Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ghost Experience Taj Mahal

frends this incidence i have heard from my dad recently.few female relatives of dadda's boss had planned a trip to visit delhi-agra and surrounding place.i have no idea about them like when they started off from ratlam.but they went to see taj mahal on kojagiri pornima.i dont know wat u call that in hindi?and its an marathi term and dis day cums sumwhere b4 or after karva chot.so they went to see it in d evening .there was tremendous crowd and it was hard for them to walk.there was a couple nearby standing who were interested in gettin their photo snapped by d photographers who roam around with their polorado cameras giving photos instantly.as the photographer asked them for a pose and clicked d camera there were standing around but when the photo was ready they went somewhere.that was no surprise until....

the photographer found they werent visible in the photo !it was really shocking for the ladies standing there...but it was no surprise for the photographer as he sed it happens often on that day around taj mahaal.i surely cannot assure the truth in this incident coz there might be unnoticed things as say maybe the camera lens took time to shut n open n by d time dis couple has got up.or maybe the couple may have come there after those ladies have left the place..there are many chances of this fact being fake .but still if its true i wonder is it really shockin???