Tuesday, May 25, 2010

SOFA- Ghost Experience

Its the experience which stole my sleep for nights...

It happened when we shifted to our new home.We bought a sofa from a man who was moving out of the city at very cheap price.We also have a cute dog as everyone loves pets.Here goes the experience which scared me to death..

My parents were away. visiting distant relatives.I was alone at home enjoying freedom.I slept early night but woke up at 1 am in night as my dog was barking too much..He was in hall .. i gave something to eat to him and put him in another room..After some time he stopped barking.. and may be slept..Next night same happaned ..he was barking and not at all listening to meagain i took him to my room and slept.. but he was standing at door and looking at hall for whole night..I count understand his strange behavior.Next night i was watching movie on tv and suddenly at 1 in nightmy dog started barking loudly as if he was scared to deathhe was barking at sofa ..not at the sofa.. He was barking as if someone unknown person sitting on the sofa.none was there .still he was barking at someonei looked carefully ..it looked like somone was sitting there on the SOFAa cold wave shivered me..someone was there .. sitting next to me on sofa and my dog was barking to death..somehow i managed to get out of the shockand ran away to my room..after some time the dog stopped barking ..I count sleep ..Next day my parents came.They didn't believe it .. somehow i forced them to sell the sofa before sunset.after that night my dog never barked in night.the person who bought the sofa sold it within 7 days.GOD knows where is the sofa now..