unusual aircraft with lifting bodies and no wings. Sector 4 is located 6 miles east of Groom Lake. AND the Groom Lake is part of the whole Area 51 sector.
Now for my story. meri ek choti si T-shirt shop Rachel mein named Close Encounter's T-shirt's . The town's population is 98, so the town is fairly small.[sach mein bahut chota hai i saw towns photo] but on the morning in March of 1997, I opened the T-shirt shop as usual. It was a clear day but hot day and the temperature was around 65 degrees. My wife would occasionally come into the shop and help me with the customers. Around 11:47 a.m., she came in and asked :kiya hum dono saath mein khana khaye". I replied to her that I would, but let me lock up the store first. then I shut everything down and locked the doors. We both got into our 1983 "Honda Accord" and drove to the gas station in Rachel. woh filling station waha se jyadad duur nahi tha. We grabbed a hamburger from the floor freezer of car unit and heated it up in the microwave. After it was warmed up, we stayed about 20 minutes and ate lunch there in the gas station.[in their there itsself a resturant]..
The time was around 12:15 p.m.jab hum gas station se nikle.. I had decided to cruise around the town kyonki mein bore hogaya tha aur 12.30 baje tak kaam pe nahi pahunchna chahta tha..i need 15 mins break. The town consists of a few homes and a few mobile homes ya kah sakte hai ki yeh town shuru hote hi khtam ho jata hai!! We drove down one of the back roads and stopped at a stop sign. For some reason --par mujhe nahi pata tha kyon -- I paused at the stop sign longer.jitna meine socha v nahi tha..mujhe khhud pe yaqeen nahi ho raha tha... The air felt strange around us, almost thick an heavy. I waited for about two minutes aur wapas apni dukaan ke liye nikal pada...aur isi k baad shuru hoa ek anokha hadsa...
I parked my car aur mein aur meri wife gadi se bahar nikal aaye... I stood by the side of the car and sensed something was wrong, par puri tarah se woh cheez mujhe samajh nahi aarahi thi jispe mein point kar sakoon. Within a minute or two it hit me, and I realized what it was. I asked my wife ki kiya tumhe kuch ajeeb sa lag raha hai. She looked around and then gave me the strangest look. Her reply was this. "nahi toh bus suraj hi toh duba hai.aur kiya ". What the hell is going on here?" meine apni watch was 7.30pm...bull can it be..pahele meine socha ghadi ruk gayi hai par second's hand was watch is ohk"but i wasn't..yeh ho kiya raha tha mujhe kuch samjh nahi aaya....kiya karoon yeh bhi nahi...dimaag ki bahrah baj rahe the par ghadi mein 7.30pm hell man!!
At that moment, mere liye sachai badal gayi thi..ya sachai ki koi value nahi bachi thi!!BECAUSE I lost seven hours of time. MEra boss,THE DOn, around the time I was looking at my watch pulled up in his truck. Usne pooch mein itni der kaha tha aur mera beta kaha hai. My boy and his boy were inside my motor home playing video games.meingaadi se utra aur khidki se apne bete se pooch ki time kitna hoa hai... He said around 1:00 p.m. meine kaha nahi its 7:30. He said mein pagal ho gaya hoon, par woh jyada der tak yeh nahi kah saka ..jaise hi woh baha aaya usne dekha suraj duub chuka hai ..uska muh khula ka khula rah gaya. I told my boss what had happened and par woh hasane laga..grrrrrrrrr.Meine kaha "mujhe pata hai aap yehi sochoge ki mein pagal ho gaya hoon."but He said, "Mahashay ruko..jab tak tum 3 din na kho do jaise meine khoye the...."..yeh baat sunkar mein wahi khada rahegaya...jaise mein ek putla hoon...
but that was the fact ..i lost 6 hours of ma life a second..god know what he will show me in future...i was hopeless...but thanked god that nothing more serious happened...otherwise.............. Rachel, Nevada,located on highway 375, nicknamed as the "Extraterrestrial Highway" famous...for ane thing is possible her!!!Area 51 is where PEOPLE reverse-engineer alien spacecraft.god knows how the people survive there!!!god bless them!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Before i begin the story i want you people to know a little about planchette and how it is carried out.may be most of you know abt it, but those who don't."planchette is a process of connecting with the dead souls. usually this process is carried out using a ouija board (pronounced as wee-jaa board) which consists of numbers and alphabets marked on it along with a pointer,but some ppl have known to do this by using other objects which commonly include pen,pencil and even a story includes planchette with a coin.most of the tym these souls are not harmful if you call them is a systametic manner and make them return in a organised manner too usually a soul is made to answer questions related to the past,present and the future of the person who called the soul.these answers may or may not be correct which you will know eventually.
a group of six friends frm a college in agra tried planchette with a coin.they called the soul, asked questions but after they were over they threw the coin, without letting the soul return to the wrld it belonged. eveythng ws fine and nothg happened so they soon forgot abt wat had happened and continues with their college. out of the six frdz two girls were extremely good frdz. they did eveythg together. they were room-mates also. lets call them aarti and aarti and piya had all they classes together except one which took place just before they went for their lunch at the mess.near the mess hall there was a watercooler set up for the students. so piya and aarti decided that whosoever out of the two finishes her class first will come to the watercooler and wait for the other one to come and then they both would head to the mess together to have their lunch..everythg was fine xcept one day...wen aarti was waiting for piya and she din't turn up for quite a long tym.the mess had already started and aarti was waiting for piya to arrive...
so aarti ws waiting for piya thinking wat was taking her so long and then piya arrived. aarti complained abt how she was late and the mess had already started!piya apologized and then they headed for the mess to have their lunch.on the mess table they discussed everythg related to their classes and stuff.after the mess they attended their classes and returned back to their rooms.the moment aarti entered her room piya ws all upon her"where had you been during the lunch time?" she asked."lunch! c'mon. i ws waiting fr you. then you came and we went together. remember?"aarti replied."with me? hello? i didn't attend the mess today because of you. i was late because i ws clearing my doubts with the teacher and when i arrived u were not there at the watercooler. i waited and waited but you didn't arrive and now i am damn hungry becoz i missed the lunch."aarti froze.if piya wsn't there as the mess then with whom she had attended the mess in the afternoon?with whom did she discuss all abt the college?
the mess incident totally shocked aarti but somewat piya failed to believe her but soon her doubts were clear as well.the following week was accompanied by lots of such events in which both were with each other but later the other wud say 'i wasn't there'..aarti and piya were aware that they had finally driven themselves into lot of trouble and ws trying to figure out the solution to it. they din mention it to anyone as people wudn't have believed them..days passed and eveyday there wud be sumthg or the other unusual waiting to happen..till one night, wen finally things went out of control and this tym it went real serious..
it was around 2 a.m at night when aarti woke up..she wanted to go to the bathroom but was kind of afraid about going on all alone so she decicded to wake piya up and take her along.she requested piya to stand outside the bathroom door till she was back.piya agreed.after waiting for about 5 minutes, she knocked on the door"aarti,how much time will it take yaar?""just wait for two minutes" came the reply from aarti."okay, but make it fast yaar, i m sleepy."so piya waited for another five minutes but aarti was still inside.she knocked again asking her to make it soon."just wait for two minutes" was the reply again.piya waited for the next ten minutes but aarti wasnt out still. she couldnt figure out wat was taking her so long.she knocked on the door again."aarti ,its been twenty minutes girl. what are you up to?""just wait for two minutes" was the reply again.
nyways the story..piya was standing outside and waiting for aarti to had been about half an hour of standing but aarti wasn't out yet.she once again knocked the door and got the same response "just wait for two minutes"piya was in no mood to wait anymore and so she decided to go back to her room and catch some sleep.and incase aarti inside would not know that she had goneplus she can come back wen she is piya went back and slept.and aarti was left all alone in the bathroom.
according to the hostel routine everyone use to get up at 5 in the morning to get ready for piya who was sleeping in her room got up and stretched her hand to wake up aartibutaarti wasnt there..piya looked around the room but no sign of aarti..had she been in the bathroom still?didnt she return??thinking this she rushed to the bathroomand shockingly found it locked frm inside...
getting no response from aarti inside,piya rushed to call the warden..after some time the door was opened..inside, aarti was found lying on the floor and on the wall just above her it was written"just wait for two minutes"aarti was declared dead later..
--------the end..........

