Monday, February 2, 2015

New home.. Home?? or Hell?? (Continued1)

Amar shook him..
Suraj? Suraj?

Suraj looked at Amar.. Amar was shocked to see him.. his eyes were red n he was crying..

Amar--Dude! wat happened dint u sleep at night?
Amar sat beside him.. Suraj pulled him n hugged him tightly.. he told he dint sleep whole night bcoz he was scared.. he told him about the incident.. Amar consoled him saying that it maybe a dream n he getting scared for nothing.. bcoz if something else was there, he shud have also felt it.. Suraj pleaded him to sleep wid him.. Amar agreed looking at Suraj's position n told him to shift his bed in Amar's room.. Suraj did so happily n they both arranged everything.. it was afternoon 1pm.. they were hungry.. Suraj prepared lunch quickly.. they were about to eat when someone knocked their door.. Amar went to see who is it.. it was building's watchman.. he informed them that the couple on first floor committed suicide.. Amar n Suraj were very shocked to hear that.. watchman called them both for some help.. they both hurried nd reached couple's flat.. they saw lady's husband hanging from fan of bedroom..

How can it be yaar!! i just saw him yesterday.. he was looking so much fine.. Amar muttered to Suraj.. both of them were gazing the hanging dead body..

Police were enquiring lady about his sudden choice to commit suicide.. she told them that her husband used to hear voices at late night.. which was inaudible to her.. that was reason they were changing home.. he was really disturbed.. i told him to many times that its his hallucinations.. but for him it was as good as live show.. he used to hear someone jumping on 2nd floor just above our bedroom, sometimes he wud just wake up saying something is burning.. but nothing was actually.. she started crying badly while saying this.. Her relatives were there who tried to console her..

Amar went near watchman n asked him wat he cn do to help? watchman said he was calling him to console the poor lady.. bcoz her mom wasnt there by then.. Amar sighed.. Both of them returned to their flat.. dead body was taken for postmortem just to make sure that it was murder or suicide.. they both sat on table.. food was lying in front of them but none of them had any hunger left.. Suraj stored the cooked food.. Both of them were lost in thoughts.. they were thinking repeatedly on wat the lady said.. the things which used to disturb her husband.. the things were exactly identical to wat Suraj experienced the later night..

Amar--dude, did u met that guy before? n if yes did he discuss any of his problems wid u?

Suraj--no i dint.. u only went for the sugar if u remember.. but y?

Amar--bcoz if u met him n he discussed his problems wid u then maybe ur brain pressurized on that topic too much.. the reason y u think u experienced the same..

Suraj--nah.. i dint meet him.. but Amar.. do u believe in paranormal stuffs?

Amar--i dont know.. i have never been in such situations.. so one part of mind dsnt believe.. but i have heard many incidents or stories whatsoever.. so another part of mind says i shud believe.. but does it make any difference?

Suraj--yes.. i think there is some paranormal stuffs out here..

Amar--dude.. if u think on that too much then ur mind will make it true for u.. thats a secret.. approved by Albert Einstein.. Dint u know??


Amar--just chill yaar.. aaj raat hum saath mei so rahe hai na.. dekhte hai ye bhoot shoot ko..

