Monday, May 24, 2010

Shortest ghost story

A gentleman was going to his place by train. He was a businessman, and after a long time was returning to home. The train was near about 5 hours late. It was a Saturday night. The clock said it was exactly 12 pm.The train stopped in a junction. Another gentleman arrived there with a suitcase, and took place in the birth before the first gentleman. He was a well-mannered person with soft-speaking style. Both of them are started to talk with each other.

Second gentleman asked the previous one—‘do you believe in ghosts?’
--‘No’ first gentleman answered proudly –‘ I don’t believe in that gibberish. Ghosts are nothing but some hallucinations. It just a bogus imagination of idle brain’.
--‘ fine’. Second gentleman smiled calmly—‘ I am searching for such a bravely human being, would you please hold my thing for some time? Mujhe thodi bathroom jana hain’--‘sure , why not’.
--‘please, take it’With a shy smile He put off his….whattttt!!!!!It was his ….. Head!!!!!! Looks like it was a separate part from his body
-----‘please take care of it sir – bahut kimti cheez hain. Salon pehle train robbery mein body se alag ho gaya tha. Thori der ke liye sambhaliye…’He just threw it upon the first gentleman’s lap. And slowly went to the bathroom.The first gentleman fainted down there…..!!!!!