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Village Horror- Namit

This story was narrated by one of my relatives, while she was swearing on god, that its true...(I still can't imagine it to be true).Village Name: PaargaonVillage strength: Approximately 50 housesIncident date: 13th November 1987 (friday)In the backdrop of a beautiful village, lush green turf, winter season, due drop crystals shining while soft rays of sunlight rest inset, mild fog in the early hours, 3 villagers walk towards the river located approx. half a kilometer from the village (vaitarna river: 100 kms from mumbai)...Husband and wife in there early 40's and fellow neighbor (late 20's), walk in pace towards the river, cold early hours, to catch sweet water fish. They reach the mouth of a river and realize there is a man in his late 50's sitting besides the river. Man appeared to be skinny and his upright position deflected shrinked human astral. Villagers were approx. 100 meters away from the man. Wife (shouts): Hey...dont sit so close to the river, its deep, are you...Husband (shuts wifes mouth with his hands quickly): stay quiteIn no time, the entity jumps in the river and without any movement swims opposite to the flow of the water, the entity disappears in split of a second. Wife (shocked and sweating), feels intense head pain and weakness, holds husband's hand tightly, lets go from head is paining and am feeling acute restlessness...she just throws her body on husbands shoulder and they start moving back towards the village. They keep silence while returning towards there gothic home. The neighbor constantly looks behind and appears scared. While they take few steps toward the village, neighbor realizes that few years ago there was a rumor, a killing happened near the river due to land dispute amongst the family. The dead one was burried with his hands and legs along with all the torn parts of his body....
The Neighbor (Name: Madhav) realizes that the gruesome killing has left its evil presence due to the horrific act few years ago. He choses to keep quite unto the time they reach home...(Husband: Eknath, Wife: Shailaja)Once shailaja returns home she becomes restless and the incident just conquers her thought beyond the tolerent limits, she sometimes fell unconscious, her head pain continues and she constantly thinks about the evil incident. Her husband just rubishes the incident off and tells her to concentrate on household duties.Madhav after few days tells her: "There was a rumor, which only few people know, there was a family which had many acres of land just besides the river area. After there mothers death, who always stood tall to take care of her 2 childrens created rift amongst brothers. Elder brothers wife supposedly conducted adultry with younger brother who was married too. It was never established that this was true however villagers blew this rumor out of proportion. Elder brother started to take over the entire property and fenced it to his name, while his anger turned into rage, a night came when both the brothers met in the lush fields of there own land and begun the argument followed by a fight. fight was followed by a gruesome killing of elder brother, the young one, strong and aggressive, chopped off his brothers body parts to tiny pieces and buried him somewhere near the river."Madhav also quotes: "Since this incident, there have been many incidents of people getting drowned in the mystic river"Shailaja: "Are you trying to help or scare the grave out of me" Same night shailaja was unable to sleep, she feels restlessness, As she closed her eyes she felt that evil entity is positioned besides her. Her husband was asleep. She feels an intoxication from within, as if someone is pinching her heart, she throws-up and feels intense pain is really conquering her body from within...
Shailaja, as the day pass by, appears to be distressed and in exile, her restlesness creates an anxiety from within. She literally shivers in pain and sleepless nights continue for weeks after the river incident and particularly after learning about the gruesome killing. One cold evening in the mist of mild darkness, shailaja moves out of her house to find one of the missing buffalos that they breed for milk. She moves towards an empty turf, feeling minutely relieved that she found the missing one. As soon as she walks towards the buffalo it falls down like in a whisk, appears as if it was dead while it was standing and then shattered down with whisk. Shailaja feels terrified and again feels as if someone is crushing her heart, her hands shivering in fear. Horrified with the act, shailaja runs towards her house and fells unconscious halfway to awakes only in the morning. She explains the incident to her husband who quotes there buffalo had returned in the course of time yesterday...Shailaja: "Am living in the world of exile and fear, evil constantly attempts to conquer my heart and soul, there aint any peace and life seems to be getting harder then i could imagine"Eknath: "I know you have been suffering without a cause, please keep your mind out of evil thoughts and I will take care of you (...hugs her) For few days Shailaja sleeps well & with warmth of her husband everything seems to fall in place, her constant fear is curbed. But this was just a matter of few days, then a terrible thing happens...Shailaja's neighbour madhav gets bitten by a viscious snake (in remote villages there were no doctors) neighbours called a local practitioner to treat him. Madhav's pain was terrifying and he just couldnt stop shouting, crying in muffled voice due to pain. Practioner suggests to cut his left limb as there was a risk of poison spreading accross the body. Madhav chooses to live retard and his left limb is chopped off, Pool of blood survives in his house...
Madhav's tyranny doesn't end here, little did he thought it was just a beginning...'Beginning of an end'...The day his limb was made redundant, he also feels horrifying pain in his right limb. The practitioner who awaits his wellbeing is surprised to validate that he is also infected on his right limb. He assumes that snake-bite was not at one place only, and asks madhav to chose between 'life and his right limb'. The horror petrifies his thought and the muffled voice in pain survive, madhav is unable to take the decision as the night goes by...He gives-up and tells the practitioner to do what he thinks is right for him, he begs if he could just kill him to revive from the pain. The Healer Practitioner quotes "life is always painful, physical pain could be overcome by mental strength...Time heals everything, you will learn to live". To his dismay even the second limb is chopped-off, blood pours in the heart of earth. Days surpass, these days were filled with horror and restlessness for both Shailaja and Madhav. Madhav recoups from dismantled body, starts thinking why evil has swallowed there lives...
Madhav lives in exile, he gives-up on eating, speaking and living, his mind slowly and gradually consumes his intelligence, His heart speaks about living but mind speaks about death to achieve salvation. His state of mind is weak, emotions are deep rooted and lie in the corner of his heart, they lie dead, not a single drop of tear is ever seen in madhav's eyes. Fear grips him and he believes his state is an act of cruelty by evil. He wonders, is it really due to river incident or is there a deeper meaning behind this situation...?Night of Terror: Madhav is in enigmatic sleep, suddenly awakes in the middle of the night and shouts loudly in pain, pain is intense and torturous, he shivers in dismay and agony, feels that his heart is literally burning, villagers gather and attempt to break open the strong door of his house eventually succeeding in doing so, realize that madhav is bitten all over his body, atleast 700 bite-marks evident on his body, villagers afraid to death, Madhav panting, decides to end his life and release the intoxication to free his soul. Madhav begs for death and the practitioner (local healer) is left with no alternative but to let him die quickly. The act of killing being strictly prohibited under any circumstances, practioner passes a naked knife with which madhav sliths & slaughters his throat , he succumbs to gruesome death as the blood spills in haste...Villagers, terrified with this incident stand still, each individual petrified to the core of there heart, there eyes stoned with disbelief and fear...
Shailaja realizes, Madhav was victimized by evil. Her weak state-of-mind tweeks her thought process which wanders why the tragedy really happened? why this world appears to be a living hell where evil rules & ruthlessly kills. She spends sleepless nights day after day, she dreams about myriad snakes who torture her soul and make her mentally weak, distance between her husband and family increases day-by-day. Shailaja stops eating supper & appears restless every second of the day, her speech appears Jittery and suppressed, her words wobble, her body appears to have shivers all time. Days pass-by and she starts sleeping in cows shed rather then her house, for days she doesnt change her clothes which literally appear rotten and smell disgustingly foul. Her husband and family abolish her, they make numerous attempts to descipline her but with no success. Villagers call her witch and pelt stones at her and some villagers start considering her "mad". She starts beating village childrens in the fields to venge her anger, she also attacks men and scratch-off there clothes, she knocks villagers door and run away during nights, she kills small animals like Mice, Kittens and puppies brutally, attempting to feed then to cattles that villagers breed. One night she enters a house in broad daylight and attempts to feed a new born child, the mother of child is terrified to see this while doing her household and stirs entire village. Her act creates rage amongs the villagers (this act in hindu dharma is considered to be strictly evil), who bundle together with strong sticks, while she's asleep in the shed, beat her 'to death' in cold blood. The rage so intense & gruesome that it paints entire shed red, her blood completely soaken out of her body and her soul goes extinct...
After Madhav and Shailaja's terrifying incident, the reason for there tragedy unfolds...One evening a village boy expresses the truth, he quotes his friend that he saw Shailaja and Madhav commencing adultry in the same fields where gruesome killing of elder brother happened few years ago. He did not speak about it earlier due to his fright. The fact spreads like a bushfire and villlagers affirm that batrayal caused them harm & trauma, the spirit of elder brother consumed there lives, It not only extincted there lives but also ensured there death was painstakingly gruesome. Villagers, even today, consider those fields unholy...
------------------------------------------------THE END------------------------------------------------------

