Thursday, November 3, 2011

Haunted Place At Delhi-Jaipur Road

Myself and my four collegue where for some official at Panipat Plant for a week..From Delhi we decided to see some places near by and Jaipur.After completing some official work we started from Delhi in the evening by a car.On the way car's engine problem.we lost lot of time in between.

We where 40 or 50 km from Jaipur,at about 11 in night .so we decided to have some food at road side Dhabba.The only servant was about to leave the Dhabba,we requested him to prepare some food for us. At first he rejected after assuring that,we will compansate him with enough money,he agreed.But he insisted that we should stay there at night because last bus to Jaipur has left and he will not stay there alone.We also don't want to go to city at odd hour,so we agreed.(if we go about 9 am we shall save our money for staying hotel)

He prepared food,Alu-Gobhi ki sabzi,Roti,Bundi Raita,Dal and Chawal.We had hearty and good meal,he then brought Charpais with kambal on it,to sleep on.We enjoys open air accomodation in starry night with cool air drifting from near by green fields.About 2 am,I wake up to urinate.I cross the road and went in near by field.Moon was shining brightly,Just when I was about urinating,I heard sound of bangles and zumaks.I was surprised ,I moved away from that place and shifted to other place.Same thing happens there.This things repeated four-five times.When tried to see in moon light nothing was visible to me.So get annoyed and some what scared too.Hurriedly I return to charpai,but not able to sleep.

I wake that servant in morning at 5.30.I asked him about this incident.Then he told me that few months back a women was killed by a car while crossing the road at this place.Since that time we heard such type of noise at night time,That's why no one ready stay alone in dhabba at night.I wake up all and we satrted immedaitely to JaipurI still feel the scarey