the rest of the day went widout any trouble.. though both of them were lost in dead person's thoughts.. in evening they went for a walk.. the lady's house was filled wid visitors.. Suraj while climbing upstairs, his eyes caught a women who was red saree sitting wid her pallu covering her face.. the rest ladies were in white saree n were crying.. but she was sitting just neutral.. Suraj found this really odd.. ignoring her he went upstairs n locked the door.. they both heated food made during lunch time n ate it.. while going to bed Suraj prayed to God to keep him n his friend Amar safe.. he knew something was going wrong.. but he dint want to end like lady's husband..
both of them went in deep sleep due to the long tiring day they had.. suddenly at about 3 am some noise made Suraj to wake up.. he cud clearly hear some voices from hall.. but cudnt distinguish wat he is actually hearing.. it was mixed up sounds.. he was really terrified.. he tried to wake up Amar but he was sleeping like a dead soul.. Suraj gazed upon Amar's stomach.. it just going up n down.. that made him believe that he was still alive.. but then y he is not waking..?? he tried one time more n failed again.. Suraj wanted to find out the source of the voice.. so he headed towards the hall.. slowly opened the door of bedroom n was completely shocked to see wat he was seeing.. he seen a family out there fighting verbally wid a young man n a lady who was most probably her wife.. the old lady was shouting very loudly on both of them.. while she was shouting she was looking at young man.. but then she turned her face towards Suraj.. Suraj fell down looking her at face.. she had no eyes.. n yet she shouting! leave this home!! leave this home!! he quickly came inside, locked his door.. Amar was standing near window gazing outside..

Suraj--Amar! Amar!! pack ur bags fast.. we need to get out of here..

Amar--look there..

he was pointing his finger outside.. his voice was sounding like he has gotten up after watching most scaring dream of his life.. Suraj looked in the direction in which Amar was pointing.. he was pointing in the sky.. there was nothing there..

Suraj--dude there's nothing out there.. c'mon we need to get out of here right now.. i wil tell u everything later.. just listen to me now..

Amar--look there once again.. u will see it..

Suraj--wtf dude!! there isn't anything there!!!

Amar--there is.. i just saw a face made of clouds.. it was laughing on us!

What Amar said was enuf for Suraj.. he took some water n thrown it on Amar's face.. he behaved like someone has woke him from a deep sleep..

Amar--dude!! is this the way to wake someone??

Suraj--u were asleep?? u were standing right here pointing outside window n saying something stupid..

Amar--about a laughing face??


Amar--i thought it was just a dream..

Suraj told him everything about wat happened few mins ago.. he pleaded him to leave this place asap..

Amar--dude, but where will we go at this time?? just look at ur watch.. its 3.30 am.. let it be morning.. will discuss tomorrow in morning.. now come n sleep..

but Suraj was adamant on his decision.. Amar pleaded him to at least wait till morning.. surely they will arrange something..

saying this, Amar went back to his sleep.. Suraj was just sitting slanging Amar in his mind.. that was 2nd sleepless night for him.. he could still hear the family sounds.. but he just took God's name n passed this few hrs to sunrise.. it was 7am.. Amar woke up.. Suraj was still sitting in the same place..

Amar--dude, u dint even sleep tonight??

Suraj nodded his head in denial..

Amar--i seriously dont know wats wrong wid u yaar.. if its happening then y only wid u?? y not me?? i have committed more sins than u..

Suraj--i dont know all that.. i just dont wanna be here even for an hour.. u r coming wid me or i shud leave alone?? i will go back to dharamshala..

Amar pleaded to Suraj.. reminded him of the rent n deposit they already paid to the landlord..

Amar--look Suraj.. we could solve ur problem yaar.. aaj market se bhagwan ki photos aur ek mandir le aate hai.. then how will ghosts come here in presence of God?
Suraj gave a thought on wat Amar said.. he agreed wid him.. they got ready n went to the market to purchase a small wooden mandir n photo of God.. they came back n hanged it, did everything.. that night was a peaceful night for Suraj.. he was bit relieved.. but he dint know, it was just the beginning..

next day they had college.. they woke up, got ready n went to college.. attended it fully n were on the way of their home.. they were in the compound of the building.. watchman called them n said, saab wo 1st floor wali madam ne ghar bech diya hai.. ab iss puri building mei aap akele hi ho..

Amar--wat!! we r alone??

Watchman--main raat mei nahi rahoonga ab se.. meri chuttti ho gayi hai.. toh aap log plz zara dhyaan rakhna apna..

Amar n Suraj were worried.. about robbers and something else too..

Amar--arre waise bhi.. ye oldie hota toh kya karleta yaar!! we cn protect ourself.. dont worry..
Suraj sighed n agreed..