Monday, August 24, 2009

Girls Haunted? A true story- Priya

This incident happened 5 years back………One day my friend met her boyfriend in Bangalore who came from another city. They booked a hotel in Shivaji Nagar and she use to accompany him and then return back to my place at night. Once he had finished spending two days with her he returned back to his own city. Now I forgot to mention that my friend and I worked together. After a day or two she started acting weird, she used to sweat a lot at night and started becoming restless, like a couple of times she used to get up and sit at night. This one particular night was hell she started sweating and puking the whole night. She said she was fine but dint seem like. The night past and many more nights came which made her miserable, some nights she even screamed like a mad lady. One day she puked and it was purple and sticky, looking at this I was in a bad state. Believe me that was disgusting, but you know she was my friend I cleaned the place for her. One day later I was not well and took an off from work but my friend went to work. I was sleeping in the afternoon and suddenly heard the door open which was closed I dint bother as I was sleepy and suddenly I felt like something creep inside my blanket. I felt uncomfortable for a minute and suddenly realized that someone was touching my feet like a real person. BELIEVE ME this was freaky and I was numb but dint scream and something just pushed me hard onto the bed and I lied their for a minute almost pale and dint know what to do. Then I made up my mind and pushed myself and ran down stairs sitting close to my mom. I said the whole thing to my mom and she said I must have been dreaming.
Now that I was scared I waited for my friend and when I said this to her she started crying and to our surprise she said “I AM TORTURED EVERY NIGHT” help me please. Me and mom had no words but were shocked and she continued saying that she could feel this huge man and sometimes she saw his dark shadow. She said there was this one time when she was having bath and she saw the dark shadow sitting in the corner and watching her however what she did was pour water and hurry out of the bathroom with fear. I had just sympathy for her for what she had gone though. She also said there were incidents where she was pushed against the wall and forced like that by someone for almost an hour and she couldn’t do anything. Listening to this I screamed at her saying that what was wrong with her that she did not let us know of this. She said that she thought that we would make fun of her. Now that we knew of this she even showed us the scratches and bruises on her body all over and she was miserable I felt nothing but sad for her. What we did was put holy water all over the place and shifted down stairs and did not go up for any reason…………..
After a week we were sitting and talking and suddenly I felt an image move and saw this man standing behind her staring at me and you won’t believe it felt like real but i moved away from her and still noticed him behind her. When I turned and screamed to mom “MOM COME AND SEE THIS PLEASE……………..” and turned back at my friend he was gone by that time. I said what I saw to mom and my friend now we knew that there was something haunting. This particular evening where we were all sitting in the garden of our house I remember she suddenly became quite and turned pale when we asked her what was wrong she suddenly spoke in a male voice saying something in Arabic which non of us could understand. This scared us like mad and ran upstairs to my mom and asked what to do.
My friend sat there in the garden for sometime meanwhile my mom brought a holy priest who said that this is a ghost of a man who followed you from some place and thinks you’re his girl friend. When I said this to my brother he said that the hotel she stayed had a history of a suicide of an Arabic boy because of love failure. Now we knew who it was but dint know what to do. The holy man did some ceremonies and asked her to leave Bangalore and start reading the Bible more often and visit Church every day as she was a Christian. Now she is no longer in Bangalore and she is not disturbed any longer. But what happened will always remain in our minds and let us to believe that ghosts are there as long as there are looking for something after death. Hope no one Is haunted by them……………….

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Major Gomez- The Graveyard Experience- Neil

This story was shared with me by one of my friends; Shanky as we call call him. In Kolkata there are several Christian Graveyards and some of the oldest during the British period. Most of the Graveyards in Kol are quite well maintained however there is one near my house called The Bhavanipore Cemetery, estd. 1904 which unfortunately is quite dilapidated. Shanky's maternal grandfather loved her wife a lot. She had passed away at quite a young age and was buried at Bhavanipore Cemetery. Ever since her death, her husband used to visit her grave almost everyday, place new flowers, light a few incense sticks and pray. This became a regular routine and all the family members had become used to this. At times he used to bring his son along too. A few feet down his wife's grave was another grave that was ill-maintained and almost crumbling. You could barely make out who's grave it was. One day Shanky's Granddad had a dream. In his dream he saw a British gentleman in Military uniform, talking to him. The officer introduced himself as Major Gomez who had served in the British-Indian army during the first world war and had died in battle......
Major Gomez said that ever since the Indian independence, all his family members have scattered here and there and no one tends to his grave nor anyone visits even on All Souls Day. "I have seen you pray diligently at your wife's grave", he said. "Can you please light a candle or incense at my grave? I will bless you. My grave is the one that is 6 feet away from your wife's facing North."The very next day he went to the graveyard and followed the direction as told to him in his dream. Lo and behold, it matched word to word!! He investigated the headstone and saw the words, "Here lies Major Angelo Gomez. A Patriot, Devoted Father, Loving husband and a gentleman."Being a spiritual person, Shanky's Grandad henceforth carried with him extra candles everytime he used to visit his wife's grave and used to light one extra candle at the Major's grave.The next day the Major again appeared in his dream and thanked him. This routine went on for quite sometime. One day, he brought his son with him as he used to occasionally. This time, he asked his son to light the extra candle for Major Gomez. His son obeyed but there was no sincerity in him. He looked about the grave with indifference and was wondering why the hell his father was wasting candles on some grave that was old, dilapidated and unrelated to their family. But in any case, he went to do what he was told. The moment he touched the grave stone, he felt a resounding slap. He staggered back shocked and dismayed and above all Scared!!!!!He ran back to his father red faced, speechless and clearly in shock. Shanky's grandada asked his son what had happened and he narrated the whole incident that had occurred a few moments ago. His father started to understand what might have happened.......
"Son tell me what exactly you were thinking while lighting the candle". Now his son felt a bit embarrassed but told his father what exactly was going on in his mind at that time. Shanky's grandad realized that Major Gomez's spirit probably felt insulted at what his son was thinking.Pushing his son aside, he went to the Major's grave and apologized on behalf of his son and begged for forgiveness and also asked his son to pray.After that day no further incident occurred and everything was fine. R.I.P Major Gomez.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

A Real Incident- my Vacation- Prattoy Chatterjee

This happend a few years back,At the time when i visited my native place Kolkata during my vacation.It was the best period of my lifewhen i get to meet with all my cousins and relatives and makes all the experiments and inhouse adventures possible. As it is the opportunityi get get after year so every day and every moment i celebrate.On a Saturday evening my cousins asked me to treat them all in a very famous Cake shop located in one of the busiest street in Kolkata.And the plan got fixed immediately to visit the Cake shop followed by some other acitivity. We all dressed up ourselves and hired a cab to reach the place. Every one rushed inside the shop. The Cake shop had a renowned appearence and is famous for its delicacies from past decades.Hence, it was overcrowded with with people all around chit chatting. I personally feel that the paush location is the major attraction for the people. The shope stands right at the place where the Street's crossing comes to an end. I regret to come on a Saturday evening because of it took almost half an hour to reach up to the Sales and display counter.When all my cousinswere seleting there choice suddenly with a blow the glass door of the cake shop opened and a Lady draped in a very mannerful dress and ornaments which shows her attitude entered the shop shouting in full volume.
"Is there any one to give attention..!!""This is ridiculous, i have been waiting for more than an hour and there is no one to receive me.""I will never come back to this shop, again..!!"Saying this she bolted the door and rushed outside.I got bewildered with amazement because excluding me nobody noticed the entire happeing.Every one was busy with there chit chat and work.I was ensured that her shout would have mummed every one,but i was wrong, Then i noticed the old manager was staring with his bulged eyes. He was stand still for the moment and then returned to his work.
The incident made me feel very curios because i was very much sure about the entire proceedings.Later i asked my cousins and they said they have noticedno one as my instruction.Weekends passed by but my level of curiosity didnt die. I firmly took a decision to visit the Cake shop again. I reached the shop approximately at the same time i visited before and found it very less crowded. With nervous tone i approched the old manager. He stood up after he heard the entire narration. His forehead was having tinsel sweat in that cold airconditioned atmosphere. But he was calm and composed.He asked me to wait for some time.Accoriding to his instruction i waited and waited till it was the time i saw the same lady draped and ornamented in the same manner as she was seen before.Irrespective of the less crowd she came inside with a jerk to the glass door and shouted in full voulme :"Is there any one to give attention..!!""This is ridiculous, i have been waiting for more than an hour and there is no one to receive me.""I will never come back to this shop, again..!!"Uttering the same lines she bolted the door and rushed out.With the manager i witnessed the entire proceedings again.
The old manager asked me to sit with him. With his aged voice he said that never before any of his customer sensed about this lady and you arethe first person.Even none of my staff witness it excluding me.It was the time way back to five years.This lady was a regular visitor to our shop. On a busy saturday morning she came and found herself not gettingthe usual attention. Her short tempered overcame her and she started shouting at me. I tried to console her but all went to vein. Her shout jeered every onein the shop. But nothing could stop her from her shout, which was overgrowing gradually.She has become so angry that she bolted the door at my faceand left out.She was gorging with temper and went straight. Unfortunately, it was a signal was on and and with her first step on the road she was rammed by a goods truck.Her spot death pronunced every one to give her the wanted attention.I also came to her and found her blood crepted body with arms swaing away.I couldnt tolerate the sight and turned my face away when i noticed the same lady standing infront of my "CAKE SHOP"
Her laugh was consisting of the threat she gave to me when she left the shop.Till date she comes to me for the same complain at the same time.It has become a curse for my shop.All the past staff who has witnessed that incident have died with familiar or unfamiliar causes.This incident will come to an end with my death..saying this he started crying.That night i couldnt sleep. That lady was coming to my sight.
Weeks passed by,but i never imagined what this vacation has kept for me in store.I had an uncle in our relatives whom i call uncle Jojo.He was a very jolly,friendly,enthusiatic person who actively takes part in every thingwe cousins do. His cheerful and childish manner made him very close to me.I even used to reject my meal in his absense.Professionally he anestablished businessman and had to travel a lot.At that time he had a White Abassador car which was my favourite play area. I loved his car and used to climb up on the driving seat.He has given me the company and support every time.
But this vacation had kept the worst in store for me. I was waiting to meet my uncle Jojo who was on a business trip and was supposed to returd by weekend.We had telephonic conversation where he promised to come back as early as possible.On Saturday morning when every one was anticipating his arrival, the telephone rang from an unfamiliar voice on the other side.Tears came to my eyes to hear the dreadful news of my uncle's Jojo's death. Cursing my vacational period, every turned upside down for me.My uncle was a chain smoker and that caused a cardiac arrest in him.
The death funeral passed by with great grief which i have never underwent before.It was just after the day of my funeral when i was sleepingin my uncles room with my other cousin, i woke up early morning to attend my nature call and went upto the adjoining toilet.The moment i enteredi found some uncanny feelings and shivers came to me.I found smoke,smell of burnt tobacco.The cloud of smoke has reached to the roof.The same feeling which we used to have when my uncle was among us and his habbit of smoking rigorously.I got the fear of this ongoing paranormal affair.I left the toilet immediately and went up to call other relatives.Soon a number of peoplecame to my call and found the same smoke. The toilet was now full of smoke and the suffocating odour of burnt tobacco...That was the first to my remembrace when the paranormal had overtaken the normal.
Days passed by.Every senior people had went to other relative's place for inviting them to the holy ceremnony.Myself with my othercousins were chatting at the groung floor when suddent i heard long hard foot steps coming from the staircase.It was a clear sound of a person coming downstairs. The sound of steps was so clear that everyone among us became mum. No one had the courage to move and became standstill.The sound was apearing closer and closer and reached to its threshold level.When it stopped.Hairs got stranded on my body.We all kept in that position for more than 15mins. The winter chill was enough to cancel all other sound. It was complete silence, When suddenlythe current went off. It was a load shedding.Fear added to the circmstances. The level of fright has exceeded every thing among us.Sweat sparkeled on my forehead, the youngest among us started crying and as i was oldest i took the responsibility to eradicate the fear.When i tried to console them saying "there is no sound". They asked me to go up the staircase and proove myself.Now that was something i never anticipated.With the remaining courage i took the bold decision to go upstairs.Because the situationwas getting worst among the youngest cousins.Hence accumulating the remaining i went near the doorway which lead to the staircase, It was complete dark due to the loadshedding.So i lit a candle and started to climb the staircase.
With my each step the darkness was cutting the candle light.Slowly i reached to the first turn .I shouted to my cousins "No one is Here..!!"Inturn i got a faint reply "Are you sure".Replying "Yes..!!" i turned back with my candle in that darkness and found Uncle Jojo stading.My eyes remained opened for sometime and i was standstill.He told me " Why are you afraid ?"I was not in a state to give any reply. Then he raised his shaky hands and came closer to touch me,,,,and then.....light came.!!The current has come.There was no evidence of uncle Jojo anymore. And i got no explanation about this encounter.
Days passed by and i came back to my place,leaving kolkata and the entire incidence.Weeks passed and i called my aunt about his wellbeing.Fromher i got to know that our driver Bhaktaar has left his job all of a sudden and has caused huge trouble for the daily transport.She said that temporarily she has hired a driver but he also left the job, without any prior information.She was sad and these troubles were addingto it.Years passed by and by the source of job i got relocated to Kolkata again.I visited my uncles place after many years.My aunt told me that she iswilling to sell her White ambassador.And i instantly agreed to the deal as to get my old gold beloved car and a piece of memoir of my Uncle Jojo.Things were now smoothly passing by when suddenly i was late to return from my office.The roads were all deseted, all in a need i stared at therear view mirror and found my uncle Jojo sitting at the back.Brakes were pressed hard and my car stopped instantly with a gorging sound.I looked at backbut found no one.Sudden fright came to me and came outside of the car.Desserted road,time of midninght and the howling stray dogs were adding tothe fear i was undergoing.Some how i took the bottle of water from inside and rinsed my face. Then a thought came to me that "why am i afraid ?" frommy own beloved uncle Jojo.And things went well.I got up in the car saw the and stared at the rear view mirror and got the glimpse of mu uncle jojoagain.But istead of fright tears came down my eyes.
Now i got the reason behing the drivers of this car quitting there job.I ride to every where in this car and even have got his glimpse many a time.But each it remained as my memoirs.

Friday, August 21, 2009

A True Incident in SunderBans- Prattoy

Guys belive me but it is one of the true incident of my life which happened recently in the mangrove forest of SudarBan.After disastrous cyclone "Aila" hit West Bengal, especially the small villages of SundarBans we all decided to visit and help the victimsas a primary duty of our NGO.We made immediate preparation and collected rice,pulses,clothes,medicines and other basic necessaries and set with our jouney.But when we reached we got to know that almost many other NGO and government agencies are giving supplies to major part of the forest.The place was full under water with dead bodies of men, women, and cattles floating all around. Salted water with mud land surrounding with needyvillagers are the left overs.We made a local teenage named Palan from whom we got to know about the small village 'Panchdanga'. Which in literally means five beaches.According to Palan it is one of the most affected forest village and none of the NGO and organization have entered to that valley. It is because the rootto the village goes through the dense, dark, and dangerous Mangove forest. We all made immediate decision to visit into that vicinity without furthur wastage of time. Back of our mind we had the jeopardy of risk associated.But we were bold and strong with our decision.Our leader Abir asked Palan for making the necessary arrangements like boat,medicines and some meager safety gears.Palan asked us to visit the Soonjan Ghat where he promised to arrange the boat.Next morning five of us including Abir, our team leader who was a doctor by profession, gave us the courage and holding his case of medicinesmade all of us boarded in that rickety boat. Palan was ready as our guide and the sailor of that ship. With big anticipation and hope of our wellbeing from the danger of reptiles maneaters, snakes and other unanticipated objects, we set sail .
The river current of ganges made our boat a negative direction as if stopping us to enter the hidden secret. Palan alone was insufficient to control boat.Hence Abir instructed four of us to get hold of the boat and start rowing.Soon the bank of soonjan Ghat became very small from our sight and gradually disappeared and left us in that over grown, roaring river-sea.Sun was dull on that day and rain cloud were surrounding the climes. Abir was careful with the radio to get the latest weather report.As i was the youngest member of the entire team hence Abir was more responible towards me. He had been always caring about me and behaved as my elder brother. Even before coming to this journey, he persuaded my family for allowing me in the trip.Soon he came to me and took control over my row. Getting some time out i went to Palan and sat with my legs down from the narrow end of our boat.Palan was not aware of this and went on with his task.I was looking at the vast river range when suddenly some hard slipery thing slapped my feet.I flung up the boat immediately and warned Palan,He gazed the water and found 12 feet long jittery river crocodile. Its face was narrow and had a huge body with the same long broad tail that touched me.Abir blowed and shouted at my casual state and warned every body. Next Palan asked every one to relax and routed the boat towards a very narrow channel which was totally invisible through mangrove forest. It was like venice with long dark and dence mangrove trees replacing the manmade architecture.The channel was very narrow and the boat was frantically touching the mud grounds from the sides and corners. The shrubs were all wet.It is said that mangrove is one the the most dangerous forest in the world.The day was coming to its dawn when we all got thing unbearable odour of rotten elements.
Palan asked every one to be aware and used his torn shirt to cover his nose.It was the dead bodies all around, Stale and stagnating the river channel ahead. The odour and the vision were unbearable.With time the bodies were all swollen,with marks of bloods and wounds still counting the incidents, Some bodies could be recognized but one only braves can see them as some were without thir legs torn our from hinge, bodies of naked women without with the head with their uncovered skull and torned and turned broken necks, with scenes of torned hands, pair of legs, streaming blood i fainted.When i recovered myself i found Abir sitting beside me with other busy with something which i couldnt find out.And our boat still stranded in thatsame unbearable place.From Abir i got to know that due to the stagnating water channel we have become immobile with our boat surrounding the "Land of Dead Bodies".
By the time being it was almost dark.I noticed my watch it was 3'o clock in the afternoon.But darkness has already overgrown in the forest.Abir gave us all some medicines which and i couldnt figure out also injected some thing into our body which is diluted high protein glucose.With that rotten environment none of us could eat something.Palan was now ready with his "Haricane"; a special type of lamp which works with burn of kerosene.Palan positioned it accordingly so as to light up the maximum portion of the boat. The first time in my life i saw Abir very tensed and nervous.Every one among us were feared about the consequences. Suddenly one among us started shouting with pain under his mountain pants.We all went up to him to keep him under control and to find out his truble.By the time he already downed his pants to give us the dreadfulsight.Leeches every where stuck and attaced like a magnet with his tigh ..!! They were the worst creatures that added to our trouble.We somehow consoled him and during this time Palan brought a pack of Tata salt fromour stock and generously spreaded them, soon the leeches started dissolving and made relief to all of us.Abir was now well aware with the incoming danger and trobles. We all were known to these dangers but never expected of this immobility.Soon night overcame us, Abir consulted Palan about the wayout.And accompanying all the seniors we came to the strong and wise decisionof leaving the boat.We were sure about that, this will give rise to new problems or will become a pathway to our safety...but atleat we cantry and become our own pathfinder instead of becoming a prey to other wild animals.
With obvious reasons we started walking in a group.Things were fine at the begining as we were going away from the horrific smell.We passed under the supervision of wild owls,muddy and marshy lands, even crossing the often sights of dead victims, getting unwanted andunrecognized sounds of wild animals; When suddenly i noticed some movements under the branch of a crooked looking mangrove, being careful i noticeda black skinned kid with muds smeared all over his body and covering his face. The small kid was howling and crying and provoking his hungerto his lost mother. His cry was a never heard voice with huge proclamation, i got distracted from other things as fatigue overcame me,i got closer to console the small kid with his arms folded for need, When i was at a distance of less than a few feet, a sudden change cameover him, instead of his cry, his half grown white teeth was full out laughing at me with a voice familiar to a warning, and soon he started running away,I called him,shouted at him and even followed some of his steps. But he got dissapeared like into the darkness, or got engulfed in to it.Then from something hard hit me from my back.....
Immediately i turned back but found no one.But i was hurt indeed. Presuming about the incoming danger i started running as fast as i can to reunite with the group.Shouting Abir...Abir,Palan..Palan...but all my efforts left me in vein leaving me fully exhausted, hungry and thirstly with fear that i have never underwent before.Shivers came to me about imagining my lone existence.I started crying and started praying to god to help me out. I became so thirsty that i teared some of the rain drenched leaves and licked them with my dry tongue.Gathering some remaining energy i called for Abir again.Then i dont know what came to me i started running again as fast as i can aimlessly towards an unpredicted direction.Gasping for breath i stopped myself till then completely lost in the jungle.SunderBan is famous for the maneater Royal bengal tiger.Due to the cyclone every part of the jungle was drenced under disgusting salted water which even i tried to taste for many a times.Soon i entered to an open space meadow with the existence of elephant grass. It is a meadow which joins forests and consists of grass of size 6feet or even more. Thery are the best hiding spot for the man eaters.Presuming about the village on the other side i briskly started to walk at my own jeopardy.I forgot the huge body pain i was going through. Luckily after the heavy storm it was a clear sky on that day and every single thing was visible under the moon light.I started moving ahead cutting the long huge grass with my knife and moved ahead when suddenly with a single stroke i removed the tall grass and a head of a young lady smeared in blood detached from its neck came infront of me.The blood appeared as the vermillion mark on the forehead. That was enough for me to break my courage.And immediately i sat down crying helplessly when i found something hard underneath my hips.I sprung to stand up to find thousands of skulls of men,women and children thrown here and there. It was like i was in the meadow of 'hades'.Moving further....
I found the same uncanny rotten smell . It was then i understood that the village towards which i am heading is having no existence except the mud house structures.Majority have died due to cyclone and the remainings have become prey to the man eater.Finding a small hill situated withing the meadow i settled myself i started crying and howling with fear which i have never faced before.I assumed myself dead and soon fatigue overcame me.With a jerk i woke up.It was Abir.I became so relaxed and happy and new energy came to me.Abir woke me up.He was still dressed in the same manner and holding his case of medicines. He asked "Where were you ?"Smile came to my cheers and i replied " Where were you Abir.I was so frightened..!!"Abir, motherly took hold of my bleeding feet and immediately bandaged me . And said " Small brother, When i am hear , then why are you so afraid ?""No Abir, i am not anymore...but where are others ?""They have all got segregated from me, eventually; and now dont ask much question getup, we need to go back home. Our expedition has came to an end as there is no existence of life in this province except us " "Abir...i really want to go back home and want to gorge on some tea and food back home"" get up...some how we have to spend the remaining night, I have already made a temporary macha in that nearby tree"Saying that i stood up and taking his support i limpingly followed his direction and instruction.
Taking his support i climbed the tree.And sat on that rickety macha. He knew that if fall asleep then that would worsen my wound and may casue infection. Hence he started chatting with me.Whole night we discussed about the various facts of SunderBans, His college diary, including his affair. He also told me that i am his beloved 'Small borther' and he will always take care of me.Abir was very cool with his attitude and narrated stories of his other expedition. He complemented that i am a real hero and blessed me that i will do all the best in all my endeavours in my life.Distant sound of an heavy engine broke my sleep. With the bright morning sun i narrowly opened my eyes to find myself being carried away in a huge military chopper.Confusion bewildered me .I was in total state of shock and wonder.Later in the military camp i got to know that they found me lying on a semi constructed macha above a tree with a red T-shirt flattering as a flag. And produced me the T-shirt which attracted there eye. It was the same red coloured T-s worn by Abir.I narrated and explained them every details and happenings.They said that they saw no sign of any living person around my vicinity.But on my repeated insistance they agreed to send a search team in the afternoon.Soon the chopper came back with three dead bodies according to my given instruction.Tears came down as i saw the body of Abir.But soon got frightened when i got to know that Abir and my other team members were found dead in a ramshakable boat which was located 80 kms away and later postmortemn report proved instant death due to poisioning.I couldnt believe anything further that if Abir was not there to my help, who took care of me,bandaged me, construted a macha, hung his T-s, discussed different happenings of his life, then who this person who looked same as Dr.Abir.I came back to kolkata with this horrific memory which will stay with me as a death memoir, forever.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


hello guys............iam dilip and iam gonna bring u few real unbelievable thing that r happining at the shamshabad airport.SHAMSHABAD AIRPORT.....rajiv gandhi international airport (hyderabad) is located near area called shamshabad and this airport is famously know as shamshabad airport...thousands of people travel from this airport every month and people think that this airport is very beautiful but no one know the real shade of this airport....only very few people workin g in his airport know the fact that it is one of the haunted places.......During the construction of this airport many pople were killed in the disputes of the land and they were just thrown in the construction sites...this is a fact that no one knows....and we strongly believe that these are the sprits of the same people who were killed at that timethere are few places in the airport where the passengers are restricted to go, only the employees are allowed to go to that places......and from the past 2months no one dares to go alone.....because there are few incidents which made them horrified.....
This incident took place around two months brother works in that airport. and one day he came to know that one of his collegue is not attending his shifts from 5days.....he tried to find the reason y...and he got a very strange answer.....few days ago his collegue was working in the night shift........the time was passengers are allowed in to their working places......every one were sitting in one room and working and one person is asked to go into the room and asked to get some list from the one works in that room, it is just used to store files and information....The person goes in to that room and was about to switch on the light....suddenly he finds someone sitting on a chir infront of the system (the system is switched on) with his head on the table....this guy was surprised to see someone in that room...that too in a civil dress(he didnt wear the uniform that they have) so he goes near that person(he didnt switch on the lights) ( computer was switched on, that was the only source of light) and tries to wake his up...he dosnt get up....he shouts and pushes that person frm the chair and the disester happened.......the lying person gets up and turns toward him slowly...very slowly with a big laugh....the face was pitch white in colour...with the marks of blood all over and the skin was very loose......the employee comes running out of the room and tell every one about the incident....they went in but couldnt find any one (even the system was not turned on)...this employee was stuck with high fever and didnt attend d office for 9 days...he was in his house in a shocked state....
well....comming back into the topic........after that first incident people didnt believe that he saw a ghost bolke......they jus tot that it was just his imagination and may be he was mentally upset and so he felt like, after few days one more incident took place which made d topic "ghost(s)" in d airport strong
well from d pic in d above posts u can c some glass bridges which is used for d passengers to board their of the bridge from those is used only 3days a week(only few big international flights), that day there was some flight arriving and so one of the cleaner was cleaning the floor and the glass.....time was around 11:30....few hours before the arrival of the flight.....cleaner finished cleaning the floor now he was cleanin the glass.....suddenly he could hear sound of foot steps comming near him.....he turned his face but couldnt find anyone, knowing about the earlier incident he was a bit frighterned...he continued with his work........he again heard the sound, and again counldnt find any one and this time his he was in a terror.......after a couple of minutes he could hear the sound with more intensity, this time he was holding his breath and stoped his work and slowly turned his face....the result was same.......he again started cleaning and slowly turned his face towards the glass........this time he tought tat he is dead, because he found some person cleaning the glass on the same place where he was, from the other side of the glass was........the cleaner was standing inside the bridge and that person was standin outside........indeed flying outside........standin in the air and cleaning......"i think that no person can stand in the air like that", that was naturally a ghost or sprit ....the cleaner was horrified and started running out of that terminal and told everyone abt the incident and they came to the place and the result was one could c anything.............

INCIDENT 3:after the two spooky incidents that took place in d airport people workin there were worried about this and started to walk in group(atleast 2 or 3 people are always together)......few days later after the second incident.....the 3rd one took was midnight.....saturday.......and an international flight arrived and passengers were boarding there flight through those glass the flight is all set lo leave.....3 ground employees ( these people work near the run way...they take care of fuel filling, cargos etc..) were standing a bit away from the flight right side below the bridge and waiting for the flight to take off......flight started moving and was on the among the 3 looked up and could see someone standing on the bridge...he has opened the door and was peeping outside from the bridge........once if the door is locked its impossible for a normal person to open it jus lik he told the other two people standing there with him and all 3 of them could see some one peeping out side the door......they tot.."arey who the hell is this guy, peeping out side" and informed the staff who work on the it was transparent bridge these people standing outside can see everything clearly and can spot any one if they walk or run on that bridge......the man who was peeping from the door of the bridge, closed the door and was standing still.....mean while floor workers came there and couldnt find any one in that bridge.........even the ground employees cant see him any more....he just they came to know that it was some spirit........this time it was not a single person who saw the sprit or ghost.......all 3 of them standing near the bridge saw the spirit.but, no one could do any thing other than informing the higher officials of the airport about the incidents that happened.
well visit that airport now and u can find some shining stone like things on the floor in some parts of the airport......u may think that they were kept for decoration purpose, bt infact they were kept for the sake of protection frm these spirits.........
well..........this incident took place last was monday......mid international passenger flight(i dont know from where it was comming) arrived and got the clearence for landing from the ATC......the pilot was landing the flight and was shocked to see some one standing on the middle of the runway facing the, the pilot took off again without landing and gave this information to the ATC that someone was standing on the runway......the ATC people and the security hurried to see if any one was there....they couldnt find anyone on the runway.....they even searched cargo section and all the place around the runway but couldnt find any, ATC again gave clerance to the flight and the pilots landed it, no one know who was standin on the runway.........they dont even know weather it was true or not, coz they didnt find ny one when they everyone knows that pilots cant jus simply remained as one more UNSOLVED MYSTERY of SHAMSHABAD AIRPORT. one knows about these stories........they are kept confidential....the authorities dont want this news to spread out.........u can find small cristal on the floor in few places in d airport as a protection from these spirits.
now no more incidents r takin place after the few that i have told u.....nothin was der from many months....

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The trip to Kodai kanal- Deb

The journey
This happened in 2005..It happened with my friend..I was also in that trip and also involved in it somewhat..So lets start
The journey
I was in 3rd year of eng. then.. A college trip was planned to ooty with our batch and our seniors batch..2 buses were booked..We started the journey from Bangalore....I will make the starting little brief and come to the incident directly as the incident it self was a long story
The journey
We left Bangalore around 1 am IN THE MORNING..We were supposed to leave at 5 :30 PM in the evening..Then comedy of errors occurred..The buses which were booked stood canceled..coordinator was desperately searching for a replacement and the time everything was be arranged was very late. Anyways, We left at 1 AM.. We headed for destination Ooty..Young mates..going to a college tour..You can imagine the electricity in the air..We were enjoying so much..The journey was one to be remembered for a long time. Of course for the right reasons.. We reached ooty next day evening as we had other stoppages in between
The trip to Ooty was awesome..We enjoyed like kids.. ( Will not include the Ooty part here, as it would be out of context )..While leaving Ooty, it was decided that we would go to Kodai Kanal the next day..The journey was very beautiful..We reached Kodai in the morning the day after..Actually the next day was spent in Black Thunder , the water park..
We reached Kodai in the morning..We were thrilled with the scenic beauty of that place. You can virtually feel that the sky embracing the mountains with open arms. The mountains were misty.. Misty enough to hold the secrets. The secrets never been told to the living.. There’s a waterfall nearby, the place where we stopped for site seeing..
Water falling from the hills were making such a sweet sound..As if some one was tuning a sitar .. The wind passing by the hills were making such a sweet chime.. The tree leaves kissing each other, dancing with the wind..Lovely..
In one place the ground was covered with the dry leaves. as if a fawn color bed to rest in peace.. The trees around that were huge and lovely. Like the guardians of the heaven on earth..
The trip was already a great fun..We were enjoying like kids.. The scenic beauty was already making some of our friends very romantic and everyone was enjoying the outing. However, I was not feeling very comfortable. May be because if the extensive journey that we were subjected to..Many of our friends were enjoying and playing in one of the water falls..I decided to get into the bus and do what I do best..I decided to have a sound sleep
“hey dubmbo get up” said Rahul (name changed)!!! I suddenly got woken up and found that Rahul was standing near the seat and waiting for me to give him the passage to his seat..I hurridly gave him the way..Now I saw everyone were back on the bus and we were ready to go..I checked my watch and it was 5 pm..”We are going to the lake dude!!” , Rahul again..
“Lake??!! So are we suppose to stay here tonight?”, came from me. “No buddy! We’ll go to the lake and head for Bangalore at night” , said Rahul.. What the hell ? Now I was starting to get bored of the hills and the falls..They were more scary than amazing to me then,, Not sure of the reason though..May be because the light was fading and the beautiful green hills were becoming the high dark walls of a forbidden fort..
We reached the lake around 5 :30.. The light was almost gone.. The Sun was going down the hills as if a small boy is hiding slowly behind the walls..not to look back again soon...
The lake is again a creation of which the God must be proud of.. The lake is surrounded by the hills..Its a huge lake.. The boating on the lake was closed by the time we reached but there were many more things to do there.. The parameter of the lake is encloded with a beautiful hilly road..One side of the road you’ll find the huge hills and the other side is the lake..The road is having british fashioned street lights with every 50 mtrs separation.. They were like candles on a delicious B’day cake... I usually love to give a romantic description of the surroundings , the way I look at nature..This time I will keep it short.. We are coming to the main story now ..
Near the lake you could rent bi-cycles for Rs. 10/ hour.. So all our friends including me decided to enjoy the nature riding bi-cycle around the lake..The lake was huge..Most of my friends started towards the right side of the lake with bi-cycles.. Me and Rahul decided to take the opposite way. The lake was a huge one so to complete the entire parameter of it would certainly take an hour if not more on the bi cycle..We started our journey..A journey which is still remembered by 2 persons and they dearly wish to forget of them is writing the story..
We started off..The light was almost gone..The street lights were beginning to wake up after a long sleep.. The beautiful wind across the lake was driving us further. It was a very very nice ride..The scenic beauty , the cool breeze, the view of the lake..All in all , just a superb experience. At the left side was the tall dark hill, seemingly looking bigger in size the more the evening was settling down to the dark night..We were enjoying our ride. Me and Rahul were chatting and paddling our way to trouble..It was almost 25 minutes since we started our cycle ride, It was already dark by then. The street lights were glowing but not to there full intensity..May be that was there full intensity which was certainly not enough but was adding to the excitement..
We reached a place..From here the lake was little further towards the right..The road took little curve toward s the left and than straightened again after 100 meters. The road was closer to the hill rather than the lake in that spot. I felt very much unpleasant and disturbing in that place. From my past experience I had noticed that a place in trouble always gives many telling signals which we most of the times ignore. There was a burning smell in the air..Not very strong but neither very weak. There were no one in the vicinity and no way there could something be burning. Moreover, I was feeling a strange chill in that place.. I immediately told Rahul, “Buddy this particular place is not very comforting! There must be something unknown here, We need to hurry from here.” I told Rahul..Rahul didn’t put my words to dustbin , however he didn’t seemed to bother much about it either. I started paddling heavily and both of us crossed that place. I was still feeling the chill..Anyways after 19 more minutes we crossed our friends who were coming from the opposite direction and after 30 more minutes we reached the place from where we started initially. We saw our friends already reached there,
We returned the by-cycles and went for some tea..Most of the friends from the gang joined us..We were nearly 10-12 guys in the gang..While having tea, we decided to get one more ride and everyone together..It was around 7:40 pm then..We were scheduled to get assembled near our bus at 9. So we thought we had ample time in our hand to get going again. Moreover, it was already misty and very chilli so it would add to the excitement. Very few persons were on the road that time..We went again and rented a bi cycle each..We decided to start from right to left this time. Last time me and Rahul took the opposite direction. WE STARTED OUR JOURNEY TOGETHER..AGAIN
The road to hell !!
After we moved for 20 minutes..One of our friends Bi – cycle got punctured..We decided to carry on..That guy shared the ride with one more guy and supported the cycle in one hand..We continued like that for 5 more minutes..Than one more guy had a cycle chain malfunctioning. Now we decided we couldn’t go around in double seating (cycle sharing) like that. So we decided to walk. Now the question which aroused during that time was which way to go..whether to go forward or go towards the backward direction.. We didn’t reach the suspicious spot till that time. It was decided to return back by the same path which we took as it would be much lesser compared to the way forward..
However, Rahul wanted to proceed further. I personally objected but Rahul wouldn’t listen. He was a guy who loved adventures and so did I. But it would be a foolish decision to go that way as we were already getting late. After some argument he left..He went ahead without caring about my continuous requests.. Slowly but surely I could see Rahul getting out of my site..He was getting lost in the mist and the dimed stree lamps light..The way was now totally covered by mist..Rahul wasn’t visible any more..We started the other way...
Each second was taking hours to move..I realized how violent the environment was becoming..It was really chilli at that time..The temperature falls substantially in hills as the night gets younger and younger. Smoke was coming out of our mouths..The walk was turning to be a good exercise for all of us..It helped keeping us warm..
The silence of the Kodai hills
We reached the place from where we hired the cycles. We returned and paid for the cycles. We were waiting for Rahul to return. We reached the place in approximately half an hour as we were on foot.. Rahul should have reached there or would arrive shortly.. So we were enjoying one more round of tea in the chilli weather and waiting for Rahul..It was 8:45 and 10 minutes past since we were waiting for Rahul..He didn’t show up. Even our co-ordinators were calling us to get back to the bus as we were ready to leave..We started to get worried about Rahul and in a way I was getting furious on him for the delay..
We all were worried..It was 9:00 PM then..Our coordinators were beginning to lose the patience. They were furious. I decided to go and search for him..I went to the cycle hiring shop again..He denied me a cycle saying no one goes there at that time. He said it would be foolish to go that way at that time.. I was adamant ..I was starting to get nervous than and so was my other friends.. I convinced the guy and managed one cycle.. I went the opposite way..From the way Rahul was expected to arrive..
The moment I started my ride, nervous and worried..I could see from far that Rahul was appearing from the deep mist and dark night..He was paddling fast..He came very fast ..We accompanied him..returned the cycle as soon as we could and rushed towards the bus..“I am sorry!! I..I ...”, said Rahul..I stopped him in between..”Lets hurry, we can discuss later!!” We boarded the bus ..Rahul was fully wet with sweat, in the chilly night, it was looking like he just had a sweat bath..He was shivering..His eyes were full of fear..He sat beside me..He didn’t utter a word..I choose not to disturb him..I was sure something had happened.. Then after half an hour or so he opened his mouth..What he spoke made me numb... I will narrate it in his words only,,,
Before he started speaking..I was looking outside the window..It was a hilly highway..Bus was in cruising speed..I could see the dark black mountains..As if calling me secretly..Trying to whisper something in my ears..I could see from the window, the trees coming and vanishing..However, the darkness kept on whispering in my ears..I was enjoying it though..I t was like we were playing teasing games with each and nature..”Deb..I want to say you something!!”..I suddenly came out io my dream world..It was Rahul..He was starting to feel better and talking to me..”Yes Rahul..I am listening..”, I said to him..
Rahul's story
Now the narration will go as per Rahul’s words...“Dude, after I started from where you all went back, the road seemed much more beautiful and attractive. I was enjoying my ride. The lamp posts, the lake at night, the trees, the hill..Everything was so appealing.. I kept on paddling..Then I reached the spot about which we discussed earlier..There my misery started!! “, he stopped and drank some water from the water bottle, took a deep breath and started again!!
“I was crossing that place..Didn’t think anything else..was just paddling away enjoying the nature..Suddenly I felt like someone was following me..I thought it would be an act of my witty mind..I tried to scrap that thinking away and move forward.. However the feeling was becoming stronger and stronger with each moment passed!!”..He drank some more water again and started to speak..
“I felt like someone was talking to me, someone near the hills..” his eyes started to grew big as he spoke..I could really see the fear in his eyes while speaking!! “ It felt like all the mists were clubbing at same place near the hills and taking some shape!! Some unknown shape..”, He continued..
“Then I started to move forward, without looking at the back..I felt like something was still following me.. All of a sudden some dogs started to chase me from the roadside.. I didn’t know exactly how many of them were there..may be 3 or 4..They started chasing me..I was so afraid..I started paddling very quickly..I suddenly recognised the road lamps were going off as I was moving forward..Some 3 or 4 lamp post were off..I stared back..I could only see mist behind..The dogs were still chasing me..I was sweating like hell..It seemed to me like I was paddling at the same place..It seemed like everything was moving in slow motion with respect to me..” I could feel the chill up my spines by what I had already heard from Rahul..
“ Do you believe me”, said Rahul.. “Of course, I do Rahul..Please continue”, I replied. By that time he did relax a bit as the mood in the bus was of a party..Everyone singing and enjoying..Only we 2 were out in some other world..Scared..
“I then felt like the mist was getting closer. I felt chill around me at the same time I was sweating heavily. On top of that the devils were still chasing me. I still had a doubt that they were not dogs but foxes. When I looked back again..It was confirmed.. I kept paddling heavily and started saying my prayers loudly..I felt like I would faint..The mist was getting closer to me..It would catch me any time..The foxes still chasing me..As if dying to tear me apart..I was the lonely victim..I was saying my prayers and thought I would never return alive..The mist was too close to me..I felt like someone laughing loudly..I was surely going to die..I closed my eyes and heard my name being called loudly”..
The climax
“I kept on saying my prayers..Again I heard my name..I was paddling heavily. Then little mist cleared in front and I saw you coming my way..Ever so slowly..I looked back and saw the mist was not there..That was the time I actually reached near you guys and saw you calling my name..” He stopped..
The End
I calmed him down..By that time Our bus stopped for dinner..We were not out of the range of hills yet but came down considerably..The dark high hills were standing there proudly..Like the walls of a forbidden fortress.. Protecting the secret inside its heart.. A secret not to be told..a secret to be saved for years to come..

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Reality of the life after death- Dr Shanu

Its 10 year old story vch happened in my village. I was in 6 STD. 1st I wud like to tell abt my village, JAMBUSAR...Dist. bharuch, Gujarat. So here its starts…It was 1992 [wen I was just 6 year old] when riots were going on all over India. In my village there was curfew. Near my home there was one home wer two lady were living. Mom n daughter.That girl was having affair with one guy in my street , but he went to dubai over that time. So in dis family there was some tension regarding this. One day this quarrel went beyond limit and that girl committed suicide by burning herself . Remember that was curfew time so there was not much ways to save her. Everybody in my street were shocked by that incident. News went to that guy also but he dint came back. Now after that nothing unusual happened but real story started 4 year after this incident.
Now in 1996 things started going unusual. I still remember it was Saturday. And on Saturday we had half day from school so I was returning with my brother from school. And while I came in my street just next to my house I saw crowd. Then I went into my home. My mom was lil tensed and I asked her what happened in our neighbor? But she dint told me real thing cz she dint wanted me to get frighten. So she told some quarrel is going on. Then I went to play and slept at night. But I as it was village I can hear some people were discussing outside my home with my father. I was trying to listen that but it was not clear so I went to sleep. Next day it was Sunday. When I got up I saw there was noise of around 10-15 ppl opposite my home. I went there without asking my mom. There what I saw was horrible. A girl who were living opposite to my home were shouting that “leave me leave me” and sum ppl were holding her tightly. I can still remember her scream vch can make any1 frighten. Then my friend told me that, “lubna wapas aa gayi he” [Lubna is a name of that girl who committed suicide]..
First I dint got anything because as I was small when that girl committed suicide, but later on I got the things. My friend told me that ,”salma didi me lubna ghus gayi he” I hope u ppl undrstnd by this line means lubna’s spirit enterd in that girl named salma body. As we were small we were frighten and also excited because we never saw such thing expect in movies. So I rushed to that home and saw salma di was screaming and some people frm my street were askin here ,”kya chahiye tuze, kyu wapas ayi he” But she was shouting and asking sumthing to eat. It may be strange to believe but I heard that she demanded,”Nankhatai” hope u ppl undrstnd dis..its like cookies. This all happened for 1 hour then suddenly salma di fell down and got unconscious. Aftr some time she wake up but she was nt able to recall wat happened to her. Everyone was feeling lil bit relief bcz they thought lubna’s spirit went off. But they were wrong .
Same day in the night suddenly one aunty from my street came out and shouted that her girl is behaving unusual. Everybody rushed to her home and saw the scene and everyone was shocked. That girls voice was changed and all can recognice that voice..that was lubna’s voice. All were literally shocked that “ya allah wat is happening”. Same drama started but that time lubna was more aggressive n was askin everyone to leave otherwise she vl kill them. So person who is old and knew her went to talk to her. He asked her that what u want, y u r doin like dis? But she was not ready to ans., she was crying and shouting. My mom also came that time n was watching that scene from window of that home. Suddenly that possessed girl looked at my mom and threaten that,”aap kya tamasha dekh rahe ho, me aa rahi hun apke andar bhi” my mom was lilterly shocked and she took me frm that place along vth her. Then again after some time lubna spirit went off. But one thing she told that she vl cum to all her friends, like salma di,etc. were her friend wen she was alive. All her friends were crying nt just because they were frightend bt also because they were knwing that her friend lubna dint got “mukti” and her soul is in pain.
Again after that day same things happened. I think nobody will believe that but lubna spirit got entered in near 7-8 frnds of her in following 2-3 days. And she was just crying loudly. Now everybody was shocked that wen dis will stop. So people decided call “Maulana” who can help in dis.That person “maulana”, we call dem “Bapu” came and saw the condition. After he came he asked us [means our streets ppl] that if we wanna know d reason of her comeback then he has to call her again in someones body. So salma di got ready that u call lubna in my body again and ask what she want, because salma di was good frnd of her. U ppl might think that hw salma di got ready easily..but that’s d mentality of village ppl, they do not feard of paranormal things as compare to urban ppl.
Then all ppl decided to call lubna’s spirit on same day evening only. I think all people were curious and also tensed that what will happen. I wish that I can describe u the scene of my streets during that time. It was horrible. In a day light also u can not find single person outside. All family started reading “HOLY QURAN” to get rid of dis spirit.One thing I forgot to say that during all time when lubna came into body of her frnds, at the time lubna’s mother come and that time nly lubna stop crying and leave the body..sorry for missing such important part. Her mother were also crying and u can imagine the pain of mother whos daughter is dead n haunting.
But unfortunately “bapu ” cud not cum on that dat day so we all had to pass one more night under fear of lubna spirit. All rest of the girl were wearing “taveez” to protect their self from spirit n to resist to enter in their body. On that night my real uncle who everyday had night duty was coming to home around 2-2.30 am. I must say that village ppl have lots of guts that some people will suspect. As he was returning to home in my street only near my home, he saw someone was sitting near bull cart at the entrance of my street. It seems like girl and my uncle got in seconds only that she must be lubna. She was sitting like bending her both knee and hiding her face. So my uncle tried to pass her as quickly as possible but as he passes nearby her, she lifted her face and looked at my uncle. My uncle saw her face and even brave person can pissd of by luking at her face. It was burnt all over and my uncle were like cold statue. He started chanting our religious mantra “ayatul kursi”. He started running from there but after fraction of second she disappeared. He quickely came to his home and slept. On second day he told us everything what all happened to him that day.
But that night seems to be haunted nights after those incidents occur around 2-2.30 am, another incident occur at around 3 am. One of the family in my street was having transport business so they had trucks and they kept their truck near our street. Driver of that truck sleeping inside the truck seat. Suddenly he got wake up by loud noise. He heard that someone was biting the door of truck very hardly. It was like someone was asking to open without saying anything. He saw that a girl was knocking the door of truck. That driver was unaware of all incidents as he came that night after his trip. And in the dark he dint concentrate on her face also. But he got that it is something unusual. But he opened the door, as he opened the door she disappeared and that driver was in shock condition and started shouting. He came in our street by running and shouting to us that open the door. Almost all got up and asked him what happened. Then he told whole story wat happened to him. Everyone was simply frustrated that what the hell is going on. That family then told that driver to sleep in side their home and any how that night passed.
Now on next day everyone wake up with some hope that “bapu” will come. And he came also around 10 am. Everyone was happy and had sum extend of relief. Almost our whole street were crowded near salma di house. And lubna mother also came. My father told me and warn me not to come in house where all process will go on but I told him that I will get fear by stayin alon at home so he got ready to take me with him to salma di house. But he told me to sit outside the room but I was lucky that I went near window where I can see what happns in the room. Some mature people were in that room including lubna mother, and my father was also in that room. My mother was not there as she was threatened by lubna spirit that she vl cum to her, and my mother went to my nani’s place. Bapu was sitting near salma di, and I wud like to say something abt bapu. He use to do all that stuff to call spirit and control ,etc. by JINNAT. He had JINNAT under his command so those jinnat were doing all stuff. And I was also feeling smell of “Itter” vch indicate the presence of jinnat over there. he was talking to them but we cud nt see that.Now he started to call lubna spirit. 1st he sprayed “itter” [like perfume, wat commonly used by muslims] on his hand. Salam di was sitting in front of her. He kept his hand near salma di’s nose and make her to smell that. I was looking all stuff curiously. Mean while bapu was looking at ceiling in such a way like he is talkin to someone. Aftr 2 minutes salma di’s closed her eyes. She started behaving like she is uncomfortable.
And that was the indicator of presence of lubna in her body. She closed her eyes and left her head like she is sleeping in sitting only. In between she was showing unpleasant facial expressions. After 5-10 mins. Suddenly she opened her eyes said ,“jao na” and that was lubna’s voice. Everybody was in hell silence. Then again she spoke ,”marungi tumhe”.. but bapu then shouted at her and asked her that,”muze maregi tu, janti he kon hun me??” then he look at up n side to corner of the wall and signed like to beat her. He also told her that,”dekh tuze marenge ye jinnat”..and I think jinnat started beating her and I can predict that by looking tear in her lubna eys in slam di body. She started crying and shouted ,”allah k waste mat maro”.Then bapu asked her, ”kon he tu ,kahan se ayi he”[thought he was knowing she was lubna], she spoke that “m lubna”, she looked at her mother and startd crying again, and she was unable to run out of her body also as jinnat were holding her.
As she started crying, bapu asked her ,”ro kyu rahi he, kyu wapas ayi he tu??” but she was not ready to speak anything. Then bapu again beated her. Then she screamed “ammi muze bachao na,ye log mar rahe he”her mom replied with tear in her eyes that,”beta tuze allah ka wata he, kyu logo ko presan kar rahi he, bapu teir madad karenge,unhe batade jo kuch bhi galat he, muze teri bahot yad ati he” and by saying that she started crying loudly. I think everyone had tears in their eyes during dis tym.Then lubna got ready to speak. But she asked to eat something. I dunn rem. Exactly wat she demanded. But that thing were giver her to eat. She ate like hungry from years. Then she started speaking.1st line she spoke was,” allah muze kabra me nahi rehne dete”, meri rooh[spirit] jab bhi kabra me jane ki koshish karti he ,muze bahar dhakka de diya jata he” Then bapu asked to kya karti he tu..She replyed,”meri zindagi abhi baki he aur me mar gayi to baki ka time muze ese hi bhatakna padega“She again spoke that,”muze meri sari dosto pe gussa aya tha ,un sab ki shadi hone wali he aur meri nahi hue,wo bhi kabhi wapas nahi aya, me kisiko nahi chodungi” “Me yahin rahungi jab tak mukti nahi milti aur ese hi paresan karungi”Then bapu said,”ye teri duniya nahi he,allah ke farman ko tune toda,uski di hue zindgi ko tune khatam kar diya,uski tuze saza mil rahi he, wo saza to dusre begunao ko mat de”
The she started screaming and moving her head. Her mom was holding her hand.Bapu started chanting in urdu and mean while lubna was screaming, ”mat karo esa” but after somwtime she became silent. Remember dis all were happening in salm di’s body.I cud see during that time her face was vth sum type of satidfaction. We cud see peace on her face. She calm down. Bapu was chanting in urdu loudly now. he ws then asking to god “ya allah is masoom ko apni bargah me jagah de” and also he spoke sumthng vch I dun rem. Exactly but I can make that bapu was “mukti” for lubna. Tears were coming frm bapu’s eyes also. This was the miracle scene when spirit was getting mukti. I cud see the peace n calmness in lubna face. After long VIDHI salma di body fell down. Lubna went off frm her bodyand bapu told that ,“Insha Allah use Allah apni panah me le”..lubna mom was crying n that was hurting me frm bottom of my heart. I was small that time so I cud nt understand the reality of the situation. Then bapu said that,”ab wo nahi ayegi”..nobody was in condtion to ask where she went, but everyon was guessing that she got “MUKTI” but bapu said that she wont get it so soon but one thing he can say vth surity that she will nt cum again n harass to anyone. And after that bapu kept small iron pieces in all direction of our street vch is called to b “choki”, in other language u can say “raksha rekha”..By this choki no bad thing like spirit,black magic,etc. can affect you..[remember whole process vch I told to release lubna was not full,I still dunt remember watelse he did that time but surely that was nt such easy as I wrote n it seems by readin my post ]
After that salma di became conscious, and asked what happened. She was told about whole story and she also started crying that atleast her friend’s soul vl rest in piece. After that lubna spirit never came and things became normal but still that incident is rem. By every1 and one thing every1 got to knw that “you can not break rules made by god otherwise u gonna pay”
That was mah experience...we can see the reality of the life aftr death..